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To you all foreigners who are planing to date Turkish girls, here is a video compiled and written by Dave k portraying how Turkish girls can be lovely and interesting with foreigners. check it out and leave your reviews below for the next video! Here are a few but not least precaution to take before starting to date A TURKISH GIRL and in case of any addition, do not hesitate to put them down... ******************************************************************** *RESPECT *PARENTS *CRUSH *GENERALISATIONS *PUBLIC ACTIONS Produced by Dave k Follow DAVE K: Instangram: http://instagram.com/davekofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Davekofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavGiz website: http://davekofficial.com/
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Text Comments (20)
Trevor Caldwell (9 days ago)
Dude, this is plagiarism. You just stole it all from this other video. Please take this video down. https://youtu.be/S_6c0NOsISg
Alrayzk (22 days ago)
Tell you something buddy hahah you maybe made the worst decision in your life by dating her you'll have cancer when you get older
грегорий (2 months ago)
You speak as though ur on drugs 24/7
Gulshen Honeychi (4 months ago)
You are definitely right most of points. Wow you understood Turkish girls well 🙏🏻🙈
DAVE K (4 months ago)
yeah ... its all out of experience dear
Muhammet Şadan Kuzgun (5 months ago)
Racist... No you can be care your history. You set up a story yourself. That is Turkish man woman e.t.c... Firstly you look your country. You remember Malcom x. İ like very so much hım Muhammed Ali Clay I wish met hım but not . İ like black boy woman girl man white boy man girl woman. But everybody knows your limit. If you are so. İ am sorry İ couldn't like you. Because you are not Black not white you would bad. I hope understood me. Bye bye Dave
Burak Akça (5 months ago)
turkish women <3 big black coccccccks
Davison Irving (5 months ago)
what I don't like about this Turkish people is their act of Racism and I will not advise my son to jump into any relationship with any of their girls, my son is black because I adopted him but bringing him to this country was a huge mistake
Alrayzk (22 days ago)
+henkarars Hahahaha bitch
henkarars (28 days ago)
It's not just against black people, it's turkish guys that are jelous to see turkish girls with non-turkish guys. And they think turkish girls belongs to them self, most turkish fathers or mothers would beat up their daughters if they dated some guy of different nationality that's why turkish girls are very shy and close to talk to foreinger nationality.
DAVE K (5 months ago)
+Betul Altay AWWW yeap thank you for the comment! most of them are just judgemental not racists i can understand how you feel when they generalise that!
DAVE K (5 months ago)
i really can relate and i am so sorry for such an act but all in all there are good ones too. i know abig number of them are judgemental :D
Nicolay Santangelo (5 months ago)
Adopt white they will make you proud
Teeta Malangi (5 months ago)
Who the fuck is this ugly af African? and what does he even know about Turkish girls??? LMFAOOO
moureen tiara (7 months ago)
You guys cause girls to be dramma queens then you complain. You the directors of the dramma :) much love dave dave.... great video though :)
DAVE K (6 months ago)
thank you for the thumb! about the drama... i am glad to take part of the direction lol !
Demet Yalcin (7 months ago)
Good job Dave! Yeaaahh, being a Drama Queen is a perfect point. And yeah they always expect you to understand and fix the problem without her saying. LoL. But the thing you forgot is : Turkish girls ATTITUDE !!!! This point is deadly important. Even if you guys ask like what's wrong, she's gonna go like 'nothin' so you need to try hard and ask again again until you find out. Haha Stay strong guys, finally it will worth for us.
Skyline (5 months ago)
Karıya bak amını altın tepside taşıyor. Kim uğraşır sizin dangalaklığınızla.. Bezdirmişsiniz türk kardeşlerimi. Alın vurdurun bu zencilere ve suriyelilere şimdi.
DAVE K (7 months ago)
OOPS! I don't know how i forgot that point!!!!! yeah you are right, their attitude sometimes makes it interesting and annoying at the same time... true next time gonna add this point TOO :D

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