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Cute Animals Stung By Bees

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Cute Animals Stung By Bees Pets are brave, wonderful creatures full of adventure and curiosity—which is exactly the combination of traits you need to go nose-to-nose with a bee. Or a bunch of bees. As painful as this is (humans have been known to get stung as well, so maybe you're familiar), it also results in pets being turned into cartoon creatures. If your pet is stung, first: call your vet. They will most likely recommend Benadryl (adult or children's depending on the size of the animal), although please take your pet to the vet immediately if you're at all concerned. Then take a picture. In all likelihood, though, your pet's bee encounter will just result in a funny photo and a (probably) unlearned lesson in humility. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also share it with your friends. Video playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8Roc8XocV4s1M231YPJqVVRrUHet-tH7 My channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-T6-NLh2RmyytAojZ_Ejw SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (11)
R Verro (4 months ago)
Pucker-up ! Kitty needs a kiss @1:26
Pam Dangelo (4 months ago)
Oh these poor babies!
muttley1956 (4 months ago)
Max Bieri (4 months ago)
Fuck bees
Mimi Me (4 months ago)
Poor babies!!😮😢 The dog at 1:13🤤 The cat at1:46 looks like my cat. Cat at 2:34 looks like the old time actor Carl Malden. Is that a reindeer at 3:54? 🤔 At the expense of these fur babies being attacked, these were quite entertaining! I'm also putting a APB out on Muttley! Where are you???😦
muttley1956 (4 months ago)
Mimi Me Thank you for your concern. As you can see, I'm alive and well. Sometimes my duty rota means I'm not around when Sonya posts a new video.
muttley1956 (4 months ago)
Carl Malden! That made me laugh. 😂😂😂😂
Animal Spy (4 months ago)
3 st........ 😏😏😏
Krissy Martin (4 months ago)
johnwick234 (4 months ago)
The first one looks like tiger
Leigh Carver (4 months ago)
Or jay leno hehehe

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