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Ridge is drunk and upset about Taylor. Brooke kisses him while a reporter takes pics - Tridge

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After the men's show Ridge decides to throw a party to try and drown his sorrows about Taylor. He gets drunk and invites half of LA. Taylor is in Scotland unable to work because she's thinking about Ridge. She tells James she's afraid she's losing Ridge and her marriage. Alone, Ridge wonders what Taylor is doing. Brooke comes along to comfort him, tells him she might give the company back to the family and kisses him while a photographer in the bushes takes a picture
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Text Comments (9)
DiddlySquat (3 months ago)
Poor TayTay. Torn between a man with brains and a man without brains.
lol21432 (4 months ago)
Paula Abdul in the background towards the end
KariIzumi1 (4 months ago)
That Speedo tho 👀
Alexander Beaverhausen (5 months ago)
Are these people rocking out to Runaway Train? Its one of the saddest songs ever... Lol
Alexander Beaverhausen (5 months ago)
Yikes, Taylor was a real jerk - James is pouring his heart out while she thinks about Ridge and his bad acting...
book lover (4 months ago)
@KariIzumi1 worse?? Bell jr. did a complete rewrite! He destroyed Tridge forever! But Brooke hasn't changed at all! Still a manipulative, opportunistic and selfcentred bitch!
book lover (4 months ago)
The jerk here was Ridge, not Taylor! And of course bitch Brooke right beside him! He was her obsession!
KariIzumi1 (4 months ago)
That said, James was spilling tea. Ridge is a fucking child and Brooke as usual is a desperate moron.

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