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Fun Things To do while Crossdressed ✔✔

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Are you in need of some ideas of things to do while crossdressed? You just got dressed up and cannot think of a single thing to do? Here are few things that is quite fun to do while crossdressed. To experience crossdressing to the fullest, we recommend crossdressers dress up completely from head to toe. Crossdressers who are just beginning their journey, might not have all the resources to have a complete transformation. So having hair wigs, makeup, good outfits, undergarments, accessories, shoes and body shaping garments should be kept as a priority.
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Bartłomiej Markowski (1 month ago)
very nice wideo
Akiko Maki (1 month ago)
All the girls in this video look so beautiful. I love these ideas too, I've actually done some of them, it is addicting to think of how nice it would be to be presenting in the world full time. Baby thank you so much for sharing this video out here, it just warmed my heart. xox ( .^_^. )
Derek Tighe (1 month ago)
Hello I dress as a girl every Saturday night my wife does my nails she is Vietnamese i cut my hair myself extremely short like jason stratham i shave my legs my face put on my heels muchael kors put on my short mini put on my tight shirt ( actually a womans short tight dress) works as a shirt for me then i go to scores a strip club full of naked girls i hump their leg strippers love me TRUST ME then i go to club discretions a swingers club and have sex with hot 20 something trophy wifes whos husband cant get an erection People are nice to me at club discretions To my fellow people ie men who dress as woman go to a strip club man i have stories then go to a swingers club
Gabriel Cuellar (1 month ago)
11. Gritar: "Tacos de canasta, tacos, lleve sus tacos!!!
Alan Ess (2 months ago)
Same here,I love crossdressres
Rachel West (2 months ago)
Sadly not everyone looks glamorous when crossdressed
Brianne C (2 months ago)
Liked it so much I transitioned. really I did.
Kinga Taruc (4 months ago)
Wow, I appeared in this clip :)
Rick Morin (4 months ago)
You are all so beautiful
Rick Morin (4 months ago)
You all look smoking hot in your outfit's
Jimmy Leo (4 months ago)
the most fun to me is driving downtown at night and stopping by at the gas station to grab a pack of menthol parliaments and a bottle of alize or hipnotic, the feeling and sensation it's just so cool and fabulously beautiful... thank you.
ibuprofenPill (4 months ago)
There's a dead mall not too far from where I live and I go over there during the day and walk around. Sometimes I sit and have lunch. Once the security guard approached me and tried to flirt. You should have seen the look on his face when I finally spoke! OOPS!
Tina Sexycdlad (1 day ago)
That’s awesome did he take off or did he get your number.
C Dresser (5 months ago)
Not sure about the BJ :) , but doing house work, driving and walking in the sun in a short skirt and sexy heels is fun.
COMMANDER of the NORTH (5 months ago)
or play on the computer ,driving is fun and exciting ,
tigurius555 (6 months ago)
i love going out for a walk or shopping when i'm wearing dresses and got my nails painted, only wish i could pull off a credible disguise so people would think i'm an actual woman
Christopher o neal (6 months ago)
I put on bras and panties and lipstick and masturbate but id never would go full time I just like wearing tight things maybe yoga pants my butt should be big in them lol
Tommy Adams (7 months ago)
When my mum or sisters go out I take there most girly clothing
Jimmy Leo (4 months ago)
Kjartan (6 months ago)
The New Unknow me to😊
Wafflez (7 months ago)
bruh when im a teenager imma get a boy weave ;-; and boy clothes and then dress up as a boy and try to pick up girls XD my voice sounds like a boys ok? DONT JUDGE ME! :D
Why in the hell is this in my recommended
Joe Cunningham (7 months ago)
I mess with boys
Bob Lippi (8 months ago)
I love going into a DSW and trying on all the different brands of heels
B.R.I sdk (8 months ago)
the most fun to me is dancing, shaking my booty
Akira Seher (8 months ago)
Done all of these already and now I'm tired of just hiding and pretending to be normal.. I want to live my life.. Plz if you can then pray for me guys..
lesliekvin (8 months ago)
I cannot agree more. I have done several of these activities and would highly recommend trying some.
Jarl Vatnøy (9 months ago)
I erect when i crossdress
Ann Drogynous (5 months ago)
You may have to "tuck". It's lot harder..er... more difficult that way. It also reminds you to take shorter strides - as a lady would.
crystal starz (9 months ago)
i love going shopping all dolled up
Bobby Cooper (9 months ago)
Personally I think that having sex while cross dressed is the best thing that you can do
Tina Sexycdlad (2 months ago)
I’ll have to agree I’m alot more confendent when I’m dressed up in a tight lingerie and sexy dress and steletoes
Mizhelle Jones (4 months ago)
I agree I love to do so much when I dress but there nothing better than getting dressed knowing it is for sexual purposes, some of the best sex I had was when I dressed men really love my legs and how they look when I am wearing heels.
Jovan Lee (9 months ago)
You forgot about sex
Tina Sexycdlad (9 months ago)
My boyfriend and I love to dress up we are both very passable and go out for dinner and act like we are lesbian lovers caressing our stocking clad legs with our stelletoes and kissing and groping in the corner booth the reaction from the guys is priceless.
Tina Sexycdlad (30 days ago)
The sex is even more amazing August
Tina Sexycdlad (2 months ago)
Hi Simone sorry I’ve been away for abit working so I’m behind I’m in 🇨🇦 my boyfriend and I would ❤️ to dress up for an erotic night
August Mackenson (4 months ago)
That's amazing
Balls (9 months ago)
i got a boner watching this
maxxi121 (9 months ago)
Nossa cada cdzinha linda 😘
Dom Jervis (10 months ago)
If I may offer one more... Go to a club and find the guy who is sitting alone at the bar, looking like he doesn't have a friend in the world. There is always at least one such fella. He will likely be nerdy looking and could be either really scrawny or overweight. He has already tried to talk to several of the women there. But they have all given him a variation of "I wouldn't have a drink with you if you were the Last Man on Earth!" All he wanted to do was meet someone nice, have a pleasant chat, share a few laughs, and maybe a dance or two. This guy will be so appreciative of the fact that you want to spend even two seconds of your Life with him that the LAST thing he is going to do is judge you. Nerds spend so much time being ripped on that they know how much it hurts. So they don't do that to others. And you know what? You might...just might...make a new friend...a True Friend.
swapnil kamble (4 months ago)
That guy would be you I guess
Matty Indeed (6 months ago)
Dom Jervis i believe this guy / gal is 100% correct. Now, what will it be...curtain #1, curtain #2 , or would you like Jenny behind curtain Uh.uh. i meant presenting whats behind curtsin #3 ?
Jake Jansen (10 months ago)
there's a lovely girl in the video named Kelly B. Smith...she's disappeared from youtube. she used to have dozens of videos of her in beautiful dresses. she was so adorable but she has vanished. does anyone know her and know what's happened to her?
Zee Jorem (10 months ago)
When i was younger i used to get all dressed up to visit the local adult cinema and get picked up by elderly gentlemen. Wish someone had filmed it(lol).
Robert K Tompsett (1 month ago)
Done the same!!!
Al Pete (10 months ago)
My fav is at night drive around dressesd as a female and go to a dark place and walk around in public 20min but staying close to the car. It's so exciting :)
john smith (2 months ago)
I like to walk around the hood drunk, dressed like my slut mother.....this always ends in sex with alot of horny guys....and more
Jimmy Leo (4 months ago)
I've had experience this once in my life and let me tell you it's better than sex and drugs so let's rock n roll
Matty Indeed (6 months ago)
Al Pete but Allie..you really want to walk about having a friend to take pictures/ video of you being as sexy as you are. I had a ex gf do that sort of things with me. I often went shopping alone appraring male going in and a female working girl paying the bill and having men hit on me as i made my way back to my car. If i only had that video. Guys following for miles. 😁
Philip Tarr (9 months ago)
Phyliss - me too. I live in a rural area of Maine and would love to spend some time riding around western Maine and New Hampshire. Such a nice feeling to be out on your own dressed en femme. Absolutely love it.
Nikki black (10 months ago)
I actually work at a strip club bartending my customers and the dancers love me
It is cool! Nice ideas! Thanks!
Jessica Simonson (11 months ago)
If you're ashamed of who you are when doing it.....Then maybe you shouldn't be doing it.
JessNW0lfG4NG (8 months ago)
Atheist Avenger exactly, you hit the nail on the head. Some of these folks may live in areas that are not tolerable of crossdressers transgender and anything tied to the LGBT. Trust me, in the side of the city I live in, you'd more than likely be attacked, being ridiculed would be the least of anyone's worry. Picture a transgender person mtf, trying to take the steps to transition, picture having a reputation for not being one to fool around, serious demeanor and all that cause that's who you have to be if you want to remain in one piece. Some people live comfy cities or little towns where you can step outside and maybe not be judged and if you end up getting stupid looks, at least it'll end there or a few harsh words and not a physical fight you have to get into. My point is that everyone's case is different and what the OP is saying is easier said than done. I've heard horror stories out here... I just can't judge someone else and give them ill advice knowing the possibility of their situation being a lot different than your own.
Dark Phoenix (8 months ago)
jessica---why be ashamed? are you trying to guilt x-dressers/transgirls from dressing up as mtf? they do it cause they love it and want to be the opposite gender. the only worry they have is if they are not passable and could be ridiculed or attacked by transphobic bigots.
Dark Phoenix (8 months ago)
Jessica Simonson (8 months ago)
WebVMan crossdressing in private, and not getting out. Just seems like one is ashamed of themselves for doing so.
WebVMan (8 months ago)
I only crossdress in public. It's pointless to do it in private.
RED PLUS (11 months ago)
So beautiful
Richie Rich (11 months ago)
oh, to be young and passable again..."only in my dreams"...ENJOY, these are all wonderful suggestions...!!! I'd like to add, join a video chat rooms and "show off"...PG, R or even X rated...whatever you heart desires....!!!
Trans Lover (11 months ago)
Bottle of poppers and hit up the ABS.
B Real (11 months ago)
Stunning video....thanks for the ideas.
Jo Geboers (11 months ago)
Thank god for my daily hormones, i don't need to pretendend anymore..
Bruce Hurst (9 months ago)
Jo Geboers
SINspiration (1 year ago)
Hi..love your videos but the banner at the bottom blocks a notable amount of the images 😓😓😓
PINK WORLD (1 year ago)
thanks for the feedback.. we will try to make better videos :)
Mallory Flower (1 year ago)
Fun.... another great look 💄🤗 !
lazar man (11 months ago)
Mallory Flower u look gorgeous lady
ADHDetox (1 year ago)
I'm not going to say anything offensive on this comment.... I don't want people to kick me in my nuts 😖
Tawnie Lynn Kelly (11 months ago)
ADHDetard Awww... That's actually a very sweet comment Babe!!!
ADHDetox (11 months ago)
No I'm just on break
Acharyza (11 months ago)
kidding lol
Acharyza (11 months ago)
Whoa! You responded fast! Do you spend a lot of time on youtube with cummies on your tummy?
ADHDetox (11 months ago)
Zach thx
三日月宗近 (1 year ago)
I usually do some bad things and post the videos on the Internet……
jennyramon gil (1 year ago)
muy bonitas y elegantes amigas yo soy asi ,, besitos
Genifer Teal (1 year ago)
7/8 living in New York City or nearby has given me an advantage I can't compare. Just want to say I hope you all get to appreciate these options. Having friends and going out is what it's about. If you can't be yourself what's the point? That's my opinion and my reality.
CJ Phillips (1 year ago)
I need some one to help me get started, I love the thought of putting on thigh high boots, and a dress! I live in Arizona, can you help me? please!
that 80's girl (11 months ago)
order some online, figure out your sizes from your male clothing
Allen Bentley Jr (1 year ago)
I would like to be come a girl
PINK WORLD (1 year ago)
Check this out :) http://crossdressersworld.com/how-to-look-pass-as-a-woman-for-crossdressers-mtf-transgenders/
DONALD SHRVOCK (1 year ago)
drove my truck for two hours while cross dress it was great
Rick 1776-1970 (4 months ago)
DONALD SHRVOCK try 60s muscle car😲❤
DONALD SHRVOCK (7 months ago)
+DONALD SHRVOCK and a black leather jacket
DONALD SHRVOCK (7 months ago)
+E S a little black faux club dress faux leather stockings a garter belt knee high boots . it was great
E S (11 months ago)
DONALD SHRVOCK I would have liked to have seen you. I hope you showed plenty of leg or cleavage
Stuart Morris (1 year ago)
Mike Wareham (1 year ago)
Stunning x beautiful
Michael Mancini (1 year ago)
Omg! My toes fave video EVER!!!
Dan Walton (1 year ago)
The only thing that I haven't done is the photo shoot.
CD Sheila Ashley (1 year ago)
Beautifully presented...
Craig l (11 months ago)
CD Sheila Ashley Hello sheila I saw some of your videos and I think you are amazing honey! Where are you from?
lazar man (1 year ago)
hello girl
Tony (1 year ago)
I like walking around the house and doing housework while crossdressed.
Paul (2 months ago)
yes great I do it quite often when my wife is at work love it I will get caught one day
Tony (10 months ago)
that 80's girl I would love that! I'll wear whatever you'd like.
that 80's girl (10 months ago)
deal, then we'll go shopping!!!!
Tony (10 months ago)
Christopher Johnson I'll dress up in a French maid outfit and high heels while cleaning your house. I'll clean whatever needs cleaning.
Tony (10 months ago)
that 80's girl I'll do your housework anytime dressed up for you

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