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7 things you should never do to impress a Ukrainian girl

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Text Comments (346)
Max Gromov (2 hours ago)
Im Ukrainian guy and I want to say don't listen that girl. She is an idiot. I'm never ever date with that kind of girl. She's gold digger. The advice what she gave will work only for girls who are gold diggers. An honest and decent girl will never mind going for a walk on the first date in the park.Because it is a first date, and you will only recognize each other.
Gil Kim (2 days ago)
ukraine women are just overrated.
Erik3E (2 days ago)
Sorry lady, I dont give compliments to women.
Tech 52 (3 days ago)
Dumb, stuck up...yep, ready to immigrate to the west.
Jahmars Shiva (3 days ago)
Well if that’s what they what sorry!!! Noting for me . Inner part is more then shoes or code dress. At the end it’s all about money money. Love has got noting to do with Outer World. And they are so capitalists . It make me feel so sad.
Q'ben Al Zaeen (3 days ago)
A. T. T. I. T. U. D. E
Richard Vinneccy (4 days ago)
Gold digger = Exchanging a perceived "love" for money. The typical scenario of the old wealthy man and younger, often beautiful, woman is what most people think of when the word "gold digger" is used. It's a contrast that immediately stands out and makes people very judgmental and/or jealous. However, it's not much different than two people marrying for other reasons: security, love, sex, power, etc. These things are much harder to see because they are not physical attributes on display. It’s just my opinion....
Frank Da Tank (4 days ago)
you are 100% correct women want it all and can take half your shit man are going MGTOW i just root and boot im 6.2 mascular high paying job i tick all the box's but i can read women like a book had women put hole's in my condom to get pregnant but i'm a jerk and it work's for me i have mate's that are great guys with good job's and are friend zoned constantly by fat girls lol.. women have to drop there expectations
Justice Warrior (5 days ago)
Manicure?? Is she describing a woman?? WTFFFF
Justice Warrior (5 days ago)
Looooooool she's and expert.. Seems like she's a fuck guide in Ukraine!
Саша Жидков (5 days ago)
Ну это весьма не истина это все индивидуально от девицы к девице!
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
It's her opinion nothing to do with the truth. I loved to go for my first dates to beautiful parks of Kyiv. Parks, theaters, museums etc. are best dating places, not to seat at cafes and restaurants and munch on food getting fat! It's typical for Westerners to go to restaurants on first dates.
ツ- (7 days ago)
Facepalm. Money, money and money one more time. 💰💸💱💵💶💴💷🤑 And even if you are nasty truck driver, you will have almost everything. Cheers from Odessa
I have on several occasions ASKED the girl to choose a proper restaurant for the first date, often out of simple convenience (to me) because I was not known in town. With my ex-wife this worked very well, but in other circumstances less well. When *I* chose the restaurant, it was always a success, so OK, point taken, just 10 years too late. I always advice foreign guys that if she wants to go to Budda-Bar in Kiev - dump her. She is a gold-digger. In many cases I have asked the girl to take me sightseeing in her city, and show me what she thinks is interesting. This tells a lot about the girl, and if she don't want to invest in the relationship on the first day, when is she going to start ? Of cause the man still pays for what she has planned, but that is a different story. Walk in the park can be nice PART of the first date, but of cause not the only part. In big cities of Ukraine and Russia, the parks are in general paved very well, so I don't see the problem with that. I am not against paying for her taxi. If you want Ukranian girl you will anyway have to pay for her for the rest of your life, so if you cant get used to that thought, just forget about it in the first place. Asking for money is difficult. Some girls do that because they really need the money. If you don't give her money when she asks for help, relationship is unlikely to go forward. If you give her money, MAYBE she is taking advantage of you, or maybe you are laying down the first cornerstones of gratitude on the foundation on which your future relationship will be build. Use your gut feeling, and intuition, but difficult indeed.
Deema Zoloto (7 days ago)
your gf this lady is too radical femen
Deema Zoloto (7 days ago)
dont say u r russian and poor
DBangz (7 days ago)
this woman is a gold digger and an ugly one at that. in one of Conor's previous videos he asked her if she preferred love or money and of course she says money. In Most Eastern European countries the first date should always be a park date. local guys don't make a lot of money so they can't afford to take women on expensive dates. Park date is the way to go even onna first date. Don't use this gold digger's advice.
Raymond Reyes (9 days ago)
Scammers need a date too, they can't stay single forever. Play the player.
Michel Chen (9 days ago)
So many beautiful girls and women there that you become automatically indifferent. And I also want a slap from Marianna. 😂
Steffan Hoffmann (9 days ago)
What a shallow empty woman......
nidaliti (9 days ago)
Gold diggers mostly scammers Scavenging$$$
TS HACKS (9 days ago)
Okay. They spent 3hours on make up and clothes not because she wants to be beautiful for you in that park, she wants to be beautiful for everyone else, and you are just a bonus. Wow
ethanol 96 (10 days ago)
you want a Mercedes Benz you have to pay for it. you don't have money just keep jerking off
Tony SK Lai (14 days ago)
May be the biggest mistake is to start dating.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
Agreed. Masturbation in a corner is the best choice!
Ali Erkoç (16 days ago)
Most of girls in ukraine are money hunter. Be careful.
Good advice.
Chris K (16 days ago)
Don't let her see that you have 2 dollars in your wallet.
Michael Lee (17 days ago)
ya there just like USA girls
boh70326 (18 days ago)
..she recommends to.take a.shower at the first date ..hahaha guess what kind of men are living there :)) of course Ukrainian girls a part from money want a civilized human being
Rick Colson (18 days ago)
Pretty common sense with most women across the planet.
Ukraine2011 (18 days ago)
Really? So how is a foreign guy suppose to know if a woman is hearing she is beautiful on a daily basis?
Galina Tkachenko (10 days ago)
She's correct. When we hear those kind of compliments ,,You're so beautiful, nice eyes and so on .. " it's very obviously you giving them to everyone. The flash in your eyes while seeing a woman is the most true compliment
Wave some Euros in their faces, and you'll get their attention. Ukrainian women and girls, like most around the world, are not that sophisticated. Gold digging is their game. No matter how "marriage material" she is, she can be bought to engage in infidelity. Fact of life in this day and age of decadence. So, guys, if you think your girl is hot, 50 other dudes are likely thinking of banging her, too. The right price will make her spread her legs not just for you. Not to brag, but been there, done that.
+Beautiful Butterfly maybe, you're a gold digger and a player.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
Maybe, cause You are just simpleton.
aCberable (20 days ago)
Ты шмотки занимаешь, а чувак обязан быть без недостатков? Во шлюха.
André Rothweiler (21 days ago)
Conor great to see you in love with Odessa. As a local, I see it "kind of" as a shithole, but happy you love it.
Always happy to be here :)
Hani Lo (21 days ago)
So stupid video
Cinematik (21 days ago)
И естественно невозможно баловать даму на первом же свидании - чайкУ с коржом в обыкновенной кафешке и маленького букетика полевых цветов (это даже весьма мило и оригинально в наше пора) полностью довольно. Главное ведь общение. Даже если ты богат, делай этак, чтоб женщина об этом не додумалась. Девушка должна заинтересоваться тобой, а не твоим кошельком. С милым эдем и в шалаше, а с постылым и в золотых хоромах душно.
kadir811 (22 days ago)
Good video, Conor!
VC (22 days ago)
I guess I will find one woman from Ukraine 💖
aandgdesigngroup (22 days ago)
Blah, blah, blah,...who cares?!
Grant Short (22 days ago)
I think I'm in love with her.
Michael Lee (23 days ago)
Ukrainian women seem to be high maintenance no good
WHO CARES (18 days ago)
Don't Forget Russian, Belarusian, And European Women
Dave M (23 days ago)
I can save yo the trouble...the FIRST MISTAKE is to even THINK a UUL and RUSSIAN HOLE will EVER be worth the trouble !!
Brent Arnold (23 days ago)
Guys usually don't shave their arm pits in the U.S.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
Guys, don't panic! A few men shave their armpits there. I think it's her personal preferences for such guys to date.
jay mcroy (12 days ago)
also shaving your armpits has nothing to do with hygiena.... u can still wash your arm pits... shaving armpits as a man is gay period
jay mcroy (12 days ago)
most girls in europe still dont even wax thier pussy so actualy the whole thing about men having to shave is hilarious...
still is not that igenic. But, i repeat, nowdays it's just gross. As much as are gross any kind of hairy on a female body. Things change
Brent Arnold (17 days ago)
Use Antiperspirant!
Matt Richards (23 days ago)
This woman comes across as the typical materialistic money orientated opposite end of the spectrum to wife material. I've known plenty of beautiful girls be delighted with a stroll and picnic in the park for a date. What's wrong with that?? Your choice if you choose to wear heels biyatch
Bloody Mary (24 days ago)
@Conor Clyne The places where you hang out are full of bad girls, when you go to a club or bar, you expect to find an innocent honest good girl, are you serious? Foreigners flatter themselves, Ukrainian women prefer Russian Ukrainian Belorussian men, they are the best. Everyone knows that foreigners are horribly stingy while you expect to meet beautiful, intelligent, honest, faithful,take care of house, satisfy you in bed and hard working girl than you are most real golddiggers . Most of you are perverts, look at Thailand, Russian men come with a family or a girlfriend , and foreigners with local minors gay or Thai prostitutes, do you feel the difference? Shame on you.Most of you are sex tourists so whores use you. If a foreigner comes to Ukraine to find a wife, they are usually all old, divorced and ugly.Why don’t you find girlfriend from your own country,what’s wrong with women there?
Bloody Mary (5 days ago)
Beautiful Butterfly Not every single American woman has a high standard of men but every self-respecting woman yes she has ,does not matter where is she from
Bloody Mary (5 days ago)
Beautiful Butterfly We are very traditional feminine women we do not compete with our men ,you are girls like a men that’s why your men run away from you to different countries to find a wife.Fucking American feminism. You have the largest percentage of divorces than anywhere else,you such an independent women that when you divorce you take away from the man all that he has
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
Women here are very independent, they will not date a man just because he is heterosexual. American women have very high standards.
David Chisholm (24 days ago)
never forget that if you are lucky enough to have Ukrainian girlfriend or partner , they are with you because of "who you are" so be yourself but do not be a slob or ignore her help in making yourself more to her liking. A delicate balancing act . Be honest with yourself and her and you will be fine
Nijat Aghayev (20 days ago)
dont be cuck
VnukDarvina (25 days ago)
А для чего ты занимала у подруг обувь и всё остальное?)))) Почему ты не показываешь себя таковой, какая ты кушать на самом деле? Мужчина с подмышками – добросовестный линия к натуральнрсти. Девушка с посторонний одежкой и обувью – околпачивает мужчину. Мы все желаем приглянуться товарищ другу, однако для чего начинать 1-ые свидания с обмана, а, девицы?
Kate K (20 days ago)
VnukDarvina because she's a fucking psycho
prizvolix (25 days ago)
No dates in the park... ugh... The day before I usually tell her to wear comfortable shoes for walking. And if she does not bail, it is ok.
skyturklosangeles (25 days ago)
@Conor Clyne i see you wanna get laid but you are in wrong country .Prices went up lol.Supplies are expensive now i won't tell you where to go. i don't like Europeans/Americans come there, then everything gets expensive :))
Yes, freedom of movement and increased opportunity will encourage most pretty girls to leave Ukraine ... so it's obvious where is soon left to travel to ... ;)
I don't pay for sex anyways so your info won't help me. ;)
Real Man Lifestyle (25 days ago)
Yes, its become harder and harder. Plus: Hot girls learning languages and moving out of Ukraine to USA, EU, China, Dubai. At the end happen the same like in Riga in 2012 - All hot girls left, only guys stayed and kriminality, scams and fights in clubs increased. Now, nobody is going to Riga anymore. Because appart of hot girls, there were NOTHING. In Ukraine is going to happen the same. In near future will noone travel to Ukraine - all girls will move out and kriminality and scam become dayly routine... I know at least 7-8 very hot girls moving for ever from Ukraine.
skyturklosangeles (25 days ago)
I fucked her for 2000 Ukrainian hryvnia($70) in 2017 summer lol. she was $20 more expensive than others but hot body
Johnathan Jester (25 days ago)
i wasted so much time on all these russian dating sites an got know where with these stupid Russkie Prostitukas!!
Nirob Tour (25 days ago)
It's really good we know something new about Ukra..girl
Luyz Qint (25 days ago)
Mmm, how about this?. Nice legs, what time do they open?.😜
Najee Jackson (25 days ago)
Come on show me some skills, Show me u smash every ethnicity of Women. All u white men are the same, u go for what u Prefer but not what u can get or handle. What a shame and the Pale skin is suppose to be the Romeo of this World. If this is all u can achieve then u are no better then the men below me commenting.
Najee Jackson (25 days ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience Exotic is skin color and culture for me, ya preference is just different from mine. U prefer the best, which I don't care about, I'm interest in unique pleasure.
Why would I bang girls just because of their skin color? To prove something to people whose opinion I don't care about? Yes, I go for girls I 'prefer' because I prefer the best regardless of ethnicity or skin color. ;)
3DFX (25 days ago)
She was the most beautiful Ukranian woman iv ever seen! - But i dropped her because just like you she was an Ego Centered Selfish Bitch! Learn something from the Filippinas - Become Humble & dont just think what is best for your own good! - it's [email protected] unnatractive & immature.... - Over & Out...
sholor (26 days ago)
To not ask a girl if you can kiss her can get you in trouble in some countries where lefties complain about the rape culture. That's why I love the former Soviet states, they are so traditional.
Fwadizio (26 days ago)
I’ll pay her a compliment “You have a very average looking face.”
George Clooney (26 days ago)
the  actual cost  to run/keep/travel with 1x woman in Ukraine ,can keep 5x beautiful Asian woman happy.thats how men sometimes think
Alexander Sidachev (26 days ago)
Yes, She's right but she said common things which you've to always know
chris hamlin (26 days ago)
Shave your armpits ))) is that an Ukrainian euphemism
LOL I must ask for clarification on that ...
George Clooney (27 days ago)
i think she would rather have a cocktail then a glass of water
George Clooney (26 days ago)
Odessa looks nice ,but the idea of greedy )Ukraine/Russian woman ,scares me.the far east is where men go these days,life is more competitive.agreed.
Nope, she's loves shots ...
Belus Traveller (27 days ago)
Yes if your a rich man do this, If your after a women, If you normal just go meet some women, Yes dress nice and take much pride, If a women slapped me trying to kiss 😘 here I would probably leave Odessa, Your Girl is describing an old geezer with a forest 🌳 out of his Ears 👂😂😂😂😂😂😂, That is the money men who go to Ukraine for fun time,
Hola podrías hacer un nuevo video en español y que fuere este o similar gracias esta muy bueno tu canal
Stackaholic (28 days ago)
I've been to Ukraine and Russia so many times. Russian and Ukrainian man can't understand the women there. Don't bother to try. Maybe you get lucky and one will love you. If not make best of your life alone.
John Fonebone (28 days ago)
Why waste your time on Eastern European women who are just after your money? There are lots of beautiful, sweet and above all honest women in Western Europe, who do not have a hidden agenda, who is not on the run from bad conditions and poverty, but who take a man because of love.
Richard Buse (21 days ago)
Try Austria or Germany instead.
Bob Jackson (28 days ago)
If these girls are so desperate to escape their life of poverty, how come they are so difficult and fussy. Answer....because they are women.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
So don't worship! Nobody force You to do it!
Bob Jackson (6 days ago)
Women seem to have forgotten they are merely 50% of the human race.... not actually goddesses that should be worshipped.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
That is just point. They are not desperate!
Impr Impr (8 days ago)
They do not live in poverty and they does not have student debt. Ukraine cheap but not poor country. For example, child mortality in Ukraine and USA at the same rate. Ukraine have lower abortion rate and higher rate of working women, the same rate of women with high education. And in Ukraine more young men than women, for 100 girls naturally born 106 boys. Ukraine.
Sveta Usmorova (28 days ago)
The girls here were Ugly . Ukrainian Girls r much prettier
Feel free to volunteer for a video then. :)
Hans (28 days ago)
Those 7 biggest mistakes seems to be very international and can be used in every country. I have been in Kiev and Lviv before. Girls are indeed beautifull, higly educated, ... What I was sometimes missing was kindness, romance, affection, warmth, humor, etc. (fortunately not everyone).
Ricardo Romero (29 days ago)
Hola Conor, yo tengo una historia REAL con una chica ucraniana, nos conocimos por Internet, fue tan fuerte lo que sentimos, que a pesar que la familia le dijo que no fuera a vivir a Guatemala por ser un país "peligroso" y no saber realmente quien era yo, ella se vino, ahhh y, no veía sola, venía su bebe (1 año) y su perro gigante :-( Por supuesto, ella sabía que yo no soy un hombre rico.. Estuvo un año en mi país, tuvimos unos pequeños probemitas y se regreso... y después de 6 meses separados, ahora en octubre voy por ellos a Ucrania. Realmente mujeres interesadas por el dinero hay en todo el mundo, pero en todo el mundo también hay chicas con otros valores..
¡Buena suerte en Kiev! :)
Historia interesante. Sí, verdad ... hay todo en todos lugares pero también hay tendencias en todos los países entonces quiero comunicar la cultura en Ucrania a mis telespectadores antes que lleguen a Ucrania.
Pablo Metal (29 days ago)
More like 7 reasons to not date an Ukrainian girl. Greetings from Chile.
John O (29 days ago)
Shave those pits! Yes, this is a cultural difference, but Ukrainian women don't like hairy pits!
Scott Bonacci (29 days ago)
Love this video omg i am coming to kiev for the first time to see Ukraine and to find some one but im not going through a marrage agency. But i am looking for some one who speaks English to show me around
Stealth Customs (29 days ago)
Your perfect gold digger bait buddy!
John O (29 days ago)
Oh yes, фортуны! Good luck!
John O (29 days ago)
Word to the wise, don't fall for any hardluck story. If she is truly attracted to you and it's not a scam, this will never enter the conversation. A true Ukrainian woman will never ever ask you for money. EVER!!!
Simon Menges (29 days ago)
Conor, Conor, Conor, c'mon mate there are all types of women in Ukraine as well as all types of foreign men who venture to the country. Just because we sleep with a woman and we are not serious in our intent does not make us a sex tourist. We all do not have to pay to sleep with a woman. What I like I get for free. I quite seriously doubt that you are as innocent or pious as you make yourself out to be, especially when you choose to associate yourself with scam marriage agencies like Match Guaranty.
Simon Menges (29 days ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience, no mate, I don't use agencies. Like I said, what I like I get for free. I am often in Ukraine on business and I have many men who have been scammed by Match Guaranty. Do you have any idea what they charge to meet women or were you just counting your commissions. Frankly, you have lost my subscription.
Why do you describe Match Guaranty as a 'scam'? Have you used their services?
Jonathan Gomez Bravo (29 days ago)
Amigo te seguí xq sigo a una youtube de tu país que habla bien español soy de Ecuador yo puedo entrar a Ucrania y deseo ir pero no se nada del idioma deseo aprender como hago
Jonathan Gomez Bravo (29 days ago)
+John O mil gracias chuzo deseo conocer y radicarme desde los 14 años me enamoré de una ucraniana q vino a Ecuador 🇪🇨 Sur América y desde Va y quiero casarme con una Ucraniana deseo aprender su idioma mejor pero acá no hay academia de lengua
John O (29 days ago)
+Jonathan Gomez Bravo Sí, no mas tratas a buscar una mujer que habla poquito inglés por lo menos. Si no, va a hacer muy dificíl para ti. Buena suerte. 👍
Jonathan Gomez Bravo (29 days ago)
+John O tocará aprende inglés no más
John O (29 days ago)
Ocupa a aprender la idioma porque nadie saben español y poquito aparte de Kiev hablan ingles. Aprendes Russo o paga a una persona que pudiera traducir por ti.
RiomAR WELCH (29 days ago)
I was in Kiev a few weeks ago and I have to say that Ukrainian girls, definitely don't like to be rushed. They might be dying for you and like you a lot, but that doesn't mean that they will throw themselves into your arms and kiss you on the first date (of course, there are exceptions so don't get me wrong). Another point here that's very true, is that they like a man that makes the decisions for them. Do not give them choices... you are the man, so take control. It's a very conservative culture, but man... Ukrainian girls are "HEAVEN". Thanks for this cool video Conor. Keep it up!
Tony Jablonski (21 days ago)
I'm looking forward to visiting Ukraine. Especially Odessa..
RiomAR WELCH (28 days ago)
I will definitely go back soon and also visit Odessa next summer. Thanks for your very insightful videos that helps us better understand Ukrainian women and culture.
Your analysis seems spot on ... great that you seem to have had a terrific time in Kiev. Come back soon!
Uvaldo Vigil (29 days ago)
Need your help?
Dj Dj (1 month ago)
Most of my Ukrainian trips are to west Ukraine where our company has investments. Here they sincerely appreciate foreigners who speak or at least make an attempt at speaking Ukrainian. Frankly, I don't typically go for those areas where the people prefer to speak Russian. Many of the people seem to be treading water and struggling to deal with their past association with Russia. Now when it comes to Odessa, different story. Those who can't score in Odessa are just total losers
Sammy Xoxo (27 days ago)
+Hit By Ligtning, that's pretty much what I do. Set the rules up front. If they don't want to play the game by my rules, here's your magic word, "Next!"
Hit By Ligtning (27 days ago)
score in Odessa? What so its easy to bang woman in Odessa is what your saying? Do you use the same tactics as mentioned earlier by others. "set the rules upfront, no free ride, tell her straight "we go to this xxx restaurant, we have a great time, and then we go back to my apartment." Ukrainian men act like this and they root the hottest girls.
Todd Shaw (29 days ago)
Dj Dj, agree with you. West Ukraine is much less pretentious. Not everyone is iPhone crazy and into fashion brands. We have all met those Ukrainian girls who believe that we are supposed to buy them such gifts.
Trevor Rambler (1 month ago)
I agree that women are basically the same regardless of where you go. Just don't let her take control of the situation. You are paying so you make the decisions. Also remember that she has more at stake than the guy. If she doesn't impress you then no second date. These girls who try to act Russian or whatever just seem to be high maintenance game players. They are nothing special so don't let them fool you. I prefer the girls in Lviv and Chernivtsi. They come across as more genuine and not the sweet painted lady look.
Lou Ortiz (1 month ago)
Good video, Conor. She is right. Having been to Ukraine multiple times, I had seen some of what she said. I lost a good girl due to the "rush" thing. Ukrainian women (the desirable ones) like to dress up for their dates. Yes, park is a stupid idea for first date. Later on, sure. And fellas, quit bellyaching about taking these women to restaurants. A westerner (at least a successful one) can easily afford to dine in the finest restaurants in Ukraine without batting an eye. If you can't afford that, don't go.
John O (29 days ago)
I agree with you with the exception of the park thing. If you have been communicating with this woman, then you would know if this is acceptable. If not, gauge it. After a night of dancing, drinking and karaoke, maybe. It really depends on the woman.
Mojito (1 month ago)
Ukrainian guys shave their armpits?
chris hamlin (26 days ago)
I think they mean dicks))))
No! 😂
ken diment (1 month ago)
Russian and Ukrainian and Belarus ladies very overrated they have a very high opinion of their own value they are skinny cold-hearted gold diggers... But the country is beautiful I have just entered a game from Poland into breast in my campervan visa-free and I just travel around and have the nicest time that the women forget them cold heartless and they think they are so special...
Deema Zoloto (7 days ago)
it looks like u didnt get what u wanted, grandpa, but u right partially, its the system
WHO CARES (18 days ago)
Don't Forget That Russia And Europe including Eastern Europe Has High Divorce Rates
Gold digging skanks.
Arden Vangellis (1 month ago)
show the money for ukrainian girls ! one of worst women in the world
Dating Tips (1 month ago)
Really cool video dude. Keep going
Dan Benson (1 month ago)
Ukraine women seem to picky, I'll pass on them, they are not worth it!
Dan Benson (6 days ago)
hahaha, really!!! Then maybe I will change my mind!!
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
Yes, yes, stay away. They will eat you!
WHO CARES (18 days ago)
Don't Forget Russian, Belarusian, And European Women As Well They Are Picky, Choosy, Aggressive, Demanding, And High Maintenance
4Research 007 (1 month ago)
Never take dating advice from a woman .
eilifkr (18 days ago)
Why not? Are you trying to tell when she says hair sticking out of your ears isnt good, she's actually lying? No one date men as much as women do, so they should be very aware about what turns them on and not. Just like we men nows well what turn us on. Its ok to have some some critics about whats said, but rejecting anything a woman say is just stupid.
Stella Ercolani (1 month ago)
Bring lots of CASH and a manners manual.
Jason Wilson (1 month ago)
And they end up looking like Khrushchev's wife...😨
Jason Wilson (28 days ago)
+John O You've wouldn't been laughing if you were 8 years old and she be pinching your cheeks..😖
John O (28 days ago)
Jason Wilson (29 days ago)
+John O You should've seen what my aunt's looked like, especially " Mariska ".. 😵
John O (29 days ago)
Maybe the one's you like to date. 😂😂😂 Just kidding, but you left yourself so open))) Funny comment though)))
Terry (1 month ago)
Why is it that foreign men should be concerned with how to impress a Ukrainian woman? Why isn't it that the Ukrainian woman ought be concerned about how to impress a foreign man?
Sammy Xoxo (28 days ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience, bull crap. Is that all the game you have???? Weak, very weak
You think logically ... bizarrely the reality is the other way around in Ukraine.
EL MÉXICANO TV (1 month ago)
Hello Conor travel to México, greets👍
Gilboa1985 (1 month ago)
I was told the same thing when i went to Romania to visit a girl friend their.. Have a plan guys always be the one leading and planning.
Pawel Pazik (1 month ago)
Nice video.I like it.
John jones (1 month ago)
The way you kissed her at the end doesn't work in real life. Push-pull method have worked for me so far.
Decisiveness is key here.
Andrew Parker (1 month ago)
Hello Conor, you have a lot of chemistry with her. You make a nice couple. From my experience there are many types of girls in Ukraine. It depends mainly on their age. They get married rather young early twenties. If you by pass the circle of girls who speak foreign languages and they are always around in the big cities. You should be able to meet the real girls of Ukraine. It’s a completely different experience.
Hit By Ligtning (27 days ago)
Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience  Ive seen testimonies of these romance tours on offer (they cost heaps). Dream Connections guarantees that the women at their meets are 100% dedicated to find a life partner. I hear so many stories about not going it alone over there to try to find a slavic partner in Russia/Ukraine. Is it really difficult if I came on my own to find a partner. Especially if I don't speak the language. Going through the numbers till I met someone who lights my fire then working on a relationship from there. Traveling back to there every couple of months would be no problem. Or better to live there for 6-12 months to find a partner then decide if she wants to come back to my country. Value any advice guys!
Completely agree with you ... I will publish a video called '5 reasons to DATE a Ukrainian girl' in the next week or so and I will go into what you say here more. Let me know what you think of the video in due course.
Kelly Cayson (1 month ago)
What is the link to her youtube account to follow her? You never shared it?
The Villain (29 days ago)
Where'd it go? And are you two together or can I give her hyper-tech quantum advanced nano compliments?
Her IG handle is in the description.
gianelpibe (1 month ago)
Well that's way too much... was thinking about hitting Ukraine up but shave armpits? Wtf? Girls seem very superficial according to the video.
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
It's her preferences . A few men shave their armpits there . Majority not!
John O (29 days ago)
It's a cultural difference. I was surprised when my girlfriend asked me to, but, so be it. You can keep the chest hair. I thought that shaving your balls was pretty gay too, but now Manzillians are very popular. 😄😄😄 Happy trails partna!
gianelpibe (1 month ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience surprised me a lot, that's like shaving your chest (this i can probably pass) or legs lol... I think it's more common in Western culture for non-heterosexual man to do this as someone else wrote.
That one did surprise me a little ...
Appliantologist (1 month ago)
oh, just what youtube needed, Another "how to do it" guide for sex tourists visiting Ukraine.
Appliantologist (27 days ago)
Depends on how much money they spent on the girls, you have to figure the girls who make their living on the site are up for a mutually beneficial relationship, ie: buy me stuff and I'll sleep with you. Obviously if you are going on the world's most expensive blind date you're not acting like a 50 year old. Also, there are a lot of these women on the dating sites that are not going to sleep with you but are experts and separating you from your cash. My advice is JUST GO TO THE BAR ON THE CORNER and save yourself the travel.
Hit By Ligtning (27 days ago)
Appliantologist  and how easy was it for them. How did they go about scoring with the women. Im 50 , but I dont look it or act it.
Sammy Xoxo (29 days ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience, are you that naive? I am sure that you have had your share of the locals))))
Appliantologist (1 month ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience I lived in Kiev for 6 years and have met literally hundreds of men who come to Ukraine just to have sex, but they don't want a prostitute and so they say they are looking for a wife. Speak Russian and Ukrainian and the first time I was in Ukraine was 1994, so I know something about what I am writing here.
Why 'sex tourists'? They just pay for sex ... they don't need the tips in my videos at all, just an ATM.
Kevin Wong (1 month ago)
She's a good Translator & ofcourse She has alot Option to choose if it comes to Life time Partner:) I think it's growing fast how most Modern Slavic Beauties speak and understand English very well these days. ofcourse It depends on their daily Job/Free Times/Social Life/Etc Etc.... Nice Vid.again about Odessa:) I've seen enough there^^....There are ofcourse lots of Girls/Ladies/Women....it only Depends what's your Motivation to go there... Ask yourself: Just some simple Questions without any Great expectations!!! do not be a choice butcher! they choose you and not the other way around! don't be Fooled by the Beauty(Focus On The Beauty From Inside Out) Think with your Brain instead Following your D#ck! Guys!! Skip big Tourist places/cities if you want to Find a Real one...because most Ladies there are really Modernized and don't Think/Act the same as the Origin of it's Culture anymores. By the way: You are what you are and be yourself. Like Conner says: Skip Beautiful Slavic Beauties...I mean dazzling Beauties...They all just want What They Don't Have yet in their Accessoires...Wanna-Have:) it is just like a gas station but you pay the entire tank! I think I've said enough: Do some Research and don't be Fooled by the Beauty Guys:) Speaking/Writing/Reading etc their Local/Native Language doesn't make you One of Them: Mark My Words.... PS Beauties are Everywhere it is not Specific in Slavic Countries...Agree??
Yes, don't be beguiled by beauty ... look for what someone has to offer beyond their looks ... it will take you a lot further.
Anon Ymous (1 month ago)
Marianna deserves danger money, Christ how is she ever gonna land a man now after kissing that mush?
Nazaleon (1 month ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience бомба
I doubt she'll have many problems with that ...
Some things is true, some is totaly bullshit
Which is which?
Eleanor Rainwater (1 month ago)
Omg no way! What's wrong with the park on the first date? Honestly I don't understand a expensive restaurant on the first date! It's cool to do with the loved one, but not with a stranger! Park, coffee, that's what normal girls do on the first dates here in Ukraine! And compliments, what's wrong with normal compliments? Ukrainian men don't bother to give you compliments at all, so yes we are happy to hear anything from you. And well if you have a healthy relationship shouldn't be nothing bad with a man looking at other women. As well as we are looking at other men. That's just god damn biology. And what the hell about don't give her choice???
Beautiful Butterfly (6 days ago)
I agree.
Deema Zoloto (7 days ago)
u see its 90-s post soviet syndrom-had nothing, now wanna rip ther asshole for everything, whatever it takes, alchohol , economics,war, lack of dads and wealthy families, ateism in ussr roots-u do the math , cause and effect
Steffan Hoffmann (9 days ago)
Eleanor Rainwater thanks Eleanor......
eilifkr (18 days ago)
I kind of agree, a walk in the park dont have to be a bad thing. It looks to me as the problem comes on what a woman expected. Dressing up formal with high heels and it turns out to just be a long walk in the park makes her unprepared for it. I am shure walking in high heels can be rather uncomfortable for long walks, especially if walking on some of the paved streets you'll find in cities such as Odessa. And thats when she could get dissapointed, as it should be the mans job to at least have given her a hint to dress more casual.
Brent Arnold (23 days ago)
Same here in the states. Basically you get in touch with her and say this is what I going to do, do you want to join me?

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