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Crossdresser Sensations (what it feels to be a crossdresser)

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There are many sensations that a crossdresser feels! The excitement of dressing up, the nervousness of getting caught or scolded, the joy of feeling pretty, the confusion of understanding yourself, the fear of being unaccepted and a lot more of things like this. Here are some sensations of being a crossdresser. Its not easy for crossdressers around the world, because it is something that many people don't understand. So, we wanted to make a short video that gives a hint on what a crossdresser may feel or sense through time. Please support and share love to everyone and make this world a better place for all! Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and any other thing commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-actualization in modern times and throughout history. The term cross-dressing denotes an action or a behavior without attributing or implying any specific causes for that behavior. It is often assumed that the connotation is directly correlated with behaviors of transgender identity or sexual, fetishist, and homosexual behavior, but the term itself does not imply any motives and is not synonymous to one's gender identity. Crossdresser Sensations - The desire to feel feminine & beautiful!
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Text Comments (139)
Don't Be A Square peg (4 days ago)
Such an amazing video!!!!
Mike Rowe (18 days ago)
It does feel good !
Poison Dream (18 days ago)
Love how the video points out how boy clothes are BORING. I just think women's clothes are more cool and fun.
lill wines (27 days ago)
I love this so much puting on sexie pumps and a cute 👗 dress
Kurt Riker (28 days ago)
Pantyhose or tights never fit. Then 2017 pantyhose fit me. They stretch for men over six foot.
Robert Mason (29 days ago)
Cross-dressing doesn't mean ur gay straight male
PurpleStratocaster (23 days ago)
Most cross-dressers are straight. There's a smaller percentage who are gay, bi or somewhere in between. However, ignorance has many people believing that if you dress in woman's clothes, you are automatically gay. Not true.
Robert Mason (29 days ago)
True once you start There's No Going Back
Steven Davies (30 days ago)
The irony is though is that the women all want to look like men nowadays haha
Skip Welcome (7 days ago)
That's cool people should be allowed to do whatever pleases them and if they're not bothering anyone it's no one's business but they're own
Rafael Ruiz valdez (1 month ago)
Te ves hermosa bebé juau mi princesa 😍😍😍😍
Johan Nandelstadh (1 month ago)
I love short skirts and sort cardigans
Ronald Daub (1 month ago)
I always wanted to be a girl my feet calves and legs and ass look really nice in stockings heels
LONEWOLF -4LFE (1 month ago)
Once you started theirs no going back, 2:15 Part of my story
Ronald Daub (1 month ago)
I agree..
Erica Miles (1 month ago)
Love looking pretty and sexy.
Andre celd (2 months ago)
my dream to be a crossdresser for a man who admires and loves femininity
Solitude Rules (2 months ago)
I think @0:32 is just gorgeous. My time was decades ago, but out of love for the one I love she's bottled up within.
Stopmotion Moron (2 months ago)
I can't believe these are male,they're stunners,wow
C Dresser (2 months ago)
I love the feeling of sexy clothes and being feminine. The description under the video covers a lot of the feelings I experience.
Craig Pennington (2 months ago)
A lot of guys can pull this off but most can't. Don't care how much make up and fake stuff you put on, some still look like Shimp Howard. I have to admit some of these guys look phenomenal and would go out with them cause they look better than the females I've dated. Don't count them out either because some of the fiercest fighters of all time wore skirts.
Steve MAGLICA (3 months ago)
I would say this video is mostly real chicks. But since I haven,t cross dressed in a while I Wish I could look as good as some of these chicks. All dressed up in layers caked in makeup stepping out on Halloween Night as a fifties looking girl. Feeling the vibrations of my clicking heels as my white petty coat sways back and fourth under my circle skirt. My fake boobs bouncing under my tight top as I sit down on the bench and cross my legs.
CD- Pualette (3 months ago)
I love dressing up in women’s clothes too 💕
Don't Be A Square peg (4 days ago)
I just watched some of your video's. you look amazing!!!
Juhani Mäki (3 months ago)
Fantastic!!! :)
Top the top sexy wonderful is beautiful
Antonio Martinez (4 months ago)
I wish I had the nerve to go out in public full sissy
Alika Maisuradze (4 months ago)
The Angry General (4 months ago)
I don't understand why these crossdressers don't go full time as transgender women!!!
Skip Welcome (7 days ago)
Because they're not transgender some people develop the wrong body style for what their brain is wired for thank crossdressers like to play it being a girl and there's nothing wrong with that but these are two distinct different cases
Francisco Jaimes (5 months ago)
Muy hermosas besos salydos
Ronald Nieblas (5 months ago)
Aaahhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!!!
Chris White (6 months ago)
"Oh' My God 1:33..!!"
TS forever (1 month ago)
some of these are real girl, so
OH MY GOSH JOSH (4 months ago)
Chris White that ass
Playin Hard (6 months ago)
0:28 is definitely NOT a guy! If it is..call me gay cuz i'd smash dat ass!
Mal Burns (7 months ago)
so hot great clip
Bruce Crapper (7 months ago)
I love cross dressing any comment
robert pettman (19 days ago)
Me 2 love being a women
Martin Harris (2 months ago)
Yeah i have a comment for you.im not a cross dresser but I don't judge everyone has the right to be happy and feel sexy
Dawn Slater (7 months ago)
Being born a girl, I used to fantasize what it would be like to be a male. I have learned to be happy with what I am.
Linda Moore (8 months ago)
Wow that pretty much says it, huh?
LectronCircuits (8 months ago)
As more folks do this, it becomes more normal. At the tipping point, it will no longer be considered cross dressing. Cheers!
CJ Phillips (8 months ago)
I need help getting started!
Elliott Smith (8 months ago)
Transform learning learning nearby persuade trade cabinet deliver farmer.
Al Pete (8 months ago)
Love dressing up but to go out in public, not yet. I do it only at night in a safe dark area it's so exciting :)
robert pettman (19 days ago)
Love being a women must met up
Troy Pederson (2 months ago)
Al Pete
Ann Drogynous (2 months ago)
I've done some exploring while dressed up, it is pretty exciting! I'm sure if I had been seen, it may not have been safe. It was in a rural suburb involving a short stroll along the street, a decent hike through a hiking/jogging trail in heels and flats, then eventually a creepy dark exploration of an abandoned factory. Hearing your heels clicking in spooky 5,000 square foot spaces is awesome! You also get some genuine wear and scuffs on your shoes that carpet, tile or wood flooring can't offer to the "indoor 'dresser"!
romanticme (8 months ago)
I like dressing up as a girl also and when i am able to when im all alone
Juliette Juliette (8 months ago)
OK Im too old for this , I m a transgender, love the style, I do dress myself like that, outdoor i am more classic, it dos not bother me when peoples look at me, I even get some compliment,
Skip Welcome (7 days ago)
You're never too old to be who you are
Johan Nandelstadh (22 days ago)
I love classic. Twinset cardigans. Skirts etc
lesliekvin (8 months ago)
I completely agree with all of the suggestions and have done many of them myself. Great ideas
Patrick S (9 months ago)
Ah, but to really make it work you need a man as a prop.
Bruce Crapper (10 months ago)
I love cross dressing any comment
ThatDutchguy (10 months ago)
2:30 Holy crap,...how, ehh 😳😍.
Lexie (10 months ago)
theres nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a hot woman looking back at you ...i know, been there and done that .....been in public dozens of times and been picked up by men ....so hot
Tammy not Sammy (1 month ago)
Oh yeah Lexie, you know it! Getting dressed and pleasing men is so hot and so much fun! Can't get enough :-)
that 80's girl (10 months ago)
These boys look more feminine than me. :/
Silas Harlow (1 month ago)
Make me your fem boi
that 80's girl (10 months ago)
Thanks babes.
Penelope foxx (10 months ago)
Puss in Biker Boots there's absolutely nothing wrong with you
Kevin Gordon (11 months ago)
they all are beautiful and very sexy they have the right idea I love to get dressed up like a girl every chance I get and when I do I like to be on my knees
MrDICKHEAD28 (11 months ago)
Darrell Henry (11 months ago)
I already wear lipstick as often as I can. Panties are so much better than boxers and bras feel so nice😍💄
Skip Welcome (7 days ago)
+Johan Nandelstadh are you cute?
Johan Nandelstadh (1 month ago)
+that 80's girl I love panties
oldermale2 (7 months ago)
I totally agree
that 80's girl (8 months ago)
my comment was two months ago, I already threw all my itchy tight lingerie out and bought a whole bunch of boxers, you're too late but I appreciate it though
that 80's girl (8 months ago)
I have my own. Thanks though.
PINK LLOYD (1 year ago)
Fantastic!! Kudos, accolades, n 3cheers for all the brave n the beautiful!!! Kisses to u all!! Happy Holidays!!!
Kristal Satin (1 year ago)
You are so sexy, I would love some playtime with you! xo
Lexie (1 year ago)
omg i agree with all of the above ....and i spent two years out, both gay and straight bars ....got hit on in both ....absolutely LOVED it ...took some balls, lol, excuse the expression, but I looked damn good, hot and sexy ....9o per cent passable straight guys found it hard, lol, difficult to not take me home or to their rooms ..anyway, it was awesome, and you should use more actual tgs in this video, as im fairly certain these are real women ..but thats ok i get it ....im on herbal supplements now and breasts are coming in quite nicely ...anyway just excited about your whole channel .....no believers and no tgs or cds ....its just part of who we are ....so get over yourselves
Paul Smith (1 year ago)
Where are located
Manie Klopper (1 year ago)
Geri you are right when i get out the bottle there is no turn back, i love to crossdress
Al Pete (1 year ago)
I love dressing up its exciting My next step is to go all the way with makeup and to go out in public. So exciting hoping no guy hits on you. :)
Ann Drogynous (2 months ago)
There is a very real sense of vulnerability while wearing a dress, pantyhose and heels. You are not going to out run a potential attacker or someone who gets an idea that a "struggle snuggle" is feasible because are you really going to tell anyone?
linda boatinger (1 year ago)
i love this im linda of nz
linda boatinger (1 year ago)
is  there girls here in nz
Peter Coombe (1 year ago)
can i be the girl at 40 seconds please.
Garry Benson (2 years ago)
Boy you are really hot
lik everytiem (2 years ago)
comon a lot of these are girls or transgender female that has been under hormone therapy and surgery. Mainly you mean strait looking guys or girls as dressing up to be opposite sex as cross dressers and transvestite right? Transsexuals shown here live as a female fulltime, they are not exactly cross dressers I think. Dont get mad people. Just thinking and typing.
Lexie (1 year ago)
its such a wide spectrum hun....no these girls in the captions above are either really beautiful transexuals, or real women .....its very hard to be a convincing crossdresser and look passable, takes a lot of work ...esp. if you re not a feminine male to begin with ...but i do ok, dont you think
Ken Devine (2 years ago)
They look fabulous. I love being a girl when i can.
James Parker (2 years ago)
@Terry Tanktop Sounds like you've been looking at a lot of Cross dressers there fella. But that's cool. At least you know what types you prefer. Think is... When you say that it's okay if guys dress up like women but all the ones you've seen are dressed as prostitutes... Whores and prostitutes are also women so what's your point? How unhappy you must be to say someone is a joke? Just who gave you the right to judge?
Peter Johns (10 months ago)
Its so naughty but a delight to be covered in satin
Wolfgang548 (11 months ago)
It's funny he's even here to begin with.
Terry Tanktop (2 years ago)
Fair enough. A guy can dress up as a woman if he wants. But that's not what most crossdressers do. They instead dress up as whores and prostitutes. Never seen one crossdresser in a respectable length dress or skirt. What a joke they are.
Aylbdr Madison (3 months ago)
@ Terry Tanktop : You're the joke because you are so archaic and don't even realize it. Women no matter what their profession or gender should be able to dress how they like without people calling them names that most of us stopped using before puberty. A man is called a stud, but a woman who does the same is called a slut. Because a woman dresses like a slut does not mean she is selling anything. Therefore only _you_ look bad when you call them prostitute or whore. On top of that, unless you are jobless, _you sell your body too._ That makes you a hypocrite also.
sissyPatsfan (11 months ago)
Terry Tanktop When I dress, I wear current styles -skirt suits or nice dresses. Heels or boots. Occasionally, I'll put on something sexy but that's only on a weekend night here or there, and only to please my man. And never, ever, ever like a street trollop.
sissyPatsfan (11 months ago)
James Freeman You mean one finger at a time? ;)
Lexie (1 year ago)
i dress provocatively, but because i like too and have the legs and body to do so. But when Ive gone out shopping or during day light hours I wear jeans and respectable tops.....as a man, i like woman who dress sexy, doesnt make them prostitutes or whores ....just like to look nice and hot, within reason when I go out to the clubs or bars. And to be honest, im always honest with men i meet ...and most of the time they have to ask me if im real or not .....if i meet someone and they re open to it or me great, if not move on .....obviously if i worked as a woman, like some friends of mine, id dress accordingly ok now youve heard from "one of us"....hope it helps .....btw Ive never taken money from a date, drinks and dinner yes, like any normal girl would but never been paid
James Freeman (1 year ago)
Jenny Jones you type like a man.
Sarahshopalot (2 years ago)
Yes yes yes to every picture, giggle
scorpion3687 (2 years ago)
I would like that my self they r beautiful
sexy ex-wife (2 years ago)
very nice dresses
roy burris (10 months ago)
sexy ex-wife ill sharr mine with u if u make me a girl
Sensual Transgenders (2 years ago)
make a part 2
geri morgan (2 years ago)
talking from my dressing as a girl. once you start.you let the genie out of the bottle.and there is no going back.
geri morgan (1 year ago)
very true . many thanks  my love ...I shall ....
Elerie (1 year ago)
Uhmbe Rhellah Chill. You've just had bad experience. Every forum I've been to has been extremely helpful and non-aggressive. I hope you keep doing what you love tho. Cheers.
John Hutchison (2 years ago)
geri morgan (2 years ago)
thank you +++++
هادو مريد (2 years ago)
Jason Presley (2 years ago)
Id like one these these lovelies to dress me then I would go out with them.
Terrance Fearon (1 year ago)
me too please !
robert langan (2 years ago)
i would love to dress you up
هادو مريد (2 years ago)
Tony (2 years ago)
When I dress like a girl, I also want to please a man like a girl would.
Skip Welcome (7 days ago)
This is great no haters
Johan Nandelstadh (22 days ago)
+Jazzmayn Griffo 👄
Jazzmayn Griffo (22 days ago)
I bet you would look absolutely beautiful
C Dresser (1 month ago)
+Johan Nandelstadh Hello :)
Johan Nandelstadh (1 month ago)
+C Dresser 💓

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