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Safety Dance (8 Bit Remix Cover Version) [Tribute to Men Without Hats] - 8 Bit Universe

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New 8 Bit remix cover version of Safety Dance, a tribute to Men Without Hats - reminiscent of classic chiptune NES 8-bit Nintendo songs! 8 Bit Universe On Amazon!! http://tinyurl.com/qgfwkav Subscribe to Our Channel: http://ow.ly/uhDIr "Like 8 BIT UNIVERSE on Facebook" http://tinyurl.com/p9pcah8
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Text Comments (308)
Lasky Labs (3 days ago)
This song needs a game to go with it. Or at least a story.
Juan Pablo (11 days ago)
Me recuerda a la música de los videojuegos de la Commodore 64
Millionaire Splendor (21 days ago)
This changed nothing
Vitorio Pedrelli (13 days ago)
What do you mean?
double567 (1 month ago)
Jontron sent me here.
Morgan the Magnificent (1 month ago)
Could you please do an 8-bit cover of the extended version of this song? https://youtu.be/3T3EzkRN5Qg
marine corps support (1 month ago)
Workplace safety is NO laughing matter
A Dewott (1 month ago)
Remember kids, pens are WMDs when you slip on them.
Trey Magathan (1 month ago)
"What do I pay you for? What do I PAY YOU FOR? You are literally less than useless! My paraplegic grandma can do more than you, God Damnit!"
Michael Jackson (1 month ago)
This song cured my heat syncope
A Dewott (1 month ago)
I don't feel so good **disintegrates**
Pander TV (1 month ago)
This gives me "The fatal half-inch"
Quiles Art (1 month ago)
So good...
Intervjauren H (2 months ago)
This song was meant for 8 bit.
MicroMexsus 2 (2 months ago)
Ad came up when this video turned on about suicide threats, and not to watch dark YouTube videos. *Nice job Google NICE JOB XD*
George Brady (2 months ago)
people can get out of here with this jontron smut i'm here cause oney plays oblivion
All Things Apple (2 months ago)
I wish I had found this sooner
MAC AND CHEESE (2 months ago)
Alexander Prousalis (2 months ago)
Think about this
Hasbi Jamal (2 months ago)
Oh no Harry, that's a health violation right there.
squishedd sharcc (2 months ago)
depressed about all the jontron comments. Hes a bit of a, well to put it kindly, bit of a cunt. Regardless, wonderful cover.
Attila Pataki (2 months ago)
The JonTron army is here
Rebornblader (2 months ago)
Mark Bak (2 months ago)
the real song is more 8bit then this xD
PC HASKEY (2 months ago)
I came from Jontron because he used it in between!
Logan Angellotti (2 months ago)
Men without aliasing
Father Night (2 months ago)
JuanTron much?
Gandoge_the_gamer (2 months ago)
Came cause of the JonTron, but i am staying for the remix, cause its a damn good remix!
Rainbow Dash (2 months ago)
I was here before jontron
Alex (2 months ago)
yea i saw ur comment
Parker Sabel (2 months ago)
when the chicken is in the danger zone
Leo Askeland (2 months ago)
Tagan Gizel (2 months ago)
*in southern drawl* "Harry, why is there hydrochloric acid here? This is a Wendy's..."
Mast3r of cring3 (2 months ago)
You were in a John Tron video
Spanish Drug Lord Gaben (2 months ago)
oW, hEaT iS HoT!
Seth Bjornsson (2 months ago)
Leo Krupp (2 months ago)
*J O N  - T R O N*
Beckmations (2 months ago)
Ok I just realized This song is 'safety dance' JonTron used it in his 'workplace safety' video How did I not realize this sooner
Vylizio (2 months ago)
90% of us are here because of jontron arent we
Matthew Lafontaine (2 months ago)
No, not e even close to 90%, more like 10%
Daniel S (2 months ago)
Heard this in the Jon Tron Work Safety Video! Congrats bro, you made it to the big leagues
Evan S (2 months ago)
“Think about thisssssssss”
Michael Klump (2 months ago)
I choose... motherfucking DANCE!!! _(Dances my ass off)_
cornballport 596 (2 months ago)
Jontron anyone?
DriftedSpice (2 months ago)
This song was made for 8-bit
gmod gamer francisco (2 months ago)
i came here by JonTron safety Video
Asad Afgan (2 months ago)
Here from JonTron’s vid
Fabian Yong (2 months ago)
Harry got away with the watermelon!
Fabian Yong (2 months ago)
+Rob Cullen I don't know why I said Josh lol
Rob Cullen (2 months ago)
Fabian Yong *Harry
CerealCat449 (2 months ago)
'twasn't long after JonTron used this in a youtube video before the comment section began to fill with quotes from that video.
Kai John Canellas (2 months ago)
when your cabbage has blood on it
Jeff Wilson (1 month ago)
Sir, this is a WHENDYS.
The very Last korok (2 months ago)
Now that brings a whole new meaning to a head of lettuce
Jerry Riddle (2 months ago)
This is unapologetically 80s. I love it
CrackAlecIn (2 months ago)
Here from JonTron's latest video: Workplace Safety.
madison (2 months ago)
(softly chanting) jontron, jontRON, joNTRON
Mike Bliss (2 months ago)
Here from JonTron. Also, First Comment. What the Fuck.
strider (2 months ago)
your song was used in a jontron video :)
National American43 (1 month ago)
National American43 (1 month ago)
not true
EndMendFriend (2 months ago)
It's so weird that I listened to this long before the newest jontron video was uploaded, and then randomly hearing it again in his video
JustSomePleb (2 months ago)
Workplace safety is nO LAUGHING MATTER
Six Bytes (2 months ago)
Death is only a punchline anyway
Shane Shepard (2 months ago)
ElectricCake (2 months ago)
"The chicken has just crossed into the Danger Zone"
Brandon Hyde (2 months ago)
HIGH-WAY-TO-THA danger zone...
dnmstarsi (2 months ago)
Kenny Loggins: "Highway to the-" Inspector Roy: "Danger Zone." (intense stare)
Mister Tea (2 months ago)
*Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink About Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis*
Tagan Gizel (2 months ago)
tfw you get turned into a Persian rug
ThatRandomDude 999999 (2 months ago)
We can save pewds if we want to We can leave T-Series to die But really we have nothing better to do with our lives
NatFranSisco (2 months ago)
Who's here after jontrons video?
GNARF IV (2 months ago)
who else is here for the Workplace Safety?
Luka Veljković (2 months ago)
jon tron
Lewis (2 months ago)
JonTron used this in his recent video.
Cameron Harris (2 months ago)
who's here from Jon Tron's workplace safety video?
boigamer543 MC (13 days ago)
Cameron Harris me
HoldShiftt2Run (1 month ago)
Rick Blignaut (1 month ago)
Stop scaring meeeeeee
Aviator Gamer (1 month ago)
MrJr1175 (1 month ago)
Yeah me
SpartacusHD (2 months ago)
here from jontron!
electrochoc (2 months ago)
lol jontron used this
owlstag awn (2 months ago)
Can't wait for the Jontron comments.
captain5104 (1 month ago)
They're already here....EVERYBODY UNDERGROUND NOW!!!
A-R-E-S (2 months ago)
Just heard this in Jontron's latest vid.
Eskil Liepa (3 months ago)
when you have nowhere else to go
Smokey 420 (3 months ago)
That dance wasn't as safe as they said it was.
Zane Smith (4 months ago)
2x speed is like my cat running around on crack
Lex Mexi (5 months ago)
This is the mtv version yuck
Kyle Steinmar (5 months ago)
I came here for an 8-bit rendition of one of my favorite songs and just got a karaoke version instead...Not disappointed.
Incognito At Unknown (5 months ago)
It's like Ivan programmed the synths himself.
Pantteri J (5 months ago)
I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, but PewDiePie once used this song (the original) in one of his compilations like years back, and when i listened to this, the memory of that video hit me like a truck
LIGHTSTARE GD (5 months ago)
This is awesome
o of (6 months ago)
Cold Spaghetti (6 months ago)
I had my volume all the way up and this scared me help.
PAULO (6 months ago)
Flappy PIMBA!
Man, this is beautiful. Possibly even better than the original.
CKGplays (8 months ago)
This song reminds me of a time when I was eleven. My dad had gotten this NES system but it was MODERNIZED! It has 20 games, and you could SAVE!!! I was playing megaman 2 for the second time, and I was attempting to beat the boobeam trap. Keep in mind, Im a PC gamer, so I don't console game often. I died at least 10 times, and I eventually got SO MAD that I had to go outside and hit stuff with a snow shovel. and im talking REALLY MAD. I was so mad, I didn't even put on my coat before I went outside. (It was like, 25 degrees!) but I ended up pulling a muscle in my arm, and I hit my leg with the snow shovel. I found this song a little bit later, and it reminded me of it. I guess Megaman 2 isnt as safe as it might seem. XD
DJ Beatathlet Atze65 (8 months ago)
Awesome 🎹
Brendan Berthelon (10 months ago)
8-bit rats
That1gamingkid (10 months ago)
I searched "shitpost music" and this was here.
Bruno Dias (11 months ago)
Esse era o tema do Flappy Pimba
Kining Roseburg (1 year ago)
WOW! Amazing! Reminds me of the movie "Bio Dome"
Ethan Stein (1 year ago)
*Everybody's taking it in the ass*
Tom Smitten (1 year ago)
Isn't anyone else worried this is the same melody used by Dragonforce in Through the fire and the Flames? It's too much to be coincidence! Open your minds sheeple!!!!
Kyle Hill (1 year ago)
Can we safely dance away from Trump?
Shark fan of the sea (1 year ago)
Saints row 4 anyone?
Magicamp (1 year ago)
BPM???? Anybody know????
hellonpluto (1 year ago)
best song ever and even better in 8-bit format
*Clears throat*....We Can Dance If We Want To
Führer des Benutzers (1 year ago)
We can game if we want to, we can take these coins with us Cause your friends don't take and if they don't take Well their score isn't high
Avery Gallagher (1 year ago)
(Plays on pipboy) [danse is jealous]
Margaret Statom (1 year ago)
I love this song
samuel hagens (1 year ago)
yeeeeeeees!!!!!!! this is one of my favorites!!!!!
Georgy Ramone (1 year ago)
No intro = lame
rwfrench66 (1 year ago)
LOL, the real song sounded just like this!
Xevailo (1 year ago)
"Make an 'S' Now another 'S' ..." ♫
Nick Andrew (1 year ago)
This sounds like it was made for 8bit
Altonex (1 year ago)

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