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You Know You are Dating a TURKISH Woman When...

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You can put your commitment ring on. Everything you need to know about dating a Turkish woman in 5 minutes. Highly requested from all of you! We do listen ;) * WARNING: These are generalizations. Viewer discretion and a sense of humor is advised. We focus on dating around the world in weekly videos. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/iIjGsB Support us on Patreon: https://goo.gl/k9H4Aq to help us grow! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarinaDating FB updates: http://www.facebook/datingwithoutboders http://www.datingbeyondborders.com http://www.instagram.com/datingbeyond... Business/personal emails: [email protected] Crew: Andrew James https://goo.gl/hWNoeg Directors: Marina Iakovleva Andrew James Actors: Bengu Tiffany Kayar Ken Northfield Canberk Ruscuklu Location: Toronto, Canada Music by: DJ Quads - Medicine to me Youtube Library: At the Foot of the Sphinx by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/ Dreamlike by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100410 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Dating Beyond Borders (1 year ago)
Hey everyone, I will attempt to do my live stream video this Tuesday at 3pm EST! You can find out all about me, our channel and get a news update on where I will be next! Stay tuned :)
Elmamusurije (1 month ago)
Dating Beyond Borders dating a Dutch woman please, 😍😍
shyshyshy ninfa (1 month ago)
Dating Beyond Borders pleaseeee , make about turkish man
Mustafa Cihat (1 month ago)
He's completely right. :))))))
DiverseJoe (2 months ago)
Dating Beyond Borders Teşekkürler
pranay roy (3 months ago)
Make a video of dating a Croatian woman
Wild disgusting people, at least as they're pictured in this vid.
Defne Yılmaz (14 hours ago)
Pleaseee Make a Turkish version pleaaasee
Biswajeet Singh (15 hours ago)
That doggy so cute
Tirah5 (21 hours ago)
So a gay fortune teller predicts heterosexuals Turks their soul mate?
ahmet ulusal (1 day ago)
Genç ler kebap isteyen gelsin
ali Servan (1 day ago)
HAHAHAHA Holy crap this is accurate. Turkish women are wonderful, for the first few months, but they soon turn full psychopath as soon as the committmentring os on their finger, and once the wedding band is on, they turn into their mothers.
Yassine Sabri (1 day ago)
takr fakr (1 day ago)
This is not a real Turkish family. Just fakeass bitches who suck dick in hell. Pls die
Irwin Wins (1 day ago)
Cracked up on the soap operas. That's 100% true and this is why we didn't last more than 2 months.
Beth M (2 days ago)
I think we can safely say that jealousy/possessiveness is a universal thing!
Ahmet Abay (3 days ago)
Ben de bir Türk olarak yazıyorum. Sakın bir Türk kızına aşık olmak gibi bir hata etmeyin. Biz yandık siz bari yanmayın ...
Mustafa Aburizq (3 days ago)
Oh my god this is damn true
yahya El-Rayes (3 days ago)
make a video about Egyptian women plz
I like the idea of a commitment ring
Sun Rise (5 days ago)
Hahaha what can i say? All of them is true 😬😬 we are so jealous for example me ; i always follow my husband’s eyes i cant stop this since univercity it’s a kind of habit 😉✌🏻🐥😬🦋💐👀🔪🔪🔪
turtoise6 (5 days ago)
Of all the guzz i saw on my vacation in barcelona a turkish girl was just the right one, Beautiful girls. Salut de Chile *****
Dery Ka (5 days ago)
So cool.. love you guys 💞
abdulla ali (6 days ago)
She doesn’t seem to be Turkish !! By the way turkish says salam not shalom, the latter is hebrew.
Marylee Macpherson (6 days ago)
The breakfast look so amazing .. thanks
SquirrelKnight (7 days ago)
...she smells like old garlic
Amro Karim (8 days ago)
The worst part is seeing a european watching Turkish serials, like Sunday holy mass
soul star ssama (8 days ago)
It's not cuz she Turkish , it's cuz she's Muslim in first place Every single Muslim girl is hard to get and doesn't accept hidden relationship or sex before marriage , + you have to be a Muslim so ... That's why they are like a diamond
Zanaatkar (8 days ago)
This is idiotic
I-man Dmz (8 days ago)
yea do you want to have depression or wasting your time and be always alone ? Go on and date ‎Turkish girls...they are horrible ‎
Zarah Vermey (9 days ago)
😂😂😂 pretty PLEASE do one with Albanian women!!
Isabel Murathan (9 days ago)
You should do you know you're dating Turkish man
Özgüncan Gümrah (9 days ago)
Lol! And yeah guys. All of these re true story! Hello from Turkey!
Binoy John (9 days ago)
From India, madly in love with a Turkish girl. She's just adorable. 💕💖
Jez2008UK (9 days ago)
She sounds like a right pain in the ass.....
A Bilgi (10 days ago)
I am a turkish girl and this is 100% TRUE 😂
Spartucus101 (10 days ago)
A yup. can confirm. Turkish Soaps are nuts and your Turk GF will expect you to at the VERY least loiter around during family time watching them. Thankfully, I wasn't required to be in the same room, and her dad a sweet man cave, most Turk men do BTW, huge fringe benefit to dating a Turkish Girl. they just want you there more than anything, being a part of the family. So I played pool, darts and pin ball during Soaps.
Eslam A. Hefnawy (10 days ago)
I LOVE the Turkish breakfast!
Jimmy Delavega (11 days ago)
turkish wemen are still manageable. go for an Indian one...you'll commit suicide the very next day.
anshul bhardwaj (11 days ago)
I have dated a Turkish girl and damn this is so true 😂😂😂 but there is this Islam thing too they don't follow but force you to follow and their obsession with big flats
My thoughts and prayers are with the guys who have to suffer over soap operas.
SFoxe - Kızıl Tilki (14 days ago)
Son iki tanesi doğru mq
Zoltan Peter (14 days ago)
I like the commitment ring idea.
шила Alice (15 days ago)
I am of french and turkish origin and turkish are so different, there are blondes, browns, brown blue green eyes, clear skin, matte skin they are all different
malaks gianis (15 days ago)
Turkish women are smelly...
malaks gianis (11 days ago)
Cutie C yeah i love turkish women :)
Cutie C (11 days ago)
malaks gianis yeah smell only GOOD because while european women prefer to stay hairy and dont wash their asses in every toilet bc of their feminist propaganda, turkish women dont do that ;)
kaan aktaşbak (15 days ago)
haha it s absoulutely true
Xaris (15 days ago)
I would know I am dating a TURKISH Woman when her father and 4 brothers hunt me with pitchforks and knifes.
Hakan Börü (11 days ago)
:)Good point bro.
Emin Adıyaman (16 days ago)
stupid hahahaha idiot zaten bu bazı turk kızları çok salak buda normal
Elena Gilbert (16 days ago)
Hahahdjfjajajja televizyon olayı
Duygh Yildiran (16 days ago)
Yes, finally 😆 this is so turkish 😆😆😆😆😀
Baco Miric (16 days ago)
When she speaks she will sound like Gable gable gable.
HİLAL K. (16 days ago)
Mannnn soo truee🤣🤣 lmao
Alfredo L S (17 days ago)
...when she denies the Armenian Holocaust (^:
Leyna B. (17 days ago)
Male version, please 🇹🇷❤️
Turkish girl should not be like this ya bum
Ana Luiza Brown (18 days ago)
4:55= I get it . We watched Fatmagul(the dramatic Turkish soap opera) here in Brazil
DragonCyclops TV (18 days ago)
You know you’re dating a Turkish girl when she commands you call her Sultan and wages war on behalf of the German empire
Mariam M (18 days ago)
make a video on dating an Afghan girl. that would be so much fun 😂
Meyer Aliyeh (19 days ago)
When she doesn't believe there was an Armenian genocide
Dr.Mohit Patnaik (19 days ago)
I like Turkish songs and music but watching this was entertaining, women no matter from different cultures once committed, are bound to be possessive..... Good luck
Ferhat4161 (19 days ago)
03:23 dude as a turkish man i can confirm that this scene (choose of words, gesture, facial expression) might be the most accurate one when it comes to turkish women behaviour 😂 great job!
Ehsan Ulhaq (20 days ago)
From which is the music in the beginning, anyone please...
Shard Eboran (20 days ago)
Marries Turkish girl because she eats sun flower seeds like my entire family we are a match made in heaven ! I am not even kidding my mom is like that sun flower seeds and some Korean or Chinese Soup Drama's or War Drama and she just eats away ! I do sometimes join one or two of her series but theirs just so many that you loose track she would be able to binge 24 EP in one sitting !
lizubbine msp (20 days ago)
as bayrakları assss
lizubbine msp (20 days ago)
I am from turkey
Darius Teixeira (20 days ago)
I gave a thumb up but ur comedians need to be more convincing. By the way i hope ALL Turkish women are not like this because you have just very well described a “Borderline personality” disorder.
Zeynep özalp (20 days ago)
Plz do turkish men too
andreas mavroportos (20 days ago)
You know your dating a Turkish woman when she bomb your house
Bill Smart (21 days ago)
Love turkish bit**es from Russia.
Aziz Ahmad (21 days ago)
I need to find a turkish woman lol
Kathy Yazici (22 days ago)
Life in Turkey, not just the soaps, is long and dragged out. It's quite the opposite from the stressful american way of life. Time is not a Turkish concept; they pretty much just arrive "whenever," and leave "whenever." So don't expect anyone to observe "time" when it comes to making plans. Oh, and "planning" is also not observed here. So my best advice is to throw all rule books in the trash and enjoy a much healthier and peaceful life style......especially if you've been blessed to have married a Turkish man or woman.
Ryder (22 days ago)
Man do I want a girl like her so loving a caring plus turkey and Lebanon AR not so far so ladies I'm Lebanese and ready to please 😂
StreamingEagle (22 days ago)
Pretty accurate based on watching Ask Laftan Anlamaz.
gOODE R (23 days ago)
I have a turkish girlfriend and this is absolutely true... Güney Afrikalım. She even stopped smoking just to be with me and didn't care that i was a Christian. Like she is always all over me in public... I guess sending signals to other people that this is my property 😂... Sometimes its so embarrassing. But i still love her so much.
dk1828 (24 days ago)
😍💕totally on point😍💕kiz el opmeyi ogretseydi annesini tanistirmadan bari haha 😂
Tulpar TURK (24 days ago)
Hahaha çok iyi olmuş, özellikle anneyle tanışma sahnesine koptum :D
sazji (24 days ago)
Nice :-). You forgot one vital element tho - when she calls you up early the next morning after you date, and as you rub your eyes and try to wake up, she says “did you miss me???!” And you KNOW what the answer better be! :-D
Zen Media (25 days ago)
LUCIFER 97 (25 days ago)
Don't date cockroaches ^^
Rahim Essouse (26 days ago)
Drama queens
Kaká Perem (26 days ago)
Im an english-brazilian boy currently dating a turkish girl and its accurate! Lol
EgoGraalEra (27 days ago)
You know you are dating a saudi woman when... Oh wait... Oh god...
Preslava Anelova (28 days ago)
here in bulgaria we watch turkish soap operas too, I really like them
Gonca Gonturk (28 days ago)
Bir avrupalı sana 'ahh canım benim' diyebilir mi yürekten yumurta kırsan önüne ellerine sağlık karıcığım der mi?uğrunda ölebilecek kadar seni sevebilir mi?ömrünü sen ve çocukları için feda eder mi?sen onun için egzotik bir çiçekten başka bişey olamazsın.
Tai Feng (29 days ago)
Az Plasma (30 days ago)
Are Turkish women even religious?
Bimmabell (1 month ago)
0:55 , not true
melike bazo (1 month ago)
Çookk iyi yaa bazıları yanlış ama bir çok şeyi baya iyi iş başarmışsınız 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Fils Denel (1 month ago)
Well, not a turkish girl. I hate drama, jealousy and telenovelas (as in Latin America).
apoyu siken (1 month ago)
And not every turkish woman is fully turkish. Most are more european than u thought. Drama is true.
apoyu siken (1 month ago)
...when u cant get her as a non muslim
Lotis Gündoğdu (1 month ago)
You don't date a Turkish woman if she has a brother. Lol
Matteo Fazio (1 month ago)
Note to my self: if i ever meet a turkish girl, run away like there is no tomorrow. Thank you Datin Beyond Borders for the advice!
Cutie C (11 days ago)
Matteo Fazio now all turkish women are commiting suicides
Ressam Victoria (1 month ago)
Ooioowowiwiw very trueeeeeee OoOoOO
Zahra Day (1 month ago)
I love my turkish man, ï have never been with à man so Caring and kind in my whole life
ceren koç (1 month ago)
Thanks for this wonderful video! I just want to say you should do this also for Turkish men because I know there will be a lot of stuff you should mention in it :)
feyza inan (1 month ago)
okey😂 but not tv about😂 I am Turkish woman 😁
Carsgames2019 (1 month ago)
Turkish girls have fair skin, dont make me laugh, their shitskins
ForestSakan (1 month ago)
this looks more like a lebian couple,,are you sure that is a guy?
ForestSakan (1 month ago)
easy..is ugly
Samar's Gadgets World (1 month ago)
Love Turkish girls from Hindu India
V-0 (1 month ago)
YOU KNOW YOU ARE DATING A TURKISH WOMAN WHEN...... 1. They barely speak English but claim that they are fluent in it. 2. They already wants to become a mom before the age of 24. 3. They are very proud of their origin. 4. They end up marrying a Turkish guy while they dated foreigners.
V-0 (1 month ago)
I've warned you guys with the last one.
ipiesings (1 month ago)
firstly and formally not all Turkish girls are like this
Hüseyin Susan (11 days ago)
I m from turkey and i have to say turkish girls are not open mind so that s why they arent deserve anything and they dont know anything abouy sex and also they are wasting their time with gossip. So, if you want to deal with a turkish girl, you have to be silly😘 in my opinion, i really like open minded girl so i dont care tradional stuff👌(not every turkish girl. maybe just %70 are so 👎👎)
Hüseyin Susan (11 days ago)
Cutie C soyadima bak bir 😘 birde o ateisim di gecmis zaman kullanmak istemedim🤕
Cutie C (11 days ago)
Hüseyin Susan ateiztim değil ateistim olacak, ayrıca de ve da ayrı yazılır, ki ayrı yazılır, malesef değil maalesef, çekil seydi değil çekilseydi, gerçekten hayatımda gördüğüm en iğrenç Türkçe sende, daha bu basit kuralları bilmiyorsun gelenek görenek diyorsun ahahahahajah İngilizce yaz sen
Hüseyin Susan (11 days ago)
Cutie C ben ateizim babamda öyle birde sadece konuyla alakalı yorum yaptım tabiki açık görüşlü olan bayanlarımızda var bu topraklarda erkekler konusundada bir video çekil seydi daha ağır bir yorum yapardım çünkü sende biliyorsun malesef sapık bir erkek topluluğuyla yaşıyoruz son zamanlar. Senin üstüne alınmana falan gerek böyle yorumlardada saçma birşeye inanmaylada bir alakası yok(isim konusundada 😅 annem devreye giriyor ama değistirmeyi düsünmuyorum🤔)
Cutie C (11 days ago)
Hüseyin Susan ismin Hüseyin bi kere ya, bahsettiğin gelenek göreneğin olmasını sağlayan İslam inancına sahip bi aileden geliyosun belli ki Hahahahaha keşke bu dediklerini baban dahil türk erkeklerinin yüzde doksanına deselermiş de türkiye kadın tecavüzü ve cinayetinde ünlü, kadınlar için yaşaması cehennem 10 ülke listesine her yıl düzenli girmezdi ajajajjdjdj
Hüseyin Susan (11 days ago)
Cutie C gerçek anlamda gerçek ama malesef😘
Josh W (1 month ago)
Only very desperate men date Turkish women I think even a black man would not want to date a Turkish woman stinky bitches
Cutie C (11 days ago)
Josh W go see a doctor
Doha Wesam (1 month ago)
i am turkish and all of this is right 😂😂😂😂😂

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