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Traps and Femboys 3

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Beautiful traps and femboys. Feel free to visit my site http://www.anitalasenza.com Music by: OLWIK - This Life (feat. Johnning) Video Music for OLWIK - This Life (feat. Johnning) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVy0L4CxCVo
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Text Comments (71)
Buttpuncher 69 (2 months ago)
2:47/2:59 has done some solo porn
Alika Maisuradze (3 months ago)
Adrian Sanmiguel (3 months ago)
Feminine and Sissy boys are so much more sexier and feminine than girls
Greninja Hayate (3 months ago)
Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, SURPRISE.
Kanon M. (4 months ago)
Jeffrey Doe (4 months ago)
All i'll say is this....i'm all for expressing yourself but still, you kids be careful cuz you have one bunch that hate you for being different and you got another bunch that see you 'only' as fetish fodder rather than actual people with dreams and emotions. I think you're beautiful but just be careful 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘
Maksimilion Eldredge (4 months ago)
Fuck all 3,5 billion men calling me gay for fucking trans chicks who look hotter then most women. I don't even give a fuck anymore.😊
Maksimilion Eldredge (4 months ago)
+steve gale Wats a queer😐
steve gale (4 months ago)
Well you are a queer. So what is the issue?
Pablo Briones (4 months ago)
1:17 wow. Who''s that girl?
白漂 (4 months ago)
Steven Vitantonio (4 months ago)
Wow 1:17
Daniel Stansberry (3 months ago)
Alika Maisuradze (5 months ago)
Rondinele Silva (6 months ago)
princess pretty enchanting wonderful girl Very beautiful Very sexy Very cute great charming Sweet queen
John James (6 months ago)
I watch these videos to see which are the hottys i would bed.
george kamel (8 months ago)
Some of them are naturally feminine boys so they look good with make up and female clothes, and some of them with all the make up and dress up game still looking like very masculine men!! If ur not naturally feminine looking, plz dn't make a joke of urself by wearing female stuff!!
Butch Andel (1 year ago)
why bother including onest hat look like dudes in drag
george kamel (20 days ago)
Exactly.... if ur not feminine naturally, plz dnt try to be one, or else u'll make a joke of yourself.
magicalxan (2 years ago)
What's the definition of traps ladies? By the way, I like your channel... I don't like the music you play in the video but that's not important, I listen to music all day long so I have a tones of play-list ready to use instead...
Daniel Perez (3 years ago)
the one that look like girls and you would second guess it those are traps
Gregory Worth (3 years ago)
i must admit greek culture is what makes me more fem i do have split personality modafinale focus on this,and is down right hot
Jimalcoatl (3 years ago)
0:14 is fucking adorable.
robinmaria smith (3 years ago)
not trying to be funny but what is TRAPS
Jimalcoatl (3 years ago)
+robinmaria smith A trap is a term for a transwoman or crossdresser that straight men unwittingly find attractive.
Phil Leroi (3 years ago)
sublime images comme quoi se sentir bien en soi moi aussi ressens la même chose depuis 47 ans j'ai décidé de changer mon identité pour valoir mon corps que j'ai tjrs espérés merci du messages
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
What do MY.BAD. sexxi AZZ options Look Like IN THIS [email protected] OR. IM. ON E. Me. SEE [email protected] D!!! Work N wit
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
Can I have 1 any 1?/? Hear
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
Can just tell its g old till Very last [email protected] 1
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
YAW. Some SEXXI as bad #1s. Damn. I. Gotta give it 2. [email protected] MY. MFING Goodness
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
Jennifer Merrill (3 years ago)
Fabulous! :-)
rock dawg (3 years ago)
Chloe Kopsho (3 years ago)
What do these guys/gals do, take hormone blockers?
ngga please (3 years ago)
You gotta love these idiots that troll YouTube, lookin for videos like this, and then tell everyone that watches them and posts them, their gonna burn in hell. If this stuff bothers you so damn much, what the hell you watchin it for. It's cause they secretly dream about being with one of these girls, and because they secretly long for it, they lash out at dudes who are man enough to openly admit it. Oh, and second off, god didn't say shit in the bible cause he didn't write it. Man wrote it. Everything that the bible says you should or shouldn't do isn't gods work. And for the video, the girl at 1:20. HOLY SHIT she's hot.
Daniel DeHass (1 year ago)
ngga please
William Griffin (3 years ago)
that angel at 1:06 is so amazingly beautiful. I'd love to give her a hug.
Dark Phoenix (3 years ago)
dunno why I'm fascinated by TGs...some of them of course are prettier and more feminine than 'real' girls (many are not unfortunately)...still I really want to date a beautiful TS..one who has the curves but is preop.
davina wendy (3 years ago)
+Bill Warin  I take it that you want more than just a dinner date  , with a preop T,S,
davina wendy (3 years ago)
+Bill Warin  no they are only T.S. after  S.R.S.
davina wendy (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson  what was that load of fcking bloody bullshit all about, your video was a complete waste of time ,
Dark Phoenix (3 years ago)
+davina wendy False, there are preop transsexuals (most of them are).
davina wendy (3 years ago)
+Bill Warin you don't want much do you, well you can't have it, because you can't have a preop T.S.. they are only T.S. after to op.
Fan Of (4 years ago)
0:09 holy crap she's attractive...
Joseph Quinn (4 years ago)
You are all so beautiful. R.I.P. Taylor Alesana. The world is a brutal place.
VideoGamePro (4 years ago)
2:20 had me like: Well Goddamn.
John Perks (4 years ago)
Oh yes very seductive
Gerard Immersi (4 years ago)
mario25000 (4 years ago)
Another great collection
Paige Desires (4 years ago)
Very nice!
Peter Krause (4 years ago)
Beautiful pictures. I like to see more of it.
Oohhh!!! anita lazensa thank you for show us this images BEARTIFULLL OF THATS GIRLSSS WONDERFULLLSSS!!!!!!!!!
Mike D (4 years ago)
Get rid of the blue banner
latexanita (4 years ago)
are you available?
Hey darling girl, thanks for sharing .  The girls all look fantastic sweetie.  A great job on the video again.  Big hugs and sexy kisses for you, your gal-Sandra xoxoxoxoxo!!!
suggsy1960 (4 years ago)
where can i get a fem boy
suggsy1960 (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson whats your number
bruce jennings (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson how do i get intouch
suggsy1960 (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson maybe we could meet
brendaleetv (4 years ago)
I love it! Iam a trap myself!
deanaugust (4 years ago)
What are Traps ?
VideoGamePro (4 years ago)
+davina wendy First off that's not a word, second yes there's a difference. A Transgender person identify themselves as a person born in the wrong sex, while a trap see's himself as a person with feminine traits and personalities but is not Gender Dysphoria, simple.
davina wendy (4 years ago)
+VideoGamePro   bullshit there is no difference ,  it's simply a change of  termanowledgy
VideoGamePro (4 years ago)
A transgender person feels that they are not attached to the sex that they are naturally born with so they are declared to be Gender Dysphoria, that is all.
davina wendy (4 years ago)
+VideoGamePro okay then what's the difference a trap & a T.G.
VideoGamePro (4 years ago)
+davina wendy A crossdresser is someone just dresses in the opposite sex nothing more nothing less, while a Trap or a Femboy is a guy who acts and dresses like a girl. Crossdressers dress up because it's like a hobby to them, While Traps dress up and act because that's their personality.

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