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Worst Psychiatric Treatments Throughout History

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-Music: Emerging from the Ashes by: TeknoAXE -Music Download Link: http://teknoaxe.com/Link_Code_3.php?q=985 ****************************************************************************** Today, a good deal is known about different mental illnesses and more is always being learned. Treatments for various mental illnesses are constantly evolving. Throughout history, the mentally ill were not always treated well, and in fact there is evidence that points to inhumane treatment of people suffering from psychiatric illnesses. While many of the treatments throughout history are today considered barbaric, some of them did pave the way for research into more modern and acceptable practices. -Worst Psychiatric Treatments Throughout History: 1. Lobotomy 2. Trepanning 3. The Utica Crib 4. Insulin Coma Therapy: Rewiring the Brain 5.Mystic Rituals: Exorcism and Prayer 6.Female Hysteria Treatment ***********************************************************************************************************
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Text Comments (1632)
nigga (57 minutes ago)
And they say their generation was better than ours
LUKA GAMING (5 hours ago)
You forgot about studying
Nani Nina (8 hours ago)
I'd rather die than making myself go under a procedure that is worse than suicide... atleast i would not feel it anymore if i did die... 😱😱😱
Barack Obama (8 hours ago)
Looks like doctors had too much freedom back in the day and abused their power
Sasukke Oschia (9 hours ago)
I have luck to be born in these times....
jess d (10 hours ago)
Labotomies, that's proof that science can be nonsense. A bullet, at that time, for the victim would be a blessing but that would be too inhumane.
Julie Walker (17 hours ago)
I wonder if cave men ever treated each other like this?
Natalie Speedracer (18 hours ago)
ok, don't wanna play devils advocate but I have trigeminal neuralgia and I would beg to be put into a Coma until my next surgery. which will be my 4th and will be seen as barbaric as soon as tech gets better
Ntia Nyd (1 day ago)
Munibah Rahim (1 day ago)
Plz do not upload such vdos it's horrible enough😦
Itz_ Galaxy (1 day ago)
*People looks at my tombstone* "I died while watching psychopathic shows"
Lilian Marchesini (1 day ago)
Meu DEUS perdoe por essa raça humana ser tão cruel😢
Molly Frank (1 day ago)
They are not treatment this is just pure torture
Princess Slaughter (1 day ago)
"Lobotomies" are still performed at Harvard and Brown. They are known as "cingulotomies." They cut synapses or something to cut off the sadness area of your brain. It's not easy to get one. No one would recommend me for it.
Kevin Niemeijer (1 day ago)
You need to Lurn more about exorcism
rushikesh godase (1 day ago)
You - tube is for playing videos. You are showing photographs and stating the matter in a written form. Can not we read all this in a book? You are making people fool. What the hell is going on?
111 111 (1 day ago)
Instead of death penalty couldn't we just bring lobotomies back? Apply them to dangerous delinquents and sell them to labs as Guinea pigs. Now THIS is a scary punishment.
I work with the guy on the right at 1.00. Strange fella. Keeps pulling weird faces and making animal noises.
Southern Belle (2 days ago)
Wow...for all the poor women (diagnosed with Hysteria) who suffered because they're man couldn't get them off. It's sad that after thousands of years of sex, women are still suffering because most men still can't get a woman off, which is quite pathetic a lot of women have to fake it or finish the job themselves. Most women fake it just to get it done and over with. I wish I could say I'm sorry for this, too honest of a comment...fact of the matter is I'm absolutely not. Because people, men especially, need to learn how to give as good as they receive. If your man sucks, TELL HIM WHAT TO DO LADIES! If your woman doesn't do something as good as you'd like her too, but at least she does it and tries, HELP HER OUT FELLAS!!! If you don't wanna suffer from Hysteria, talk to your partner, and don't fake it or tell them it's great, when it was far from it. It's not that hard guys.
The last one is more like Sexual harassment
Good Time Charlies (3 days ago)
Female hysteria sounds more like a bunch of horny ass creative women found alot of methods for there man to go down on em,!
Dana May (3 days ago)
I don't need a psychiatric treatment. I need a gun. I need Trump to send you all on your way. A one way ticket out of America. Take your f ing death spots with you.
russell perez (3 days ago)
hilarious lady in painting with a book on her head
Master Voodooox (3 days ago)
Mina Nes65 (3 days ago)
Juan Miguel Carpio (3 days ago)
that is why alot of people suffered from this kind of Hospital were their souls are in UNREST situation, 90% of patient in the Mental Hospital is not cause by Brain illness it is also cause of spirits who ruin the bidy and soul of a person.
a b (3 days ago)
Great trestments
Aida Lilia (3 days ago)
I fell asleep watching this... I don't know why 😐
weirdmanu (4 days ago)
Ok. If there was all of this now. .half of people that I know deserve this. Me too
Veronique Dumont (4 days ago)
They re all horrible..the uticard crib made me think when they tie patients in bed legs and arms in hospital.in order they do not harm themselves..awful😣
JULIO ROSENBERG (4 days ago)
My SURGICAL REGISTERED NURSE Neighbor performed a LABOTAMY on her AGGRESSIVE and non stop BARKING GERMAN SHEPARD!! He now walks around like a SEVERLY CALM RETARD!!!
JULIO ROSENBERG (4 days ago)
STATE of the ART, MODERN TREATMENTS for that TIME??!! 2018 MEDICAL TREATMENTS will sound just as BARBARIC and INHUMAN 150 year's from now!!!
XmojotronX (4 days ago)
You forgot antidepressants which poison the body and mind
programmed wrong (4 days ago)
Humans have always been sick
Game Girl:33 (4 days ago)
I would die,wouldnt have it any other way
Annabell (5 days ago)
Scary buy true i hate to see this happen but now it's not like this anymore
Lee Misiak (6 days ago)
Fucking sick
Amber Flame (6 days ago)
They ALL took one for the team. Yet I'm sure there will be generations down the line looking at us in pity, over the things we allow medical and Government, do to us.
david cliff (6 days ago)
So wait a min... Hysteria symptoms are basically the same as PMS.
wilhelm samalino (6 days ago)
Treatment my ass
M Bibi (6 days ago)
Non of these treatments work. They didn't work then and certainly don't work today. Basically say you've or a loved one has a mental illness then your at the mercy of psychytrist experiments as you have surrendered your self to them No psyctrist would do any of these to their own loved one or themselves. Psychytry is and was a psydo science
Stephen Davis (7 days ago)
OMG!!🤮that was 1of the sickest vids I ever had the mispleasure to click on.that was horrific!.those poor people😡
Taco Llama (7 days ago)
*decides to time travel in the late 1920 when I grow up* *watches this video* *rethinks my decision *
Ooppies Poopies (7 days ago)
Did they find the dumbest most mentally ill person in the room to come up with such innovative ideas? Psychiatry hasn't come that far since then, still the most barbaric people to enter a room. I swear its as if Nazi Scientists escaped Germany to continue their practices. The smartest idea in the room was "soo if we take the hard drive out of a normal computer, it should functional normally.. fucking genius I am.. nailed it!"
Zakir Shaik (7 days ago)
Hurror films are copied through this
Lyss0624 (8 days ago)
Im so grateful we have come so far in medical science 🙏
I see this being a satanic procedure...back then who is gonna question a so called doctor.
KING KO (8 days ago)
WTF I am waiting 😱😱😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
btrim1974 (8 days ago)
Sure glad I wasn't born in those days that would of sucked having to go through that shit
Reynata Ramos (9 days ago)
They have problems in their mind and then those stupid doctors are just making them even worst!
C J M T z™ (9 days ago)
Disgusting , no thank you
Marg Vlogs (9 days ago)
female hysterical or she just drank viagra
Doge (9 days ago)
Why do I make myself watch this type of shit...
4:33 Donald Trump Ángel???
john johnson (9 days ago)
Female hysteria is called menstration now
Natasa Paunovic (9 days ago)
borna _02 (9 days ago)
Bullet in a head , sorry but only solution
SuperMe29 - (10 days ago)
The person who invented the cage should be in there
Karma Akabane (10 days ago)
The doctors are the crazy one's for thinking of stuff like this for therapy
Mr. Doom (10 days ago)
Trust me im a -doctor-
Sara Is Strange (10 days ago)
*Feels sick at school and goes to the school nurse* Me:My head hurts School Nurse:Ok we just have to drill a hole in you're brain!
Alfred Neumann (10 days ago)
cant imagine why patients get agressive
Generalemiel (10 days ago)
I d rather get locked up 24/7 in a padded cell,diaper and straitjacket
anon amouse (10 days ago)
Evil bastards
Chris Sleepsick (11 days ago)
2:05 *When you wanna get your lobotomy in peace in a nice cow pasture and drunk ass Gary ranting about his wife here with a Fuckin book on her head like shit Gary get a divorce if you care that much, I'm try'nna get my Labotomy game on here and Gary straight up souring the vibe right now.*
Chris Sleepsick (11 days ago)
*ORIGINAL CONTENT DON'T STEAL* Jk, obviously totally stolen.
New Chapter (11 days ago)
I feel like this is not a treatment but a torture.
Liliana Via (11 days ago)
1:30 I think I’ve seen that in a Fable game but I forgot which one
1701spacecadet (11 days ago)
Feminists are usually hysterical. Just saying.
Black African child (11 days ago)
lonely human (11 days ago)
trepanning photo was from fable III
A JOSH (11 days ago)
All they did was make everything worse for these people. Wtf?
SweetXtract (12 days ago)
I feel sick now😥
a shiteu (12 days ago)
and i guess at that time, there were no anesthesia (?)
V. Osipov (6 days ago)
There was, but they didn't want to use these things
rena cantik (12 days ago)
Im cry,, sad and pray for all people who die because of insane and crazy medicine.. RIP in a God hands...amen
roy littlefield (12 days ago)
What i just saw is mind numbing, the chick at 5:15 had hair under her arms! 😣
robloxsbro31 (13 days ago)
da fuck bro
Foofoo Park Jimin (13 days ago)
Humans are weird ass creatures
Terilee Bruyere (13 days ago)
Good list, but it would have been nice if you mentioned that trephination is still used today (to relieve pressure in the skull and epidural or subural hematomas)
DukeShoots (13 days ago)
Opening up the skull is not a bad procedure, maybe for mental illnesses but not for a swelling brain after head trauma. Kind of ignorant to claim its a bad practise when it's still in use today and effective.
Laura Richter (13 days ago)
So grateful my mom was born when she was, because way back they treated schizophrenics horribly. Fortunately for mom, she was born in 1949 and it didn’t show up until around 1968 or so. By then they’d learned a little more. When mama had her medication, you would never have known she was a paranoid schizophrenic. Not at all. Then there’s me. I have severe depression and severe anxiety. I also shudder to think what they might have done with me.
Fukase Raita (14 days ago)
i feel bad for those people in 1800's getting worst surgeries ;; it looks painful and scary..
Nether Fel (14 days ago)
Sad we love to torture weaker ones
OCDTraci (15 days ago)
It never ceases to amaze me how uninformed and misogynistic our ancestors were regarding women. It's not hysteria, it's PMS, and rape won't help!
aitvaras (16 days ago)
Ahhhh good old fable 3
Zen jeong rebelle (17 days ago)
I think some cruel people just got too much money and started up a hospital
The Crook (17 days ago)
The bird flu is a lie the swine flu is a lie why would that even come as a surprise the polio vaccine made you die it caused cancer and cost alot of people their lives.
Popcorn Crew (18 days ago)
This looks so Delicious #INeedMorePopcorn
Richard Thomas (18 days ago)
so hysteria was just a bunch of horny bitches
Anvi Rose (18 days ago)
WTF treatment or torture ??
Jazi Since89 (20 days ago)
Yall gotta understand that these folks were uneducated on how to address mental health/illness and was just experimenting and some places were just plain damn cruel cuz it was easier than being compassionate
Eddie Methot (20 days ago)
Doctors Created Vibrators After Growing Tired of Masturbating 'Hysterical' Women.Female hysteria was a made up disorder so doctors/orderlies could have an excuse to have sex with women who,for one reason or another,did not have a full grip on reality.So because these women would not have the capacity to resist or object,the faculty could abuse them relentlessly.British physician Havelock Ellis' 1913 work "The Sexual Impulse in Women" estimated that nearly 75 percent of women suffered from "hysteria," a disease he invented whose symptoms ranged from headaches to epileptic fits to coarse language. Nearly any behavior a woman demonstrated could be construed as hysteria. The number one cure of course,was to have sex with them,especially if they were under psychiatric care or were in an asylum.
♡ Reagan (21 days ago)
No comment...
Asia Diao (22 days ago)
I have schizophrenia and I’m so glad I want born back in those days the lobotomy thingy is so sick 😨
Diana R (25 days ago)
The white race is historically the most inhumane race that exist on this planet. You are even evil towards your own kind.
Amba Lin (25 days ago)
I’d love a nice “pelvic massage” from my hot ass gynecologist 💀
ponnari50 (26 days ago)
"doctors" in those days was rapers and torturers.
2God4You (26 days ago)
kilen (26 days ago)
Charming... 😔
Travis Bull (26 days ago)
All transgender people need a hot lead injection to the brain.
Margaret C (26 days ago)
No no no no no

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