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Most Popular Amazing Video - Baby With Cow Most Funny Video

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Text Comments (478)
Kanchan Pandey (6 days ago)
This girl don't have manner how what did her parents teach
Vidya Pooja (6 days ago)
I have no word 😙😙😙😙😙
annyoing baby cute cow
Bvb Bvb (19 days ago)
People who eat cows/beef do not have any ryts to comment against tat child, stupid idiotic westerns as always 🤔
Shankar S (26 days ago)
2 innocent souls..........
The third eye (1 month ago)
Wow a video on bike race with that music. Genius.
Dibya Chhotray (1 month ago)
Nice baby
Ashish Singh (2 months ago)
Yolo KidsTV (2 months ago)
cow dance for children
Tamim I.Z (2 months ago)
Please see mine. Calf bottle feeding asmr
Lynn Durbin (2 months ago)
Those parents should be slapped around just like they let their child torment that baby calf. Another case of irresponsible F. Up parents.
swati mane (2 months ago)
Very nice
Birendra Shrivastaw (2 months ago)
Monalisa Mukherjee (3 months ago)
they are innocent animal.and very very useful by the way.even its waste is not a waste.
B Saikia (3 months ago)
the calf is not a toy and is a baby too
chand junier (4 months ago)
chan vashist (4 months ago)
harbans Guleria (4 months ago)
Dono he jagat janani 😍
shiva chetry (4 months ago)
Nice video
Derrick Wade (5 months ago)
Come on people, the calf was not hurt by the baby. Cows are very resilient and strong creatures even as calves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.
Vidya m (5 months ago)
Not amusing ...... The baby doesn't know ...... Perhaps the parent or the person could hv guided ..... Hurting is not innocence.....
Syam Krishna (5 months ago)
what beautyfull video...nice ...beautyful girl and calf
Brenda Madsen (5 months ago)
How would that little bitch like to have her eyes pulled?
Chanda Shukla (5 months ago)
so cute
John Edward Jones (5 months ago)
So sweet..To youngsters play and bond. Always a connection between the young.
Badri Narayan Bhadra (5 months ago)
Cute baby 👧 and calf
Peter Petko (5 months ago)
Hello, it's Peter from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group) . This video is great, we totally love it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajdnsmzf8gY Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at [email protected] Thank you :) This is our website: www.epochmediagroup.com
Suvendu Das (5 months ago)
Both are so cute. Kuch jal raha hai .
Mitan Deb Roy (5 months ago)
It's cute😝. But I think the parents should take care of the child because it can hurt the baby cow
venkata Krishna (5 months ago)
U call this funny. Shame on you. That cow calf is a child as well. Be sensitive
Agniva Sharma (5 months ago)
Isliye bacche bigarr jate hya.Baccho ko samjhana chahiye aur ulta parents dur mein khare rehe kar dekhte hya!!
Sitaram Sitaram (5 months ago)
bahut badiya aachha😆😆👍😎😎😁
For Some idiots it looks fun and coming up with stupid logic that the child cannot harm the calve . First of all a 3 year old kid can make an adult blind or hurt an adult real bad with improper movements or beating on improper places , The cow is not reacting because it know that if it hurts the child then it will be thrashed badly by the owners . A free cow from road would have reacted in seconds . And even if it's not hurt still it's a very much annoying behavior. Allow someone to beat around your face and eyes and pull your ears and see how you feel . The one who is making the video is a disgusting person for whom making the video is more important that saving the little calve
SANKALP ZEROX (5 months ago)
Radha Madhava (5 months ago)
Horrible music too
MOOSA GLOWIDE (5 months ago)
idiots !!cant you see she is playing and the calf likes it ? she is a kid of about a year. How she cause any injury to the calf with her bare hands? what manner you can give to a toddler? its simple instinct and she is happy in the company the calf.
Rene M (5 months ago)
The kid need to be taught how to be gentle..the calf is too young to respond and she's hurting it...had the calf been older it could have hurt the kid back
KHILADI (6 months ago)
This toddler is growing up mannerless. When he grows up she would behave so and then she will get to hear this: MAA BAAP PE GAI HAI. The parents job is whenever they see their baby misbehaving or doing something wrong, INTERVENE and teach them then and there. These parents are happy shooting their baby misbehaving with the calf who takes it so well. The parents should be ashamed and I would have slapped the father at least if I was there.
mahi paVanisam (6 months ago)
cute ga undi
mahi paVanisam (6 months ago)
animal kadu amrutham iche aavu
Ellie H (6 months ago)
keep the fucking thing away from the calf it's not funny it's cruel you idiots
truthseeker (6 months ago)
Can i adopt both of them!
truthseeker (6 months ago)
Haters don't project your thoughts on the calf. If its irritated then it would showed its discomfort. You're annoyed and irritated not the calf. How much of a piece of shit you have to be to hate a baby.
truthseeker (6 months ago)
All the virtue signaling humanitarians in the comment section please STFU as if you all are jesus christ . There's no animal abuse here and those baby hands won't hurt the the calf, its more tougher than that. If you're so concerned then stop using dairy products become vegan and start supporting beaf ban otherwise take a bull horn and shove it up ass then shut up. Thank you have agood day!
m steele (6 months ago)
All being said, she isn't hurting the animal. The calf is about 4 or 5 times her size and they have incredibly thick skin. While she should b taught to be more gentle it seems the calf likes her. A baby her size cannot do harm to an animal that size, she's barely two years old.
Bhau Jain (6 months ago)
बहोत प्यारा हैं भैया चाँद का टुकड़ा जय गऊ माता की जय 🙏🐄🙏🐄🙏🐄🙏🐄🙏🐄
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gWtXepY9KS4Click here for another video in which a baby playing with animals and not hurting them
S.P R (6 months ago)
Dislike 2.8k ye kon dukhi atma hai ?
Abhishek Tiwari (6 months ago)
That kid is annoying. She needs a slap, she is only unnecessarily bothering and disturbing the calf.
Yellow Yellow (6 months ago)
this video seems to b from india
bakhtyar khan (6 months ago)
ma sha ALLAH cute
Julia Hadley (6 months ago)
What a beautiful cow
rik sharma (6 months ago)
Jai ho gau mata ki
Gaurav Nathan (6 months ago)
I have no link with bjp but i belive this is an unpleasant behaviour with calf
Gaurav Nathan (6 months ago)
I know both babies are innocent but as a cow owner i belief this kind of behaviour with calf makes them violent when they grow up
I am Serious (6 months ago)
Keep this cow safe from muslm
eagle flight (6 months ago)
There is nothing abusive in this video. I have seen many Western videos where kids are far more aggressive to cats and dogs. This girl is only playing with the calf. If calf was angry, it could have pushed the girl away, the girl is so much smaller than the calf.
Parsuram Pati (6 months ago)
Lovely video
Marcos Polo (6 months ago)
Even kids understand... But not Muslims
Balan Dr (6 months ago)
Both are babies....its an enjoyment of natural love. We the grown up peoples are look up in different angle.
Mahbuba Hossain (6 months ago)
lots of comments about the baby.she is innocent like the calf.its the parents not teaching her to be gentle with the animals.poor calf- not enjoying her tantrums but can't say a word.
but why? (6 months ago)
Child is causing no kind of discomfort to calf. In fact the calf loves to get patted by her soft hands.
devki vishvkarma (6 months ago)
Vishal Tiwari (6 months ago)
Not disterbance
SARTAJ ALI (6 months ago)
Enjoying both
Unbiased clip (6 months ago)
Mother cow baby....love you.....
Afjal Ansari (6 months ago)
Mina Velucci (6 months ago)
This girl Is a monster bad video and the fathers too 😬
Shubham Bharti (6 months ago)
Stop the music
Asvena K Jadeja Jadeja (6 months ago)
Iiiiiiiiiii like u
kavitha kavi (7 months ago)
She not hurting the calf , she is playing Cute 😍😍😍
Anjali Paul (7 months ago)
So cute cow's baby.
Rameshg Rameshg (7 months ago)
both babies cute .
Haran Sivasambu (7 months ago)
This really good tinks babies and young children supposed to be exposed to domestic animal very young age can you get naturally your immune system boost when they grow up they won't get sick two brain development also this is scientific fact young children need to go play in the third note to use to any antibiotic soap
muthu vel (7 months ago)
why the fuck irritating music
T K (7 months ago)
The calf is enjoying
Di vi (7 months ago)
Stupid kid
Shubh Soni (7 months ago)
baccho ko tamiz sikhao Gau mata h woh koi khilona ni h
Mitali l (7 months ago)
i thought i was the only one that wanted to slap this child hard, but then i read the comments section
Manash Datta (7 months ago)
bad music
Manash Datta (7 months ago)
bad music
sobin patel (7 months ago)
Arun Panjabi (7 months ago)
2.5k sadist 🤐
truthseeker (6 months ago)
Arun Panjabi Yeah they're virtue signaling hypocrites. First they support beef ban and become vegan then they rise their voice and call it abuse when a baby playing with calf.
Neelanthi Bongso (7 months ago)
She is hurting da calf. Hav to b careful. Kind animal. Animals being dumb, evan if dey do wrong as humsns v hav to understand as hunans, n not b cruel to dem like demons. Evsn my niece was dashing cat grabing with both hands. Poor thing, understood dat she was a baby.
Vijay T (7 months ago)
cow is very beautiful
jai hanuman (7 months ago)
Buggi aavu duda
Abhishek Sen (7 months ago)
For those who blaming the parents, I say parents have done a great job of caring this calf, at least he's not gonna ending up on a dish plate.
eric saylor (7 months ago)
Cows are sentient, eat plants don't contribute to the suffering and torment of innocent sentient victims, this child is abusing the animal but that is nothing compared to the horrible practices of the meat and dairy industries go vegan and learn the lesson that this baby needs namely respect and compassion for our cosmic siblings a philosophy of non harm goes a long way to making the world a more decent equitable ethically in line place.
Dinesh Dinesh (7 months ago)
labhesh haria (7 months ago)
Wow... Upload more such videos but without harming animals
truthseeker (6 months ago)
labhesh haria It's not even close to harming. Cows have tougher skin than humans, a baby hands won't hurt them. Even the calf understands its a baby, it's relaxed and comfortable with the baby. around.
මම නුවර (7 months ago)
bulls are very innocent.don't eat beef.don't kill them
Mara Venu (7 months ago)
Two babies having fun!!!!
rohit wamane (7 months ago)
Lol Vivo (7 months ago)
Very wise ppl calling the child evil, wicked and wish her dead but wouldn't mind if the cow is killed for a burger. The cow sits idly while rest conclude harassment.
pratik waghmare (7 months ago)
The kid is born retard it seems!!
Hasan Olid (7 months ago)
jason black (7 months ago)
stupid madarfakar chose stupid music...
Sumit Kumar (7 months ago)
saurabh hate (7 months ago)
Tere maa ki chut
Frank Feazell (7 months ago)

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