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Winter Customisation Challenge (w/ Woolrich) | PAQ Ep #51 | A Show About Fashion and Streetwear

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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvO6uJUVJQ6SrATfsWR5_aA?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/paq.official WOOLRICH - http://www.woolrich.com/ PAQ is a show about streetwear, fashion, menswear, clothes (whatever you wanna call it). PAQ: https://instagram.com/paq.official Danny: https://instagram.com/dannylomass Dex: https://instagram.com/dexthefreak Elias: https://instagram.com/eliasriadi Shaq: https://instagram.com/shakka.d.badmon Kyra TV: https://www.instagram.com/kyra.tv In this episode we teamed up with OG outerwear brand Woolrich for a customisation challenge like no other. See the boys incorporate Woolrich’s own iconic Buffalo Check print to create wild garms - trust us - in this ep the boys go truly ham. Watch to see Dex upending the accesories game, Danny meeting a bespoke tailoring legend and Elias continuing to worship the Air Force 1. Use of any product and/or brand names does not imply any affiliation with, or any endorsement by, the respective owners of such products or brand names, unless specifically stated. PAQ is a show presented by four friends from London exploring the world of streetwear and men’s fashion, from thrifting secondhand clothes to exploring hypebeast trends. A global show rooted in London lifestyle, including the latest from Supreme, North Face, Palace, Patta, Off-White, Raf Simons, Yeezy, Balenciaga and more. https://www.instagram.com/phedrej https://www.instagram.com/tumisola https://www.instagram.com/markpowellbespoke https://www.instagram.com/tia4u Compeition T&Cs: https://kyra.com/l/PAQ-Woolrich
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Text Comments (1792)
PAQ (1 month ago)
Give the video a thumbs up if you want to see more customisation challenges
Angela Klein (1 month ago)
PAQ @angiemclittle
sam walker (1 month ago)
Yoooo Dex sickest W bro!! Well deserved, you guys should do a whole video on backpack customizations 👌👌 maybe thriftin it, just for a twist haha
Serena Park (1 month ago)
you should do a red carpet inspired challenge
Belinda (17 hours ago)
I wish Danny had come out with a walking stick with his outfit
Victoria Ndhlovu (5 days ago)
Danny's outfit, I loved.
Tavi D (5 days ago)
Dex made a jackpack
Francisco Guzman (5 days ago)
When the tailor tells Danny the white socks is bad 😂
ken4yaya (6 days ago)
Can we just agree Mark Powell x Danny Collab needs to happen on a bespoke retail level??? HOLY SHIT I'M IN LOVE.
jonathan (8 days ago)
How do I get Elias fit?
AnneHC lyce (9 days ago)
Madison (9 days ago)
Oliver Allen (9 days ago)
20:50 shaq's jumper with that slit collar is HARD.
elle belle (10 days ago)
backpack + jacket =.....jackpack?
Kalen McCracken (10 days ago)
I want that Jacket!
SzymonTratkowski (11 days ago)
I Don't Know Elisa (11 days ago)
where is that comic book shop?
Archie Comrie (11 days ago)
16:20 toad from Mario Kart???
Cata Jerez (11 days ago)
I don't care about the judges. Danny took it to the next level by far.
Jacob Skehan (12 days ago)
i would have put it on shoes and make a jacket with the woolrich on the inside and you could wear it both ways around
alie_hp (12 days ago)
Esmeralda Roblesgil (12 days ago)
Danny should’ve won!!! I love Dex‘s idea though
Mia Partridge (12 days ago)
Song at 14:30?
Mpho Mohau (13 days ago)
Buffalo check dungaree
PrincessGoyaa (13 days ago)
I think I love Dex. 😂😂😂
Karla Ponce (14 days ago)
Danny looked like mom in his trench coat at 3:12 aww haha
Jenny Chai (15 days ago)
Just Because (15 days ago)
so many awkward moments
hey, stob it (15 days ago)
This ep is sick oh god!
Marlon Clank (16 days ago)
Yoo everybody's outfit was on point. I would have taken a jeans jacket, collar, and breast pocket with the check and then a motive on the back with the check used as pixels. Less is more.
Monrovia Ndiaye (17 days ago)
Would’ve done a skirt // Blazer set with a matching bag
jana (18 days ago)
This episode reminded me of project runway
Ashleen Karan (18 days ago)
Dress a gal for formal/prom
Gallium28 (18 days ago)
the idea of a backbapacked jacket was sick
Deandra Brown (19 days ago)
Tumi always has amazing designs, can’t wait to see her succeed
Deandra Brown (19 days ago)
Everyone SNAPPED but Dex... damn. His ability to own the all black aesthetic so well is unmatched. It’s crazy that every week they expect all black, and he delivers- yet still blows people away with his creativity within that realm.
Maïa Snow (20 days ago)
I want to be Elias friend’s so bad so I can borrow some of his clothes
Greysen McGee (20 days ago)
I definitely would have mixed the buffalo with denim
Amadea Kolovrat (20 days ago)
That animation game at the beginning of every ep is killin it constantly!!! 🔝🔝🔝
Renée Conjaerts (21 days ago)
does anybody know what the name of the song is when elias shows his outfit (14.33)
sexxxyricky (21 days ago)
love this
Ida Larsson (21 days ago)
All of these are Maaaaaad!! wow is all I have to say, doesn’t do it justice tho... crazy
Nexsoss (21 days ago)
Danny got compared to Mick Jagger :0
Ariel Alonzo Untung (22 days ago)
this episode is mad sick
Jenny Crime (23 days ago)
I would make a two-sided jacket. On one side it has the pattern and on the other side a rain jacket side. That would be a perfect autumn jacket
lena nedeljkovic (23 days ago)
I honestly think that Danny should have won
Pleb Pleb (23 days ago)
U should create grime fits for the crew members. (Camera man/women)
britini campbell (23 days ago)
What I would’ve done with the woolrich pattern is design a kilt skirt with the classic pin inspired wide leg pant with a matching high turtle neck with an original graphic print on the bottom right leg of the pant . But I’d have to jack shaqs oversize beret hat to accessorise
Yantheman 333 (24 days ago)
You should do more episodes like this and the deliveroo one where you make outfits from scratch
al (24 days ago)
as if shaq's ex called him to talk about STUFF while he was FILMING
al (24 days ago)
it is damn impossible to watch paq without falling in love with dex
Giulianna Lombardo (24 days ago)
This episode matched perefecrly with ther personalities everyone won
Burdshey 2 (25 days ago)
Loved this!!!!
alana tgarcia (25 days ago)
I kinda wish there were some girlies in the team
joker taylor (25 days ago)
Anybody notice that Dex was wearing an “Oldboy” tee ?
Noticed (25 days ago)
Easily one of the best episodes of PAQ
hungry allthetime (25 days ago)
A piece I would have loved to make would be a black varsity jacket with buffalo check on the pocket trim, buttons cuffs and collar. On the back of the jacket there would be a square patch with the origin of the buffalo check written underneath. Sounds like a sick idea. Dex's idea is madness. Something I would definitely rock.
I love gordon ramsey (26 days ago)
Danny _is_ a pimp. Try and change my mind.
Okokokok (26 days ago)
Danny was foken robbed
Victoria Bernhart (26 days ago)
vibing with elias' outfit with the cheetah vest bruh
Elke Biesendorfer (26 days ago)
elias seems really high when hes looking for his stuff lool
Kayla M (27 days ago)
I love Elias’s style and he loves air forces like I do 🤧😭
Rory Sowersby (27 days ago)
Cultural apropriation?
Ben Jenkinson (27 days ago)
this is the highest quality shit y'all have made all year
John Palcon (28 days ago)
Sam (28 days ago)
danny was robbed yet again
kaymon sangara (28 days ago)
Honestly you all killed it! solid work fellas🤙
SCUM ART (28 days ago)
background musics dead
SCUM ART (28 days ago)
at the start
Luise Ahl (28 days ago)
Backpack loveeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Unpopular (28 days ago)
Fuuuuck I swear Danny’s fit was sharp as hell. Harry Styles would have been obsessed with that.
Sombruh (28 days ago)
Emily Dring (28 days ago)
super cool
Dan Miley (28 days ago)
Marta Zelaya (28 days ago)
They always show them going down the ramp but never going up.....
Louis Butcher (28 days ago)
So sick
Reina G (29 days ago)
I would have used the pattern with a black Nike tech suit. For the hoodie lined the inside, hoodie, pockets, and cuffs with the wool. Then for the pants, I would have made one leg entirely buffalo check and left the other leg black. Some white air forces for the kicks, and tada... a PAQ worthy fit. Love you all so much, you inspire me every day. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.
Rosa (29 days ago)
really liked Elias coat, but I am not a huge fan of the drawings (the patches).
T. Gordon (29 days ago)
That suit... just... wow.
Rasool Ali (29 days ago)
How do they do that filter
EPizzle (29 days ago)
Definitely one of the best episodes, everyone killedd this challenge 🔥🔥
killycati971 (29 days ago)
Elias really inspired me on this one !
chris downes (29 days ago)
Coveted a wool rich parka for the longest time has been in my eBay saved searches for literally 3 years and i would have taken one of those parkas and covered it in the check.
Guy Locke (29 days ago)
Would be really cool to incorporate the pattern into a one-piece ski suit along with the check pattern on the strap of the goggles. You'd be the best dressed guy/girl on the slopes.
Sam King (29 days ago)
Dex or Danny for me, banged as usual
Super Flute (29 days ago)
*tumi and shaq got some mad vibes going on i'm not gonna lie to you.*
Jennely P. (30 days ago)
*american accent* Were gonna make art, hunny. It’s gonna be FiRe.
Avigail Gelfand (30 days ago)
please have Billie Eilish come on the show her fits are crazy!!!!!!!!!
Severelygrandcreation (30 days ago)
Danny should’ve won
J Bril (30 days ago)
I wish shaq wouldve got his outfit fitted
saidou kansaye (30 days ago)
Dex is my fav, such a g. "I'm the smartest of them all...I use challenges to get comics"
Type 6 diabetes (30 days ago)
R u maaaaad nah Danny defo won that
Churro VG (30 days ago)
Hey guys if you want 10% off clothes use the code: CHARL3S for the link below https://teenhearts.com?rfsn=1884840.f098f1&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=1884840.f098f1
What does paq stand for
Hannah Bordier (30 days ago)
so so so cool what shaq did love it so much
Austin Lomibao (30 days ago)
I would customize a denim jacket with buffalo check down the sides, on the pockets, cuffs and lining the collar
kanti sunflower (30 days ago)
The PAQ boys looked like an odd collection of a boyband with matching prints 😂
Colin Bot (1 month ago)
Thomas Kimmel (1 month ago)
Danny all day everyday
David Hatle (1 month ago)
Am I the only one wondering where they get the budget for this crazy production value?
p 12 (1 month ago)
Stop appropriating Scottish culture you racists.
Hendrick Easton (1 month ago)
with the buffalo pattern i would have made a tracksuit
Emyah Engerman (1 month ago)
Okay so I’m a new fan of them and this channel. And I’ve been watching there videos for a couple of weeks now and I love them! But the thing is I absolutely I’m in love with Dex he is so adorable and when he smiles it’s so fucking cute! So I had to see there age and man when I went searching I found out everybody is 21-22 and fucking dex is 32!!!!! I thought he was the youngest!! Is this shit true!!!!! Please explain!!!!!!!Black Do Not Crack!!!!!!!
Jenna Hilgeman (1 month ago)
Another episode idea: battle of the sexes where the boys are a team and they compete against four girls from kyra each coming up with a four look mini collection

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