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INSTAGRAM: @turkishfactsbylara AYNI VIDEONUN TURKCESI GELECEGINDEN ALTYAZI EKLENMEMIŞTIR :) This video has been requested many times so here you go :) I hope you guys will like it if i get enough thumbs up for this one i ll make these videos a playlist and also will add videos to teach you guys Turkish i love you all dont forget to subscribe and follow me on my instagram to keep in contact :)
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Text Comments (89)
polestar polestar (2 days ago)
Aksan harika:) your english is very good where did you get your english from?
Sir P (11 days ago)
Thank you for the video, trying to learn turkish bc I would like to watch serials in your language instead of with voice overs of ppl from my country lol
Nitin Patni (25 days ago)
Are u single ??
Dishta cd.s (1 month ago)
i saw in many turkish serials that there is culture to look about future in the cup in which one drank tea..... after putting it down to plate, i don't know much about this so i wanted to know would you please help me..... thank you so much for your videos and please don't stop doing them.......i love and respect your culture.
Havvage (19 days ago)
Dishta cd.s it‘s not really a Culture thing ,more like a superstition.... some people believe in it and some don’t. And it’s not really done after drinking tea because u can’t see any but it has to be after drinking Turkish coffee
Rh Jee (1 month ago)
Sgt. Hoffman (3 months ago)
I gonna try russian now
yon helfi (3 months ago)
nelink250X (3 months ago)
so how many languages do you speak since I shouldn't take advice from people who speak only two languages?
Mobile Techno (4 months ago)
Lara, how to contact to honest sincere girl in Turkey to get in serious relationship. Because after contacting friendship is the first step to get to know each other so when I will know how to contact any Turkey girl then I will contact her and be friend with her first then after we know each other then I will talk about marriage.
Rohit Mall (4 months ago)
Hey Lara! Would you recommend staying with Turkish locals?
Wei Shen (4 months ago)
Merhaba! Just came randomly seeing your video then I watched all your 13 videos.I love Turkish people.I have Turkish friends Please make more Turkish videos :)
Yawni Yoni (4 months ago)
You should make a video on your favorite Turkish songs :D I memorize songs better when learning a language and that helps me a lot.
flufferstuff (5 months ago)
We all learn through sight, sound and touch.
Turkish FactsbyLara (5 months ago)
We all have different % of effectıveness on each
Buhayraa Shah (5 months ago)
what's ur snap? holla at me one time girl
Muhammed the prophet (5 months ago)
Omg you are so preety thank you for this video . I like your video from india
Gray Man (6 months ago)
Hi, I'm Hasan and live in Turkey. I'm also a Turkish like you. This comment may be the longest comment that you receive. :) Actually, I have been learning English as active since 2014 but I'm not good while speaking and listening. I think I have completed basics of learning but there is something missing which makes me bother. As you know there is no one who knows English well in our country, if even they know, they do not speak because of they have fears. According to Camly tutor, my level is intermediate. But I do not want to pay money to talk. I have searched for a native speaker to speak on the internet and registered as a member a few websites of them. These websites full of dishonest people. I try to speak with myself by putting a camera in front of me but this is very difficult because I need to hear someone's voice to resume talking. There is no speaking course in the city which I live in. How should I find a native speaker? Do you have any advice for me? I know, talked a lot but I need to improve my language. I know that learning a new language is not a special skill, it is a necessary tool to communicate around the world. I liked your video and subscribed your youtube channel. Have a nice day. Hasan
Gray Man (3 months ago)
Hi, Thanks for your offer. I really appreciate your kindness. It would be great if I can talk to you. How can I contact you? I visited your profile and couldn't see any connection about you. Sharing contact information here is not a good idea. But you can contact me clicking on my profile and you see my connections at the top of the page. Thank you =)
Ebony Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Gray Man I am a native speaker. I live in America and speak very good English. We can study together if you like on Skype or another mobile camera site.
Ammara Mir (5 months ago)
Gray Man ohkk now I understand 👍
Gray Man (5 months ago)
I did not say anything about my fear of speaking before but I had a fear of speaking English. That is what our citizen thinks. We have to be perfect while speaking with someone. If we do wrong while speaking those who listen to us will laugh at us. Anyway, I'm still looking for someone to practice.
Ammara Mir (5 months ago)
Gray Man English is normal like any other language. Why do you people fear speaking English??
Ricki De Lomba (6 months ago)
You are awesome
Furkan Çakmak (6 months ago)
I wonder if you used these techniques to have such a fluent speaking in English. I think you went and stayed abroad. You have a great accent. No one can be persuaded me to have such a perfect accent without going abroad. Very informative video. Thank for your effort. Let me know where and how long you have stayed abroad. Thanks in advance.👋
ahmed shaheen (6 months ago)
you are such a wonderful ,intelligent, smart girl.... am wondering how can someone like d ont care about almighty... may god bless you
Mel Chow (7 months ago)
I just started dating a Turkish guy. I'm trying to learn Turkish
Burak deniz biggest fan (7 months ago)
I love Turkish language im learning Turkish🤞🤞 😍😍
Çok güzel video. 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Hannah Mae Omamos (7 months ago)
Merhaba! I want to learn your native language turkish.
Hannah Mae Omamos (7 months ago)
Tessekür ederim. Actually I teach English and I have a lot of Turkish Students. You guys are amazing!
omar fiaz (7 months ago)
The Name (6 months ago)
also, go to tuyrky and apply for toilet cleaning position,
omar fiaz (7 months ago)
I love turkey Mash Allah turkey is very beautiful country.I make a plan to visit turkey and meet Turkish people .Turkish people are very beautiful.
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Selam! 😊
Paulie 44 (7 months ago)
I'm extremely audio aided with memory and get lost in places real fast so you're stop on. 👍😅
Semih (7 months ago)
Benden iyi türkcesi var
Sohaib Hashmi Aadil (7 months ago)
Thanks for uploading a video on this topic. I am currently learning Chinese language and I was worried about my approach. This video is very helpful.
Sohaib Hashmi Aadil (7 months ago)
that would be great! thank you again and looking forward to it.
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
I will make more videos including a lot of techniques
jose basa (7 months ago)
I am going to Turkey in Monday!
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Georgiana Ursan (7 months ago)
Merhaba! I can wait to see your new video. I am from Roumania I started recently to learn turkish and youre videos motivate me. Keep going you are doing an incredible job! Congrats... :) Harikasın!
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Thank you so much and good luck :) keep up the good work!!
SeeCanMeWar? (7 months ago)
İzlenme oranı artmış baya başarılar :)
Umar Mujahid (7 months ago)
I like it..
Nathan Gallagher (7 months ago)
What's something good to watch/read etc for an elementary Turkish learner? Bana söyle lütfen arkadaşlar
Nathan Gallagher (7 months ago)
Çok teşekkür ederim! I will keep trying!
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Turkish is a complex language try watching popular series without dialects to improve a good accent
cow.4 (7 months ago)
Magnificent century
Jenny Su (7 months ago)
güzel video çok beğendim!
BK Baller (7 months ago)
Thank you very much! This helped a lot because im currently still learning turkish,and looking to learn a little more
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Will talk about the same topic in Turkish also I will share more techniques
the angelus (7 months ago)
Son taktiği çok beğendim rşsielxkrk İspanyolca öğreniyorum ve ilk fırsatta bu dediğini deneyeceğim :dd
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Hahahah dikkatlı ol 😂😂
Yonis Idriss (7 months ago)
You're amazing. And you look fine :)
AEMZAYN (7 months ago)
Şimdi Türkçe Hazırlık okuyorum, bu sene inşaallah üniversitede okumaya başlayacağım. Senin videolarını çok beğeniyorum
AEMZAYN (7 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara teşekkür ederim 😊😊
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Tebrik ederim umarım Hersey dilediğin gibi olur 😊😊😊❤
Mansha G (7 months ago)
Hi I am from India and my one of the most favourite actors Engin Akyurek is one and because of him I am trying to learn turkish so that I can understand his serials and movies without english subs.there are so many words which we speak in India similar to turkish words with one letter here there.
Mansha G (7 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara yes sure I like your videos very much.very nice and thanx for the knowledge.
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Awesome try to increase your words knowledge with my videos
Non-teist commenter (7 months ago)
I am obsessed with all Germanic languages cause I understood its grammatic orders via English(I am still not good at English) and I wanna learn Spanish and Japanese.
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Good start I also love the structure and I hope you ll be very successful 😘
noversibirsk (7 months ago)
Excellent Video Lara! Great advice on language learning.
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Thank you so much 😊
Mohamed Sawan (7 months ago)
This lighting is very cool, keep it up
Saud (7 months ago)
Nice 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫
Bay BilimseL (7 months ago)
Emniyette polisler karanlıkta sorguya çekmişler gibi.Ama gayet güzel olmuş 👍😄
health benefits (7 months ago)
I like your portrait mode video
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Mohd. Mohseen (7 months ago)
Al Henders (7 months ago)
Merhaba! happy to see you back the last one is my favorite I thought I was the only one to swear in another language when I'm in another country
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Don't worry we all do it 😂😂😂 I mean the polyglots
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Prince Chauhan (7 months ago)
make A video on Turkish DramaS
Prince Chauhan (7 months ago)
Setup is much Better
Mohammed IS (7 months ago)
Nice , although I'm not sure about the last one because I don't swear . BTW , I'm trying to learn Turkish and my only problem is that I have no one to speak with , could you recommend any websites or something .
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
I don't know any active chatting sites but you can try penpalworld
Phillip Johnson (7 months ago)
Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Mango Languages, Babbel, Memrise, Busuu, Tinycards
eneh kingsley (7 months ago)
hi am Kingsley, am learning Turkish, how can I write a better turkish composition
Turkish FactsbyLara (7 months ago)
Same with English but you should Google for more details
eneh kingsley (7 months ago)
what are the requirement in Turkish composition structure
sajed rezaei (7 months ago)
good thanks
Shoaib Hassan (7 months ago)
Shoaib Hassan (7 months ago)
caroline smile hiii 2 😉
caroline smile (7 months ago)
it is me jhhhshh
caroline smile (7 months ago)
Shoaib Hassan shoaib hiiii hahaha :D

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