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Harrowing Photos During the 1920's Russian Famine

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Harrowing pics show starving Russians selling human body parts as MEAT during 1920s famine as desperate families become cannibals to survive. STARVING people sell human body parts including severed heads in a desperate bid to feed their families. These disturbing pictures show the horrors of the Russian famine in the 1920s which hit around 25million people in the Volga and Ural River region of the vast country. From 1921 until the end of 1922, an estimated five to ten million people lost their lives. After the end of the First World War, Russia was blighted by a civil war, drought and inept government resulting in food shortages. The harrowing images of children screaming in hunger and people dying on the street give a glimpse into the terrifying period in Russian history. People were forced to eat grass, dirt, dogs, cats and leather horse harnesses. There were reports of parents killing and eating their own children with rampant starvation making people take unimaginable measures to survive. Despite reports of cannibalism, the police took no action as it was deemed a legitimate method of survival. One picture shows a couple selling human remains, including the corpse of a young boy, in a degrading bid to feed themselves. As news of the famine spread around the world, the United States and some western European countries stepped in to provide food and relief workers which saved million of lives. In the early 1930s, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin inflicted a man-made famine on Ukraine which claimed the lives of up to 7.5 million people. Considered a genocide by historians, Stalin inflicted the famine in a savage bid to wipe out the Ukrainian independence movement. ********************************************************************************** Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2501517/pictures-human-body-parts-cannibals-russian-famine-1921-1922/ ********************************************************************************** -Music: Beyond Time By: Jenns Kiilstofte Music Download Link: https://machinimasound.com/royalty-free-music/beyond-time/
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Text Comments (1381)
jonny Boi (1 hour ago)
And we thought the irish had it bad with their potato famine
Charley Harris (1 hour ago)
my grandfather escaped from that to the UK I didn't realize how lucky he was and how lucky I am .
Len Brill (2 hours ago)
Where was this God religion speaks of ??? Another no show!
sandrarogneson (10 hours ago)
Cudent they kill animals in the forest i mean hunting i know there are LOTs of animals in the forests rabbits or wathever just not to eat your own dead child i feel very sorry for this but still dont eat people
Prima Valenzuela (6 days ago)
When you say you are starving or i dont like this food think of those boys girls dads and moms who had to sell dead body parts and wven ate there own sister and daughter to live and think about how they had so dont say u have it hard look at there picture first
Sara Herrera (8 days ago)
eso lo hace honduras con su pueblo en pleno 2018
Chris C (8 days ago)
There are no words for any kind of comment that would even remotely try to answer the question: WHY?
Que horror!! Ver estas imágenes,que tristeza,lo que causan las guerras solo dolor y devastación 😑😑
Zero (10 days ago)
Send this to your socialist friends that says the Russian Revolution was the best thing that ever happened to Russia.
MEthat LovesCats (11 days ago)
Still alot of people hungry yet they have the internet, video games, bikes, coats, and a mobile phone. The parents too with the same. I don't even have cable TV and other people are shocked.
Michael Wolff (13 days ago)
Holodomor. The REAL holocaust no one knows of. Of course, one was caused by the tribe and the other INVENTED by the tribe.
Claudia C (13 days ago)
The men carrying the bodies away where very think and healthy looking.
darlin one (15 days ago)
Bernie, Hillary and Obama's dream...
Те времена.... голодание разруха...
paul hayward (17 days ago)
Who's the wanker taking the photo's
User Name (17 days ago)
Fake. The first pic was took by local police. Those are the remains of people that were eaten for hunger. but no one sold them
Seamus Sorrow (19 days ago)
Reasons why I choose not to eat some days, if they HAD to starve, then in memory, I can fast for them, cause it’s something I must do. I am skinnier and my stomachs makes noises all the time, but, that’s my choice. Being forced to eat their own dead, I’ll die first, and it’s coming soon for everybody, one day, maybe not in my lifetime, still I have to bear it myself to understand. Too busy caring about war and killing to help people out? That’s truly fuckin cruel. I despise our ancestors, fuck them all, glad your all dead too. How people were treated, like in mental institutions, you have a special place in hell for you, how do you fuckin like it?? And that’s eternal. Hopefully the children all are in heaven.
Katie Bretherton (19 days ago)
The shit thing is you could travel to many parts over the world and take similar pictures. Almost 100 years later and there are still children with distended bellies. People dying of starvation. This is a very humbling video..... I don't waste any food. The tonnes of food that go to land fill every day. The world is upside down.
Brett Harding/Telford (20 days ago)
Good job there is now laws too stop this. The past is the past . Let's move on
Erin Flood (21 days ago)
Probably as miserable as starvation- likely worse, actually, because when a body starves it gets inured to hunger, endorphins are released, and there's a feeling of unreal- would be the COLDNESS (when you get numb to THAT, it can mean eventual loss of body parts) and the FILTH. So many of these pics show barefoot kids! And so many comments would lead one to assume that we all take basics of life for granted, but it's really not true at all. (I wasn't born w/a damn smartphone, let's put it that way.) Being cold and filthy, anyhow, are STILL the realities of poverty, even in USA and even for people w/shelter over their heads. It's an itchy, exhausting, fluorescent-lit nightmare. So no, not all of us take comfort or having some choices (having options being the opposite of poverty!) for granted when we do have those things- for however long it lasts. * I don't get why cannibalism is/was such a taboo, esp.if you've got a bunch of dead people lying around. They are ALREADY dead! The person is gone, and what's left is meat; you know because it rots, and IF the person somehow interacts w/you again, it will be in a dream or a prayer or something- not through their rotting form.
Gustavo Pacheco (22 days ago)
And this is what the left wants to bring to America
Mike Jones (22 days ago)
Is it a famine when it's deliberate?
Mandy's World (23 days ago)
That also was provoked by immigrants and muslims right !! not Stalin and the ‘Christian’ ww1 ..
LuverSin (23 days ago)
this is what communism looks like have fun liberals
John Baylaya (24 days ago)
All it.would take for this to happen today in large cities would be the collapse of the economy... When those 18 wheelers stop running it doesn't take too many days for store shelves to get empty ...
Chet Armlin (24 days ago)
Much of the language used today by the left, was used early on during the Russian revolution. Listen to Jordan Peterson on this. He's studied the extreme left under Mao, and the Russian revolution. This video Illustrates what the goal is of the left. Part of the difficulty to identify the extreme left, is the absence of any one thing that tips their hand. It's why they've made it so far largely unnoticed. It's easy to identify the extreme right, when they start talking about racial superiority. But they extreme left is just as dangerous.
poupix4 poupix (25 days ago)
never forget staline the devil and the communisme!!!!!!
Doodie ibn Katan (25 days ago)
Russians were and are still as evil as the nazis
juicy marbles (16 days ago)
Doodie ibn Katan shut your dumb mouth you have no idea of the history of Russia.
Galina Toktalieva (25 days ago)
fake and photo-manipulation
Shahadat Emon (25 days ago)
Famine happened in Bangladesh in 1972 after liberation war of 1971
Ada Aku Kisah (25 days ago)
Please...NO MORE WAR...!!
Bb Vanz (25 days ago)
Omg 😲 so hard to watch.
Yasmine Nazarine (26 days ago)
God bless USA feed all over around the 🌎 give them wailfaire free housing that didn't had in their life in their country, brand new housing giving free school free college pluse financial aid free those poor starve country six mounth in their COUNTRY six mounth in USA free living some of them.never worked in their life in their COUNTRY no educations no school they get everything free for their in USA in rich European country for their childrens but sad some of those crock pot wisting their times drug's gange drinks crimes We didn't had this opportunity 1980 in USA but these people refugees immigrants get free everything including CHARITY of rich ⛪. God bless those poor poverty don't had anything😟😭😭😩😩 .
Er Anoop Saini Gwalior (26 days ago)
Западные страны врут против России.
Yasmine Nazarine (26 days ago)
Few pictures wasn't Russian was black African anyway war bring poverty disesters to the 🌎 today Afghanistan for almost 40 years war & poverty. Plaistains since fals children of Jew taking their land. Iraq since war September 11 & suryan since civil war broke up these country living hurrable condtions poor poverty this is Russian civil war god have mercy today every country suffering of poverty life that don't have war most third 🌎 country not rich COUNTRY . USA become JUNGGLS DESERTS CANYOUNS islands very pour came in the USA this land don't look like USA as used to be 😂😩😭😟😟
venator5 (26 days ago)
Communism at it's finest. Don't forgett Stalin given a shitload of food to Germany alone just to get hands on the german war technology like tanks and planes. And I heard that it wasn't just germany who received this kind of payment for weapons.
Lead Pill (26 days ago)
Isn't communism and socialism great.....direct cause of it ALL.
Sandra Rademacher (26 days ago)
So sad no worth for bis cruel ,and we see not how mutch we have. and think ,oh my Live is so Bad because i habe not the newes Car ,the best House in the Street , the biggest TV .....We are blind for our Luck !
Dota Imba (26 days ago)
Who take this pictures?
Jeff Osborn (26 days ago)
The next time someone says FML, show them this.
John Mckenya (26 days ago)
America is to blame for this. Because of their siding with the Soviet Union and opposition towards the Nazis, the communist came to kill Millions. In a way, the Soviet Terror is much of Americas fault.
modi elmoor (26 days ago)
Wish russia soon afamine They kill childern in syria ukraine...fuck putin mf
Sid Singh (26 days ago)
If there is death all around, who would buy dead people for food. This does not make any sense.
Un país que lucho sólo siempre sin la ayuda de nadie, contra los mongoles, contra Napoleón, Hitler, ahora será culpa de los comunistas, a esos que dejaron solos después de la segunda guerra mundial sin la ayuda de nadie para reconstruirse, vosotros seguir lamiendole el culo a los ricos que nos hacen trabajará por una miseria, y sin saber si mañana tendremos pan...que os sigan comiendo la cabeza de que el comunismo es malo, el comunismo es malo para el rico, por eso veta a los países y les pone sanciones y embargo, para que no puedan comprar nada, el capitalismo sigue matando y sólo en nombre del dinero
Neelum Malik (26 days ago)
The sad thing is even today so many people are suffering and starving around the world but people who have power or resources to save them they don't care 😞
Dwight Schrute (26 days ago)
The Jews are our misfortune
Countries that attacked the young republic after the revolution of 1917 !!! England, America, Japan, France ...... and not only attacked, but also plundered and plundered, the consequences were dire, famine and devastation, but the USSR survived, and World War II could play a decisive role by defeating Germany, without the USSR right now the whole world would sing German marches and the Jews as a nation would be destroyed.
Shoaib Ahmed (26 days ago)
Can someone tell me what was in last picture
Kata Ono (26 days ago)
Putin Vladimir (26 days ago)
bluebird1 Smith (26 days ago)
Sometimes you got to step back and look at a person before you think you know them . Now I think I know why Russia people are so determine and are so awear of what's going on in the world . God bless Russia May they not know hunger ever again ! No country should !
Waqas Raza (26 days ago)
God bless them
snus0011 (26 days ago)
Thanks communism...
Carie B (26 days ago)
On 4:16, the idiots are giving the starving children shoes. Shoes, really. Yet the adults don't look like their starving. I feel more sorry for the kids then the adults.
Amelia Bence (26 days ago)
Francisco Wachauf (26 days ago)
Ahi teneis el marxismo judio en toda su esplendor. La igualdad, la fraternidad y la libertad.
AQSAPAL (26 days ago)
Lose that music
jack wang (26 days ago)
My prayer goes to the innocent children. May God help and save them.
Jenny Ahrens (26 days ago)
Kimberly Lyons (26 days ago)
My pancakes, egg's, 🥓 and hash brown's are looking pretty damn good right now and I was bitching about not getting a bowl of grits. I won't do that again after seeing this bullshit!
John Sweeney (26 days ago)
So sad to see. There are still kids and people starving like this but for some crazy reason they keep breeding like rabbits you would think there would come a time when the adults would enough I’ve watched two kids starve. No more.
Ricardo Aurich (26 days ago)
Josef Devilbliss (26 days ago)
I think there's more fun in Hell than this famine. God be merciful.
Juhi Chaubey (26 days ago)
Ooo nooo very sad
Ar Te (26 days ago)
It's so sad
Alena Tim (26 days ago)
Интересно, из чьих архивов фото? В Саратове до сих пор в ходу словосочетание - "голодающее Поволжье"...
ULFBERHT (26 days ago)
That first picture...
Josef Mengele (26 days ago)
Its time for this to happen to america
Snidely Whiplash (26 days ago)
oh look: more "white privilege".
SamFreedom (26 days ago)
My grandparents made it out just before otherwise i might not be here.
Yusha Evans (26 days ago)
These are the ZIONISTS so called jews occupying plastenians land and killing them now. They have horrible past.
Ashim Banerjee (26 days ago)
During WWII, Over a 4 million people died in Bengal (India) due to looters and ruthless British rule and created a great famine. Please note, India as a country was not directly involved in that war!!
Oskar Dirlewanger (26 days ago)
9 out of 10 of those responsible for this true horror were JEWS.This statement is a fact without prejudice. One only has to look at the perpetrators family history to know the facts.The numbers here are also grossly underrated as in the Ukraine alone it is said to exceed 20 million innocent victims.Not even a show trial for the perpetrators as rhey are the chosen people. Think about that.
billy belk (26 days ago)
Anywhere socialism is tried this is the result. Venezuela is the latest. Bernie Sanders and hiliary clintons vision for America
73ROM37 (26 days ago)
Billy Belk Till 1990 in Russia: education, medicine, vacation, apartment - FOR FREE!  What do you know about socialism, student
И что это за хуйня?
billy belk (26 days ago)
Burnie sanders and the other democrats advocate this for America and will present it as a cure for obesity.
Rom Cam (26 days ago)
Fuck the USSR!!!
73ROM37 (26 days ago)
Fuck you MORON
Яр Жар (26 days ago)
Перемешай Госроди:преступную хронику НКВД,геноцид армян в Турции,Испанскую войну,голодание в поволжье,тифозные бараки...бесчестье инсинуаторам России...
73ROM37 (26 days ago)
Еще и негра сюда приплели....
I’m Mr. P bitch (26 days ago)
So what? Who hasn’t eaten a dead relative?
Imtiaz Ahmed (26 days ago)
painful video😭😭😭😭😭
Jela Boothe (26 days ago)
My HEART JUST DIED...t c this..that last man on the GrD being handed card, Shudda been fd . HOW HUNGRY IS REAL MAN HUNGRY... Well now we no... Wonder IF MINISTERS of day looked like that....sad thing is.. Nearly 100yrs later...(2018) No change.. Just swept under radar as Humans bury their heads in the sand, hoping that no one notices their selfishness....
P Patro (26 days ago)
These are all happened because of USA
The Truth (26 days ago)
Good ole Stalin for you.
Michael ThaArchAngel (26 days ago)
I hope the trumptards watch this video and realize what thier commie owned dumbass in chief could bring to America. Communists only bring death and destruction.
Jela Boothe (26 days ago)
The EVIL THAT MEN DO...(usually its men ). 1921,. 1939/45, NOW ,other dates not remembered) May ONLY b a civil war(sorry, I said ONLY....) .still we just MENTION HITLER...many other MAN MADE evils pass under the radar..... but DESPERATE TIMES CALL F DESPERATE MEASURES... Im pretty sure i they took NO DELIGHT in this inhumane pactice (sure we wud of done the same) - Social cleansing...(which is still going on by the WAY) is BARBARIC. Sumtimes u HAV t do the cruelest thing t survive. During holocaust sum Jews led other Jews t the cells..sum of them helped take of dead bodies. UTUBE.. If one human being dead, you, u HAV t make best use of him/t survive.uself I'M SURE NO ONE HATES THEM more than they hated themselves... Their at PEACE.. Lets not degrade them anymore and than they wud of felt back then. May the Lord HAV mercy on OUR SOUL, that we Learn from this. And NEVER contribute t ANOTHER HUMANS MISERABLE EXISTENCE...
Chami K (26 days ago)
Why didn't they eat veggies or something ...i mean even boiled grass will do. Does man live by flesh alone? Its sickening.
Susan Susanti (26 days ago)
So sad
SwiftKey Flow FLOW (26 days ago)
مافهمت ممكن احد يفهمني
amit kumar (26 days ago)
저때도 정치인들은 배터져 죽을지경이였지
willykutz67 Andrews (26 days ago)
I love the Russian people they are Hardy people who deserve a lot better
KT Channel (26 days ago)
Its a man made famine nrver forget
gaurav arya (26 days ago)
Unless we all start caring for each other as humans ....god will find its ways to punish us .....
Ms.JoKeR13 (26 days ago)
I was born in Ukraine. I speak russian tho. I came here to the USA in 1995 when I was 5 yrs old.. This is crazy to see this but it is true that here in America u see kids saying that "their" life suck just because they can't get a special phone or get this or that (materialistic) stuff that shouldn't matter!!😡 These kids need to see videos like this so that they can appreciate their life more... But parents are to blame as well for spoiling their kids here in USA!
Legolas's Wife (26 days ago)
"God always delivers"
Anthony Wilson (26 days ago)
Murder by starvation...the Jewish led Bolshies certainly smashed the Ukraines voice for independence. It makes Hitler's 3 Reich pale in comparison.
Неправда фотошоп
Lorenzo Pinzetta (26 days ago)
Chef Ramsey....

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