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Watch Flesh-Eating Beetles Strip Bodies to the Bone | Deep Look

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Dermestid Beetles are fast and fastidious eaters. They can pick a carcass clean in just days leaving even the most delicate bone structures intact. This makes them the perfect tool for museum scientists-- if you keep them far, far away from valuable collections. SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/8NwXqt In nature, Dermestid Beetles are death-homing devices. They’ll find a dead body about a week after death and lay eggs in the drying flesh. The larvae emerge with a voracious appetite, outgrowing their skins six to eight times in just days before pupating, becoming adults and flying away to start a new colony. These Dermestid Beetles at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley are direct descendants from the original colony established in this museum in 1924. The process now used at museums around the world was pioneered here. These are the beetles you see here in this flesh-eating beetles time lapse. Scientists in the prep lab downstairs receive nearly a thousand carcasses a year. It’s their job to preserve each animal for long-term use in the collections upstairs. And the work is not for the squeamish. What makes beetles ideal for cleaning museum specimens is that they’re fast and fastidious eaters. They can pick a carcass clean while leaving even the most delicate bone structures intact. It takes a large beetle colony 24 – 48 hours to clean the bones of small animals like rabbits and owls, and they can work on 100 - 200 specimens at a time. Larger animals like deer or coyotes take about a week. But the alliance between beetles and museum is an uneasy one. Downstairs the beetles are a critical tool. But if Dermestids got loose upstairs, they could wreak havoc in the library stacks, munching through specimen drawers and ruining entire collections. --- More KQED SCIENCE: Tumblr: http://kqedscience.tumblr.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kqedscience KQED Science: http://ww2.kqed.org/science --- More great DEEP LOOK episodes: Where Are the Ants Carrying All Those Leaves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6oKJ5FGk24 What Happens When You Put a Hummingbird in a Wind Tunnel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyqY64ovjfY Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3CtGoqz3ww Related videos from the PBS Digital Studios Network! Can Microbes Solve Murder Mysteries? - Gross Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRUt9pqMCSg The Surprising Ways Death Shapes Our Lives - BrainCraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Joalg73L_gw Do Animals Mourn Their Dead? - It's Okay to Be Smart (ft. BrainCraft and Gross Science!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHJDmMSKlHM --- More KQED SCIENCE: Tumblr: http://kqedscience.tumblr.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kqedscience KQED Science: http://ww2.kqed.org/science Funding for Deep Look is provided in part by PBS Digital Studios and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Deep Look is a project of KQED Science, which is supported by HopeLab, The David B. Gold Foundation; S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation; The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation; The Vadasz Family Foundation; Smart Family Foundation and the members of KQED. #deeplook #dermestids #dermestidbeetle
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Text Comments (1165)
Rat King (12 hours ago)
Yummy 😋
tooasty breado (1 day ago)
If ther are to many bugs just fix the game
Forwen Eymnorty (1 day ago)
Museums are important reminders of all the species humans have pushed to the brink of extinction and beyond.
T4T1ANA (2 days ago)
Idk if I should be amazed or scared.
Pumkin pie (4 days ago)
smile cute (6 days ago)
Faster than maggots?
Lance Rafael (7 days ago)
Are those salagubang
Unicornio Azul (8 days ago)
Cameo a Chile salvaje aparece
B. Levin (9 days ago)
Desert Eagle (9 days ago)
This is LEGIT making my skin crawl!!
Shadow Kid (10 days ago)
That snake is the only thing that satisfies me. I mean it’s a snake
*LaDY* *L0VE* (10 days ago)
@0:54 ..... I couldn't figure out what type of animal that was? THEN, I thought 💭 hmm 🤔 they ONLY dealt with dead animals, so why was this one moving it's eyes. Then I figured out 💡 that it was an Asian worker. SMH 😑😂😂😂
Commando.G. H (10 days ago)
Can’t they just let the body’s decompose
Joshua Watson (11 days ago)
Welp now I know what owlhuts look like 🤢
Anik Samiur Rahman (12 days ago)
Reminded me of the flesh-eating bugs from "The Mummy" movie.
PeePee Swift (13 days ago)
Bring forth the holy hand grenade
Zharizard (13 days ago)
I really wish I knew the name of the music used here. It fits so well the ambiance :D
Daisy Fraser (13 days ago)
Uninstall life? [Yes] | No
RAJEEV (14 days ago)
It's library of the death...
Cuddly Crochet Buddies (14 days ago)
Soooooooooo I have some reptiles that eat insects and these turned up in my cage that I keep my crickets Because people will put them in to eat all of the dead and exoskeletons so yeah technically I have these as pets
Fine Banana (16 days ago)
Just imagine being a banana
josh (18 days ago)
The larva is like Nom Nom Nom!
Rori Raptor (19 days ago)
Oh I recognized "Never laugh as a Hearse goes by" melody in the end credits theme, oh youuuu.
Lorelai Myint (20 days ago)
"And in the end, the bugs always win." Is that a threat?
Foxy148 the clever fox (20 days ago)
It’s so scary to see when they take off the feathers of the owl 🦉 it’s so scary I can’t unsee it
Nomeka_ Chan (22 days ago)
This maybe the best thing ive ever seen-
Cydel Abores (22 days ago)
0:44 *c r i e s*
hobby gamer (24 days ago)
Thanks 😆
eertikrux (24 days ago)
This is one edgy video
terramic (24 days ago)
1:34 plague doctor... ish very spoopy
American Fitty (25 days ago)
Please tell me I'm not the only that wants to see the beetle's eat a human body?
Matthew Borell (25 days ago)
When I die, burn me into ashes...
egg (1 month ago)
Noooooooo not a snake
Fake JerJer King (1 month ago)
tangina salagubang hahahahahahaha
Xander Ψαμπο (1 month ago)
"Library of life" when everything is dead and preserve. Wheres life in there?
Dark Soul (1 month ago)
I love these beetles 😍
Rohit R (1 month ago)
Lauren I love your voice ......😘😘
Aryan Raj (1 month ago)
The last line touched my heart and enlighten my brain.
MasterSP18 (1 month ago)
Those beetles reminds me the beetles of the mummy.
Angga Nugraha (1 month ago)
Disgusting yet thank you for making the planet not stinky!!!
Zoe Lestrange (1 month ago)
ScARaBs!!! Anyone else get The Mummy vibes from this?
Why am I watching this while eating? 😵
Borex Batulan (1 month ago)
The bugs will not win now to my flamethrower
Tatsusama (1 month ago)
That's so cool that the beetles used are the families of the beetles first used in the organization😀
Ileana Flores (1 month ago)
I wanna be eaten like that when i die
birb boi (1 month ago)
I get slightly creeped out by this lol
Rhea chan (1 month ago)
Sooo if the beetles die, their larvae eat them?
bunnybear (1 month ago)
Fik Shun (1 month ago)
What a good life for the beetles.....
PEACE (1 month ago)
Yes plz (2 months ago)
This actually made me hungry.
Shema Gamer (2 months ago)
They are like Cleaners for bones
Beecher D. (2 months ago)
Be sure not to keep these in your house kids. They'll eat you in your sleep.
Rhea chan (1 month ago)
They eat live animals? now im scared
D.G. Echo (2 months ago)
You could just like put the beetles in a separate building. And if that’s too difficult, two floors down
Mister Ugi (2 months ago)
beetles a small reincarnation of homer
A B (2 months ago)
Flesh-Eating Beetles: *Exist* Deep Look: :O
The Shpee (2 months ago)
Saw these bugs when walking home... Man I'm feel sick when I accidentally stepped in a animal corpse filled with these bugs
Milu Guchait (2 months ago)
Jordan Fleming (2 months ago)
When I die, I want my body picked clean by these beetles. It’d be like a sky burial, but with insects instead of vultures.
Kenneth YN Kwok (2 months ago)
Watching bugs always make me itchy af
ron hat (2 months ago)
The music at the end is very fitting - "the worms crawl in the worms crawl out".
MyViolador (2 months ago)
Nurgle is pleased
I Love Animals (2 months ago)
Library of life? Arent those animals dead? The Library of Death!
hesan Az (2 months ago)
This is how I used to eat when I was a kid, my mother would get confused when she was about to wash my literally clean dishes
Heather Duke (2 months ago)
Really enjoyed that thank you x
DypecekOficial (2 months ago)
I whould love to have it to get a snake or lizard skelet
Jupiter Rising (2 months ago)
"Library of Life". Well, I guess it has a better ring than "Library of Formaldehyde-Cocktail Dead Body Soups"
anime nugget (2 months ago)
You know what they say about death It all goes well for about a week and then your coffin begins to leak
Chicken Draws Dogs (2 months ago)
"The bugs always win." The Terran Federation takes offense to that (XD)
Roblox Trending (2 months ago)
These bugs will kill us all, we have flesh
Roblox Trending (2 months ago)
A fleshmite
Cristian Lim (2 months ago)
I think I'm gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤢
ChubbyNP (2 months ago)
Earned yourself a subscriber I dont even know why i have 18subs
Yifei Tian (2 months ago)
Yeah I think I’ll either get cremated or donate my organs instead of getting eaten by these things
A Boy Plays (2 months ago)
I don’t know why they call it the library of life when everything in there is dead
Peckwood (2 months ago)
If there is no better value, I would rather have my body eaten by these beetles and be a part of the Library of Life.
Random Bitch (2 months ago)
The fact that I enjoy watching this types of videos
Brian kimotho (2 months ago)
Never stop learning with Deep Look
Wild Feather (2 months ago)
This was a great clip!!!
Haris Shah (3 months ago)
Arturs Vertijs (3 months ago)
Are there any vegans?
Tonya Johnston (3 months ago)
Rip me they are in my house
FBI (3 months ago)
library of death not life
Vynivas (3 months ago)
after watching this, any one else started to smell popcorn? now i am hungry for popcorn.
Ben Mellors (3 months ago)
Those kind of remind of flesh eating scarab beetles
Princess Mauve (3 months ago)
Me: Salagubang? Asimawa? Oh nevermind.
All Hail Mighty Papyrus (3 months ago)
Why am I watching this at 3 am in the morning?
Matt Smith (3 months ago)
Me: Sees Beetles eating a dead bird Me: Sees The Larva Me: Are those caterpillars?
TPAWER Myth (3 months ago)
That’s what we called “ Bad to the bones “
수시렁이 같군요.
Nico Onimations (3 months ago)
I have these :)
Solo Cynthia (3 months ago)
Once my aunties cats kill birds and rats and outside her door on her grass was a dead rat they knew but didn’t take it away until maggots came and ate the females flesh and it had a baby inside of her but it also died and got aten kinda and it was also wild but those beetles never came
linux750 (3 months ago)
Those flesh eating beetles from The Mummy (starring Brendan Fraiser) were based on these beetles.
Ayla Howard (3 months ago)
These are scarabs, right?
RauserCraft 525 (3 months ago)
Marvin Myers (3 months ago)
Anyone else realize that at 0:33 you can hear the dragon snails from the SCP Foundation?
BetterToSleep (3 months ago)
This is why when I die, I want to be burned.
Alan Valschi (3 months ago)
Death is beauty
Master Disaster (3 months ago)
"Watch flesh-eating beetles" No, thanks

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