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10 Pawn Stars Deals That Went Horribly Wrong

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Pawn Stars deals that chumlee, rick harrison, and corey harrison did that went awfully wrong. Let me know what New Movies and TV Shows you would like me to debunk. Expect weekly videos as this content does take quite some time to create and as well if you want to recommend a video you can either email my business email or just leave a comment. Check out some of my other videos - 10 Things You Missed in Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith (Official Music Video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6impnyaQFyM 10 Things You Missed in DIY QUEEN By LaurDIY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HV9GzM9Nnk&t=390s ......................................................................................................... This is The Screeny and I welcome you. Also note I cover all TV Shows, movies, and more.
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Text Comments (2186)
Progressive Life (2 days ago)
Chelsea is fit
Progressive Life (2 days ago)
Everyone is a fan of those type of stars lol
Ludovic Bonnion (2 days ago)
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Adam Spears (3 days ago)
Cash Mayes (3 days ago)
Robbers get robbed tooo
Jae Gold (5 days ago)
check my page out it might help me out too
f a b i a n y e e t (9 days ago)
Everyone in the comments: I have ___ Me: this isn’t funny they’re all the same
ChummleeyourtheTHE BOMB
Daivd Rothchild (16 days ago)
What do you expect from Las Vegas the land of cons and the con is on in Las Vegas Nevada everyone's out to make a quick buck
Gerald Findley (17 days ago)
That sarcastic “Good job, son” had the best delivery I’ve ever seen 😂
Opel Topel (17 days ago)
Grey Guzzy (18 days ago)
Bill Gates: "I'll give you Microsoft" Rick:"Hmm, I can give you $12. It's a very fair deal." Bill Gates:"It's Microsoft the company!" Rick:"Fine I'll do $6" Bill Gates:" That's even lower!" Rick:"Exactly..."
Zen-Oh Sama (18 days ago)
I Told My Friend To Come And Watch Pawn Stars And Then He Came To My House And Whispers To My Ear Dude I Cant Wait To Watch Porn Stars
Rony Desodt (21 days ago)
Yasshyyy 567 (23 days ago)
Imagine these guys trying to buy expensive players on fifa 19😂😂😂
Mega Tooxic (23 days ago)
Thanos: I have all 6 infinity Stones Pawn star: The highest i can go is 5 cents
Ronnika Melton (24 days ago)
They need to fire Rick hell 😂😂
George Koszta (25 days ago)
It's what it is.
THE MEME FROG (25 days ago)
Gleep Wurp (28 days ago)
Corey got his start by polishing knobs? Well that explains it.
Barney Eumolpo (28 days ago)
Ann Koontz (28 days ago)
LOL, how's it feel to get screwed!
Pun Jab I (30 days ago)
They deserve to get scammed.
freddy torres (30 days ago)
i got ripped off when i paid $200 for a case of diet water and a solar powered flash light
Caden Bronson (30 days ago)
And people always make fun of him always calling people in. This is why
Berleezy's Annoyance (1 month ago)
Hardcore pawn 4 life
FinnKent (1 month ago)
Vic (1 month ago)
this was a waste of my time
Democrats Only (1 month ago)
Well as many people as Rick has burned this was somewhat funny to see.
Michael Terefencko (1 month ago)
Bill gates: I have Microsoft 89 billion dollars Rick: best I can do is 7 cents but I’m taking a HUGE risk!
Heru- deshet (1 month ago)
I cracked a beer and celebrated every time Pawn Stars would get screwed over, lol!
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Hugo Duarte (1 month ago)
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Jay Fiya (1 month ago)
Polishing knobs huh??? 😂🤣💀
klobasa007007 (1 month ago)
I love when scammers get scammed.....
Amado Hernandez (1 month ago)
Always rick smh
Talha Munir (1 month ago)
Oh I thought it said porn stars
Matt Light (1 month ago)
please reply
KIvlogs 2 (1 month ago)
Matt Light no
Franklin Tuviera (1 month ago)
Gary Kuhlmann (1 month ago)
Why does the narrator sound like a robot?
arturo jimenez (1 month ago)
Stan lee: I got some secret comic super heroes Rick: the best I can do is $2.50 and I'm taking a risk.
Acid Drop Baby lol (1 month ago)
Customer: i have a Lamborghini Aventador Rick: Best i can do is 3.50 Customer: For the entire car? Rick: No, just for the tires Me: LOL
Oof (1 month ago)
Prostitute: That’ll be $60.70 Rick: $15 Bucks and a blowjob, gotta make a living somehow
Fake Aztrosist (1 month ago)
guy: hi i have the key to immortality rick: uhhhhh i'm willing to go $35
GhostMonkey (1 month ago)
Voldemort: “I have the Sorcerer’s Stone” Rick: “I can do half of a dollar”
Roxanne Moser (1 month ago)
I have 3 perfect diamonds my grandfather bought for my grandmother in 1948
ohh yeah (1 month ago)
I thought he said porn stars
Tapirus Sbrabous (1 month ago)
I wish those motherfuckers go bankrupt.
Xìng Hua Lì (1 month ago)
That's revenge
dangerriff (1 month ago)
wouter Groot Wassink (1 month ago)
Sometimes my fingers really start iching.... when custumers get nailed...in front of all
X- Tremevidpro (1 month ago)
Never did show the Diamond Watch! Wtf...
Goth Boi Chungus (1 month ago)
I'll give ya 100£ for the item worth 2,000.
Stop Sign (1 month ago)
Like if they need a new season
Leigh Herbert (1 month ago)
Who's narrating this ? A sat nav
Perez Lord (1 month ago)
todd horsch (1 month ago)
Hillary clinton I have to s of uranium for sale Rick I'll give you 50 bucks im taking a huge risk
David Loner (1 month ago)
Robert Crookall (1 month ago)
I actually don't mind if the animation isn't the best in the world, what's great is that they're keeping the original themes of courage in a dark world. Go those badass bunnies! ;-) ;-).
Scott Reiboldt (1 month ago)
Chumly, fucken meth addict.
SuperSaiyan3985 (1 month ago)
So many Ls.
luke davis (1 month ago)
polishing knobs when he was nine haha lmao
Lil Columbine (1 month ago)
Owner: I have one of hitlers badges Rick: The best i can do is 8$ and a gumball
vinny1898 (1 month ago)
What happend in Vegas Stayed in Vegas
Jim Rockford (1 month ago)
Lisam Gies (1 month ago)
love it baby
The Suicide Bird (1 month ago)
Me: i have an original Batman 1# Rock : i can do 50 $ , i am taking a Huge risk
Mark Austria (1 month ago)
1 piso 1972 coins for sale from Philippines
Jamie James (1 month ago)
Michael Wolak (1 month ago)
Mims Zanadunstedt (1 month ago)
3:30 Fictional event, retard got scammed for Jesus lawl
Mims Zanadunstedt (1 month ago)
There is no evidence of Judas nor Christ and the bible self contradicts for both of these *ahem* characters.
unboxing theboxx (1 month ago)
Bla bla bla😊
AgnosticProle (1 month ago)
They live in a huge mansion so i think the'll be okay.
bubblecloudz pro (1 month ago)
If u read this ur a god like thanos from FoRtNiTe
wilt hemds (1 month ago)
Anonymous Music Music (1 month ago)
Being a Chumley The Walrus fan I really like his character however you can make your points about Pawn Stars but Chum Lee on the show is a great interesting character https://youtu.be/hfEEsJ2JHQs
Someone random yt (1 month ago)
It should Be porn stars
haso ramic (1 month ago)
They win more than lose or they wouldn't be in business for years
dookie juju (2 months ago)
i bet chum lee's penis is very small
Mia Dipple (2 months ago)
Those joker's deserve to have jack squat .
Mia Dipple (2 months ago)
More like deals that went incredibly right
kewl crusader (2 months ago)
But there was no better deal than getting to be on icarly
msmonaco426 (2 months ago)
They rip people off everyday!
Aditya Waghmare (2 months ago)
God: "I can offer you 150 hairs on your forehead" Rick: "5 and i am taking abhuge risk" *This totally happened*
Joey Boombots (2 months ago)
Corey started off polishing knobs
Burton Fitzsimmons (2 months ago)
Wow! May I please share on Spectrum News w/on-air credit to you? Thanks for considering!
Achiever Classes (2 months ago)
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Anthony OSullivan (2 months ago)
Shite. Family
Hedge Trading System (2 months ago)
very good !
garry butler (2 months ago)
I never liked this show anyway
Mehmet Guzan (2 months ago)
You need your credit fixed? contact [email protected] gmailcom
Keiron Kyelo (2 months ago)
That's what you get for bargaining.
Allways wonder why Chum still has a job...
Gairick (2 months ago)
teacher : do u care about passing the exams? rick : the best i can do is 20$ and im taking a huge risk
Gairick (2 months ago)
god: I can give u immortality rick: the best i can do is 20$ and im taking a huge risk
thatpotato (2 months ago)
pradesh gurung (2 months ago)
how many of us thought it was porn stars instead pawn stars when we first heard it!!
dude someone can come it with a can of leonardo DiCaprio’s piss and rick would have a guy to check it’s authenticity
In-Depth Gaming (2 months ago)
I will give you a million dollars for ten bucks. *_the best I can do is 2 and I’m taking a huge risk_*

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