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Lucid Dreaming Is It Just A Fantasy?

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Lucid Dreaming Is It Just A Fantasy? Imagine being able to fly, walk through walls shape shift, breathe under water and see loved ones or pefect strangers in your dreams. Lucid TV has a free audio book A Field Guide to Dreaming with an actual programme not just generic meditation music. If you're yet to experience a real lucid dream yet give it a try: http://lucidtv.me/how-to-lucid-dream/ It is a kind of dreaming where you are aware of what you are dreaming and possibly you have the control over it but only in some instances. In lucid dream, lucid defines your mental clarity about the dream you Source(s): https://www.quora.com/Lucid-dreaming-is-it-just-a-fantasy More: https://youtu.be/IJmesOMTNnE Subscribe to our channel!
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