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Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]

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During my trip to Slovakia I could not resist trying traditional local dishes. So on this episode of Kult America I will do a taste testing of Slovakian cuisine. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected]
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A S (1 day ago)
And that "creamy sauce" is actually sheep cheese. With pork belly on top. Did you read into these dishes at all?? lol
A S (1 day ago)
That is not "soggy bread" ..... its a dumpling lol...
Jan Černý (5 days ago)
It is just unbeliaveble how easy you can make a living just from eating a food of different nationalities.
Simona Bila (9 days ago)
This were im from
Šimon Nemec (14 days ago)
tak mne jezle
Endrman SVK (15 days ago)
Knedlo vepso zelo
MB-TECHNIK (19 days ago)
Lepšie ako ten talian čo nás ohovoril že sme chudobný a žerieme len halušky.. :D
Ruby Forest (20 days ago)
“Bryndzové halušky” are Slovakian national food so it must be better than Czech Republic.
uranfaggit (22 days ago)
The difference? You were tasting Czech food on the border with Slovakia - 1st of all. 2nd of all - typical Slovakian food is hungarian. 3rd Slovaks are fkin nazis.
Peter Vlčko (23 days ago)
Basically Slovakian people were shepherds of sheeps in the hills that why we were more focused on cheese than Czech people. Pork is most eaten meat in both countries and Czech people know to make it slightly better than slovak people. While Czech people are influenced by German cuisine by dumplings and accompanied it with pork dishes Slovakian food is influenced by hungarian cuisine. Czech cuisine is very famous for carp fish for centuries while Slovakian streams are famous for rainbow trout. But definitely if you are willing to try original food of both countries you should visit occasion of home grown pork slaughter. Fresh products excluded smoked due to time for smoking is the best way to try our cuisines. We were village people and that why village food is most traditional. While British or French cuisine is food of royals. Italian also village and so on...
niki macova (24 days ago)
It's not bread😢
hoppina1 (1 month ago)
If you now Slovakian then how can’t you know Czech they are almost the same
Jakub Tabak (1 month ago)
Love that people egnolege slovak (my country) (:
Epikman Sk (1 month ago)
:D slovensko
Soso (1 month ago)
there's a reason most non-med European food isn't popular :X sorry, apart from the fried cheese, the rest looks bland & unappetising :S
jana gujdova (1 month ago)
How can you speak sk so good
Vratko Ivan (1 month ago)
Halusky is slovak good not cech
Maria Bahurinska (1 month ago)
Čaj ja som slovak
Xorran TM (1 month ago)
You definitely should dip the cheese into sauce :)
Evona A Grochowski (1 month ago)
Additionally, Be carefull, and don't get a food Coma,.. it almost looked like you did,..! My heritage, Is Polish, German, Russian. Q: Did you know, that in Germany, the yellow part of the eggs, are orange, that one was a shocker, to me,..! I was told this happens, because of what they feed the Chickens,..! I love eggs, and I was just so shocked, to see the color change.
Ty Moj Bože Prečo tak mľaskáš
Narfy EZ (2 months ago)
Some Slovak there? And btw "bryndzove halushky are the best food in Slovakia and the world!/niaky Slovák tu?
Niko Nkk (2 months ago)
Slovakia have better food then Czech... And i tell you the difference between slovak and czech... Slovakia is better country!! Czech is shyt country! 😂
Lucy yes super videos (2 months ago)
I am from slovakia
Denisa Dd (2 months ago)
Im from Slovakia, Czech and Slovkia...we are brothers a sisters, nothing wont change it. We are family and we always will be. Slovakia
Slovak Queen (3 months ago)
0:43 ... tea in Slovak is very easy... its "čaj" pronounced chay..... Im impressed by the waitress because if you had told me you want "herbata" I would have no idea what youre asking for.... maybe she can speak polish, who knows
samdui (3 months ago)
Confused, you speak kind of polish and kind of slovakian. Pretty sure herbata is tea in polish, čaj is the right word for tea in slovak.
UnicornCRAZEH CRAZEH (3 months ago)
because they lived in same country they where one country
ツALIEN (3 months ago)
Dude Fest bug outs (3 months ago)
Czech food is basically the same shit they used to be a joint country
Petr Kovář (4 months ago)
Same but you found bad restaurant
Filip.B. tv (4 months ago)
I am proud of you for going to my berth country all the foods are delitious
PETO XD (4 months ago)
You are so funny how you speak in Slovakia language I am from Slovakia
Dasa Jelinkova (4 months ago)
slovakia and czech were togather
Samuel Kovalčík (4 months ago)
Halušky sa z krumpľov bryndze a múky.
Qlf Makaveli (5 months ago)
Im from Algeria 🇩🇿 France 🇫🇷 n I like Slovakia 🇸🇰 tradition also my gf from three
Eva Innocent (5 months ago)
The thing is the Czech republic and Slovakia republic have once in the past been one republic but have been turned into two republics. That's why It's so similar.
Magic Vojtko SVK (5 months ago)
Bol si v zlej reštaurácií ale inak fajn :D
Lukas Kazimir (5 months ago)
Ten pocit ked si to mozem ist kedykolvek kupit #SLOVAK
VeronikaViro (5 months ago)
Before traveling to a country you should study it like a person and find that The Czech Republic and Slovakia were the same country and also, not every Eastern European country is Poland. Also before you start talking about a country’s food talk to a Slovakian person and get actual details.
Snow Wolfikk (5 months ago)
time 4:26 this food is bryndzové halušky
lukáš Micanyi (5 months ago)
hmmmmm Czech and Slovakia :D Iam from slovakia and i can told you we are brothers with Czech we have maybe little same foods , but we make it better . That food what u eat : onions , beacon, sheep cheese and gnochi we called it Bryndzové halušky. We have got on these patent. And we are also only one state what have bryndza (sheep cheese). Its taste same i know but slovakia get to food they heart. No like Czech what have still they money. We have euro and they have kč. its insane i know but our food taste better (on my side) i dont know how other will say. I think czech tradicional drink is beer and our tradicional drink is Borovička :D. Alcoholic drink <3. Czech and Slovakia kitchens is good same. I ate some food from czech and than from us and i can told from some ways they was better and other ways our was better :D . so its 50/50 XD
Zeru (5 months ago)
Slovak .... please .... adjective of Slovakia is slovak not slovakian ffs :(
Jessica Grellneth (5 months ago)
It's called BRYNDZOVÉ HALUŠKY and they are kind of dumplings made from potato dough and cottage cheese typical for Slovakia it's salty and it's called BRYNDZA. This is a typical national Slovak food.
Thetos (5 months ago)
The last dish was our national dish - halušky.
Wa os (5 months ago)
Do piči také jedlo v tej vyjebanej Amerike nemáš čo? 😂😂
Patrícia Krišková (5 months ago)
Well i am Slovak
Sima Mima (5 months ago)
I’m from Slovakia
NikitaX (5 months ago)
Omgggg ja by som to teraz zozrala vsetkooo😂😂
Personu 2004 (6 months ago)
Personu 2004 (6 months ago)
gabriel smiesko (6 months ago)
soggy bread? steamed dumplings.
Filip Makšim (6 months ago)
I'm from Slovakia
Stipe Muchacho (6 months ago)
i have a serisou problem with watching your videos brother ... im getting hungry even when i just finished my meal
Filip Gavula (6 months ago)
Its green because its made with spinach
Hans Hubner (6 months ago)
Slovaks were peasants under the Hungarian rule until 1918. They had no state, no schools, no industry, no culture. The food is Czech, Czechs built all their industry, their universities etc etc. All the Slovaks have, they had copied from the Czechs.
Laura Riley (6 months ago)
can u speak slovak
Łukasz zonek (6 months ago)
Czechy i Słowacja mają wiele wspólnegoKiedyś to był jeden kraj.Czechosłowacja.
Alexandra DNS (6 months ago)
The last food was the most typical food of Slovakia
Lukaš Zajac (7 months ago)
Tomáš Hasidlo (7 months ago)
The last food is national Slovakian food (bryndzové halušky). Czech are copy.
Jana Rejnušová (7 months ago)
ahoj :)) jsem z České republiky a určitě jsi měl u nás ochutnat ( Svíčkovou ) a podle mě záleží na restauraci :)
lucia batkova (7 months ago)
You don't know what is good and healthy 😉 get a big mac traraaa
Grace Richmond (7 months ago)
He ate not good traditional food! Where is the Schiacciata all'Uva????
František Odelga (8 months ago)
Hi, Love your videos. Czech and Slovak food is typically similar if not completely the same. It has to do with our history (We used to be joined - Czechoslovakia). Today as we grew apart Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Slovakia) there are some differences concerning food, yet they are small.
daniel bobok (8 months ago)
titulky ti mohol robiť Slovák a nie nejaký mongolo
Nikola Hudekova (8 months ago)
It’s green cuz it’s from spinach
Teri Jakubikova (8 months ago)
I am from Slovakia so I can help you. You can't say there is some diferece between Slovak and Czech food. Thats like u say American and English food, or Croatian and Greece food is the same. But Slovak food is usually some creamy, or very simple food. Then, that food what you mean it was like spaghetti- it is called bryndzové halušky and its like potato spices with special kind of cheese what's called bryndza. ;D
Tamás Magyar (8 months ago)
Kompót Hungarian Food :) Slovakia does not exist until 1993.
Simona Frátriková (8 months ago)
last food what you ate are "halušky" and it is not czech food, it is national slovak food :) the white sauce is "bryndza" in english it is translated to "sheep cheese" and on the top is bacon :)
Michal Orlík (8 months ago)
I from slovakia
Slovak Queen (8 months ago)
hey why do you speak russian to the waitress? the last meal that you said you had in czech as well was a traditional slovak food halušky and the white sauce is called bryndza, also a traditional slovak thing, I dont know if they served you with bryndza in czech rep. bryndza is made of sheep milk
Ka ri na (9 months ago)
Sú tu nejaký Slováci?
Jorinton (9 months ago)
4:50 nationality :) I am from Slovakia :)
Uni MMx (9 months ago)
Bryndzové halušky is Slovak food!!
Anna maria Bendikova (9 months ago)
Najlepsie slovenske jedla Best food slovakia'n
Michelle Mendes (10 months ago)
What?! Soggy bread?? Really? 😂 It's our czech dumpling!
Richard Miklos (10 months ago)
And Czech Republic and Slovakian food is so simular
Richard Miklos (10 months ago)
1 like = if your from slovakia
Sam Weaver (10 months ago)
Man did u like slovakia because i live here and i wanna hear what u think about slovakia next time u should try rezeň my favourite and snack horalka :) and go to high tatras
MrFusselig (10 months ago)
Bryndzové halušky is a very Slovak food, I am from Germany and live in Czech Republic, but I think Bryndzové halušky tastes amazing. In my experience you can get Czech and Slovak food in both countries, so it is very similar. :)
Fergy Gaming (10 months ago)
Polák na Slovensku :D dobre .D
Zuzana Fabiniova (10 months ago)
I'm from slovakia.
peter dzuga (10 months ago)
because we use to be one contriey
Miku Love (11 months ago)
4:40 of course it's way better it's Slovák national food
adam pavella (11 months ago)
You have a Polish accent when you speak Slovak
i was here (11 months ago)
Američania majú samé umeliny, toto je pravé jedlo!!!
Jan Bajer (11 months ago)
Je to docela neférový , že si vybral v Česku restauraci , která je malá a obyčejná a hůř tam vaří a na Slovensku , si vybere větší a lepší restauraci , kde vaří líp .. Záleží na restauraci , jinak Češi , mají lepší jídlo
KokoGames012 sk (11 months ago)
Tretiny kofola
DakuHonoo (11 months ago)
those little dough dumplings - halušky - don't eat them without the bacon bits, that's heresy also the green ones were made with spinach
AnImE mEeMo (11 months ago)
Dobre faine
Bryndzové halušky so slaninkou a pórom.
Joe Am (1 year ago)
Ste zo Slovenska?
blue heart Gaming (1 year ago)
Im hungry
miska rem (1 year ago)
One of your dishes that you describe as dough served inside sauce is actually potato dumplings or noodles served in sheep cheese and topped with bacon and scallions. I am Slovak so I understand that you are trying to help people know the meals that different countries have, but if I were you I would research a little before you eat the meals so people know what the food actually is.
Zuzi T (1 year ago)
Slovak food, not Slovakian.
jakub ulej (1 year ago)
Your last food is halušky it is tipikal slovak food
Ivana Slatinová (1 year ago)
yeah Czech and Slovakia uh... before they were together like one country they have Koruny as money but now it is splitted up so Czech has Koruny as money but of course Slovakia has € as money 1 kč means 1 koruna and of course 1 € means 1 euro
Natalia Misova (1 year ago)
Slovakia food is better than Chech
Andy1981 (1 year ago)
we were one country once so yeah ,our foods are basically the same :-D

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