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How to Elegantly Enter and Exit a Car like a lady

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It isn't always easy to get out of a car when you are wearing a skirt or a dress, whatever its length. Car seats are not conducive to a graceful exit at the best of times and if you have a difficulty getting up from a lower seat, this can make graceful exiting even more difficult. So, here are some best tips on how to elegantly enter and exit a car like a lady. Tip no.1 : Prepare your clothing. Tip no. 2: Open the door as far as you can stretch your arm. Tip no. 3: Keep your knees together and put your feet on the ground. Tip no. 4: Help yourself up with your hands.
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Susan Smith (4 months ago)
Beautiful woman like
Susan Smith (4 months ago)
Beautiful woman
Felix Admirer (6 months ago)
Cool video! Keeping knees together is one thing we need to do a lot as ladies! So cute but it's hard at the begining... lol!!!
Nice job ladyboy!
iina tuominen (6 months ago)
Unfortunately, I'm too short to do that gracefully
Lejla Sas (7 months ago)
Classy! Thank you.
Michelle Messina (7 months ago)
Thank you so very much for this-I will make sure to do it like a lady. Thanks again.
Gary Lee (8 months ago)
Gorgeous legs sexy woman ❤️
Is a man gay
Cheryl Henninger (8 months ago)
This may seem like a rude observation/question, but what if you're not a size 6? What if you have a belly or a more Rubenesque figure? How do you enter and exit a car without looking awkward?
Chrissi Kirkland (6 months ago)
Jennifer Mavens I agree with that one. But I doubt that lifting that person up has to be neccessary in an everyday case such as stepping out of the car. You can still be graceful. I'm just saying.
Jennifer Mavens (6 months ago)
Chrissi Kirkland you are confusing technical skill with grace. Although they may have been able to mimic the movements of a real ballerina, their excess body weight hinders their movements and makes it impossible for their partners to perform lifts and other movements safely. It's a simple matter of physics.
Chrissi Kirkland (6 months ago)
Jennifer Mavens In fact, yes I did. Plus sized ballerinas dance with the exaxt same grace a thin ballerina does and I saw larger girls even do the splits. I'm as thin as a stick and are not that flexible even though I look like it. Being on the larger side has merely something to decide on wether you can move graceful or not. It just takes some practise and will.
Jennifer Mavens (6 months ago)
Chrissi Kirkland it's hard to be graceful when you carry excess weight though. Have you ever seen a fat ballerina? Graceful movements come as a result of having a healthy, active body. Same with confidence, and the two go hand in hand.
Chrissi Kirkland (6 months ago)
Cheryl Henninger Grace has merely something to do with the way you look or how much you weight in my opinion. It's all about practise.
miki miki (8 months ago)
Andreas Belivanakis (10 months ago)
This is hard to understand. Could you please do a video that also shows the WRONG way to exit a vehicle, for comparison? Oh, and in slow motion as well, please. ;)
Dan (1 year ago)
Very helpful.
CD Sheila Ashley (1 year ago)
Beautifully done...
Ines CD (1 year ago)
It is a very useful advice and a very characteristic female trait if you manage to do it well ... if you also have legs as beautiful as the model, you will awaken the admiration of everyone ... I am going to practice it!
No Lady now... (((
Thomas Schilleci (1 year ago)
I would like to see a pantie peek
Mike Wareham (1 year ago)
Elegant x
bob (1 year ago)
This is no joke, this is very important. I'm a chauffeur for a limousine company, and part of my job is to instruct brides as to how to enter and exit the vehicle as graceful as possible; some listen, and unfortunately some don't.
JennyCD007 (1 year ago)
Thank you... Very nice, I'll practice tonight! :)
Tony (1 year ago)
Thank you for the tip.

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