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GTA V Best Places to Take Snapmatic Pictures (drunk Gameplay)

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Sorry i was smashed when i made this. Only time im motivated to do something is when im crunk will probs redo video sober i jsut havnt uploaded for awhile. Im ashamed of saying yo so much and sluring OMG I JSUT REALZIED THE AUDIO DIED AT THE END I WILL REUPLAOD SOON AND DELTE THIS
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Dimaz Sadewa (2 months ago)
When a girl play GTA
B_ITACHI GAMING (4 months ago)
This vid was so helpful,thanx a ton for making this😊🤗you just gained a sub Also do you have a gta Instagram?
Hezitatixn x (6 months ago)
You said mint alot?😂😂
Airiyanna Wright (1 year ago)
Super cute !
Rhaian (1 year ago)
Hi of BRASIL ❤❤
Pavoniz Hashir (1 year ago)
If someone want to join my crew on ps4 contact me and join me on my youtube channel thanks ;}
Pavoniz Hashir (1 year ago)
Tessa Kawaii (1 year ago)
IV Blvck VI (1 year ago)
Ur voice is so pretty✓✓nice places✓✓
Wow! Is Great
հαϯεδ [JASX] (1 year ago)
Lovely (2 years ago)
can you add friend me pls #QueenElleXoX
Silent Lady (2 years ago)
Very beautiful pics ! and great places. Thank you :)
QueenElleXoX (2 years ago)
Silent Lady thanks Hun xx
lIlBAD-SPORTlIl {XGOD} (2 years ago)
hey QueenElleXoX add me on ps4 money_games2004
Jay Dee21 (2 years ago)
LuxDoll (2 years ago)
smoke a few durries hahahah love this.
QueenElleXoX (2 years ago)
LuxDoll thank you xx 😘
Kat Chartreux (2 years ago)
these are cool places :) sweet voice too.
QueenElleXoX (2 years ago)
SixtyEmu thank you girl :) xx
Cole Dwyer (2 years ago)

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