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ONE YEAR BEARD TIME LAPSE | DAY 1 to 365 | Growing A BEARD for 1 YEAR | Yeard Journey

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Redbubble T-Shirts: https://rdbl.co/2sbo33N Amazon T-Shirts: https://amzn.to/2wg5JLI Thanks :) https://www.patreon.com/drewsobsessions Well Ladies and Gentleman...I did it. I grew this big, ginger beard for the entire year. I went from completely shaven to a hairy beast. I hope you enjoy this Time Lapse video of my beard growth. Thanks for all your support along the way. I couldn't have done it without you. Take the pledge. Commit to project years 365! SPECIAL THANKS to ALL MY PATREONS, ESPECIALLY: Spenser How Adrian Morrison Links to Products that I am currently using in my Beard Routine: Seven Potions: https://www.sevenpotions.com Link to Grooming Kit: https://goo.gl/hLZthG The Mod Cabin: https://www.themodcabin.com Artius Man: https://www.artiusman.com (DREW20 for 20% Off)
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Text Comments (2052)
Drew's Obsessions (5 months ago)
LINK TO MY FINALE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7mRF4Po_rI
Ahmad Tarawneh (7 days ago)
Hasan Bacchu (13 days ago)
Hey ,,,boss..... Are you used any cream or what For heard....
Mark Rodriguez (15 days ago)
I don't think I would take that challenge. I'm on the first week,trying to grow a short beard like Ben Affleck when he was in Argo and I might stop after month two or three and trim it, You look good at that stage to be honest.
DIPTA DAS (1 month ago)
Drew's Obsessions which supplement you use?
tony tony (3 months ago)
Delhi Boy 8bp Player hello this is real.?..
Megan furlong (14 hours ago)
I am a 35 year old woman , facial hair is one of the most repulsive things a man it makes men looks unkempt and homeless looking. I think the whole notion of beards takes more time and care than just shaving it off everyday and that it is stereotyping bearded men for saying they are being lazy is just a deliberate red herring by men like yourself who cannot be bothered to groom themselves and put a razor to their face and shave. You would think Today, when the market is saturated with razors of all kinds, men would just to “just shave it off and be done with it”. Besides, for a lot of men, this is just how they choose to look. So tying beards to laziness is completely logical. women like me shave legs . Indeed, why shouldn’t men shave faces. I think most people with half a brain realize that the reason men grow beards is because they can’t be bothered to shave and is because they cannot be bothered to spend time on their face every morning,. Beards really are full of germs. A German study in which researchers swabbed men’s beards and examined the bacteria found that some beards contained household bacteria, like what you’d find on a kitchen table, while others—brace yourself it had germs you’d find in a toilet. So basically, kissing a guy with a beard is really like kissing a toilet seat. . When I look at any man who hasn’t shaved my attraction goes from “interested” to “no thanks to you lazy unkempt bastard .” I won’t be going anywhere near a modern-day mountain man.
0:23 This is where I'm at right now, my life is hell but I have hope that it will get better, that the hurtful comments will stop ;( So many people telling me I look like a really old used toothbrush it's not funny...
Drew's Obsessions (1 day ago)
Hang in there man.
Rover Waters (2 days ago)
ginger beards suck
Rover Waters (2 days ago)
You're just jelly because only 1% of the world have gingy beards
Mushroom Head (6 days ago)
Now dress up in leaves and fur and yell at people "What year is it?!"
Clay Ton (8 days ago)
I can grow that in 3 weeks
C_dubbz _ (11 days ago)
Damn I grow your 5 month beard in 2!!
Rhys (11 days ago)
Dude you look like William Dafoe.
FaceTheReality (12 days ago)
He looks like Jamie dornan in month 2-3
Polepaka Sunil (12 days ago)
I want to talk to you call me my number 9505 369 649
You're lady got no pleasure for 12 months then?
xXG4m3br4inlpXx (14 days ago)
Am I the only one, who thinks, he looks way younger and rather like an adolescent than without the beard before the Yeard-Project?
Drew's Obsessions (13 days ago)
haha I get that a lot actually:) Thanks for the comment
rorz999 (15 days ago)
I appreciate your dedication, but you don't have the density to grow a truly great beard. My beard is very similar, it just doesn't grow thick enough
Drew's Obsessions (13 days ago)
Very true man....but it's a work in progress:)
ramiz ahmed (17 days ago)
Wow red beard grows
Drew's Obsessions (13 days ago)
"Let it Grow and Let it Flow" - Sultan of Silver
Dylan H (17 days ago)
Your beard is weird
James Tv Show Network (18 days ago)
Im need a mustace
Drew's Obsessions (13 days ago)
It'll come man. Give it time.
c Vorschlag (18 days ago)
Drew's Obsessions (16 days ago)
uh thanks?
ahmed nasser (19 days ago)
Jim carey is confirmed
Drew's Obsessions (16 days ago)
aha I get that a lot :)
The X-PLANE Pilot Life (22 days ago)
Actually he looks younger with the beard! More cool!
Drew's Obsessions (19 days ago)
Thanks man! Hope you subbed:)
Brent (22 days ago)
Shit. It's gonna take about eight months to get the length I want one. I'm about six week in.
Drew's Obsessions (19 days ago)
Enjoy the process my friend. You'll get there!
Atlantis 2000 (1 month ago)
The song please
carmareja (1 month ago)
that´s hot, with beard
Pape Demba G (1 month ago)
What's your secret cuz ? What kind of oil do you use ?
omalley16 (1 month ago)
You look younger with the beard
Drew's Obsessions (25 days ago)
Seek Truth (1 month ago)
Nice video. Do a Beardcade next time.
Seek Truth (25 days ago)
Drew's Obsessions  Yeard = 1 year beard growth Beardcade (Decade) = 10 years beard growth :)
Drew's Obsessions (25 days ago)
What's a beardcade?
Bryce Czirr (1 month ago)
I mean on paper it's not really difficult. Step 1 - Stop Shaving Step 2 - Take 1 selfie a day Step 3 - Profit.
abel assefa (1 month ago)
what he use to grow his bear? can somebody tell me?
Steve Cartwright (1 month ago)
Ginger yuk
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
um. Thanks?
Month 5 was my fave month for you!!
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Thanks Emily!
DIPTA DAS (1 month ago)
Drew's Obsessions which beard growth supplement you use - can u please reply ??
DIPTA DAS (1 month ago)
Drew's Obsessions  I use both Beard oil and Biotin supplementary tablets.. I have only one question .. Is it okay to take vitamin B7 (10 mg )+ vitamin B5 (100mg) in each tablet without side effects if i maintain peoper diet and exercises??
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Hi Dipta...too many things to mention in just a response. If you check out my channel you'll see all the products I use. Good luck man!
ahaha nicee
Nick Bläsing (1 month ago)
With the bart you look very better
5mjh (1 month ago)
beards are gross
David Todd (1 month ago)
Am three months in growing my beard and it driving me mad with the itching any advice ? by the way well done hope I can continue with mine !!
David Todd (1 month ago)
Hi and thanks for the reply ! yes tried the normal stuff , but I will the cider vinegar and let you know, Does the cider vinegar spell and do I just rub it in and leave it ?? This is my second attempt to grow a big beard first time the itching got so bad I just shave it off then wish I hadn't ,
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Hi David! Ok I am assuming that you already use a beard oil or balm...So next step would be to try a apple cider vinegar rinse. I find that when my beard is getting itchy, it is partly due to build up on my skin. Using a vinegar wash will help remove any build ups or blockages. Also make sure to comb and brush your beard. Let me know if that works for you! Beard on man!
amc cool (1 month ago)
That's one amazing beard!
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Too kind!
Rafael mantovanni (1 month ago)
Dream Of A Tiger (1 month ago)
Oh my God it's ginger Jim Carrey!!!
Dream Of A Tiger (1 month ago)
Drew's Obsessions Hehe anything is possible :) cheers mate!
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Could it be that I am the real Jim Carrey that just had to dye his hair for a movie???
Junior Nkeng (1 month ago)
02:01 looks like garfield
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
have never had that one before...but I can see the resemblance haha
kart ik (1 month ago)
Jim carry 😂
kart ik (1 month ago)
+Drew's Obsessions don't mind haha
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
FAIZAN mk (1 month ago)
Apekshit Pagare (1 month ago)
song name?
Oskar Forslund (1 month ago)
What song/music is this?
Jason Shoemaker (1 month ago)
I did it for a year, your clearly have slow growing hair. Mine was over 9 inches long. I trimmed my mustache though
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
yeah my beard definitely didn't grow as fast as I would have liked.
Looks best at second or third month
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
editableMonkey RaXe (1 month ago)
Wasn’t last year a leap year? Fuck it man a year is 365 no matter what, a leap year just add a day that DOSENT really EVEN count.
The King (1 month ago)
Can I yank your beard?
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Patricio Toledo (1 month ago)
AnotherGingerNinja (1 month ago)
1:11 (insert god of war 4 quote here).
Gery Bills (1 month ago)
You look like Jim Carrey :D
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Gavin Hayes (1 month ago)
He kind of looks like Jim Carrey
Denise Macias (1 month ago)
nei costa (1 month ago)
Bryl Jay Monte (1 month ago)
Looks like Ryan Villopoto 😁
Bence Tóth (1 month ago)
Did you used anything that makes the growing faster?
Saucyynico (1 month ago)
You look better with the beard
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Taji Khan (1 month ago)
Trim u r ugly mustache yaaakh
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
I trimmed it! Check out my beard and hair now :) Hope you subscribed :)
user name (1 month ago)
he looks so better with beard. so cool and manly if i were a man i would have a long beard
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
haha thanks!
Cynthia K. (1 month ago)
Look better with it
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Thanks :)
Κ. Π. (1 month ago)
looked like shit after 1st month...and seriously? blow drier for your facial hair? really????????
DannyB (1 month ago)
I started two weeks ago
DannyB (1 month ago)
Drew's Obsessions cheers brother! 🍻
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Nice! Welcome to the club brother :)
Vinicius Chukzera (1 month ago)
What is the name of the song you play during the video?
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Beat the competition :)
Grimreaperfitness (1 month ago)
Techno Viking?!
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Hmm never heard that one before, but I'll take it! haha thanks
Shaneel Wamdeo (1 month ago)
3rd month beard looks nice.
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Thanks Shane
Jean-Ian Simard (1 month ago)
Definitely keep the hairs on your face yo!
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
Oh I kept them...now starting a new project...'Project Full Mane.' Hope you subscribed :)
Enjov Me (1 month ago)
In 1st month he looks like magneto in the Xmen...
Beast Master (1 month ago)
Jim carry
Ashley Hlavaty (1 month ago)
Very attractive with a beard
Alexis Grace (1 month ago)
Im a male with 5foot10 i really dont have a facial hair except on my chin can you help me grow a thick beard?
Lucky_Quin123 (1 month ago)
Поперечный, не выебывайся.
T E H S E E N (1 month ago)
You look more handsome in beard.
Onyx gaming /FG/CG. (1 month ago)
I want the 3month beard but I want it to be white or grey
Trickman Hans (1 month ago)
bro one really work very fast wash your bear with a regular growing hair shampoo i senn the diference very quick
Martial Matters (1 month ago)
I would steal lunch money from the left guy because and give it to the guy on the right
Drew's Obsessions (1 month ago)
haha awesome:)
Syber-VHS (1 month ago)
look much more dignified with a beard
Manuel (1 month ago)
Pasa me la barba por la cola
K.P The Punisher (1 month ago)
Looks like Jim Carrey at the end XD Really Cool Beard
fleshlight that cries (1 month ago)
Man looks like irish santa
Evan Chen (1 month ago)
The day 365 picture looks like messi in a way.
David Almagro Rivas (1 month ago)
Hay una parte del video en la que el chaval es clavado a David Guetta 😂😂😂
STO LEN (2 months ago)
He looks like walter white in the first picture
Zhar Borneo (2 months ago)
I made eye contact with him for 1 straight years ..
Alice Blankenship (2 months ago)
What a beautiful face of hair! Too bad you shaved it off. It’ awesome!!
Kyle (2 months ago)
If I did that for a year, I still wouldn’t have facial hair. And I’m 31.
MuFaZo (2 months ago)
Deay 365: Now I'm Baldur
jheff none name (2 months ago)
Are you baldur?
Vikam Singh (2 months ago)
How is it possible which oil that tell please
Jay Rogers (2 months ago)
Growing a beard isn't any kind of movement, it's just growing a beard, nothing special or empowering , get over yourselves
dandjedi (2 months ago)
A beard like this just makes you look like a man lol. I learned patience growing my hair long for the first time. I just hit two years and it’s down my back and I love it. I’m 35 and could never grow a full beard until the last few years. Luckily I’m blessed now with great hair and beard potential. Just started my yeard july 28th so it’s been 3 weeks. It’s a tad patchy and awkward but I’ll get passed that. Only thing I’m cutting back is the line where it goes down to my Adam’s apple. My wife hates beards but she’s accepted it lol. I’m a professional sculptor and can look however I want and my boss is fine with it so I’m lucky in that regard.
SugarHigh Gaming (2 months ago)
holy shiiiiiit
Quickerone (2 months ago)
From good looking to homeless in 365 days. Cut that shit off man, get a nice haircut and look like a gentleman. There's only 2 reasons to grow a beard: 1. You're/getting bald. 2. You have an ugly or non masculine faceshape. These ones aren't your problems so forget about it and look fresh again. Bet your wife will be the happiest woman in town hahaha. Take care of yourself sir, good luck.✌
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
Thanks Quickerone for the constructive criticism. Yes, she would be happy with a slightly shorter beard but she's mostly cool with it :) All the best my friend.
pernada boriusz (2 months ago)
I never shaved👌👌👌
pernada boriusz (2 months ago)
Looking good
cielo azul (2 months ago)
What Is That Song Right Now 0:21
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
Beat the competition
Nasty business. (2 months ago)
There's too many hipsters in the world as it is
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
Does having a beard instantly make you a hipster?
Suplex city (2 months ago)
U look like wwe superstar daniel bryan
DrewVilla (2 months ago)
Wow, your beard grows in a bit similar to mine. No real patches, but it feels like it grows in a bit coarse so I always trim/shave it because I feel like it doesn't look good. Thank you for showing what it looks like to just let it grow a bit longer. I too will now start my journey!
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
You're very welcome man! I am glad my results have inspired you :)
Russell Thompson (2 months ago)
Hey, you have a ginger beard! Now drink Ginger beer!
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
What do you think turned my hair ginger?! Joke
Leonardo Gatti (2 months ago)
Hey mate. I'm trying to grow my beard. I haven't shaved it for a bit more than 2 months. It's coming, but my beard is quite thin. You think it's better for me to keep shaving it for a period or to let ot grow for a few more mouths? I'd really appreciate your advice, if you could answer me. Thanks a lot.
Drew's Obsessions (2 months ago)
Hi Leonardo! Awesome progress. The first 2 months aren't easy. It is hard to give you my opinion without a picture, but I would say focus on your beard first while keeping your hair neat. I would keep your hair short until you reach a beard level that you like. Then experiment with your hair. Good luck brother!

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