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Guy is Caught Wearing Girlfriend's Clothes !!

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Text Comments (78)
richard242ful (1 month ago)
thats the way I feel
ThePurplePunster (2 months ago)
This was originally a 2 or 3 part video that’s been condensed into one
Ultra instinct Gamer (2 months ago)
US president (2 months ago)
Iradicdrax (2 months ago)
My soul just sapped out of my body
Erick perez (2 months ago)
No se por que veo esto
Gabriel da coconut (2 months ago)
Ben Jacobs (2 months ago)
Why did this pop up in my recommended and why would any sane person want to dress up like a girl
Endey 666 (2 months ago)
To get a kick from it, I do it for that reason anyway
Rick 1776-1970 (3 months ago)
💜👢being girl The political agenda is making it worse and annoying normal.good people.
Timothy Finney (3 months ago)
Poor guy
Water Man (3 months ago)
Wife: I'm getting a divorce 😨
yuki akoshu (3 months ago)
I caught my younger brother
Sebastian Aguilar (1 month ago)
What did you tell him, did you get mad at him or help him
US president (2 months ago)
Dallas - History (4 months ago)
I have your app for this
THEWOLFBOY XD (4 months ago)
Wtf gay
THEWOLFBOY XD (4 months ago)
Văd gay
Oh my God this was funny the guy makes for a pretty hot girl though he could fool any guy easily he has a right to be scared
MysTerious Angel (4 months ago)
Song pls
Stephen Cahill Furlong (3 months ago)
“Paradise” by DJ Portugal
Flower Mask (4 months ago)
I dressed up in my brothers clothes once but he caught me, I though he’d be mad but he was actually understanding
NIELGAMING FUN (4 months ago)
Well me im forced to dress like that...good thing is i got 200 bucks
OP BKB (4 months ago)
I'm 12 about to be 13 on December 20. I've taken girl clothes and wore them but have never been caught. I wish it was just that easy. When I have the clothes on I feel like myself. But I'm just to afraid to tell my parents.
theniski (4 days ago)
+Tigeroo yeah, its crossdressing
Tigeroo (2 months ago)
Synthesitey just because a boy wears girls clothes doesn’t mean he’s trans
US president (2 months ago)
You are crazy,dude
Walter Kerley (2 months ago)
Be strong my little brother, I was in the same situation during Jr. High and some of High school and got a real kick out of it. Sometimes ditching school so I could have the house to myself. As my masculine physiology dawned, in my body and mind, it became clear that my youthful androgeny was over, it was risky and fun, but was over. Femininity was slowly becoming something I no longer wanted to emulate, but something I wanted to possess, as a partner, soulmate, and to be the unashamed man for. I was glad I spent some of my formative years feeling pretty and understanding my true nature as I grew more masculine. The understanding of the "women" I liked but was not compelled any longer to "be". To be the best "straight" man for a very special type of woman: loving, understanding, and respectful, always living up to my place as the protective MAN in the relationship. I am attracted to femininity despite its origin, dating both but realising that relationships with women would always be short lived in favor of the passable femmes I am meant to be together with. I am this. I am very cool with this. I am here, in my nature, to be the best man I can be to the very special woman I seek, sharing life, love, compassion, strength and LIFE! May God bless you with a body unlike mine and the courage to see this through. You have a friend. "Straight" Walter
Synthesitey (2 months ago)
OP BKB so you’re a trap or you want to be trans?
[ACE] Park Avenue (4 months ago)
Why oh God why was this recommended to me
Jayden the ranger killer (4 months ago)
Can you do a transformation of me turning into a girl Ranger
Hans Janser (4 months ago)
Danni & Eva Sexy Girls. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !
bunya bunya (4 months ago)
я одна российская
FZX DinoXsaur (4 months ago)
Valentina Icaza (4 months ago)
Me encantaaan tus vídeos ...pero traducimos porfa..
Michael leis (5 months ago)
it was a cool video
ashley cox (5 months ago)
I have been caught a few times
Malena Ricardo (25 days ago)
I ha e too
Malena Ricardo (25 days ago)
+Ahmed El Dahab hi
Endey 666 (2 months ago)
+Ahmed El Dahab same tbh
Ahmed El Dahab (3 months ago)
+that 80's girl I wish I had a girlfriend that is open minded like you..
that 80's girl (4 months ago)
I caught my boyfriend too. Not dressed up like in this video but found make-up and heels under his bed. I thought he was cheating on me.. I was relieved and now I help dress him up and we have fun!
Jacob Campollo (6 months ago)
Endey 666 (2 months ago)
Jacob Campollo if u do not like gays.......... WHY WATCH THIS FUCKING VIDEO?!
Walter Kerley (2 months ago)
Don't be on this site to spread hate & ignorance, this world, this life is too full of all that B. S. thanks. Go watch monster trucks or some other psudo macho nonsense, please. "Straight" Walter
panda gamer (4 months ago)
Kpoper101 StOpFaNwArS (4 months ago)
Jacob Campollo (6 months ago)
Jacob Campollo (6 months ago)
Your gay
Sphinx Rising (7 months ago)
When I tell a gal I want to get into her pants, this is not what I mean at all😂
tsukinoakuma (4 months ago)
When I tell a gal I want to get into her pants, this is exactly what I mean 😂
edits with Dana (8 months ago)
Stephen Cahill Furlong (3 months ago)
“Paradise” by DJ Portugal
edits with Dana (6 months ago)
+Aakash Uchiha thank you
Penelope foxx (8 months ago)
That would be so cool
Endey 666 (2 months ago)
+hanzo hattori u do know there's nothing wrong with CD and being straight, I'm in that situation myself tbh
hanzo hattori (2 months ago)
+Endey 666 I'm a red blooded straight man.i LOVE WOMEN.....when I was cd I tried to convince myself I was gay but I'm NOT attracted to men and have NEVER been with a guy....I finally 'woke up' and stopped pretending I was something I'm not...at one piont I even tried to convince myself I was transgender but I can't deny what I am....a STRAIGHT guy into WOMEN....I can't be something I'm not.
hanzo hattori (2 months ago)
+Endey 666 used to be but gave it up.i have no intrest in it anymore....
Endey 666 (2 months ago)
+hanzo hattori u a cross dresser or no?
hanzo hattori (2 months ago)
+Endey 666 😁
Samuel White (8 months ago)
love it the best
Karina Oak (8 months ago)
Jaqueline Simmons (3 months ago)
Karina Oak do me
PARA DOXX (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/59Si5nSmx6g This kind of animation I really like , can you make videos on this type of animation ,or you can continue this seares also ...
PARA DOXX (8 months ago)
Hey I have a request for you

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