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i got DRUNK at school... storytime | alaina

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Text Comments (83)
Katelyn Fitch (1 year ago)
when you've done this too. OOPS MOM
Frost Pin (12 days ago)
I’m going to do this
Uuoj (16 days ago)
I took a dab in 7th and this bitch is for drunk in senior year like what a pussy
Nahum Beza (22 days ago)
Ok I will.....wait I already graduated 🤔
Xx xx One (27 days ago)
Lol me and about 4 girls did this for like 2 months n then coz we got that drunk in lessons I started shouting things like “ I like cows” n then one day I got caught n I was only one who got caught n I got excluded lol oops
Ivy McCarter (1 month ago)
I’ve done that we had fireball and I was a freshman in high school
aliyah alyssa (4 days ago)
Same but that is me rn 😂
like no boss (2 months ago)
im so lucky that im in austria where you can drink at the age of 16 and even in school because the teachers dont care (im not at a shitty school but in austria drinking is part of the culture)
Sierra h (2 months ago)
I mix three shots of vodka with water lmao
Alex Reviews (3 months ago)
middle school teachers want to punish everyone for dumb things. in hs teachers or more chill lol
maddienicole (3 months ago)
i loved this hahha savage. i uploaded one too
Jeremy Beall (3 months ago)
You were lucky you did not get expelled from school.
Noah Shaw (4 months ago)
my friend tried this and he spilled his bottle and somehow wasn't caught
When I was in elementary school, I never drank alcohol at school, obviously, but I used to mess with my best friend and tell her I had vodka in my water bottle. I don't know why she believed me because we were 10-11 lol.
trinity jade (4 months ago)
Rest In Peace (3 months ago)
trinity jade omg she does!
katie (4 months ago)
i subbedddd
katie (4 months ago)
why are u like a cuter better version of tana
HERPY DERPEDY (4 months ago)
I don't wanna brag but I had a good friend get me through high school you might also know him as Jack Daniel... Also it's weird basically all alcohol has male names while drugs have female names Drugs: Crystal Marijuana Molly Alcohol:Jack Daniels Budweiser Smirnoff
Leni D. (4 months ago)
I did this today.... wasn’t a good idea, my dad had to pick me up and my parents are soo mad btw I got caught because I walked away from one of my teachers... didn’t see the stairs though so I fell
Jake the dog (5 months ago)
You should make a video of you over drinking, and go to the hot tub
morganssmile200 (5 months ago)
i got drunk at school in 8th grade
Ryan Sellars (4 months ago)
MooganThePotato jesus
Kamile Karen (5 months ago)
I've done this too, but it was whiskey highball and it was in 8th grade. I also told a teacher which was dumb asf
Red rave 019 (6 months ago)
I did it every Friday in 8th grade and every one knew so we had to stop love the vids
Red rave 019 (6 months ago)
Some advice mix vodka with orange juice
Riley Bowman (6 months ago)
I want to know the story but she talks too trendy....sooo nahhh.
Rayanne Florence (7 months ago)
I need a Kyle in my life
nicole drea (7 months ago)
In 10th grade 15 years old and exited bc im finna be lit asf tomo in school but i come to school drunk like one time every week so shits lit
Lexi Kaiser (8 months ago)
I just found your channel and I subscribed. I wanna be your friend
Joey Anderson (9 months ago)
Seeing this video and all the comments make me feel better because I’m not alone, literally I got drunk today at school✌️and got caught🤷‍♀️
Karlee Messer-Todd (9 months ago)
You said the persons name, Pia
one_shrubbery (9 months ago)
Did something like this yesterday. Very stupid decision. Got hammered in 3rd period class and puked all over the floor. Some how didn’t get caught, at least not yet
Gianna Evans (11 months ago)
I’ve been drunk at school for the past 3 days and haven’t got caught but I’m not gonna push it so I’m not gonna do it tomorrow
go home your drunk (11 months ago)
im in grade 6 and im drinking
jused (5 months ago)
ItsArielAlyssa it’s not worth it, please don’t do it.
ItsArielAlyssa (7 months ago)
PlusJohnny PlusJohnny I'm in 7th and want to drink so bad but I'm scared of getting so drunk I throw up😂
Matt G (1 year ago)
Never to early for alcohol. I used to bring orange juice and vodka to school. On a pretty regular basis. Even had a coach comment on how i must really like orange juice 😏
Jessica Grace Cain (1 month ago)
Sasha Mae (8 months ago)
Matt G 😂😂 I do that!!
C0nCord12__ (1 year ago)
Better to get high than drunk
Ginny Chase (1 year ago)
lol this makes me laugh so hard! i remember me and my friend did something similar but they kinda got caught :/ but atleast they didn't rat me out ;)
GodzillaXAbudAwwal (1 year ago)
It's illegal to go to high school drunk? Shit it's a blessing I graduated
HERPY DERPEDY (4 months ago)
GodzillaXAbudAwwal how else would one get through the day?
Jolie (1 year ago)
i love your laugh lmao
Courtmillett94 (1 year ago)
Lmao too funny dude 🤣
Samantha lee (1 year ago)
Wouldn't anyone smell it tho?
Morgan Lindsey (1 year ago)
Kelsey Hammett most of the time no. Especially since they added water.
Skyahh (1 year ago)
How did nobody smell that on you? Jeeeez
Kelli Smith (1 year ago)
Vodka slushies were the shit in my high school and now I hate vodka but like whatever I still drink that shit
Aisha Jones (1 year ago)
U talk like tana mojo
Ashley Dailey (1 year ago)
Plenty of people went to school high, but def not drunk lol
max ohanlon (1 year ago)
Omg you should have just mixed it with sprite
lunapepto (1 year ago)
i used to go to class drunk everday now i feel bad
Dallas Texas (22 days ago)
Same besides feeling bad lmao
Orange L!ghtn!ng Time (1 year ago)
Depends what age you were, for us UK its legal at 18 ! :)
Madi Evans (1 year ago)
You should do a horror story video about Jeffery Dahmer
Carli (1 year ago)
lol my ex said he got drunk once and went to class (he was in college at this time)
EmilyLG _ (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 I love this. I never did that but I used to drink every weekend in highschool. It was bad.
Erica Patterson (1 year ago)
Me and a few friends used to bring UV shots to school starting my sophomore year and we would take them at our lockers lol. Also, we drank UV blue and power ade during Sat's. And I brought Kahlua or spiced rum in my coffee every morning xD. I was an alcoholic high schooler... Its funny cuz I don't drink at all anymore
Danielle w (1 year ago)
Dude everyone uses phones at my high school 😂 we even use them during tests
DaijaVu iLoveYou! (1 year ago)
i wouldve put the vodka in a coke bottle or something. nobody is gonna get suspicious of you drinking out of a coke bottle.
Sam (1 year ago)
I swear I thought you were 19. 😂😂
SarahsPlanningLife (1 year ago)
"The United States of Donald Trump" 😂😂😭
Keely Marie (1 year ago)
i always hate when people did this at school bc i called them headasses but this video was so entertaining hahahah i wish i got lit at school
Alaina you are so gorgeous💘💘and funny😁😂 I love your videos a lot!! Don't stop making videos x
Girly Beauty Cutie (1 year ago)
I love your hair and makeup 💄 and your choker LOOKS AMAZING 😉
Jeniveve (1 year ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one tbh. I mixed vodka into a bottle of soda and as soon as people found out everyone was trying to drink my drink haha. Such a bad thing to do, was lit at the time tho
Sasha Mae (8 months ago)
Jeniveve I literally did that today and it was dumb 😑 a teacher was picking on me so I got mad and walked out of the door but hit my face on it while walking through 😑😑😑
Drag a Bitch (1 year ago)
I'm just going to say I pulled an all nighter and watched all of your videos. They are amazing!
Brittany Veronica (1 year ago)
I just drank my last Lime-a-Rita last night 😂
Brittany Veronica (1 year ago)
Guess who's turning 21 tonight?! 😊 ME BETCHES!! 😂😂😂
Tori M (1 year ago)
The United States of Donald trump 😂
Sariah Faith (1 year ago)
i say this toooo lol
N.i.ckAnderson (1 year ago)
i needed this in my life my life is complete now
Caroline Mckenzie (1 year ago)
mariah jackson (1 year ago)
Your 21?
RebeccaWard (1 year ago)
Love the story times !!
serena giannosa (1 year ago)
GIRL ur hair looks fucking amazing you look amazing, as always💜
Chase Franklin (1 year ago)
Alaina slaying as usual
DonYelle and Diana (1 year ago)
i'm cringing so hard bc this reminds me of when I got lit at school... it did not end well😩 being a teenager is fucking weird lol
Renata Andreea (1 year ago)
Love u & ur videos❤️
laila nicole (1 year ago)
your name is really pretty brooo

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