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"Lone Survivor" SEAL recounts deadly battle

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Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell sat down with "60 Minutes" correspondent, Anderson Cooper to discuss the battle that claimed the lives of the rest of his SEAL Team, and left him alone, and fighting for his life in the Afghanistan wilderness.
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kross # (13 days ago)
2:38. the balls on these men is what makes them heroes
SLACKER614 (16 days ago)
God Bless.....
Weapons Education (18 days ago)
Read his book, " Lone Survivor" He is one of 20 who who lived.....
Caley Gray (23 days ago)
where is the full interveiw
Robert Symonds (26 days ago)
He is a true American, Im proud of the man he is.
bandhsilvers1 (27 days ago)
He should of killed the 3 that found them !!instead lots more people died
Sinothi Phoswa (27 days ago)
If he's a coward then what am i ?
Julian Rivera (1 month ago)
the biggest balls on earth on this fine seal his humbleness makes him even greater
Crashburn 32 (1 month ago)
He could have easily lied. By being the only survivor, he could have made up any story he wanted. Or, said nothing at all. But he didn't. While calling himself a coward, he told the truth about what happened. I'm having trouble seeing him as a coward right now. - I think he needs to cut himself some slack.
Opera Singer (1 month ago)
Thank you for your service.
Master Dovahkiin (1 month ago)
Eyes are the windows to yo soul
Marius Lingens (1 month ago)
This guy and the fallen men's have my respect.🙏 From Germany
r3kgaming (1 month ago)
And people are sad over x smh
Adam Webster (17 days ago)
r3kgaming Why u bringing X into this?
Joshua Maughan (2 months ago)
He has 100% of my respect, much love for all military members
Anthony Mueller (2 months ago)
Navy SEAL is the best
Marcos Hernandez (2 months ago)
idk but I’m watching the video with my iPhone 8 Plus side ways and at this specific time 2:07 it activates Siri. Is this happening to anyone else?
Luis Gomes (2 months ago)
Deserter...left his squad to fend for themselves. And ran like a rat
David DaGreat (2 months ago)
It is a cowardly act for sure but you are only human man.
TAVARUS YOUNG (2 months ago)
Not a Coward, A warrior This nation owes all of you a unpayable debt.
Natnael Tsegaw (3 months ago)
God bless you and your families. God bless the souls of your friends and of the fallen heros
eric coleman (3 months ago)
Didn't know anything about this story until I met him at a Barnes and Noble in Newport news VA he was the most humble person I met great man thank you for your service
Za ko (3 months ago)
Honestly if i knew i was gonna die, give me some Gernades
TheOneKid (3 months ago)
Damn I just don't even....... Know what to say man😕🙏🏻
Mysterios Games (3 months ago)
If anyone knows Michael McGreevy Jr. He was in the Chinook that was shotdown. And he was born in my hometown.
Mat xo321 (3 months ago)
Hard as nails, tough tough guy. I couldn't be half as brave as him.
Nemesis Enforcer (3 months ago)
Lumi Mena (3 months ago)
The interviewer nearly got punched 😂😂
Kesbie Antonio Perigua (3 months ago)
Real hero... real man... admits he got broke but eventually conquered and live to tell the story... unlike that other seal who tells lies and market himself for a $$$$$ and fame.... this guy is the real deal... respect!!!
cubeincubes (3 months ago)
I think he wishes he died and she called him a hero
cubeincubes (3 months ago)
Never should’ve been there
cubeincubes (3 months ago)
cubeincubes (3 months ago)
AK ki Duniya (3 months ago)
I am from pakistan...so brave they are.pakistan is pure from them after the death of 300 soliders of pakistan in one major mission. we are now safe from them..you can search about that mission on youtube by the name of "zarb e azam" if you are interested....
Dimitri Pehlivanidis (3 months ago)
if i were to describe the acient spartan agoge. its this
Kevin Olinde (3 months ago)
Don’t best yourself up bro, you’re one in a million! Thank you for your service
Kevin Olinde (3 months ago)
Seals are just unbelievable
xzqzq (3 months ago)
I watched the movie several times before I realized the real story was how idiotic Rules Of Engagement cost the lives of our guys....
Dominic Caesar (3 months ago)
I am a navy seal
King Kale (4 months ago)
Idk but I felt like that interviewer was a little insensitive. I felt like he was going to go on a tangent about how putting your gun down was not cowardice bc “war is bad and peace is good”
baan58adam (4 months ago)
Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?
Melancholy Happiness (4 months ago)
Much respect to you sir from over the pond in U.K. 🇬🇧 your a real warrior.
Zachary Kimsey (4 months ago)
150 taliban disliked this video
Michael McNeff II (4 months ago)
Anyone have a link to this full interview ?
Marcus Battonburg (4 months ago)
This guy gives a raw an true account I sir give you a bow 🙇🏼‍♂️
Lovell Rodriguez (5 months ago)
i hope one day to shake your hand marcus vaya con dios
sans Big poppa (5 months ago)
Oh my god he is a coward. I also can get a victory royale when i play alone on playgrounds
Mr. Kreps (5 months ago)
When you win a victory royale
Robert Villa (5 months ago)
What happen was that he gave up when his friends died he told his friend in between the rock that they were gana die...Latrell stop fighting and ran while his brother daughter and died...
Godfather (5 months ago)
Marcus you are fare from a coward in my eyes i wish i was half the man you are
Lex Shifflett (5 months ago)
Real seals don't sit there and talk about their War Stories like it's entertainment they don't even discuss them at all so Marcus is a very very fake person.
Sunday Baje (5 months ago)
Respect for Mohammed Gullab...
Austin Craig (5 months ago)
Most men wouldn't admit that. Makes him even more of a hero in my book.
Fugglestick theugly (5 months ago)
More of a man than anybody i know
Mitch Plays (5 months ago)
You got to admire his honesty by calling himself coward. Although we know that is a humane things to breakdown
latterel libiran (5 months ago)
Same sound of the name and same job but I will be in the army
Red Man (5 months ago)
that man is deeply wounded
Gtory L (5 months ago)
Where is all the money from the book and movie going to?
Gtory L (5 months ago)
And why does he make it about himself? Even the title of the movie and his book is lone survivor like if his “friends” were in a competition with him to see you can survive?? Thats the real question is that what really happend over there or is that what everyone is beleving because it makes it hard for me to believe that he made this movie to show what his brothers did for this country. In my opinion he is a liar because i have friends who actually fought in battle and they never speak on the things they saw. So why is it so easy for this man to come straight out and so very graphic detail in describing on the events.
Gtory L (5 months ago)
I hope everyone knows the it was marques who killed his friends if you guys watch closely in the movie even shows it. It wasnt an op that went wrong it was because marques let the farmers go
William Menendez (5 months ago)
Survives 200+ taliban, nearly died protecting his brothers, crawled over mountain for 7 miles, killed taliban, one of the most courageous and badass human beings in history. *Calls himself a COWARD*
God First (5 months ago)
He literally ran away...
Darran Davies (5 months ago)
Your no coward brave man
Darran Davies (5 months ago)
Your no coward brave man
Joshua Frampton (5 months ago)
You can see in his eyes. This guy's been through it all.
Orco Kiwo (5 months ago)
This man is not a coward he is a human being, he is a hero and a brave warrior. RESPECT.
Michael Lyons (5 months ago)
Man he is a hero respect to who passed usa.
Riff Raff (5 months ago)
Calls himself a coward One of the most gangster and courageous men you will ever meet His words literally gave me goosebumps
Mr Wizzykin (18 hours ago)
+Luis Gomes Heaven isn't real - it's a safety net for cowards who can't accept that this life is ultimately meaningless - he won't have to explain anything to anyone.
Pictish ByNature (1 day ago)
+Luis Gomes Very true, wrote my comment before I seen yours. Glad someone else is setting the record straight.
Robertz Benjamin (5 months ago)
TheDogSheep (5 months ago)
This guy is a coward!
Muffin Man (5 months ago)
Navy seals are trash, same thing happened to an SAS team where they were surrounded from all sides in a small house. They killed like 300 men and only lost one guy. The only reason this guys alive because he was the only one that didn’t risk his life at any point like his comrades. Navy seals need better training
TigerofGermany (5 months ago)
He's the opposite of lieutenant Dan
aljohn lepail (5 months ago)
navy seals fight really hard and the best.... but i feel sorry for the green berets in niger, left no survivor ,RIP, salute,
Kareem Hasan (6 months ago)
They fought an amazing fight for only four guys. These four soldiers are the toughest men I've ever seen
DryAssChicken (6 months ago)
How could anyone live after that. Hes stronger than 99% people on this planet
QUACK A DOODLE (6 months ago)
Survivors guilt
Jedidiah Potuyt (6 months ago)
Damn, I felt so sad for this guy when he said he was a coward.
Tobias B (6 months ago)
Why dident they strap the goat herders that is not a war offense.And would have time to see they made a no summit.they say one is none and two is one bad planning still these man gave there lives heroes.
lonzo maggard (6 months ago)
Now what about the guys on the other side!! I don’t know about what goes on in other countries but America really makes it out to be that we’re just “brave hero’s” and he’s not!
Nidge on Tour (6 months ago)
Does he get any different treatment if he’s a Trump supporter!
Mike Murphy deserves so much respect and so do all the others
Kevin Binfeld (6 months ago)
Your Far From A Coward .... Everyone Of Your Friends That Died On That Hill They Are Now Living Through You !! God Bless You Marcus.
Avol80 (6 months ago)
Everyman has a breaking point but that doesn't make you a coward.
Koko Kosila (6 months ago)
Why wasn't this in the movie?
Mr X Y (6 months ago)
Us Democrat representative Cohen of Tennessee wanted to give FBI agent Peter Strok a purple heart for testifying before a Congressional committee....what a POS Cohen is.
cúrua (6 months ago)
some say the suffering of a soldier is that he was the one who lived
Dan R (6 months ago)
Couldn't the decision to let the people that discovered the SEAL team live be delayed until the team had their extraction confirmed? A call to commanders saying "we have been compromised, we are holding prisoners, we hold the prisoners until extraction is actually happening, out". If no communications with command could be made, well we see what the results of turning the prisoners loose was.
Sgt oldschool (6 months ago)
Mass respect brother, but you should have cut their throats. All of them together wasn't worth one of you. I wish you peace.
EquiNyaa (6 months ago)
And then people call these heroes cowards and stupid
Nanise Saukuru (6 months ago)
The most power full thig in the world is the idea
Roger Barkley (6 months ago)
If that had been me i would have empted my weapon on the enemy and got my fellow American even if it meant i had to die.
jaackgtr (6 months ago)
I feel so awfully sorry for this man, what he must suffer on a day to day basis as a result of that day must be hard to ever comprehend. A true hero.
N H (6 months ago)
Cooper has no integrity or dignity of any kind. That is why he doesn't understand that Putting your weapon down on a battlefield is not a heroic act but rather the opposite.
Zane M. (6 months ago)
The bravest men to ever live.
3ipple6ix (6 months ago)
This Hurts My Heart Man And Builds Anger And Vengeance In Me Bro I Swear To God. I Don't Care What Nobody Says Just Wait Till I Get A Hold Of Those Damn Talibans When I Join The Military!! Just Watch This!! Smh
Jose Grullon (6 months ago)
I wish I had the honor to shake this man's hand and look him in the eye and thank him. I could only imagine the after life after going through something like that. Wherever you might be. Breaking points sometimes challenge us to continue to strive life. I really hope this man finds happiness. Because of him and a lot more soldiers like him we live in nation the fights for the balance of the war against terror and injustice. Wherever you are thank you.
roscoroller989 (6 months ago)
No wonder he was the “lone survivor,” he put his weapon down and covered his ears? Is he serious?
Jeremy Jones (6 months ago)
Check out military channel!
Jeremy Jones (6 months ago)
Why are we not using the new choppers that carry weapons and ammo that would destroy an entire country!!. I don't understand why we are still putting men on the ground??!!
roscoroller989 (6 months ago)
I put my weapon down and covered my ears while my best friend was dying. Don’t know what to make of that statement because I know that feeling of sheer dread but that is exactly why you must keep your composure, for the man on your left and your right.
DH_SIN (6 months ago)
a soft hearted incompetent low IQ seal killed that team if the movie shows the true account. He should have taught kindergarten instead of join the army. I'd have smoked those goat herders...no questions no hesitation.

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