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Becoming a GIRL for a day?! (gone s3xual)

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I wanted to know how hard it was to be a girl. So as a social experiment i did!? This grill boutta steal your man watch out! Got big projects prepared for soon, so press subscribe and see what happens... (nothing happens i''m just desperate but i do have cool content please believe me) Thank you for watching, have a nice day!
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Kylie M (30 days ago)
You look good. Do it again - but make it harder!! LOL. Higher heels, more makeup, shave legs. Maybe even tucking! ;)
King Mai (1 month ago)
Damn bruh that’s one sexy ass girl
dengeliii (1 month ago)
J Li (1 month ago)
nasty... men are so frekin weird
Veronika kramerova (1 month ago)
Wow :-) you make beautiful girl. Its hard recognized that your are a boy. What about try some more models 😉
Mert Duruturk (2 months ago)
Great video! :D
TGEAR _47 (2 months ago)
you did so well, im so proud <3

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