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HARDCORE Military Outfit challenge | PAQ Ep #30 | A Show About Streetwear

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Text Comments (747)
PAQ (1 year ago)
Yo guys - we love doing these outdoors episodes. Let us know if you want more like this. If this episode gets 10k upvotes we’ll do another one in the desert 🌵
Amelia Rose (3 months ago)
Ready for that desert 🌵
Happy Ditto (7 months ago)
It’s got 10k desert 🌵
Gabriel Cardillo (8 months ago)
LMAO I'm 13 and I can put up a tent by myself.
Aaron Joya (1 year ago)
Çłÿdë16 16 (1 year ago)
PAQ mister freedom is an American brand that uses Japanese fabric to make military based clothing
Braden Lyons (3 days ago)
Anybody else hear the terraria music?
n_ (7 days ago)
tsfe staff is jokkeeeesssss
n_ (7 days ago)
"its coz ur a snake" >__<
Michael Guzman (1 month ago)
Bring out some navy seals and I’ll be impressed.
FLux (1 month ago)
Anyone think of how the camera team also have to do this
FLux (1 month ago)
I cannot feel sorry for Dex, he isn't allowing it, Dex jus keeps making sure we don't underestimating him.
FLux (1 month ago)
12:19 elias face😂
FLux (1 month ago)
Keira Ng (2 months ago)
I wanna do this it looks so fun
sb (2 months ago)
"you dont even watch dora the explorer"
sb (2 months ago)
EPIC omg! and i love scott, what a nice fucking surprise!! paq i love you so much
Holy Hefalumps (3 months ago)
They look like GTA avatars in real life.
Jack Bagnall (3 months ago)
never heard of techwear apparently. the guy dressed in all black the only one whos gear is minted
jari lasschuijt (3 months ago)
Somebody here knows what brand jacket dex was rocking while camping?
Ethan Roberts (3 months ago)
This is crap they all talk like they are in the forces and seem to think there professionals but they are the completely the opposite
Ethan Roberts (3 months ago)
They all look like people who are fakes
Lars Burde (3 months ago)
i feel sorry for the guy who had to run in brand new docs. fml
RuthlessBruttal (3 months ago)
why was dwx having trouble
Jure Pogačnik (3 months ago)
meeks following them with all the camera gear being cill af xD
Y.W (3 months ago)
1:49 so what you are saying is basically you went camping OH THE HORROR! Not hating I like the show but come on. It would have looked much cooler with a chest rig or plate carrier instead of crossdraw vests just sayin... That being said I think Dex's outfit was the best in terms of having some sort of equilibrium between practically and the streetwear.
Amira Fadoul (4 months ago)
4:45 is *SMOOOOOTH* AF 😲👌
Katriin N Van (4 months ago)
I really love how the guys are so supportive to each other not only on this episode but every time actually mad luv xoxo
martin is fat (4 months ago)
this is my favorite episode by far
Hana Sarimin (4 months ago)
okay but wheres that lil skate park and why do they always film in skate parks??
Kenneth Nichols Jr (4 months ago)
Omg they look like they tried to dress up as me 😂😂
Dom Mack (4 months ago)
Dexs coat is so hard
floyd geary (4 months ago)
Hunter Gibb (5 months ago)
Wearing white will get you killed in a war zone in less it is in snow they would fail so hard in a war zone with the shit clothes their are wearing
Dylan Kirk (1 month ago)
Learn to speak English please
Nagisa Mizuno (5 months ago)
No face, no case. You know the drill
Higuma (5 months ago)
11:53 😂😂😂"your whole life"
Higuma (5 months ago)
Id on Elias' vest??👙👙🤤
Charles Sorden (5 months ago)
Ahh yes I love wearing my plate carrier around and when people are alarmed I just tell em it's a new stylee
Jack ino (5 months ago)
I know we’re that is my dad makes me run around there all the time Ashton init
Arxhie Playz (6 months ago)
Anyone else come from Instagram ?
Joel Sundström (6 months ago)
This shit is raping my ig and btw the homo 2 from the right looks lika a fucking floormopp
ashy429 (6 months ago)
:') Much love to Dex for pushing through and the others for encouraging him! Super inspiring for someone like me who has the same heart condition. Sometimes it's hard not being able to keep up with the others, but getting to the finish means everything.
jay Ruiz (6 months ago)
whay was the point in saying they arnt gona say there name when they show faces
megan soar (6 months ago)
ngl this was like a less dramatic version of my duke of Edinburgh, kids were fainting, falling, dehydrating and the bags were bigger and weighed more than us 😂
jacksonlogxn (6 months ago)
You not done DOE?
Armani Gouveia (6 months ago)
Shaq looking like a whole snack 👌🏽🙆🏽
Olivia Dunne (6 months ago)
Dex is a superhero 💪🏽✨
Ollie Hain (6 months ago)
Shout up Dexter
Deandra Brown (6 months ago)
Man said he was holding it like he went to a Bashment rave & couldn't handle the wine :'((
Deandra Brown (6 months ago)
Shaq was killing me with the jokes this ep LMAAOOO
Nikhil Chauhan (6 months ago)
did tyler ever get back to you lot lol
ggallin (6 months ago)
paq vs wild
Eli Carlson (6 months ago)
dead ass look like video game characters
Zofia Wegesa (6 months ago)
this episode got so deep when dex carried on the sandbag my eyes started to water
neekinj (6 months ago)
honestly loooove how supportive you all are of each other!
Bryce Carti (7 months ago)
Lmaooo he jus gave y'all 50 XD
Josh Smith (7 months ago)
Do a£150 TKmaxx challenge
Late Night Kung Fu (7 months ago)
Man like Scott catching heat for the trim but got that Alan Partridge vibe on lock
Chad Miller (7 months ago)
12:30 haahaha
Matt Mentonis (7 months ago)
3:00 skate spottttt
Army Boyee (7 months ago)
I love this episode, my favourite.
Heather Davies (7 months ago)
Probably one of the best videos done. Wow
Will Norden (7 months ago)
0:09 alchemist
EduArdo Beats (7 months ago)
camie clarkson (8 months ago)
is it weird i almost started crying bc of dex?
Hanne Abildgaard (8 months ago)
love you Dex, respect
Alexander The grape (8 months ago)
Where can I find shaqs vest or astroboys?
Dylan Taylor (8 months ago)
theyre bringing back the blackberry keyboard... huh. 2018 eh?
Soham Kanaya (8 months ago)
Ok but shaqs outfit in the intro 👀🔥
Yung Niqqa (8 months ago)
10:15 “Cut to the preview of dex crying in the woods” *cuts to Elias looking mad sad* 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Yung Niqqa (8 months ago)
Fk I love dex, deserves the best in life ya feel me
sen (8 months ago)
Where do they get the money from to make these videos im amazed
PotatoFilms (8 months ago)
Ngl the part with dex and the sandbag really hit man in his feels. Tears may have slipped out
Baz Howland (8 months ago)
Maddy Carne (8 months ago)
Clara Rondeau (8 months ago)
Shaq is literally the best like he’s fkn hot and has AMAZING STYLE
Gustav Lundeberg (8 months ago)
surprised dex wore black...
ringoshiba (9 months ago)
I love scott, I've rewatched all the episodes of bad canteen where he is on
JM 46 (9 months ago)
Big up dex uno, he a real 1
Monrovia Ndiaye (9 months ago)
Yo where did El cop his boots , those are so hard
Maximo Krause (9 months ago)
They’re all custom pub g characters
Daily Runway (9 months ago)
wooo so sick
max leonardi (9 months ago)
This is weak cadets do much more and they're like much younger
Kymani Murphy (9 months ago)
Rate dex highly sn
Kymani Murphy (9 months ago)
This ep was mad, respect to dex fam- inspirational ❤️
Vexaited (9 months ago)
Shaq said when u cant control the whine 😂😂
Nicole Kocaman (9 months ago)
this show is banging
david dimitrov (9 months ago)
Blacktionman hahahahajha
Reyna Elizabeth (9 months ago)
Danny though🤣
zahra (9 months ago)
Dex really stole my heart
sicun chen (9 months ago)
shaq looks like a cute seal!
Juli Jones (9 months ago)
“It’s like robbing a bank man” elias
Hamish Price-Rollo (9 months ago)
Funniest episode
Christian Alber (9 months ago)
Nick Macedo (9 months ago)
Danny and Shaq’s fits were the best
fardowsa mohamed (9 months ago)
this was so hilarious mad editing
BertSesh (10 months ago)
Best episode
Henry Collier (10 months ago)
This is just an easier dofe
Polo Onguru (10 months ago)
Aye big up Dex
OverSoon (10 months ago)
9:40 bout brought me to tears fuck y’all and ur good ass content
Griffin Scott-Rifer (10 months ago)
do a sexy photo shoot challenge b
Ku Kirava (10 months ago)
You can tell these mans never been on an mountain before
Black Aesthetics (10 months ago)
what i learned from this video: Dex has a heart problem and is inspiration at its best Shaq is afraid of heights Danny never travels anywhere Scott needs a hair cut and a gym membership Soldiers are savage Elias is prepared with snacks and Mlitary fits are where its at
David Valencia (10 months ago)
anyone know where I could find Dex's jacket?
Victoria Kingly (10 months ago)
Shaq the snaq 😍

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