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Crossdressing in Public? BEST TIPS & ADVICE TO BE MORE CONFIDENT !!

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Here is a complete video tutorial for people who are interested about Crossdressing in Public and also passing as the opposite gender. In this video, we have tried to cover the basics, best tips & advice for crossdressing in public and passing as a girl/woman for male to female crossdressers. #crossdressing #public #transformation
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PINK WORLD (7 hours ago)
Thanks for watching! Watch more tutorials here: https://youtu.be/auMH6S046tk
sissyPatsfan (5 hours ago)
I would think that it's nerve-wracking to crossdress in public. But then it might be like public speaking where you're entirely nervous but no one else cares because they have their own concerns.
Payton20ADZ (9 hours ago)
great tips, most important for me was confidence and dressing your age :)
Stevie Andersen (1 day ago)
A pleasant smile is most important because that smile is contagious. Your fears will subside when you notice most persons are just going about there day anyways. Merchants love customers. Anyone who might be staring might be secretly wishing they had your courage. So just enjoy the day, stay in public areas aware of your surroundings, and go about your business being yourself. :)
jason roberts (1 day ago)
adult stores that are 24hrs are best places to start crossdressing at. Believe it or not, ive seen alot of ppl and some straight ppl are actually gay or bi curious in there.You can mainly tell when they are walking alone.
Elio Viviani (1 day ago)
My Crossdressing Life (2 days ago)
Interesting points. Lots of things missed though. There are many things to cover that need to be addressed in depth.
Marry Ellen (3 days ago)
The public would be surprised how many men are walking around as females. Some want to be. other are trained to be. They are taken or go to clubs to participate totally as female. many have to precipitate for the good time as a female does.
Steven Davies (3 days ago)
You don't need to crossdress. Most women dress like men nowadays haha
Kurt Schreihart (3 days ago)
You truly have to not care about what others think and have complete confidence about the look you choose. Then you will pull it off. Location is everything, and that matters even if you are not cross dressing.
Alice in Chains LS 4 (5 days ago)
Yes.. facial hair! Some seem to ignore that fact of CLOSE shave and the proper light makeup.
Gary Weston (6 days ago)
I just love cross dressers mmmm so sexy mmmm
Sabrina Tharle (7 days ago)
I don't really need tips.. Because I am a Transwoman aged 59 i pass wholeheartedly because I work and live as female daily i even have a female haircut, you have to think female constantly the only thing I don't do is menstrate. I hope you all achieve your goals xx
ILZ5900 (7 days ago)
don't forget to wear tights
firemarshall341 (8 days ago)
wow..u r so gorgeous and i love your many dresses,thanks
Karri Ellie (9 days ago)
I want to be true to myself and my female therapist of two years has been supporting me in that effort because my feminine side keeps getting stronger and stronger every day. I cannot stop her from getting out nor do I want to stop her from manifesting herself. Two weeks ago I mustered up the courage to show up at my therapy session in women's cloths--it was my first time going out in public! I changed in into women's clothes in the men's bathroom at her office, too scared to do it from my home. She said I looked pretty good, but I know I have a long way to go before I pass as a woman; I have to learn how to apply makeup and change my voice to sound like a woman before doing that courageous leap.....
Stevie Andersen (5 hours ago)
Karri said, "Ultimately, I want to pass as a woman, but not attract men. Sounds kinda strange, doesn't it? Oh well, that's just the way it is with me." Not strange at all Karri. Just be yourself and have fun. It's your journey that you're doing for you... your feminine side to express herself.
Karri Ellie (7 hours ago)
Very true, Stevie. With the encouragement of my female therapist of two years, I am moving ahead with my plans on dressing as a woman, reflecting the beautiful woman inside of me. This Halloween I plan on attending a party as a woman--my first time out in public! I've already bought most of the clothes that I need from thrift stores and online retailers like eBay, AliExpress, VOVA, romwe, Amazon, and Wish. I have all that I need to apply makeup, but I need to practice what I've learned from YouTube to do so. Ultimately, I want to pass as a woman, but not attract men. Sounds kinda strange, doesn't it? Oh well, that's just the way it is with me.
Karri Ellie (8 hours ago)
Thank you, Declan Sains. More and more friends/people are becoming aware that I am a cross-dresser, that my feminine side is coming out and they seem to accept it. I have to be who I am or I will not be happy. I see the difference between being a cross-dresser and being a sissy; a cross-dresser does not necessarily have to become a sissy. I love women, not men. Someday I hope to find a girlfriend who loves and accepts me for who I am. Until then, I'll just keep listening to feminization hypnosis videos while jerking-off to porn with the volume muted.
Stevie Andersen (1 day ago)
After much study and soul searching I learned I just needed to be myself. People will notice your bright smile first as that can be contagious. That brings you confidence as time passes as you will develop your own style of dress.
Declan Sains (8 days ago)
Bet you look gorgeous dressed up. There are a lot place and people out there that can help with confidence
Juliette Juliette (10 days ago)
great information , just take time , afier two years now I have no problem, it depend where I am
mirade Pretty (12 days ago)
How do you find courage. And say I don't care about people .and go to shop in mini dress and stilettos I am a brave guy but I can't seem to not care about people who don't mater to me xx
JunJun Camacho (15 days ago)
Most beautiful 😍💗👍
Albano Gashi (15 days ago)
Hammer Sexy hmmmmmmm Babe
Geoff Adams (16 days ago)
I tried this.in.my 20's I had to get one of my gal pals to help me. With bras and knickers and a wig but I pulled it off.one of the best nights out ever
Declan Sains (17 days ago)
I would love to find crossdressr or trans girl they seem so confident
Prolific Powers (17 days ago)
Amazing content! Keep track of the videos, excited about paying attention to much more of these
Alisha Rani (17 days ago)
Thank You so Much for the video...❤❤❤
unbelivable.. about only 30 years ago - you would get killed for beeing a crossdresser in Russia, or somewhere else. Or they send you in an "Gulag" for such behaviour. Everything has changed, and i know what i am talking about. i was born in Russia in the cold war times, and i am transgender since i am a teen. It's nice that the public is accept it now. At least a little bit more then years ago. time changes everything....💋i also start with crossdressing in my youth... 💅
Ximee εїз (9 days ago)
Just be yourself lady ;)
Karri Ellie (9 days ago)
It must take a lot of courage to go out in public being a man dressed as a woman. How does one acquire such confidence?
Ximee εїз (10 days ago)
Hi, can you give me any tips tl feminize my voice? Thaanks (:
Awertnex (18 days ago)
If you keep adjusting anything whether it was your clothing, your hair or your makeup, you either are not wearing the right things for you or you're not wearing them correctly
Awertnex (18 days ago)
"The best way to crossdress in public is to try and pass as a girl or woman in the first place.." well, in some cases this does not apply and/or is not correct, like in my case, people actually think I'm a girl dressing as a man, but I'm just respecting my law which doesn't allow crossdressing, they only notice I'm a guy when i start speaking, i don't even wear makeup or anything, i try my best to look like a guy for the laws of my country but seems like it's hard 😂 also in some other cases, like people who want to crossdress for fun, and their normal everyday would be their actual gender identity in their clothing for their gender!
Rashaud Watkins (18 days ago)
So long as they’re OK with it 👍🏽😁
Laetitia Cast (18 days ago)
olivia transit (18 days ago)
Thank you, all the tips are great, the 'walk' seems more difficult.
Awertnex (9 days ago)
The voice is my struggle, but still working on it!
Michelle Smith (18 days ago)
Very nice.x
Jon Gover (18 days ago)
Just wish I could. Got the clothes & shoes but can't do makeup!
Martysfun (7 days ago)
Great make up advice available on YouTube. I like to watch Pixiwoo, and Wayne Goss for regular make up tips, but also look at drag queen tutorials for how to hide the manliness. for example, use washable glue stick to cover all but a thin strip of your eyebrows looks more fem. Also, use dark concealer around the perimeter of your face (under your foundation make up) to make it look smaller (genetic women tend to have smaller heads than men...). There are tons more tips! Long live the free and open internet!!!!!
Jon Gover (18 days ago)
+olivia transit hi my female name is oilvia! Not everyone knows about me so I went male on YouTube! 😂
olivia transit (18 days ago)
Jon Gover, same here, please feminise your name, Jon won't do
jaenelle87 (19 days ago)
Shave your damn beard is a good one, lot of dudes forget that before they upload to /r transpassing :D
olivia transit (18 days ago)
jaenelle87, agreed,
JennyCD007 (19 days ago)
Very nice video, with some wonderful advice and tips! ;)
CD Sheila Ashley (19 days ago)
Well done and very inspiring...thank you for sharing!
Sidney Mathious (19 days ago)
Those are all great tips and especially being able to look and dress like a woman in public. Being able to speak with a feminine voice also helps so much and also wearing the right attire.
kim C (19 days ago)
It hard not in Florida it to hot there and lot people just judge you and humiliated you and want to hurt you I wish this days now there no such thing being gay all I see lot normal people no men and men no women or women I never never seen my own kind CD or TS never all I see normal people act like they better than you
kim C (2 days ago)
+jaenelle87 wow with me like if I date guy or TS CD me and my friend just get judge with everyone or get beating up then being in God about Adam and Eve crap let me say about Adam and Eve they have kids right brothers and sisters that call incest lot people just hypocrites and loser love is love that what's matter men and men women and woman to me the hell to normal people
jaenelle87 (2 days ago)
I live in florida and have NEVER had a problem.
Drew Shelly (19 days ago)
Walk "tall" and proud with confidence and don't be intimidated , it works for my friends in York UK who crossdress :) Xxx
Yolanda Sánchez cross (19 days ago)
Es un buen video para las crossdreser que queramos salir del closet es decir a la calle porque no me es lo mismo vestirte en privado que en público que tienes que ir muy bien vestida y maquillada para que no se te note que eres un hombre porque si la gente se da cuenta puedes tener problemas porque no se ve bien visto que un hombre se vista de mujer.
Viktor Nava (19 days ago)
Tienes razon yo cuando salgo trato de hacerlo lo mas natural que puedo
Entony Della Ratta (20 days ago)
PINK,sei sexy,gustosa,sensuale,intrigante,look,dresses,beauty,collant o autoreggenti,in nylon trasparenti,curvy,booty,boobs,up skirt,lingery,strep tease,adorabile,gradevolissima,pacchetto sorpresa,da assaporare e gustare,da vicino...............................................................................................;-)
Chris White (20 days ago)
"I would love to meet 1 or 2 or more of You gorgeous ladies..!!" 😊
Jon Gover (5 days ago)
+D ryan hi I'm from Bournemouth
D ryan (6 days ago)
Jon Gover Im a crossdresser from Manchester
Jon Gover (18 days ago)
+Chris White do you cross dress?
Jon Gover (18 days ago)
+Chris White yes would be good to meet.
Chris White (18 days ago)
+Jon Gover Awesome..! I've always wanted to travel to there and of course many other places... But I don't have the funds yet, and it's hard to save considering my circumstances... But 1 of these wonderful days, I will..! Maybe we'll meet each other some day.! 👍
David Hunter (20 days ago)
Great tips. I'm going to add a few more important tips. Always be aware of your surroundings. Remember, when you dress up as a woman, you will feel a lot of the vulnerabilities a genetic woman faces daily. A good friend to go out with increases your safety and can be even more fun than going solo.
Alika Maisuradze (20 days ago)
Daniel Paalsson (20 days ago)
Beautiful. 😄

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