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5 Things To Do To Make Yourself a Better Cross-Dresser | Best Styling Tips for MTF Cross-dressing!

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If you really want to take your cross-dressing to the next level then check out 5 Things To Do To Make Yourself a Better Cross-Dresser. If you liked this video, please like, comment & share. Thanks for watching..
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Text Comments (49)
More than words (3 days ago)
when i want to be a woman im going to a hotel ,, there i can make up dress und be myself 😉
Isaiah Leske (22 days ago)
Someone wanna teach me in person how to crossdress better? We can have fun too;) girls or guys or in between somewhere. Hmu 7155532167
KOJAC-wholovesyababy (1 month ago)
Had a serious fetish/addiction to pantyhose since a young age and more recently wanting to Explore with some assistance help/my sister would dress me up and say she was jealous how good l looked with my athletic body.anyone have suggestions here locally Phoenix az
Cyk (1 month ago)
It's 1am, I don't even plan to crossdress whatsoever, I don't even know how I ended up here, yet these advice sounded useful and coherent. I'm kind of confused right now.
Fragata (1 month ago)
Se Bakker (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tips😀!
Popo Bawa (2 months ago)
I don't believe in "passing." Whether man or woman, it would be redundant to look anything like other men or women. I try to do as much as I can to not look like anybody else at all. Makeup, clothes, voice, posture - all completely my own unique synthesis.
The Sentinel (2 months ago)
i am very lucky with my situation .i live alone and able to dress every evening . have a wonderful supportive girlfriend that encourages me to dress when she comes over . we frequently shop at Ross dress for less and buy for each other , or she will pick things up on her own that she would like to see on me . she's the best :)
WILLIE JONES (3 months ago)
OooooooooWowwwwwww" Love them Legs & Highheels; Specially the First One!😚😍
Cindy Pumps (3 months ago)
you can buy cheap but it nees to have the right fit
Julie Marisca (3 months ago)
That was some great advice....Macy's is my favorite
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
I only like to wear prom dress ,evening gown and wedding gown with long train
leggy candy (3 months ago)
Hmmm interesting. and don't forget to drink LOTS of soy milk and WORK OUT regularly, concentrate mostly on slow squats and tummy toning excersises like ab crunches, if you have a partner ask them to help with stretching.
The Sentinel (2 months ago)
very nice , i do the same . mostly legs, butt and ab exercises . lots of lunges and almond milk :)
Johan Nandelstadh (4 months ago)
I love twinset cardigans and short skirts
vignesh kini (4 months ago)
Great content, it will help me to become feminine. I wish to become a Woman.
that 80's girl (4 months ago)
I wish there was a website available that cross dressers in each city you could go to that would have a list of women who would be happy to help CDs go shopping with or help with make up, style etc. judgement free! I feel bad CDs have to feel ashamed or nervous going into the women's section. I bet they'd feel safer and confident to have a woman accompany and guide them. I know I'd be happy to be on that list! :]
Forest Joe (4 days ago)
You are a beautiful person ty🙂
MogulMade (9 days ago)
Exactly! I would surely accompany anyone who felt shy or embarrassed.
KOJAC-wholovesyababy (1 month ago)
DITTO and would love assistance locally here in Phoenix
sean watts (2 months ago)
Wow, awesome comment!
Rick 1776-1970 (3 months ago)
I love the 80s!!! Good times heavy metal , muscle cars and big hair! Definitely cool. Oh , ya jean skirts and leather with concert tshirts. Nicely lined up in 74 Ford pickup . Thought it would last forever.
mark cailes (4 months ago)
And the funniest thing is cross dressers and gay guys can dress better then 99% of so called real girls of today
sunnymas (4 months ago)
All five are very good and important. And one more: Walk smaller steps. Large steps are not female. You must not wear high heels to look female. But it gives a special look for walking. You must be good practiced, to walk in high heels.
leggy candy (3 months ago)
yes, that's true, nicely added :) x
yokoshemp (4 months ago)
The internet is a godsend. Imagine having no other option than department stores or thrift shops. Pay attention to the size charts. Better a size larger than a size to smaller. Belts do wonders to create a waistline. Women have a higher waist so get that belt up around the bellybutton. If you are a man and you buy a dress it IS a man's dress... don't let them shame you about "a woman's clothes"... they are yours! It is okay to be trans. If you are not female so what? Trans is perfectly okay. It helps to have a female friend, sister, or aunt, or even mom that will go out with you. Start small like lunch at a quiet place. Real women travel in groups and you should also. Most women are just fine with you wearing a dress. Don't be ashamed. Very important to learn to control that skirt. It is unacceptable to flash strangers even by accident... lovers maybe but nobody else. Legs together and sweep the skirt under your legs if you need to squat down to pick something up or otherwise get low to the ground. Practice in front of a mirror until you can safely remain modest. A good padded bra is wonderful and may not even need to be stuffed. Need stuffing?... cut a cheap foam rubber ball in half. Sew shoulder pads into the hips of your skirts.. they fit better that way.
Miss Cassandra (4 months ago)
AWESOME Pink heels she is wearing. Is that a computer generated voice?
Jacques Paré (4 months ago)
So hot blonde sexy 💋
Sheryl Courtney (4 months ago)
When I'm able , I go to a thrift store to buy my feminine clothes .
jackie petras (4 months ago)
beautiful high heels
William Makepeace (4 months ago)
Great reminders!
Alika Maisuradze (4 months ago)
David Hunter (4 months ago)
Great tips. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect". I would like to add this tip: women come in all shapes and sizes Don't think you have to be skinny to crossdressing. Some of the most stunning crossdressers I've ever seen makes great use of body fat. Look at Kim Kardashian. She is far from skinny, but men love her body because she has beautiful curves in the right places.
Jay Dogg (4 months ago)
That's a nice ass shoe collection in the beginning....
James Johnston (4 months ago)
I hate heels
that 80's girl (4 months ago)
Even us females hate heels. They suck and hurt but make your legs and butt look hot! I'm a tennis shoe girl myself.
Kate Mei (4 months ago)
Great Video, It's true the most important thing is practicing, especially as far as makeup is concerned.  the good thing is, you can see improvements very quickly.
Kate Mei (4 months ago)
+imaginamevolar eww thanks thats sweet :-)
Donald Saxton (4 months ago)
Biggest things for crossdressing guys to get right is to : 1-Not try to dress to your fantasy of who you want to be. Dress age appropriate. A 58 year old dressing like a 20 year old is a dead giveaway. 2-Dress for the occasion. Just like you never see a Woman in an Evening Gown at Safeway, you should dress down in something more natural for your surroundings. 3- don't go overboard with makeup. There are times for wearing a lot of makeup, and others when a little goes a long way. 4- Learn to be natural in your body movements, and comportment. Nothing paints a target on you like being scared in public. Even if you aren't totally passable in public, confidence can often keep uneasiness in others to a minimum. 5-Make sure you are able to walk easily in Heels before wearing them in public. I know many "Gurls" want to strut their stuff, but really, stick to lower heels until you gain the muscle control in your ankles. There are many pretty lower heel designs, even Flats that are perfect for your outing. ALL of the tips outlined in this video are good for beginning, and even experienced crossdressers to learn.
Kevy K (19 days ago)
Great comment Donald, you mentioned Safeway. Are you in Aus?
that 80's girl (4 months ago)
Don't worry, even a lot of real women STILL can't walk properly in heels. Lol
Rick Kinki (4 months ago)
How about: Don't wear a 42DD bra! Wear a padded bra that makes your breasts proportional to the rest of you.
Jeffrey Elya (4 months ago)
I'd like to add one item. don't rush yourself when getting dressed as a first timer. It's a good idea to establish yourself as female in your own clothes first before making the switch to skirts and dresses. Get to know how you feel first before you feel the finished product. This way, it will be both professional and you'll adjust to being female quicker.
JennyCD007 (4 months ago)
Very good video...
CD Sheila Ashley (4 months ago)
Great motivational advise...
JunJun Camacho (4 months ago)
Kanon M. (4 months ago)
too feminine. i like it. i try to be a girl
Gab riela (4 months ago)
Even as a transfemale these are important as well

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