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KPOP GENDER CHALLENGE | Guy or Girl ?? Can you GUESS!!!

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Can you guess if these K-POP singer is actually a guy or a girl? Many K-POP male artists have surprised the audience by dressing up as girls. Most of the times, the transformations are really unbelievable and they can easily pass as a beautiful girl without anyone knowing they are actually guys. From live performance to pranks, many have been fooled by how gorgeous some of the transformation actually are. So, we have put up a K-POP test. See if you can really guess who they really are.. Do let us know how you did in this challenge by commenting below. Thanks for watching!! #KPOP #challenge
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Text Comments (31)
מ.פ מ.פ (16 days ago)
You chose some bad pictures....it was so easy
Nedelcu Catalin (2 months ago)
Asians have it easy, they can pass as girls just by wearing a dress and a wig...
Anastasia Steele (2 months ago)
I got them all right, it wasn't even that hard to be honest. I'm transgender so I'm good at spotting a trap from a mile away
Wishlists Destroyer (3 months ago)
This 1 was very easy to tell who’s a guy n who’s a girl
I'LL EAT TAEYEON'S HAIR (3 months ago)
@PINKWORLD what's the difference between Transgender and Traps I don't care I love them all fully committed to you all if your a cutie I'll date ya 😂
I'LL EAT TAEYEON'S HAIR (2 months ago)
+Anastasia Steele oh thank you
Anastasia Steele (2 months ago)
Traps do it for fun. While being a transgedner girl is way different, I'm transgender myself, and it's more of a struggle and a life style. While a trap is more like for fun.
Yoongi's Hidden Moles (3 months ago)
It was... easy tho 😅
Joshenna Joyce Johnny (3 months ago)
Oh no! Unbelievable! I can't believe my eyes ...huhu It was disappointing...
Mahi Basharat (3 months ago)
Heechul look so pretty.
Goku d. Natsu (3 months ago)
Got all and i have never seen or listened to any of them (no dudes getting past me)
Alay 69 (2 months ago)
YaBoi BruceWayne (3 months ago)
Lol same, not falling for any traps
4ry Van Java (3 months ago)
I already know, where is girls or boys (from their face)
Alika Maisuradze (3 months ago)
CUTY CUPQUAKE GIRL (3 months ago)
Every girl uses short shorts not like guys
manas belsare (3 months ago)
+Bunny Heart I love you WhatsApp me 9762444358
Beyond Anime-Verse (3 months ago)
Rachel Ong (3 months ago)
13 yes 10 No
Lez Charisma (3 months ago)
This one was hard. WHat makes it hard is that asian boys are pretty much girls right from the start.
Wishlists Destroyer (3 months ago)
Lez Charisma ummm u can tell who’s a guy n who’s a girl just by looking at the chin
Ari Gio (3 months ago)
Funny I said they are all girls and guess what! They are all girls
nada tampoco (3 months ago)
jorge haagen (3 months ago)
Worst I've ever done on one of these challenges.
NJ J (3 months ago)
The boys looked gorgeous dressed up.
lelo miliken (3 months ago)
Well darn!! I missed 4 of them!!😐
Kamikazesemmel (3 months ago)
On all pictures, where you can see the throat, just look to the adam's apple and you know it ^^
These are the boys , 100 percent
CD Sheila Ashley (3 months ago)
Surprisingly, I only missed two...
April Nicole Willliams (3 months ago)
guy guygirl. guy. girl. guu. guyguy. dudeguy. guy. guy. oppsguy girlgirl. guuy. girl. guy. guy. guy. oppsguy. guy. opps guy. 👦 👧 that was funLOL

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