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Warning to American Expats [Kult America]

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After living in Europe for over a decade, I have recently learned about the harsh legal reality of being American that many people overlook. I think its critical that anyone else who is potentially in the same situation be informed of their obligations and seek council. I am not a lawyer and this video does not constitute legal advice, just an overview on my story. Check out the interview I did on the IRS Medic channel with personal details about my own case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g3Qlqdt_Dk ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected] Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.pl/KultAmerica https://mediakraft.tv
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Kult America (7 months ago)
Anthony is a dear friend of mine who saved me when I was in a terrible situation - SHARE THIS video with any Americans living abroad so they are informed and avoid the same situation. See the full interview about my personal case here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g3Qlqdt_Dk
OceanBlue (1 month ago)
Why would anyone from the USA want to move to Eastern Europe?... Are you catholic or jewish?
Tyler B (5 months ago)
Nobody in America wants to move to Europe.
James Tucker (6 months ago)
Blk Hebrews great substance for 2019
Jacek Pajewski (7 months ago)
It sucks. First of all it's not fun to travel on US passport because no one like Americans.But this? "Oh the land of a free................"? How about Canada is it the same?
Tyrone Fountain (7 months ago)
Kult America maybe change the aesthetic with this channel man. You attracting a really weird audience. Maybe less black shirts.
parker marcus (9 days ago)
Robot country nothing more
rmbt (9 days ago)
Still better than being in Syria, Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Guatemala, etc. 😁
oh-pioneer (13 days ago)
This is scary stuff!
decp12 (1 month ago)
I jak to niby egzekwują? Co po liście? Zawiadamiają sądy innego państwa? Wysyłają delta force do wymuszenia? Odbierają obywatelstwo? Bo zadać to sobie można
Monika Sturm (1 month ago)
So i have a question does this affect your children in the future if it isn't changed?
Albert Kwaśkiewicz (2 months ago)
Did you get a response from Congress?
Bob Zhang (2 months ago)
this is tryanny at the fullest! get a Mexico passport, cancel your US passport!
Andrzej Flaga (2 months ago)
Thanks for enlightening me in this matter. This looks like an imperialist policy that unfairly hits U.S born citizens who wish to live outside the country.
Phil Herman (2 months ago)
I'm an American man, and I will live free or die free in the nation my forefathers helped forge, so help me God.
Shawn Afshar (2 months ago)
Best Country's for American Expats? Good Standard Of living Affordable living Entertainment options Good Food Good healthcare Good Infrastructure metro can be in ASIA and Europe
Dwarfer230 (3 months ago)
Serves you right for leaving the us and this is coming from a polish guy who’s both parents were born in Poland I still have uncles and cousins in Poland and I wouldn’t live in Poland serves you right USA is number one don’t leave lol
David Engel (3 months ago)
It’s time to get out of America. Our time has come and we’re going down
Dra O (1 month ago)
David Engel Buh-bye 👋🏻
James Evenden (3 months ago)
Just lie and don't report. If I left never to return I couldn't care less.
Michaś (3 months ago)
The Land of the Free, ladies ang gentlemen.
Bruce Wenham (4 months ago)
And I thought Polish bureaucracy was bad.
Glenn Talking (5 months ago)
Dziekuje Ryan
Monika Sienkiewicz (5 months ago)
Pomysł na filmik: nielegalna imigracja zalegalizowana przez UE i ONZ (UN) to droga do wprowadzenia w życie Agendy 2030, prawie takiej samej jak Agenda 21 z 1992. ONZ chce zniszczyć narody, rządy, aby samemu mieć kontrolę nad wszystkim. Wiem, że brzmi to jak teoria spiskowa, ale to jest rzeczywistość.
reavenMAG (5 months ago)
Actually every polish bank I've been to start a new account checked twice do I have sth in common with american bank system even if never been to USA
reavenMAG (5 months ago)
And now I understand why... ironically maybe some Americans trying to get a job or bank account abroad will feel for a second like me, normal Pole without any criminal history, trying to get visa just for tourism reasons. But it really sucks that your own government did something like that to you.
nami catake (5 months ago)
"Ignorantia iuris nocet"
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
" I think its critical that anyone else who is potentially in the same situation be informed of their obligations and seek council." Perhaps, but they also need to keep in mind that most council will be inclined to tell you that you must obey US law. This is usually wrong. I have watched the US ramp up its efforts to hurt US citizens abroad for nearly a decade now and one thing stands out - Those who attempt to comply are the ones hurt. In most cases, there is little to nothing the US can do to the full time residents and citizens of other nations UNLESS they volunteer for the pain by beginning to fill in forms for the IRS and FinCEN. Simply refusing to play their silly game IS an option for many if not most.
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
Also, taxation is theft.
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
Okay, how about Polish born, lived majority of life in America, have duel citizenship, and want to move back to Poland... what's the tax outlook like then?
Tamara12231 (6 months ago)
Mnie ciekawi dlaczego wszystkie jego filmy są po angielsku/amerykańsku (nie wiem) skoro umie polski
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
Probably because it's easier for him to speak it? It's just natural. Or maybe that he would rather gear his content towards an English speaking audience? I don't know.
Apoloniusz Faza (6 months ago)
Ten film utwierdził mnie w przekonaniu że ten kraj jest ostro popierdolony
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
😂 True that.
Darek Jakubowski (6 months ago)
The USA - “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”........ ;)
No Body 0_o (5 months ago)
Land of the slaves, home of the renters.
Engin Savaş (6 months ago)
You are free to renounce and drop your American citizenship.Why are you just not doing it?
Jessica Dunham (2 days ago)
Yeah, it's not that easy
Beata Zielecka (3 months ago)
Americans have a privileged position in the World
elf twentyfive (6 months ago)
as i recall it also costs money...and takes anywhere from 18 to 36 months
HDaviator (6 months ago)
Knowing this, why do you still keep your U.S. citizenship? Polish citizenship allows you to travel to the U.S. without a visa for a few months. Why, then do you not renounce it? This will follow you your entire life. I would renounce if I was in your position.
Conservatorul RO (11 days ago)
It allows because US put Poland in visa waiver. U realize that idiot?
Samo762 (6 months ago)
it doesn't - they're the only schengen country that still needs a visa
Pacz 11 (6 months ago)
USA is a corporation, you can't be a citizen of a corporation🎯
Dugie Joness (6 months ago)
Who is responsible for FATAC? What president confirmed this pathology? Which party made this communist rules?
Michał Orłowski (6 months ago)
So you're not targeting Polish audience anymore? Kinda conspiracy channel?
Mongoose .AC. (6 months ago)
Didn't Trump change this? Probably person that lives at least 11 out of 12 mounth abroad may not pay taxes in US.
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
Simply not true. A US citizen is liable for US taxes for life even if he never sert foot in the country.
Iwanvs 95 (6 months ago)
Taxation is theft, especially when imposed unnecessarily.
imachynn (6 months ago)
What if you just drop the US citizenship?
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
+Mike Breen Taxation is theft and the US has become a corporation. smh
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
You can't just "drop" US citizenship. A few years ago a couple of hundred a year renounced US citizenship, that's possibly as high as 18,000 a year now. So yes, people are renouncing but here's the thing.... In response to the ever increasing numbers renouncing the US increased the basic consular fee from $450 to $2350, the highest in the world by a very long way. Now, imagine a family of four. But it gets worse....To be completely free of the US means tax compliance and most of those who eventually discover that they really are not free and cannot live with the persecution and discrimination are not in tax compliance. It can cost a fortune to get in tax compliance, enough to make that $2350 look like a drop in the ocean. Wealthy? The US has an exit tax for the wealthy, even if not a penny of that money is in the US, even if you made every penny in your home nation. Land of the free?
Dulin (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for explanation. Your video helped me to understood why one of British bank asking me if my two years old daughter is US citizen...
Rowan Atkinson (7 months ago)
Lots of US expats here in Toronto that wound up here on work visas. Realized they like it here wayyyyyy more than where they came from and first thing they all do is DUMP their US citizenships. Like they(US expats)say here, "It's just not worth the hassle", since the US really doesn't give shit about its citizens to begin with when they're abroad.
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
Of course, dumping citizenship won't be a good idea if you don't have another and they don't grow on trees. Just a tiny little thing that those who say "just renounce" don't tent to consider.
JPD (7 months ago)
you can renounce your citizenship. I suggest you do this
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
Sure! You don't have about $50,000 for accountancy fees, taxes consular fees and a spare citizenship on you do you?
CYBER JOKER (7 months ago)
żyjemy w świecie zbudowanym przez USA nie dziwię się że budując cały powojenny ład światowy tak bronią swoich interesów każą każdemu obywatelowi płacić nawet poza granicami kraju .
escapetomars (7 months ago)
Dump your American citizenship. A Polish citizenship allows you to travel to the US anytime you want already.
escapetomars (6 months ago)
This happens to every EU citizen?
bbonner422 (6 months ago)
escapetomars The problem is is that you get put onto a watchlist and are automatically given a background check. It’s kinda fucked up tbh.
meadowvaleman (7 months ago)
To hell with FATCA! Good luck with your quest!
Arne Petter Kolderup (7 months ago)
Its all very very sick.
Jazil Zaim (7 months ago)
The reason that the US can enforce this to foreign financial institutions is because the US owns the SWIFT banking system and the US dollar is the currency for global trade. As the EU is developing a competitor to SWIFT which the international community is praising and China's Yuan being seen as a threat to the dominance of the US Dollar, it's about time that we realize this together and start supporting rivals. If the EU and China win, then US's enforcement on this will become tougher. If China's Yuan or EU's Euro becomes dominant for global trade then we will end up seeing the US government find it difficult or nearly impossible to enforce this as banks will pretty much give hell to the US government since the US dollar won't be as significant anymore.
Jazil Zaim (6 months ago)
+Christian Peters well then maybe you should tell the government not to force this stuff on overseas citizens. Plus it is hurting job opportunities of many American citizens around the globe.
Christian Peters (6 months ago)
Just as a heads as an American I don't wanna go to war but if the EU and China are working against us to "give us hell" it's going to be war.
surlenil (7 months ago)
For everyone saying 'renounce' not everyone has a second citizenship and not every country Americans live and work in hand out citizenship like candy.
Ed Denoy (7 days ago)
Good point.
Mike Breen (6 months ago)
Jacek Pajewski (7 months ago)
It sucks. First of all it's not fun to travel on US passport because no one like Americans.But this? "Oh the land of a free................"? How about Canada is it the same?
Adam Sekula (7 months ago)
I heard U can relinquish U.S citizenship for about 2000$. Good luck
The Commentnator (1 month ago)
I heard there is a massive exit tax
Andy Wood (7 months ago)
One of the perks of being a Amerykan 😃😂😁
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
Cant you just renounce your U.S citizenship?
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
A coup is allsow a very popular way of spreeding "Freedom" by the U.G.T.S. of merica
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
in general not a healthy option
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
or ridiculed by the media
Wiktor Nowicki (7 months ago)
or sanctioned
Sahthus (7 months ago)
Turkish subtitle pls
Erhan Sarı (7 months ago)
Bu ibne bozdu.
mir mir (7 months ago)
Teraz rozumiem, dlaczego mój bank w Norwegii pyta się mnie co roku czy oprócz polskiego obywatelstwa mam amerykańskie, i czy mam jakiekolwiek inne powiązania z USA:/
M (4 months ago)
+jarek matusiak nie kiedy wymyśli tylko już od dawna w każdym banku wypełnia się oświadczenie że nie jest się płatnikiem podatków w USA ;)
mir mir (7 months ago)
Yes, and shocking:/
Kult America (7 months ago)
Crazy right?
jarek matusiak (7 months ago)
+Seweryn Jaeger Nie da sie ukryc ze niezle to sobie wymuslili: urodziles sie u nas bedziesx nam za to placil... Sa gorsze sytuacje ale totez jest niezle
Seweryn Jaeger (7 months ago)
Ciekawe kiedy Polska albo Norwegia takie cos wymysli ?
Wally (7 months ago)
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Cooooooooooooooo?! Holy shit...
Fatma Sarıkemer (7 months ago)
then benagcz (7 months ago)
Dude u shouldn't be taxed for the first place US and Poland has dual taxation agreement the IRS are bandits who try to rob people!!
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
+then benagcz ah, thanks for the clarification. I've been wondering about how that works. I also have dual citizenship.
then benagcz (6 months ago)
It's Agreement signed between Poland and Us it's mean that you should only pay taxes to country you earning are coming from as individual for example if u are Us citizen and u work as teacher in Poland you should pay taxes only in Poland and not pay any taxes for that income in US and is works other way so Polish people in US paying taxes there that's why that deal was signed to prevent dual taxation.
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
What's the dual taxation agreement mean?
Samo762 (6 months ago)
he isn't taxed, but he has to report income - that's the biggest hassle
Cameron Fraser (7 months ago)
You should do videos in support of Territorial Taxation For Individuals (TTFI), Solomon Yue from Republicans Abroad is trying to pass legislation which would really help for situations like this. Rep. George Holding is sponsoring the bill.
Jack O. (7 months ago)
Just renounce US citizenship, simple
Jack O. (7 months ago)
Then you guys are f..ed (sorry)
Cameron Fraser (7 months ago)
Renouncing is not "simple". Its extremely expensive and complicated and theres no guarantee it will be accepted. Plus you could be banned from entering the US (Reed Amendment).
Heiner Ali (7 months ago)
If you haven't DROPPED OUT from ""their"" game yet...what are you waiting for ? No bank accounts...no credit cards etc...how are they going to squeeze you. Just refuse to reply.
Northern Sailor (7 months ago)
So then why not spend the 2500$ or whatever it is to renounce US citizenship?
Jazil Zaim (7 months ago)
Lots of people can't afford it. $2500 is the initial price but when you set up an appointment, it'll be IRS's last time to tax you. So they will make you pay capital gains on everything even if you haven't sold them. So any expensive cars, home, or assets will be subjected to capital gains as if they were sold. I am renouncing soon but I am a dual citizen of Canada and I am a college student that doesn't own real estate or any sort of expensive car (yet). So the $2500 fee will be my initial fee since I don't have assets that IRS will be able to tax me on.
Backgammon (7 months ago)
"The answer is (((brilliant)))" The people asking the question...not so much. Undumb yourselves idiots.
dont tread (7 months ago)
Excellent video Kult America! Influence people like yourself with high quality videos like this are a great way to get the message out about the unfair "tributary-slavery" US expats suffer from. Ill be sharing this video with others!
Mooooohamsalad (7 months ago)
The IRS really reached extreme x pat hatred under Obama. What is now in place is not reasonable it doesn't come close to achieving a "reasonable" threshold. It used to be a fairly simple the US would tax the difference between the US tax rate and the foreign countries.
Frank Peluso (7 months ago)
FATCA was introduced in 2009 by the Democrats and Obama and passed in 2010 by a majority Democrat Congress. FATCA is a part of the HIRE Act, which was enacted in 2010 strictly on party lines and signed by Obama into law. Since then the number of US citizenship renunciations sets a new record high every year as this law has given the IRS free reign to harass and destroy US citizens and "US persons" abroad at will. These are all facts. The only ideology involved is the Obama and Democrat ideology of doing anything and everything to squeeze normal people out of every last possible cent and not giving a damn about the damage they cause in the process.
Andrew Kelliher (7 months ago)
where is the facts or is this an ideologue statement?
Charlie S. (7 months ago)
Well-done and informative video involving two of my Least favorite things, taxes and lawyers🚽!!
Didier deNice (7 months ago)
My daughter who at 24 years old got a good job in Tokyo was quick to renounce her US citizenship ! A US passport is no longer an asset but a real liability. Save yourself yearly tax reporting and much aggravation, and become a citizen of the world instead...
wolfgangsimonsiv (3 months ago)
what citizenship did she get?
Stan Marsh (6 months ago)
+imachynn more like, land of the free masons. smh
imachynn (6 months ago)
"Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy!"
zevvy (7 months ago)
Basically Modern Day Slavery. Born in the US? You belong to us, you must work for us or pay us. That's what it is. Just pure evil wrapped in bureaucratic bullshit
Margo Vlog (7 months ago)
Przepraszam Jak tego slucham to sie zastanawiam dlaczego Polska zmienila ustroj na tzw. Demokracje, ani to czlowieka nie szanuje, ani o niego nie dba, wszedzie tylko kasa I zysk, egoizm. Co tu sie moze podobac, Tak troche jakby czlowieczenstwo sie przestalo oplacac. Straszne.A do tego Jak bede chcialam pojechac do Ameryki to przetrzepia wszystko w internecine na moj temat, czysta inwigilacja gorsza niz za komuny, w takich bialych rekawiczkach. Czasem nie widze roznicy, przykro MI...
Margo Vlog (6 months ago)
+Melanżwkuchni no nie wiem, 1000 zl renty po 40 latach pracy I 6 miesiecy w kolejce do ortopedy, no jest sie na Co zamienic. I nie komunizm to dal, lecz "demokracje", no to ktory system lepszy?
Hannibal ad Portas AR AD (6 months ago)
Ciezkie Miliardy wydawane na propagande i ukrywanie prawdy zbiera swoje zniwa. Podoba sie to mlodym, dopiero gdy im sie niepowiedzie to zrozumieja ze ten sadystyczny system jest Dobry tylko dla bogaczy miejscowych, ich nadzorcow amerykansko zachodnio europejskich,i ich lokalnych lokaji. Reszta moze zdychac bijac sie o okruchy,ginac i okaleczajac sie w pracy,nie bedac sie nawet w stanie wyleczyc z ran ktore maja od ciezkiej pracy........itd.....itp.....biednych sa dziesiatki milionow,nikogo nieobchodza.......
Hannibal ad Portas AR AD (6 months ago)
Polska nie mial nic do powiedzenia.
Margo Vlog (7 months ago)
Masz racje i przestarzale przepisy z XIX wieku.POza tym mydli nam sie oczy demokracja,a my jeszcze wierzymy ,ze mam wplyw na cos.Tyko pieniadz zmienia prawo lub rewolucja.
bartekj81 (7 months ago)
Z całym szacunkiem do wszystkich tu sie wypowiadających ale troche mylicie tematy. Sama demokracja nie ma tutaj nic do rzeczy. Problemem jest agresywny kapitalizm i fiskalizm w jednym.
Jason Sheets (7 months ago)
People here don't typically give a damn until they're personally involved in something. Great video and thanks for the insight.
Jack Booted Hug (7 months ago)
fatca brilliant in a sick jewish kind of way .. and now jews are complaining?
Nothingto Seehere (6 months ago)
+Agata Łojewska you're just mixing concepts, the default is to be kind, the respect is earned and you're being a delusional with your ideals giving jews too much credit as you women always do. Verify this on your own and you'd be antisemitic too but you're just too ignorant and lazy see what's what. Or too scared, you live by what creators such as this twat from Kult America feeds you
Hubert Pawelec (6 months ago)
Jewish Act 447 in USA congres. This is also (law absurd) Way to rob Poland.
imachynn (6 months ago)
Fatca as in fatcat. It's ridiculous that you still are asked to submit forms, instead of having it done automatically by some IT system.
LongandWeirdName (7 months ago)
Anti-Semitic trolls will be Anti-Semitic trolls. Don't feed him by answering his idiocy. He is most probably an attention seeking whiney little boy who didn't get enough attention from his parents. An internet troll who chose the Anti-Semitic route because it's one of the easiest ones to get a reaction and that is all they seek. A reaction. Of any kind. Proving to them that they are significant. That they matter. It's sad, really. If he isn't a troll and is actually a firm believer in what he's spouting, again... don't feed him. He is stuck in his ways and nothing you say will be able to educate him on how wrong he is. He suffers from confirmation bias and rejects anything that goes against his views outright, without even considering it, so you trying to talk sense into him will only cost you your time and won't achieve anything. I'm sorry that the world still has to deal with this. But all we can do is catch them while they're young and can still be brought out of the sick ideology of hate they are fed. Not all Polish people are like DMKano87. Thank you for being a voice of reason, Agata.
Jack Booted Hug (7 months ago)
IRS Medic> You sir, are an immature drama queen, and I have no more time to waste on the likes of you. But i'll try once more to encourage the REAL slavs who watch this channel> https://youtu.be/Rp3ymr0Oi0M
Ayşenur Halıcı (7 months ago)
First comment is for Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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