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Why I Left the U.K. for Poland [Kult America]

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Patrick Ney is a British blogger living in Warsaw, Poland. Not only has he moved here and learned Polish language, but he also actively puts out videos on Facebook and YouTube to encourage Polish national pride. Why did Patrick move to Poland and what was his motivation to start his Polish blog? What is his opinion on Polish health care? And how does he like Polish women? By the way, in this video we speak Polish a little bit. See how it ended! ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (934)
toober (2 days ago)
Switzerland? Bugger off...
booo hooo (17 days ago)
YOU ARE A CLASSY Po dickhead. what the po fought hard and well? fuck you. 6 times got complete defeat since WW1.. you are so fucked. and when asked which side will you fight for.. he said... I WILL BE IN SWISS.. FUCK YOU again. so this dickhead actually mean if there is a war he would just hide. just like your 'brave ppl'. yea, i feel bad for all those who decided letting you in. and i am glad you get the fuck back to your shithole
osumery (18 days ago)
I visited Poland once and it's beautiful. Not overprice, cheap transport supports it people
Mr Green (27 days ago)
Funny how you guys try to keep it PG... hahaha
as sa (1 month ago)
Poland is heart of Europe History show us that !
John Kennedy (1 month ago)
Excellent interview, really interesting.
Daniel Dudek (1 month ago)
I am Polish. The way both of you speak the language has me feeling ashamed of myself.
Zaskowssky PL (1 month ago)
Jak ubudzisz u Polaka dumę to .....
Alan Akbhar (2 months ago)
how many immigrants have poland taken in? they are so untrustworthy that the eu have removed their voting rights. the poles think they are good, but the rest of europe think of them as peasants, and untrustworthy
Ulhtion (2 months ago)
Problem is, that foreigners from the west in PL always easy get very good job. For "normal" people this country is big whole without normal perspectives.
kobyashi (2 months ago)
His accent is very strong when he speaks polish
old_spice80 (2 months ago)
Fajny wywiad. Szacunek dla Was obu.
kam (2 months ago)
I have a question for the cocky Brit, did you find it funny to make Polish jokes, I was there when i was a kid with my dad who was working there. My dad cried sometimes when he came back from work, that's how you fuckers treated us. Not to mention we didn't speak your language in the beginning. See we have humility and you fuckers have none. How stupid do you feel now how my country treated you vs how you treat Polish people. By they way your country has coming to it what it deserves. You terrorized much of the globe for profit. Karma is a bitch. You are just a bunch of fucking assholes with a stick up their ass. fucking go back to where you came from piece of shit. At least the other dude is respectful and mindful of it, that's why i like him. You are not. You did enough for us, sold us to Stalin and such took credit for breaking the algorithms of enigma code. At least be respectful. Fuck outta here.
kam (2 months ago)
Not sure how to start this, I personally moved to US when I was 14 even thought I had no idea how to say thank you. In the beginning it was quite unpleasant going to high school with all those....... Polish jokes. I could kind of figure out what people were saying but did not posses the knowledge how to respond. I did in the only way i knew, beat the s... out of them. Anyhow, congrats on learning Polish, I have to say I am impressed. We are, from a very early age, no, our values are really imprinted in us if you could understand such a thing. I think the mental attraction to "our" women is the fact that most are not shallow, like in US. It is kinda funny listening to you speak Polish z tym akcentem. Anyways to get to a point, I am actually moving back as I had enough of NYC, I feel as if your life is just a glimpse before your eyes here. If you guys want to connect at some point when i get there it would be awesome. One suggestion that I have for the, sorry, Brit is to please not to say that you would like to show us what the value of our country is because, one it is disrespectful, two, you have no idea what we and our families went through. You are in Poland for not even 10 years and you want to teach us how wonderful our country is? Ohh you could always learn the accent from me:) and yes i can do both Brooklyn and Polish. oh and to the Brit, it it bull shit you think in Polish after only that many years, that's one. Be respectful because you are only a visitor an a immigrant, so if i was you i would stop trying to preach us. You have no clue what we went trough and our families. That's a dick move what you said. Dick. I like the other Kid at least he is respectful. And by the way your grammar is marginal. Maybe you should go to England and preach your countryman because soon it will be called Abu Dhabi. Grow some balls.
zuггi сhаӣ ! (3 months ago)
Im from Poland
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
I hope Poland takes us English in please? We need your help in the years to come. We are good people and surely we are better than the other migrants? We gave you a home in England when you came please help us to come to Poland. They are killing us English in our own country. Next they will kill us off via final mass immigration into UK of third world migrants. All you Poles will move home but please let us English emigrate when our country destroys us.
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
+Shovel I can count on one hand the number of white indiginous English kids in the local school. The rest are all Asian or African. That is just wrong. But Im the one thats racist?? The roads are so full with traffic you can barely move. The trains are so packed you cant sit down. Mostly filled with migrants jabbering away in fucking urdu or similar. Dont be angry though its all good. Go to the nhs and its crumbling as it cant cope with the volume. Its all planned. It will reach you soon enough. Romford and Basildon are already fucked too.
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
+Shovel Nothing but chicken shops, romanian shops, polish shops, african shops. A guy wanted to open an English shop he was not allowed to. Absolute joke what is going on. I dont care call me racist. Im fucking sick of it. Fucking sick of seeing women walking round in fucking burqas too. Im fucking off when Labour come back in. They will finish us off for good. Thank your lucky stars it hasnt reached you yet but it fucking will do. Its coming.
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
+Shovel and they will end up in your area too at some point. I hope they do as well so you know how it feels like. Im from east London mate and its fucking all gone. Im the minority in my area. Fucking joke.
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
Funny how these two youths were black as well that wanted to stab him up. Fucking joke. Mass immigration is killing the country. Its going to get fat worse. Time to fucking try stopping all this and get our country back.
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
+Shovel Gun and knife crime will be everywhere too. Its coming into our towns and villages too. They only the other day in Billericay mugged my cousins son at knifepoint as he came out the gym. Two black youths threatened to stab him up. He lost his phone to them but fortunately no wallet. The old bill dont give a fuck and cant cope. No bobbies on the street . Nothing. Country is fast becoming a shittip.
Maciej Swierczyna (3 months ago)
I lived in poland till i was 10 then moved to the UK with my parents since then i went through the hole education system in England and now i am thinking of moving back there with my girlfriend who is english, can anyone help ?
Adam Trojanowski (4 months ago)
Jak się nauczycie mówić słowa "
Christopher Johnson (4 months ago)
This guy speaks perfect Polish. My god hats of to u. Mister kult America don't worry everyone is different. At least u try hard we anderstand u and we can c how difficult is to learn Polish. U give us a smile on our lips when u speak Polish. Keep it up. I left Poland in 1981 and I realize my Polish is very simple I hate it.
Donald Trump (4 months ago)
Co jak co ale polskiego w 100 %ni chuja nie da rady się nauczyć
Jack Douglas (5 months ago)
kocham twoje filmy!
Wioletta Skrzynecka (5 months ago)
Ci Panowie, to moi najbardziej ulubieni imigranci w Polsce:)) Czesław mnie wkurza, ale Ci Panowie są super.
marek green (5 months ago)
Miło słyszeć takie opowieści. Tak przy okazji. UK English ładniej brzmi lecz mniej czytelny dla mnie, natomiast US English łatwiej zrozumieć i wydaje się prostszy.
Marian Hajduk (5 months ago)
Great....I'm Polish ..... in UK ... But you guys are amazing....and my family,my home - that's Philippines....I'm still in this country just for money....hopefully next year I'll leave this country...
deltaZabrze (5 months ago)
Kurde!!! świetne jest to że anglojezyczni chcą znać nasz język.A my chcemy mówić zajebiście po angielsku ! Coś w tym jest skoro oni chcą mówić naszym językiem mimo ze angielski jest jezykiem miedzynarodowym:D
chucku00 (6 months ago)
This is Poland. No, this is Patrick !
The1alltime (6 months ago)
Walking down the street.
JanW (6 months ago)
6:46 "...że zapewniają opiekę medyczną wysokiej jakości" / "...że udzielają opieki medycznej na wysokim poziomie" / "...że opieka medyczna, której udzielają, ma wysoki poziom". ..."jakościowy" oznacza: "związany z jakością", a nie to, że on sam jest wysokiej jakości. ("kontrola jakościowa.") Ukraińcy, którzy uczą się polskiego, popełniają identyczny błąd językowy.
Jolanta Jermolowicz (6 months ago)
U guys made my day !!!! Dziękuję 😄😄😄😄
Freedom Fighter (6 months ago)
I won't leave my country just yet, but I have *great* respect for Poland, especially in recent times when they are one of the few countries to have an upstanding, proud, and strong community that doesn't revolve around turmoil or misusing it's own people to it's advantage, which the US has been guilty of, admittedly...
Def (7 months ago)
I spent 2 months in Wrocław last year and I totally agree with your statements. if I had the chance, I'd trully consider moving there, but I guess it's not my place and I wish Poland keeps being polish as well :P
Simon Moses (7 months ago)
I'm​ a Brit living in Poland...I've been here since 2010....I live in Kolobrzeg, which is up on the Baltic coast with my Polish wife and our son, who was born in the UK...! A beautiful, beautiful place.
Anu Ra (7 months ago)
waleniec waleniec (8 months ago)
Why i left Poland for Poland
Joshua Blundell (8 months ago)
I love this, so much of this is the same for me. My girlfriend of 5 years is polish and we live in the UK with her parents. She came here when she was 6 and speaks English better than most, and like he says in the video, polish woman are the most beautiful and wildly intelligent. It was my girlfriends beauty than I noticed first and later her intelligence. But asides from that, polish people and their nationalism, their national identity! It's contagious. More and more my line of thinking aligns with my girlfriends family 😂. The bread is amazing and honestly the UK has nothing that can compare. Polish food is so similar to that of the UK yet so different. Everything is meat and potatoes. FUCKING POTATOES. yet the styles and way they are cooked results in different tastes and textures that make British food look so bland. Drinking sparkling water used to make me sick, now I can't drink anything other than Muszynianka. Last year I travelled from Piaseczno to Warszawa to Krakow to Nowy Sacz to Krynica to Muszyna and then to Zakopane. And travelling around made me so happy tasting all the different foods and but especially gofry i lody and also how great Biedronka is 😂 but also the fresh fruit and veg and how cheap it is. All in all I have too many positives to recount about Poland but I can't encourage people enough to visit. I'm leaving for Poland again in 10 days for 6 weeks and honestly I could stay forever. I'll be spending the whole 6 weeks in Muszyna and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a summer!
Bill Fox (8 months ago)
So, let me get this straight, she was a Pole dancer when you met her? Best of luck for the future anyway. BTW I am retired and if I was single Poland is a place I would like to live.
Aniutqa (8 months ago)
10:38 - właściwie to teraz trzeba popracować nad akcentem, błędów końcówek tak nie słychać.
Piotr Skałecki (9 months ago)
chyba z 7 razy oglądałem ten wywiad dla momentu w którym rozmawiacie po polsku:)
Asia Tomaszewska (9 months ago)
It's so amazing to watch two guy from America and Great Britain sitting and talking in polish. Really like the video. Very positive and funny. Regards :-)
perliva (9 months ago)
Are Germans welcome in Poland? Kudos to both of you for learning the language so well.
Leku (5 months ago)
Everyone is welcome in Poland, as long as you respect our culture, language and history.
polyglot 991 (9 months ago)
I am half Hungarian, half Italian and also came to live to Poland like 4 years ago. You have a beautiful country. Take care of it! Polak, Węgier dwa bratanki!
dannygriga77 (1 month ago)
Hungary is also nice ;) I was just thinking to move to Hungary ;p
Gratitude (9 months ago)
Jestem z Was dumna ! Dziękuje że chcecie być częścią Polski .
Judgey19XX (10 months ago)
Thinking about moving to Poland from the U.K one day, however I want to improve my skills before I do. Do Polish people speak much English? I want to learn Polish but would I be able to get by speaking English?
Leku (5 months ago)
There is a lot of jobs where you can freely speak english. Also in bigger cities you should be able to easly live/move/work with english only but on long term it`ll alienate you from most of the people. Older generations mostly speak russian ( communism times ) but poeple that born after 1990 mostly were learning english in schools so they should know basics atleast.
tre luglio (10 months ago)
Poland is safest country in europe.
Pawłek Adamski (11 months ago)
Very nice
the end (11 months ago)
both of u guys speaking polish at the end- da bomb! nice video, thanks!
Kasia Dolacinska (1 year ago)
“Patrick jest Twoim ziomkiem”☺️
Martin Mendoza (1 year ago)
Super filmik. Dzieki
Majster Prosty (1 year ago)
If anyone needs help in learning Polish, and lives in Kociewie - I will be happy to help you disinterestedly. No matter what language you speak, I can do it.
Doctor Mashigo (1 year ago)
Poland is beautiful as long as your not making trouble with anyone.
adamoss 2199 (1 year ago)
Prawda 0:00
Ju ar yn maj materlend ,aj łysz aj łaz der tu .
Joelleen Beangh (1 year ago)
I have a behavioral problems because I cannot understand the footbal huliganizm.
SomePolishDude (1 year ago)
Good man. I don't have a problem with him. Good example of an immigrant; respectful, patriotic and kind.
Jambo Jambo (1 year ago)
I wish we had more of these cultural discussions on U.K. TV - makes for more tolerant nations
Andrzej H (1 year ago)
Gdańsk i Zakopane to najładniejsze miasta heeh mimo ze jestem z Żywca pozdrawiam
yog28 (1 year ago)
Patryk jesteś spoko kolesiem, pozdrawiam.
Robert Snopkiewicz (1 year ago)
about 45.000 Brits live in Poland.
Krzysztof Kajak (1 year ago)
Could you be more specific?
Robert Snopkiewicz (1 year ago)
Krzysztof Kajak (1 year ago)
That much? Really? What do they do here?
The K-man (1 year ago)
Poland is awesome!!! Invest in Poland, vacation in Poland! We Americans love Poland.
Andrzej B. (1 year ago)
Be careful with neonazi ukrainians!
Marta Bojda (1 year ago)
Hi there. Im Czech living in UK. Just thinking to move to Poland. We have 4 kids born in UK now. My husband is Polish. Thanks for great videos.
Krzysztof Kajak (1 year ago)
Deepak Poudel (1 year ago)
the one things I like about poles is poles women probably the best in the world 😂 and the things I don't like about poles is "if you walk on street anywhere and you"ll see their face they never smile Its hard to see smiley faces in poland mostly they looks like they just came from war
Marcin Dobrowolski (1 year ago)
I work in a Pharmaceutical company and I meet with "fuckton" of people all the time, I also walk the streets every single day and smile to people to force them to smile. It works. It's a gradual process and it is up to people like us to change that. Polish people have more and more things to smile about and they will. Just a matter of time. :)
Deepak Poudel (1 year ago)
Marcin Dobrowolski try once while walking on the streets :) have a good day
Marcin Dobrowolski (1 year ago)
This not only changed already but is changing even further. People are smiling more often than ever. Keep your head up brother :)
Elmar Jukic (1 year ago)
One could believe there`s invasion of foreigners to Poland. Nearly 2,7 milions left Poland to EU after 2004. In same time around 200 thousand moved to Poland. Of these 200 thousand 70 percent are eastern Europeans like Ukrainians, Belorusians. This says everything about this video.
Marcin Dobrowolski (1 year ago)
We have taken around 2 million Ukrainians since 2015, 250,000 mix of different Eastern European states, 15 thousand Brits, 10 thousand Germans, 100,000 Chechens, 33 thousand Vietnamese. It's 2017 and we have the lowest migration since 2004 and during the last 7 months, 117,000 Poles came back from UK to Poland and that tendency will only Rise. Just a fun fact, Brits and Germans are the no 1 and 2 most migrating nationalities in Europe. You can check all of the date i gave you on official government sites. Kind regards :)
Konrad Klop (1 year ago)
i niech Ci POLSKA ZIEMIA bedzie Ojczyzną!
Elton John (1 year ago)
He's got the right idea. His daughters won't be accosted for not wearing hijabs.
Angus Mac (1 year ago)
He's from London which is nominally UK and nothing like the rest of the country.
FreeKanal (1 year ago)
Your videos are best
Spanda Makt (1 year ago)
Wonderful interview.
GeZa (1 year ago)
Strasznie Ściemnia!
Just.Observer (1 year ago)
Go back where "UK" from! No one want tou here english!
Majster bez wąsa (1 year ago)
He's Scottish
Hanna Przekop (1 year ago)
Patrick Ney, I'm fascinated by you. Your loyalty, courage, and bravery will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life. You've done a magnificent job through the plight of your stay in Poland to bring awareness to our society about the Polish pride. Thank you both of you to help me undo my shame, influenced by the poverty and martyrology. I will back to Poland as money oriented people kill us here in UK. You will never know what a difference you made to me as a person. God Bless you.
mugre (1 year ago)
I thought poland was only for the poles?
Wojciech Kutzner (1 year ago)
Wiecie Polaków jednoczy wróg bez względu jaki on jest i Bóg Honor Ojczyzna.
Wojciech Kutzner (1 year ago)
Przynajmniej wiesz że Polacy mają gorąca krew, przepraszam Cię że to ciebie spotkało u nas najważniejsze że żyjesz życzę Ci wszystkiego najlepszego w Polsce Poznaniak Słowianin.
Wojciech Kutzner (1 year ago)
Cieszę się że znalazłeś sobie w Polsce żonę życzę Wam wszystkiego najlepszego!👍👏 .
98sebek9829 (1 year ago)
Hahahaha bomba 💣 2 Anglików mówiących po polsku :)
Xianenberg (1 year ago)
A co w ich wlasnych krajach zbyt czarno sie robi i zbyt duzo ksiezycy sie pojawilo? Pewnie czeka nas zalew niemcow, anglikow i francozow ze wzgledu na zezwolenie przez obywateli tych krajow na migracje afrykanczykow ktorzy ich morduja, gwalca i okradaja.
Thridias (1 year ago)
na końcu jak się rozgadaliście to aż śmiechłem
John Smith (1 year ago)
Hey guys, great video! I admire your language skills and I believe that what you do is simply perfect. It's really awesome for us, polish people, when we hear such opinions and poems from foreigners. However, I know that's it's all because of the girls :D Good job!
Anna Gondzik (1 year ago)
LMAO! Their Polish is hilarious! I love it!
WolnyKoliber (1 year ago)
Please, in Poland don't wear scrafs and t-shirts of football's club. I know this guys, this is terrible. The best option in Poland is shirt or dress shirt like you in video! I am sorry.
Project Yeti (1 year ago)
Very interesting. I'm English and I left Britainistan last November to live here in the Czech Republic. Never happier!
Templar Knight (1 year ago)
Because Britain is full of cry baby snowflake liberals. And Poland says fuck you to the Muslim invasion
Maciek Jurkiewicz (1 year ago)
good interview, cheers
Wiktoria Karwaszewska (1 year ago)
Thank you both for all the nice words about Poland and thanks for being a part of our community!
voich alfa (1 year ago)
Japierdole gada jak Polak
Kristoff B (1 year ago)
Damn foreigners, come here to Poland, marry our women, take our jobs... Just kidding, of course! :) You're most welcome here! I really enjoy seeing foreigner's perspective on my own country. Take care!
srinio zajc (1 year ago)
Panowie nie dziwcie się...że Polacy sa piekni (bajeczni ) mamy fenomenalna historię, tragiczną. I pamietamy o tym...Mamy serce. Serce wojownika i przyjaciela. Przyjaciela z bloku,sasiada, z klasy... !! Cenimy sobie takie wartosci których na zachodzie nie ma i juz nigdy nie bedzie
Margo Vlog (1 year ago)
I coz za pozytywny wywiad...serce rosnie👍
Malgorzata Ch (1 year ago)
Love you guys! Xx
Andrew Sarchus (1 year ago)
Do the arithmetic. Within a couple of decades the UK - like Germany and France and most of Western Europe - will be a Muslim majority country under Sharia. The dwindling non-Muslim population will then discover exactly how Islam deals with minorities and what they think of the concept of 'diversity' - it won't be pretty. They will be a despised and persecuted minority in their own country which invited their persecutors in and paid for them to out breed the host population. It is the most disgusting betrayal of a people by their own leaders in the entire history of humanity. There are going to be a very great many seeking refuge in the East and I'm looking to do it before the trickle turns into a flood.
No Name (1 year ago)
this guy?, help Poles understand better the country they live in? What? Because he read a few Zionist books? I vote Nay. The guy is nice but shouldn't take on such a role of being a Nation/Ethnic/Slavic psychologist when he is not one. When I was in Krakow Poland the loudest most obnoxious people were Brits.
vera sheehan (1 year ago)
Lovely video good luck to you both and keep Poland safe .
lukasgld (1 year ago)
Moim zdaniem Ukraina też jest fajna, czy Białoruś, Słowacja, Czechy.
Ziut Bryk (1 year ago)
Przepraszam, ale ja wam nie wierzę. Jak dla mnie nie macie zbyt wielkiego pojęcia o Polsce i siejecie propagandę!
Zsolt Papp (1 year ago)
Greetings from Magyarország! Keep up the good work!
dannygriga77 (1 month ago)
I just wonder are they know what is mean Magyarország :) that is Hi lvl ;p Regards Hungarian friend
Cefims Soas (1 year ago)
thumps up
Pablo Figasso (1 year ago)
Poland - Heart of Europe Read history and You will understand why :)
Isac Slahcup (1 month ago)
+Alan Akbhar like you witnessed it, you have no clue what so ever, as many Poles died trying to save Jews as Jews themselves, so shut your mouth.
Alan Akbhar (2 months ago)
you mean, when they handed over tens of thousands of innocent jews to the nazis.
Alan Akbhar (2 months ago)
nope, you live in the past. the polish handed over innocent jews to the nazis. and now, the dishonest polish are trying to ban people from stating the facts. eastern european thieves, and untrustworthy.
Deliquescator (2 months ago)
+Alan Akbhar What, just because they stopped the invasion of your people and saved Europe? :)
krzysztof mruk (1 year ago)
ma racje zrozumial ze morze zyc dobrze w polsce bez przesladowan super powodzenia
Adam Brosz (1 year ago)
What a cool video!! Many many thanks for posting it! :)

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