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Friday on 'The Real': Drew and Jonathan Scott

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Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are here to talk about their show “Property Brothers.”
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Tarots By Tasha (10 days ago)
Yasss! Jonathan and Drew ❤️
Michelle Appiah (11 days ago)
Yes the property brothers. They're so funny
Patrice (11 days ago)
Drew and Jonathan on the Real?! Maybe Jonathan and Jeannie will hit it off😘Too bad I will miss it... I hope it comes on YouTube!
BTS/TWICE/WJSN/IKON (11 days ago)
Flip or Flop is better
Lynn Harris (11 days ago)
Ughhhhh I friggin love the property brothers ❤️
Zephaniah Brown (11 days ago)
I swear I love this show 😍😍.

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