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Girlfriends Dress Their Boyfriends • Ship It

86612 ratings | 7153574 views
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Text Comments (2799)
Madrenna Griffith (1 month ago)
And Tarzan is the HOTTEST
Madrenna Griffith (1 month ago)
So you want your boyfriend to wear a Disney COSTUME on your date?! So just you and Aladdin hanging out at the Cheesecake Factory...
Dom Shaheen (2 months ago)
Aurora - thank you!! You made me very happy! ;)
Greg Greg (2 months ago)
*Hi Im NeD aNd Im mArRiEd*
Munimul Borno (2 months ago)
In this case, Aladin the legit muthafucka 😂😂
Richard (2 months ago)
guys all improved the GF's looks, i thought none of the girls managed that.
rehan Khurana (2 months ago)
Aurora 's voice 😍
MOTTO motto (3 months ago)
So basically all she wanted was no shirt
Valar Dohaeris (4 months ago)
That Aladdin outfit was the worst honestly, no offence
Valar Dohaeris (4 months ago)
Is Safiya's boyfriend Tyler Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars??
PongoXBongo (4 months ago)
Don't know about Tyler's look. Kinda like a middle-aged Marky Mark trying to look young and hip. Like a biker dad. Not the best use of a leather jacket, lol.
kerem ekrem (4 months ago)
He was more like Alaaddin's gini.
Jenny Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Steve is hot ❣️
Jördis von Allwörden (4 months ago)
Jen look‘s like Jodie from the game „Beyond two Souls“! 😍
flukymaze (4 months ago)
the aladin thing is a bit too far
Robin Herrero (4 months ago)
Ify looks more like a tourist scammer on a bridge in Istanbul than he resembles Aladin imo
Zacki Fayazi (4 months ago)
0:40 in the middle???? name?? please...
marissaguerra08 (5 months ago)
Steven and Jen are probably broken up by now.
Irina Nica (5 months ago)
Jen looks like billie eilish :))
Gacha Unicorn Princess (5 months ago)
Is ned married?
cod master (5 months ago)
is ned gay
Andrea Linares (5 months ago)
why does tyler look like dean winchester😂😂😂😂
Susan Mathis (5 months ago)
The white suit. Wow!!!
A DM (5 months ago)
Dean's a hipster?!?!?!
itsme7679 (5 months ago)
Crazy how steven can get so much hotter with just a change of clothes
itsme7679 (5 months ago)
0:03 what kind if makeover needs a q tip??
Y’all hoes Are thirsty (5 months ago)
I swear ned is obsessed with his wife
Amanda LeLoup (6 months ago)
Ify and Aurura and so freaking adorable.
Selena Gomez (6 months ago)
Wow I wonder if Ned is single ...
chelseafcrocks82 (6 months ago)
that aladdin dudes' girlfriend did him dirty
Matt Steer (6 months ago)
6.9 million views ,6.9 😏
ramona allen (6 months ago)
Hi im Ned, and im married!
DorkySophie & Life (6 months ago)
*video starts* Hi, I’m Ned, and I’m Married. *bunch of hands starts annoying him with stuff*
Castiel Winchester (6 months ago)
2:17 ... my brain: KINGSMANNNN!!!
Sharifat Kone (6 months ago)
I died when I saw Tyler Blackburn’s picture 😍🤤
Abe (6 months ago)
2:32 haha
Alia Salvatore (7 months ago)
My wife
loo loo (7 months ago)
The 2nd couple are so cute, they look very romance movie type of couple
Bentbaa Sawsane (7 months ago)
Never let u girlfriend dress u except the third looked nice but ipreferd how usually he is
Rachelcookie321 (8 months ago)
1:06 did u get that t-shirt from loot crate? I have the same one!
Dee Bee (8 months ago)
I’m the lady going “yeahhhhhh”
Penguinchubb0 (8 months ago)
HAHAHA She embraced her new Aladdin like she was at Disneyland and saw her favorite character. I thought it was a bit too much to have him dress up as a character, but her reaction shows she truly adored it and it wasn't so weird anymore.
Arron Kruse (8 months ago)
1:38 that look
アルチックAltiC (8 months ago)
dipesh bhatta (9 months ago)
2:51 yeahhh 😂😂
Kalli Dolan (9 months ago)
Lana Del Slay (10 months ago)
0:40 If you know Pretty Little Liars then you should know real well that the picture in the middle is Tyler Blackburn A.K.A Caleb Rivers
lihanam 786 (11 months ago)
These people have a terrible taste in fashion
-Sascha- (11 months ago)
the aladdin one looks like KSI
J1Paidd (11 months ago)
The lady with the short hair HAS THE CUTEST VOICE
Sarah Tarpley (11 months ago)
<3 so cute
Im Fine (1 year ago)
hehehe we lurk in the shadows
Liam Wong (1 year ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i like it, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
KADIATOU KANTE (1 year ago)
Ned’s so in love with his wife ❤️
Tempelis (1 year ago)
if you could say the intro has cancer it has cancer the intro has cancer And I have cancer now too
Blackbird (1 year ago)
Why haven't I seen Ify and Aurora before?? They're so cuuuute <3
Your Buddies (1 year ago)
im not racist but that black man look like slave from arab master LOL
shesikags (1 year ago)
Oww Aurora ❤️💕 she’s so sweet
sae200502167 (1 year ago)
If they said what I would dress my boyfriend as, I would tell them to just make him wear a bow tie and some pants :) hope he doesn’t see this comment.
Abbie Nastasi (1 year ago)
He looks less like James Bond and more like Buddy Holly.
andrew (1 year ago)
bruh you can tell that the girl with the short hair lowkey a freak lmao
AK Rex (1 year ago)
"Take me on magic carpet ride, eh?" - daaayymmnnn! she means business! awesome! XD
ZoeTheZurtle (1 year ago)
"Take me on a magic carpet ride~!" I love her ❤️
Sasuke420 (1 year ago)
Somebody is getting laid to night LMAO.
mo no (1 year ago)
If she said Tarzan I'd literally die inside. Just a little more.
Riti Aggarwal (1 year ago)
0:39 CALEB!!!
Who is Brian? (1 year ago)
Why does ned looks like an older version of nevel from Icarly?
Elliepeties Squad (1 year ago)
00:40 omg is that Caleb from pretty little liars
Sam Tank (1 year ago)
The first guy looks like Dean Winchester
hana parsons (1 year ago)
Ned is the most married person in buzzfeed
Pantelis Keravnikes (1 year ago)
The funny thing is, I can't imagine Jen and Steven not ending up together. They are perfect, heck Jen even pulled the best relationship prank on him.
Aimee Slesser (1 year ago)
Who is that in the middle at 0:40?
Arely Serrano (1 year ago)
When they show 3 pictures of boys from the first couple the guy in the middle that is touching his hair is the guy that plays Caleb in the show called Pretty Little Liars
Bella Rain (1 year ago)
How did they shoot both of these videos because when they started in both videos they were wearing the same thing but in one video that would mean that they would have had to either take of their outfits or be wearing their fancy one
Holly Collins (1 year ago)
I'm a simple girl: I see Steve or Jen, I click.
Toribio Hechanova (1 year ago)
The guy with the black boyfriend was thirsty.
sameehah adam (1 year ago)
Are we not gonna talk about the tyler blackburn ( caleb pll) picture 📷
Charlotte McGuire (1 year ago)
Anna Armfield (1 year ago)
1:56 when you try to be JD from Heathers XD
Chickerlicker (1 year ago)
that white girl with short hair is weird 😂 alladin? df
Lilyroseabell ? (1 year ago)
Safiya literally dressed her boyfriend like a Winchester
Weirdo that'sMe (1 year ago)
Aladin isn't the one who wears the least amount of clothing in disney... its Tarzan😂
Love Anime (1 year ago)
3:00 when she said that I laughed so hard I love that woman and her voice
Chrisi W (1 year ago)
naaaaaw the girl with the short hair is so freaking cute ♥ her voice and how soft she seems
Ellyse Stempel (1 year ago)
Btw Shang is the hottest Disney guy
Martinez. Twins (1 year ago)
Daniel Karpf (1 year ago)
Clark Kent who?
Derpy Candy (1 year ago)
Steve's so hot tho
Bilquis K. (1 year ago)
We all need a Steven or Jen in our lives
amy • (1 year ago)
the pregnant couple are actually the cutest
Mason (1 year ago)
Don't you just love Tyler and Saf?? They're so cute😍😍😂😂
sunset.slimes :D (1 year ago)
Hai ;D
Douglas Amaya (1 year ago)
i like how the girlfriends are doubtful/regretful when they see the boyfriend. It's like "(removes the hands from the eyes and turn around to see the boyfriend) ................... oh wow!...."
Ren Lopez (1 year ago)
Eddie Redmayne!!!!
Stella Resairo (1 year ago)
The Aladin costume though...?
Christina LIU (1 year ago)
Safia and Tyler r soooo cute. #goals
Leih R (1 year ago)
the pregnant woman is so cute and her voice i can't she seems so nice
S Denning (1 year ago)
sososohaunted (1 year ago)
Ify and Aurora are straight up couple goals. Love them.
Charlie (1 year ago)
What about tarzan

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