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Picking Up Girls In Romania - Bucharest

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Text Comments (832)
Andrea Greco (17 hours ago)
Fucking British
Ll O (3 days ago)
i am proud to be roumanian
8T2OFFICIAL (7 days ago)
We need some more girls in here skpeta
30192 (8 days ago)
Why do you play gypsy music at the start of th vid ? What an idiot
Street Attraction (8 days ago)
Because it's the best music ever...idiots never appreciate gipsy music.
Dan Poole (8 days ago)
Your a wanker.calling a romanian women a bitchnis a insault...my girlfriend is romanian
Street Attraction (8 days ago)
Watch the video again, the woman calls herself a bitch first
Tromsat (19 days ago)
Romanian women are curvy and have nice bodies. Beautiful women.
Nikkolas M. (24 days ago)
whens your next trip, you might as well let me come along. things will exceed your life expectations 😂 lmk
Pub Comrad (25 days ago)
Why covered faces BS?
rogal ddl l (25 days ago)
You should try in poland
Ultimate Tonirafa (25 days ago)
What the fuck is that music you use there in the video ?? I , as Romanian , think is fucking ugly and it has to do nothing with my country ! It looks more Bulgarian.
Ultimate Tonirafa (20 days ago)
I searched about the band a little and I found they are a "gipsy" band with gipsy music ... so yeah thanks for using this stereotype on Romania ..
Ultimate Tonirafa (20 days ago)
I am sorry dude .. I don't know the band , my friends neither .. but I do know my culture . I will show you some traditional Romanian music If you want : https://youtu.be/4eqQ6H3_fhc
Street Attraction (20 days ago)
It's wonderful Romanian music from a local Bucharest band called Mahala Rai Banda, you should learn more about your own music and culture dude
ARB (26 days ago)
Vezi pe unde umbli ca iti iei bataie prostule...
Magma Phi (26 days ago)
Bro its a miracle you get any girl with that ugly face and bald head of yours, of course you have to go to poor countries like Romania with an average salary of 300 euros to even smell a good looking girl.WOW you must be proud of yourself!
S psc (28 days ago)
Hahaha you Are BOLD!!
Killer18681 (1 month ago)
All the hot Romanian women are working in the UK lol
sheisZena (1 month ago)
cocalar- versiunea britanica.
Calvito Bonito (1 month ago)
Trupa Babuinilor (1 month ago)
At Iaşi are more hot the girls:D
Dissapointment (1 month ago)
I'm surprised nobody beat the shit out of you
Audry Hitler (1 month ago)
Ah yes the uk, once conqured half the world but still havent figured out central heating. London with its muzzie mayor has become a shithole btw.
Audry Hitler (1 month ago)
This music is more bulgarian,not romanian
fabrizio ferrigno (1 month ago)
Lol I live in Bucharest and this guy is going to the most touristic trap place looking for women. Bucharest is big, the Old town is just a scammers ville set up for tourist to bring them to strip clubs. if you want good clubs with the local people and a LOT of beautiful women do not go to the ONE place which Romanians avoid. Thing is he could have actually exited that area and walked 400 meters north and there is a club with a lot of beautiful women allready.
Rus Darius (1 month ago)
Is that clown still in Romania? Can seone tell me what town he's in ? Vreau sa-i scot dintii fmm X( "Powerful leader" HAHAHHAAAA your bitches in UK are fucked by immigrants while you talk shit about women ,by the way ,you are ugly as fuck I would love to meet you in person to coach you in MMA
roasted man (1 month ago)
porca miserio ... this girl are beautiful
Chai Moscoso (1 month ago)
How to apply in italy
Life is fun (1 month ago)
The girls that you picked up are not representative for Romania they are just the type of girls that you attract , given the looks you have, jokes etc.
Caocao8888 (1 month ago)
A little ego goes a long way. And you are the one who keeps repeating yourself.
kapil verma (1 month ago)
this country
Ane-Maria Tudoras (1 month ago)
Who do you think u are? U think if you come from UK we will kiss your feet? Man first learn how to talk and treat a woman and then u go online talking about Romania. Why don't you go back home and talk about the ''beauties'' from there.
JOEY RIVERA (1 month ago)
If two UGLY dudes can pick up girls there I'm good to go!
David francezu (1 month ago)
c'est facile de prendre des femmes dans la Roumanie, Bulgarie, Albanie :)) romania, bulgaria, albania = whores.
kPerfect (1 month ago)
Stfu u stupid gypsye ass french. Go fuck your stupid ugly ass bitches that u have out there in france u fucking moron.
la fleur du mal (1 month ago)
and you are a shitty wanker..moron,,,,,,,,,..greatings from romania
Techguru topgun (2 months ago)
sheety place do :)) roma
Abby Freeman (2 months ago)
That’s bullshit, you can only pick up whores around clubs and nothing more
Maria Toma (2 months ago)
(I am well aware that this is 2 years late... but I DON'T CARE!) Teenage Romanian girls working as prostitutes? Dude, for the sake of everyone, open your eyes. Romania has a very good education system, and sure there are some teenage prostitutes, but not all are. Why aren't you judging the men? Also, the quality of Romanian girls is low? Did you know that Romanian girls are considered one of the most beautiful nation of girls? Well no you couldn't have known because all you know is to judge others so you can hide your insecurities. There aren't that many because they all heard you were coming and decided to stay home so they wouldn't be mocked for your entertainment or money. Get a grip, Romanian girls are high quality (The newer generations especially) and don't just judge Bucharest, try visiting other cities, maybe your view will widen, and you will stop mocking them. Have some respect, and then maybe you will get one, but until then you can keep drooling.
erika R (2 months ago)
The chick at the final is a bitch
darren millar (2 months ago)
bit cocky and him saying Romanian girls are not hot...I beg to differ I work with a few and there all hot
Realisttt (2 months ago)
You`re really uneducated if you think feminists are that type with shaved hair. You also used feminist in the same context as lesbian, what has feminism with sexuality to do brother? Feminism equals same rights, abilities and obligations between men and women which should be a matter of course today. Check your facts and get some education instead of exploring the world with your penis.
Realisttt (2 months ago)
Street Attraction Not really. I would never make a statement about a subject i wouldn't be sure about. Take a look at the history of feminism about how it started and why. Seems that you are the one misinformed thinking that, today's crazy extremists represent what feminism really is about.
Street Attraction (2 months ago)
If you think that, then you're sorely misinformed on the subject
ex_culture (2 months ago)
What the fuck has feminism got to do with your ability to enjoy a city? Whether you identify as a feminist or not is besides the point. The fact that you attempt to spurt out your prejudices against feminism onto local women shows your insecurity and closed-mindedness towards foreign ideas and cultures. If you are going to be transplanting such negativity from your home culture onto the people of other cultures, then there is nothing fruitful you can acquire from learning and experiencing the latter. Certain Romanian may just as well be inclined to feminism as certain British women, so it's best you leave your naive, superficial assumptions at home. I am sure you wouldn't be taken too kindly if you were spouting that exact same shit to Norwegian or Icelandic women.
Papillon (2 months ago)
Ur ugly as shit btw Oh, and stupid as fuck
la fleur du mal (1 month ago)
two horseface trying to pick up chicks....:)))
sp1d3rm0nk3y33 (2 months ago)
Very boring girl gets a percentage on every shot she will make you drink
GoetzTV (2 months ago)
try to use a gimbal your camera movings are horrible,..
Parmod Shakya (3 months ago)
I like Romanian girll intrested girll contact me so i give me ten thousand doller usa after marriage cont....parmodshakya219 gmail .com
Ashish Hekre (3 months ago)
Only works because you are English. Try any other passport you will know
DSL Clark (3 months ago)
Lol 😂 the girl said your bald🤣😂😂😅🙈😅
Blackye de Paray / B (3 months ago)
♥♡♥(•¿-)👍🏾👍🏼👍🏻very very good 💎♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥💎perfect 👁️‍🗨️😍👁️ ✔♫✔♫ 🏆 🌷❤ ❣ 🖤💚💔💜🧡💛💗💙💖☯☮🆗🌞★✪✩✪★ 💯/💯💋👄👀💪🏻👌🏻
andrei dinro (3 months ago)
Romanian girls don't appreciate cunts!!!
Gregi (3 months ago)
Romanian women are most beautiful on my opinion
Subway Shift (3 months ago)
Visit Belgrade
Haiden Mariani (3 months ago)
Lmao I hate feminism me to man ME TOOOOOO😭😭😂lmao this guy preaches dae truth
ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑKOΣ (1 month ago)
3:02 do i look leraxe ?
mariidee2 (3 months ago)
JOE Bozza (3 months ago)
One guy grows a beard...the whole world follows😝
hugo gonzalez (3 months ago)
she call yoy baldie lol
neXt! Dany (3 months ago)
B 95 GOD =]]]
Caronte Skizoyd (3 months ago)
I had an Erasmus in Bucharst...best City in Europe for having fun! ❤❤❤
NonE NonE (3 months ago)
well i just won the erasmus for Romania ? Am I lucky now ?
Chris Lo (3 months ago)
I love to curse and say the f word but you say it way too fking much bro. Keep it professional like you have been doing which I enjoy but the f word oops up too fking much bro. Please keep it f free. Saying it every now and then is ok, don't get my wrong sir. Thank you and I hope you will consider making a little change please. Thank you bro! Good video and excellent videos.
jinny8801 (3 months ago)
I think poland is the best!
PRESTIGE Otor (3 months ago)
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Jeremy Deacon (3 months ago)
You bald rat the good Românian girls are too good for you stay home in Britain with your ugly ass rat lookin witches
hsu94533 (3 months ago)
Why you won’t show their faces?
Manuel Diaz (3 months ago)
hsu94533 I guess for respect to them
Tigran West Side (3 months ago)
Try in albania
xxtravisxxify (3 months ago)
Richard=Me-Hair+Alcohol+Open&Seeking for Penis Girls Around
SoopaFlyism (3 months ago)
Girls are easy in Bucharest. So it seems.
giovanni pilu (3 months ago)
well of course the ratio is whacked, its summer, romanian girls travel abroad in order to prostitute themselves for a few euro's, ohh the horror.....................
Sydney Austin (3 months ago)
More important things than a 6pac..lol! ( Young bald and out of shape ) Now thats exciting..umm The Nubreeds look, nice
Christian Joshua Alzona (3 months ago)
Mr Andreis (3 months ago)
Andrea has a spaniard accent.. Although hes italiano
Esmir Arifovski (3 months ago)
Well i agree with some people that romanian girs are very beautiful, if im not mistaking there more women than men there, but cause the bad economy there people are leaving the country there, anyway romanian as well as moldavian girls are very beautiful
Andrew Baumgartner (3 months ago)
ahahahaha, you're bald.... rolflmfao
Lya Wonder (3 months ago)
His an asshole 😑 boring guy
m. a48 (3 months ago)
When he said the girls aren‘t that pretty but is ugly af himself lol
AL De TIT MAN (3 months ago)
Down here they give you £5 blowjob cheap pums also they gamble their wifes
Clara Tig (3 months ago)
Romania hereeeee
Thierry company (3 months ago)
i don't like Romania it's not the good country for girls
Echo Equani (1 month ago)
My girlfriend is Romanian. Omg that was rude to ask that lady if she was wearing a bra ?and the other lady how much she weighed? I would never ask a woman that! He is a disrespectful a hole! My girlfriend wouldn't even stick around if he was acting like that. She would curse him out in English and Romanian.
Karam Qusai (3 months ago)
I've never been in Romania but I like the country by the stories I hear about here in Netherlands and previously in Iraq
Danny Bahee (3 months ago)
The name fits
Shafik Bashir (3 months ago)
You’re bald...BAM! That must have hurt!?😂🤣
H3715M (3 months ago)
You talk bad about the girls who are prostitutes but you are trying to get sex off girls for free? Why shouldn't they get paid? Especially to have to listen to your bullshit attempts at getting some
Monicx Ponomarev (3 months ago)
You guys are just travelling all over the world to approach girls for sex and hook ups ? You guys are crazy
randomadmin (3 months ago)
OMFG Richard with that feminist elbow to the sternum chick. He is a true fucking master.
Techguru topgun (3 months ago)
facking jipos
James Jones (3 months ago)
When you kiss it sounds like your sucking the horses ass
Roald van Dijk (3 months ago)
My brother lives there, i have been there7 times,i am so in line with you!! Girls and man are so separated.Clubs are fucked up and the girls are always separated from man!! I sometimes end up with some intelligent girls around me.and than all the guys are trying to enter the squad but these girls will just ignore them!! So i like it but it is a bit strange!i can get along with girls really good but if you are not you are fucking lost in Romania!!
therealslimshady (3 months ago)
You’re the biggest fuckboy
Erzsebet Kozma (4 months ago)
Numai impotenti se comporta ca tine asta e hartuire sexusla
David Varga (3 months ago)
Ce atacata te simti pt ca un tip vrea sa cunoasca femeile din alte tari.. cred ca barbatul tau e un impotent si acum esti frustrata, i'm sorry about u.
Erzsebet Kozma (4 months ago)
Unde cauti o fata cretinule aia ca tine de c'è Nu Mergeti in America?
Bogdan Nikolas (4 months ago)
Old city Bucharest! Like like
Burhan Qerimi (4 months ago)
Dude be careful! If you come to kosovo and you pick on girls like that their brothers might knock the shit out of you...
Mircea020 (4 months ago)
Fuck em' all ! Bitches !
Laura Luciana (4 months ago)
What a mysoginistic cunt! I wouldn’t let you even kiss the sole of my shoe 👠 I wish none of those ladies even looked at you, you should be thankful alcohol was invented otherwise you would never get laid.
Scp 3000 Crush:524 (4 months ago)
What else you expect from gypsis? Its a gypsy culture..buy one get one free 😂
andi2717 (4 months ago)
you piece of shit, look listen, and worship......the fuck you think you are you piece of shit? try to speak the language of the country where you are not english you bullshit selfish no culture piece of garbage.
Chris miler (4 months ago)
Good ol days Sarging ahead!! However I was bad hooked up with 3 girls ended up getting married ! Hahaha so much for the game. And getting ton of girls.
lobo- nikakendo (4 months ago)
This guy has that iPhone X hairline. And he making fun of the girls here? C'mon bro they all look beautiful.
Stray Wuan (4 months ago)
"I don't speak very much". BINGO! perfect match for me!!
Mercas ED (4 months ago)
so much noise kissing
Duma Silalahi (4 months ago)
MrBiggz876 (4 months ago)
Mr Blue (4 months ago)
5:40 Roosh was right :P

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