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Text Comments (20758)
Russell Martinson (2 hours ago)
this is not weird its creppy
charliebear raspin (4 hours ago)
2:55 my life 😭
Luke Goulet (4 hours ago)
ask siri to beatbox
Siri is trash
Ethan Huy Nguyen (7 hours ago)
Ask siri 108
Zareonna Harris (18 hours ago)
Norma Sanchez (22 hours ago)
I said knock knock to Siri she says knock knock I say you’re supposed to say who’s there she says a little old lady I say it again she replied something different... elephants
Luma Abbas (1 day ago)
You : what is 0x0 I was to lazy to finish this
Luma Abbas (1 day ago)
Nathan do you want a kid it would be amazing if you did
Prisya Nader (1 day ago)
siri is so smart in addition 😆
John Alex Cador (1 day ago)
i am poke
C Al (1 day ago)
hello again
Alexsa Bates (1 day ago)
i like the cute funny intro
Eva Huss (1 day ago)
Siri what is siri?
EpicBeastGaming (1 day ago)
Oof! 😵
I am too l8
GabyDaby4620 (1 day ago)
GUYS SAY 108 (one zero eight) BE READY AND SIRI IS GONNA CALL 911!!!!!!!! Edit: 6:54 oh he asked her I didn’t know
cool puppylover (1 day ago)
Hey by the way when I did can you rap she said cats and boots cat and boots
imagrandot (1 day ago)
Call 133
imagrandot (1 day ago)
Hey unspeakable what is your last name
imagrandot (1 day ago)
Hey Siri can you call me
When I say what’s 0÷0 to Siri she said the same question as your phone
Oralia Bartlett (2 days ago)
Spooky Koky (2 days ago)
When I asked Siri what is the meaning of life she said “I give up”
keng lye Cheok (2 days ago)
I like=1 pray
Mihajlo Gavrilovic (2 days ago)
Happy with all of the questions hmmmmmm... Even the emergency call one
Ingri Gomez (2 days ago)
1 like 1 freind for unspecable
Ingri Gomez (2 days ago)
U should hace said siri ur a a noob ur hole life
Bryan Ramos (2 days ago)
Alex Catarroja (2 days ago)
Like 0 divided by 0
endergirl gacha (2 days ago)
Roasted by a robot 😂😂😂😂😂
Chelsea Li (2 days ago)
Siri comes up on my screen too😀
Franklin Schmersal (3 days ago)
Do a vid of siri tell her is kala cheeting on you
Challenge Girl (3 days ago)
0 devided 0
Nitro V (3 days ago)
Have a nerf war please
Kalyn Ellison (3 days ago)
I sprant my foot yesterday
Fishes have faces Lol (3 days ago)
Ok so what Siri said when I asked her “what is the meaning of life”she said “all evidence to date suggests its chocolate
Kitty Warrior (3 days ago)
You: Hey Siri, what’s 0 divided by 0? Siri: YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS OHH GET ROASTED!!!!!!!!! You:😭😭😭
Carol Iannccone (3 days ago)
Siri unspeakable has 10000000,9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 friends
CAPTAINFOXY (3 days ago)
6:58 lol but I feel bad if anyone else comments down you sub to my channel
Roxie Huffaker (3 days ago)
ok,so if you do another video like this, ask siri 'can you you yoodle?'
Haley Bischof (3 days ago)
Ask my Siri hey Siri where do you hide a dead body and she said I used to know the answer to this
EnderBoy [PH] (3 days ago)
Ashton Lewis (3 days ago)
108 is emergency help (:
J-A-M Vids (3 days ago)
I'm gunna switch to Android. Unspeakable, 2017
arod100782 (3 days ago)
Ask Siri why are you fat
thepcphone (4 days ago)
I try to ask siri what is yor phone number lol 1 like
saso stojanovski (4 days ago)
Cut Chery (4 days ago)
Siri is kinda savage
James Xiao (4 days ago)
Count to five with one hand 12345 and count backwards from the other hand 109876 6+5=11 fingers
Rosalie Rangas (4 days ago)
Say to siri "siri do a beatbox
Abdi Khalif (4 days ago)
Do infinity times infinity
Chris Redcliff (4 days ago)
What’s o : o
Coltan Coltan (4 days ago)
John Estrada (4 days ago)
Siri is Alexa
Nel (5 days ago)
You ay ay nm nm
Nel (5 days ago)
Brenda Tarver (5 days ago)
I love unspeakable I’m your biggest fan
Molly-Ann Reeves (5 days ago)
You have no friends? Siri is savage
Molly-Ann Reeves (5 days ago)
Unspeakable:hey siri what's 0÷0 Siri:it doesn't make sense cookie monster is sad there is no cookies...and you are sad that's you have no friends SAVAGE
L4YL4 Z33 (3 days ago)
Tom Panton (5 days ago)
Hey unspeakable make another video like this it's so funny and cool
Robert Fowler (5 days ago)
Yes I am having a wonderful fantastic day? Wait is that what order it was in?
Jlab gaming (5 days ago)
I bought your murch I got scuba blue
Iggy Sundgren (5 days ago)
Deneid by an cell-phone hahahahahaha
ENDER GAMER (5 days ago)
Say hey friday
Emalea Gross (5 days ago)
Get recked by a phone
Ashley Stiles (5 days ago)
I have EOG tomorrow it is a test end of grade test pray for me
The DerpyDuck Pond (5 days ago)
Love the 0÷0
Michael Nottingham (6 days ago)
What the f$ck is this
Lisa Hermsmeier (6 days ago)
subscribe to lisa hersmeier
Jenny Naida (6 days ago)
1 like = 1 friend for Unspeakable
Funny Animator (6 days ago)
I will be your friend Unspeakable :D
Daisy Powell (6 days ago)
Also heads!!!
Daisy Powell (6 days ago)
Hey!!! I have Alexa!
Ayeisha Delos santos (6 days ago)
I said to my friend i dont want to be friends anymore and he cried and my new friend is siri and i said it was a prank
Hattie Kelly (6 days ago)
I'm your friend and a new subscriber!!!😊😊😊😊😊😁
rmimalik (6 days ago)
One time, my sister told me that her friend was doing something with siri and then siri said she was going to call the cops but siri didn't. Then her friend kicked siri out of her IPAD .
rmimalik (6 days ago)
Ask siri if she likes chocolate ice-cream
Hunter Bick (6 days ago)
you got friend zoned
LIEZEL INFANTE (6 days ago)
Your gross but i steal sub
Owen Chen (6 days ago)
R.I.P Unspeakable 2:57
Puppet Master (6 days ago)
I’m sorry unspeakable I don’t have Instagram,Twitter,or anything like that plus I don’t use Facebook...
Kallie Colomb Miller (6 days ago)
2019 ya
Dakota McEvoy (6 days ago)
Marisol Delgado (6 days ago)
ya thats. troo. you. fafs. no. frens
LillyGamerTV 1 (6 days ago)
u just got burned by ur own phone
Charlotte Cavanaugh (6 days ago)
Why is siri so mean and she knows nothing at all
we6simpsons (6 days ago)
who ever sede christmas i want to tell you i dont cellebrat
Kelly Pennington (6 days ago)
Annabella P (6 days ago)
You can see in my nose fffffff!!!!!!!
Nate Leslie (6 days ago)
Tails? Maby
Lil Sakura (7 days ago)
The first time you said hey Siri mine went on siri
Feisty Star (7 days ago)
And you are sad that you have no friends
Siri:you dont have friends Me:poor unspeakable...LOL (i really think thats sad but that is so funny she said that)
Jaffar Iqbal (7 days ago)
RB Marshmello (7 days ago)
Answer which youtuber has the most subscriber
Nikia Mason (7 days ago)
Your eye color is rare
Phoebe Naughton (7 days ago)
Me: Hey siri What should i wear for Halloween Siri: something scary so the scariest thing I can think of is yoyr face Me: OFFENDED MUCH RAHUUUUUUD

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