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Etiquettes you may not know about Chinese tea drinking | 8个你需要知道的茶礼仪

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1. Don’t fill the teacups too much Tea is usually hot(except iced tea) and it’s easy to get your or your guests’ hands burn if you fill too much tea in the cup. Always leave some space so that your guests won’t be hurt. 2. Seniors come first For the first steep, serve the eldest first and the to the youngest. For the second steep, you can serve guests either in clockwise or counter clock wise directions. 3. Use gestures to say thanks you This etiquette originated from an interesting story. The emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty loves to disguise himself as a commoner and travel around especially in Zhejiang, Jiangsu province. One day when he was drinking tea with his ministers, he took the teapot and served them with tea. For such situation ,it’s a practice to get knees down and kowtow for thanking the emperor but since they need to keep the emporo’s disguise, so kowtow obviously doesn’t work at that time. So he came out an idea and bend his 2 fingers and made his knuckle to know the table meaning like kowtow. Since after that people started to practice this gesture as a way of saying thank you to the tea host/hostess. 4. Guests come first and host/hostess comes last. This is a way to express respect to guests. 5. Put down cups gently without making big noise. Or it will be taken as a sign of unfriendly. 6. Don’t serve the guests with the first steep. First steep is always for rinsing tea since it’s assumed to contain chemicles in tea. 7. If you have new guests joining, add more tea leaves in to show your hospitality. 8. If the tea flavor is fading and the host is not adding new leaves in, that’s a sign for guests to leave.
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Mystic Stardust (2 days ago)
I always thought they were impatient to hit the table 😂
unbdld42 (2 months ago)
Thank you!
D G (3 months ago)
Fascinating stuff. Thanks for this, Emily. Looking forward to watching more of your videos. X
Leandro Camacho (4 months ago)
Hello My friend 👍🇧🇷 congratulations
yujia zhai (4 months ago)
David Fromtheberry (5 months ago)
Great video. Thank you so much. One question, how does a tea guest can let the tea host know in a respectful way that he/she doesn't want tea anymore?
Emily Yue (4 months ago)
Hi David, that's a very god question! The simple way is just keep your cup full and don't drink it and then the tea host will don't have the chance to get you more tea. That's what people usually do in tea table.
nikushim666 (5 months ago)
the point of rinsing has nothing to do with pesticides. Its to allow the tea to "bloom"/awaken (allowing loose leaves to hydrate, or to decompress a pu'erh cake) without losing to much heat. this allows for more flavor during the main steeping process. This is standard gung fu cha technique not etiquette.
drink bleach (6 months ago)
나는 이걸 너무 게으른거야..😂💀
ann l (8 months ago)
Cute set but I'd rather use European set.would drive me crazt drinking from such small cup.
Rob Caven Photography (1 year ago)
Thank you Emily, excellent, and a new subscriber :)
Janis Phelps (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this informative and charming video.
michele soltis (1 year ago)
I will be taking a trip to China for tea, Thank you so much for your information.
Fairies Wear Boots (1 year ago)
Nice, thank you. subbed:)
The Roadwarrior (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your teaching! :)
Li Fang (1 year ago)
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
哇塞 谢谢支持!
Li Fang (1 year ago)
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Daishikaze (1 year ago)
Xie Xie, Laoshi :)
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching;)
wigspl1t (1 year ago)
Awesome Job!!Thank You Very Much!!!!!
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
Eelke (1 year ago)
Have been wondering why people in China were tapping the table with their fingers while drinking tea, in some video's on youtube, now I know the answer and a whole lot of other useful and interesting things. Thanks! :)
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Great to know my video helped a little:) Thanks for watching!
Armin Hirmer (1 year ago)
thank you.... tapping with my fingers :)
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! :)
Brandon J (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. I am starting to look forward to them! :) maybe a cool video would be a full gongfu style brew session (heating/cleaning cups, tea pet, etc, with friends maybe just music for first video then do voice over for second? 👍🏻😀🤤
Emily Yue (1 year ago)
Brandon J Thanks Brandon for your creative suggestion! We will definitely make such video later~

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