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Plane Crash Site - LOT Flight 5055 [Kult America]

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LOT Flight 5055 was an Ilyushin Il-62M of LOT Polish Airlines that crashed in the late morning hours of Saturday, May 9, 1987. The event happened in the Kabaty Woods nature reserve on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. The flight prepared to leave Warsaw to San Francisco International Airport via New York City's John F. Kennedy International airport when it encountered multiple catastrophic events with the numbers 1 and 2 engines as well as the elevator shortly after departure. All 183 passengers and crew on board perished in the crash. The accident was the deadliest of any involving an Ilyushin Il-62, the deadliest to occur on Polish soil, and the deadliest aviation accident of 1987.(Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOT_Flight_5055) ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash
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Mac Dryja (7 days ago)
You have to add that the pilots had a horrific very difficult time, dumping fuel due to the electrical pumps getting stuck and generators failing and steering was very limited , only turning was possible by engine thrust and altitude trimmer.yet they figured it out throughout the madness. I remember being 6 years old with my grandmother seeing this on tv. my grandfather was a pilot firefighter flying there near Kabaty forest at the same time and wanted to dump foam on the burning forest but he wasn't allowed or saw it was no use ,since it all exploded. When we flew to America he did not allow us to fly on the IŁs-62M only Pan American on the Airbus 300. The Polish pilots ,had tremendous pressure by waiting for Modlin military airport to give them permission to land. Then the imagines Waesaw had a longer runway and better emergency services,I believe they were approaching Okencie Airport in Warsaw on runway heading 15 ,but there was a back tail wind so Controllers instructed them on runway 33. halfway through the turn , either the trimmer line snapped or burned through or from versions I have heard the back passenger section started burning ,when the broken turbine disk blade caused fire in the back storage room in the tail and passengers ran forward which shifted the weight on the nose. I sometime think if they were coming into Warsaw on the runway 15 instead of making that long turn to runway33 which consumed precious ,they would have landed somehow better. I imagine and believe on runway 15 the plane would still be functionable although crippled already from the turbine explosion to belly land with even no casualties on board for the passangers.
tragic mistake for them to bypass modlin military base for an emergency landing ( in favor of Warsaw) , which robbed them of extra time....apparently they were just 40 seconds from landing on the Warsaw tarmac when they hit the trees
David 7X7 (26 days ago)
My grandmother was supposed to be on this flight but my grandfather's car broke down on the way to the airport and she thankfully missed it. Now whenever I get on a plane I have a feeling of uneasiness because I always think to myself "what if fate is a thing, and my grandmother cheated it, and now it'll get me by ripping this plane apart in mid air as revenge" I know it sounds silly but that's just how I am.
taki ruski sprzęt jak siada to wszystko... ale mogli sprubować w modlinie trochw by ich pogruchotało ale moze by przeżyli, z resztą na okęciu w 1980 też taki sam IŁ sie rozbił piloci nie mogli nim sterować i walneli w zamarzniętą dziure przy 300km/h
saji (4 months ago)
who's that guy running at 4:00?
Adam Kosiorek (5 months ago)
Ernest Barteldes (7 months ago)
Actually the plane had four engines, two on each side. Just a small note, good reporting
Witek5555 (9 months ago)
Thank you for made this movie.
Kimmy Middleton (9 months ago)
may God bless the passengers and crew of LOT 5055...these are my people...I am 1st generation off the boat from Poland and to me, it seems like the flight deck and crew did everything possible to save all souls on board!! also seems the the folks on the ground and ATC did NOT DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save all on board...from what I am gathering from your vid ( which I very much enjoyed BTW), with an in-flight fire, the goal is to "go to ground" (so to speak) AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! and to have this poor pilot fly and fly and fly taking up precious time seems incomprehensible!!!..I am aware of the dangers of having tanks fuel heavy, ( my dad was a pilot and taught me many things, I used to refer to it as Kims private ground school), but one has to balance the risk of full tanks VS. human lives and it just seems to me that the lives of the passengers and flight crew were secondary to the burning off of the fuel...Thank you so much for your vid...it was the only english speaking one I could find on YT about 5055..: )
David 7X7 (1 month ago)
If they had landed with too much fuel the landing gear would've snapped and the plane would've scraped across the runway which would've started a fire which would've led to the plane exploding anyway. I'm pretty sure the pilot's knew they wouldn't make it but held on to hope and did everything they could to make it. Really sad, my grandmother was supposed to be on this flight but my grandfather's car broke down and she was late.
GooglR Ratings (10 months ago)
I thought this flight was bound for New York ???
Fabia MC (1 year ago)
Plane was bound to new york
Pasjonat Historii (1 year ago)
Dobranoc ! Do Widzenia ! Cześć ! Giniemy !
Rafał Garus (1 year ago)
Hey Kult America, where does it say that fflight 5055 was San Francisco via New York? Greetings
Krulasek33 (1 year ago)
To Putin i Tusk skosili laserem tupolewa z Jantarką by zapobiec sprzedaży Jantarki do Kuwejtu przez Gierka.
Jelly Mati Vlogs. (1 year ago)
to New York !!!!
Kinga Graham (1 year ago)
ale katastrofa
m4ti140 (1 year ago)
3:10 Il-62 had 4 engines, 2 of them failed due to explosion. The shrapnel also severed the primary pitch controls leaving only trim. What failed in those final seconds, most likely due to fire, was not the remaining engines but the pitch trim, leaving the pilots with no control over aircraft's pitch, which ultimately led to an uncontrollable dive and crash.
m4ti140 (1 year ago)
That plane was actually destined for for JFK Airport in NY, I don't think SF is even in range, not to mention no one would allow for an airliner from a Warsaw Pact country to cross the US and Canada
Krzysztof Kania (1 year ago)
Trochę to inaczej było. Jeśli ktoś chce się dowiedzieć nieco więcej to polecam http://dlapilota.pl/wiadomosci/piotr-karwinski/dobranoc-do-widzenia
Llewell Tan (1 year ago)
OMG why are there so many Polish people (Im assuming Polish) here?
Virtuoso 17 (1 year ago)
Because the airline that crashed was their national airline.
Majka Isabella (1 year ago)
najgorsze są ostatnie słowa pilota "dobranoc, dowidzenia, cześć giniemy" wypowiedziane z takim spokojem, przerażające !!
aneczkaani (1 year ago)
na bodajże 254 samolotów IŁ 62 spadło 19 (nie ma pełnych danych z byłego Związku Radzieckiego), gdyby te samoloty latały dłużej wybiłyby połowę ludzkości.... okropna rosyjska technologia a co ciekawe konstrukcja tego samolotu została skradziona Brytyjczykom...
DJ Fagas (1 year ago)
0:56 on leciał do Nowego Yorku JFK.
DJ Fagas (1 year ago)
mejdzer77 (2 years ago)
Maciek Radomski (2 years ago)
+Kult America Tutaj oryginalna rozmowa pilotów z wieżą i ich ostatnie słowa, smutne i przerażające... Here, the original tower interview pilots and their last words, sad and scary ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoMOA2J61Xw
Bobby Paluga (2 years ago)
The IL-62M required a crew of 4, 2 pilots, engineer 2nd officer, navigator. It was the custom to take along a mechanic and parts. Boeing and AirBus aircraft had long been flown by 2 pilots (down from 3, 2 pilots and an engineer 707, DC.-8) navigation and the duties of the engineer were handled by computerization, which, prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact were not available from companies in the West. It's range was 2,800 miles in an all-coach 198 passengers to 4,200 miles with 100 all first class configuration the control surfaces were all operated manually.the IL-62M was stretching its range limits flying into New York. Non-stop to SFO or even Chicago were not possible.
littlemedic (2 years ago)
łał wreszczie ktoś wspomniał o Grudziądzu który teraz jest umarłym miastem
GameBoy (2 years ago)
Some say that the fire got near the back seats so people unfasent their seatbelts and Run to the front which made Kościuszko crash because the plane started going Down
David 7X7 (1 year ago)
WikFabGames possible
Aviation Nut (2 years ago)
The scary thing is i flew on that exact plane to New York 4 days before this tragedy happened. I remember everything even tho i was only 10 years old, the Captain let me sit in the cockpit for 4 out of the 8 hours of flight. When i found out it crashed even tho i was a kid i remember i was walking around for 2 days thinking about it i just could not get it out of my head, it was like i was in a daze. The IL-62M was a beautiful plane. R.I.P to all those that perished in this tragedy.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Secret Benny what a moving memory, thank you for sharing..
Olaf Kosowski (2 years ago)
But WHERE is Cash of LOT Flight 7 ?
ShogunSho (1 year ago)
Olaf Kosowski w Kościuszko
Olaf Kosowski (2 years ago)
Kuba PL (2 years ago)
4:00 maybe its ghost of wrecked plane ?
K.J brick studio [PL] (2 years ago)
Mieszkam 500 metrów od "katastrofy" las jest piękny, szczególnie wiosną a katastrofa gdzieś ginie w tym wszystkim, myśle że to nie sprawiedliwe :(
Bobby Paluga (2 years ago)
I'm certain that Lot 5055 was bound for New York, not San Francisco. I doubt that the Il-62 had the range for a SFO flight. Terrible sad crash. RIP fliers
Bobby Paluga (1 year ago)
JINPegi You are exactly right, they fly frequently to the Polish communities next to Chicago as well as in the itself. I do believe this particular flight was bound for JFK, horrible crash
ShogunSho (1 year ago)
Bobby Paluga it only had range from Warsaw to KORD
ShatteredMercury (2 years ago)
Why did the pilot not go for a direct150 approach or to Modlin? He was only 30 seconds short of the longest path available to him the 330 approach to the same runway required a loop maneuver? Sadly with 32 tonnes of undumpable fuel and no laning gear they'd have belly slid and exploded that fuel on landing. The were doomed from just that. Not getting the gear down and the fuel weight. I would have turned off everything except radio and basic flight controls, in hope of squeezing out just enough powet to get the gear down and attempted at the closest possible runway. Modlin or even Grudziadz
ShatteredMercury (2 years ago)
No unfortunately not. They had 32 tons of fuel and no landing gear. They would have had to land fast and heavy to maintain lift for that additional weight and it would have been a huge fireball either way. A fast heavy plane full of fuel with no landing gear.. 99.99% chance of a massive explosion on touchdown. If they could somehow manage to get the gear down then it's possible they may have landed safely in modlin which was closer. I mean they were only 40 seconds from the runway when they crashed  They attempted a more distant airport then they circled around the more distant airport to land into a headwind for more lift. I completely understand both decisions. They needed more lift as they were getting dragged down by all the extra fuel on only 2 engines, and they wanted better emergency services. I think the problem was they found out about the fire too late due to the sensors malfunctioning from power loss in the cargo bay. When there's a fire in the air you either land ASAP or you don't land at all. They had a similar incident in Warsaw a few years back where the gear didn't lock into position. There were no casualties but only because the engines were working. They circled around the airport for a few hours to burn off the excess fuel and the ground crew soaked the runway with fire retardant foam in the mean time. The plane was able to glide in super slow with most of it's fuel burnt off and gently slide to a stop on the runway. A few people suffered minor injuries from evacuating the plane jumping down the emergency slides.  
Kult America (2 years ago)
+ShatteredMercury do you think it's possible that other pilots would have somehow landed in safety?
JustaFreckles (2 years ago)
It was heading to NY, not San Francisco. My uncle died on that flight - I was at the airport to see him off, and then in the aftermath where there was complete pandemonium. I was 10 years old. This was 6 months before my own emigration to the US. We lived in Mokotow near the airport and could see the smoke from the crash site from our windows. It was one of the worst days of my life. Amongst my uncle's belongings that were recovered (only a few pieces) was a photo of me and my cousin that he was bringing for my dad who was in NY.
JustaFreckles (2 years ago)
+Kult America I live in NYC so that will probably be best.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+JustaFreckles the black box recording is how I found out about this and it was extremely haunting... I'd love to interview you, will you visit Poland some time soon? Otherwise I'm in NYC, Philly and Chicago next month. Feel free to email me.
JustaFreckles (2 years ago)
+Kult America Perhaps they were scheduled for a later flight to San Fran? I don't remember that to be the case though. I any case, yes, I would be open to do an interview. There was a great and insightful book written about this tragedy (in Polish) years ago and many of the victims' families were interviewed for that, but I don't believe anyone reached out to my family. Today, as every year on the anniversary of that horrific day, I mourn my uncle and everyone on that flight, although I literally think about it every day. I am in awe of the crew who did everything they could to try and save the lives on that flight. Their infamous last words, which I have heard many times in the black box recording continue to haunt me to this day...
Kult America (2 years ago)
+JustaFreckles wow, I almost don't know how to thank you for that powerful insight to the horrific memory. Would You be open for an interview of your memory? This would make a strong follow up to the video. Anyways, I read that the aircrafts ultimate destination was San Fran via NYC - though I accept that perhaps there was miss information.
Blee Fee (2 years ago)
Polecam książkę: Marek Sarjusz-Wolski: Cisza po życiu
Imogile (2 years ago)
Aha z przesiadką w NYC
Imogile (2 years ago)
LOT 5055 do NYC
le' nikt (2 years ago)
+Kult America Really? I always thought that NYC was the final destination.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Imogile San Fran via NYC
wojo (2 years ago)
My grandmother and aunt died in that plane crash. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Woke up as a child, on a Saturday to the sound of my mom wailing in tears. In complete shock and disbelief, having just received news from Poland that the flight her mother and sister were on, had crashed. Very sad day.... I'm sure if the crew was aware of the fire burning the plane away in the cargo hold and how dire of a situation they were really in, they would have attempted a landing in Modlin. When the turbine exploded and went through the fuselage, among ripping through the the planes hydraulic and fuel lines, it also cut through the electrical system, including the fire alarms. For all intents, that plane should have plummeted out of the sky when the engine blew apart and damaged all elevator control. Thanks to the resourcefulness of the brave and talented crew, they managed to keep the plane in the air with the manual elevator trim, which was never intended for that purpose. Sadly they were only 43 seconds away from reaching the runway when the plane crashed in the forest. It's very eerie, hearing the pilots last words. A more precise translation of "Dobranoc, do widzenia, cześć, giniemy" would be "Good night, goodbye, bye, we perish". Thanks for the video. Very touching.
+SlimyFireTV /GamingStuff was she the one that got sucked into the blender ( aircraft engine)
David 7X7 (26 days ago)
+SlimyFireTV /GamingStuff wasn't she the flight attendant that was at the back of the plane when the second explosion occurred and her remains were never found and no one to this day knows what happened to her?
My mothers aunt was a flight attendant on that flight and died, you can go to Wikipedia and read about a certain hanna(hannah) thats my moms aunt, i found out about it today
David 7X7 (1 year ago)
That's very sad
Ivica Baksa (2 years ago)
wojo Sad
damiano67ful (2 years ago)
jakbyscie cie nam sprzedali taniej boiengi za komuny , to byśmy nie musili kupować tego gówna od ruskich za ruble , i żadnych katastrof by nie bylo i do Nowego yorku leciał anie do San Francisko
damiano67ful (2 years ago)
+Kult America where did you get this information? You not yet added that after the disaster, people were running there to save others only poto to loot, steal like hyenas, even cutting off fingers victim to steal jewelry.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+damiano67ful Sanfran was the final destination of the airplane (Via NYC).
Śladami Katastrof (2 years ago)
To nie jedyna katastrofa lotnicza jaka wydarzyła się w tamtym okresie w Warszawie. 10 km od miejsca, w którym się znajdowałeś rozbił się inny samolot, tutaj masz omówione całe wydarzenie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dycyLaLulY PS Jeśli czas pozwoli w maju będzie także film o katastrofie w Lesie Kabackim.
Blee Fee (2 years ago)
+Śladami Katastrof a wiadomo coś więcej na ten temat? Swoją droga dziwie się że nikt jeszcze nie nakręcił filmu na ten temat.
MsDolar123 (2 years ago)
Hey, Ryan. I have to say that I live near this place of the crush, probably 1 km from it. Brother of my father saw the falling plane from the window of his house (10th floor). It's really insane and horrible for me to imagine the tragic of those people. I have the same mentality as you if we are talking about history. I am really intrested, crazy and shocked about some things that happened many years ago and have confirmation in today's World. Thank you that you are making those videos, Thank you also that you care. It's really good feeling to see your videos. Do your best, because you are the best :) Greetings from Warsaw! :) (sorry for my bad english, I am typing this at 4 am, so I'm tired. I'm 17 years old. It would be good if you could reply to my comment and tell me your opinion about my comment and this situation :) Peace
Kult America (2 years ago)
+MsDolar123 Hey! Thanks for the really insightful comment. I'm amazed to hear about that first hand account. What I'm curious about is if your Uncle knows of any places that remained untouched till today. That is what I was searching for and other then old tree stumps and a ditch I didn't find anything. (Thought I can't even be sure that what I did find was connected to the accident).
Paweł Mackiewicz (2 years ago)
Do Nowego Jorku a nie San Francisco. Mogłeś sie lepiej przygotować. heheheh
Kult America (2 years ago)
The final destination was San Francisco via NYC.
buzun93 (3 years ago)
Szkoda, że nie został dodany jeden urywek nagrania lotu 5055 https://youtu.be/uoMOA2J61Xw?t=9m30s
domi (3 years ago)
A piloci samolotu pożegnali się słowami "Dobranoc, dowodzenia. Cześć, giniemy!"...
Marcin Jag (3 years ago)
Przez 30 lat dalej widać pas wygolonych drzew, który ściął samolot, a PO mówi, że tupolewa zatrzymała brzoza.
Krzysztof Kania (1 year ago)
Żenujący komentarz, ale tak to jest, jak się nie wie o czym się pisze. Garść faktów. W wyniku rozerwania wału, który przenosił obroty z wirnika gazów wylotowych na wirniki sprężarki, wirnik gazów wylotowych pozbawiony obciążenia w bardzo krótkim czasie (poniżej 0,2s) rozkręcił się do prędkości nadkrytycznej, ulegając rozerwaniu. Elementy wirnika przecięły popychacze steru wysokości i pilotom pozostało sterowanie trymerami (do tego wrócimy). Rzecz w tym, że prawdopodobnie w wyniku pożaru, mniej więcej właśnie nad lasem kabacki, sterowanie trymerami zawiodło i samolot gwałtownie zanurkował. Jedna z hipotez mówi, że ludzie uciekający przed pożarem w tylnej części kadłuba przebiegli do przodu, przeważając samolot, a pilot nie dał rady trymerami zniwelować tego przechylenia. W związku z czym samolot spadał z dość dużej wysokości, na prędkości przelotowej a nie na prędkości podejścia do lądowania, z dużym nachyleniem i wciąż pełen paliwa (z powodu zwarcia w instalacji elektrycznej kurki zrzutu paliwa nie działały prawidłowo). A wracając do trymerów - oczywiście po fakcie ciężko coś definitywnie i jednoznacznie stwierdzić, ale prawdopodobnie samolot nawet gdyby doleciał do Okęcia i tak by się rozbił. Dowiódł tego eksperyment przeprowadzony na innym egzemplarzu Ił-62M w którym przeprowadzono test manewrowania trymerami, zakończony niepowodzeniem. A jak wyglądały drzewa po samej katastrofie? Np. tak https://www.panoramio.com/photo/69711426
ShatteredMercury (2 years ago)
+Shoot PL Sporo Brzoz było tam wyciętych przez katastrofe smoleńska. Zetniesz chodz jedną no to raczej na zdrowy rozum uszkodzi ci to samolot jeszcze bardziej. Jeszce wiecej stracisz na wysokosci i na predkosci. Przez co zetniesz kolejna brzoze pół sekundy poźniej i kolejną i kolejną aż cały samolot zostaje w kawalkach.na ziemi. Na moje trzeba bylo bliżej celowa do modlina ale ze zbyt duzo iloscia paliwa i bez podwozia musieli by zrobić szybkie podejscie by utrzymac wysokosc. za szybko by musieli podleciec gdziekolwiek by nie sprobowali, starli by se brzuch bez podwozia, a 32 tony paliwa by wybuhcly. :( raczej nie widze opcji dla nich.. Moze modlin tylko.
Michal Wasil (2 years ago)
+Shoot PL Bo to jest dogmat "Sekty Pancernej Brzozy". Niepodważalny.
laptopowiec78 (3 years ago)
to byl lot do nowego jorku! it was flight to new York!
KONRAD199105 (3 years ago)
Napiszę po polsku, bo nie chcę kaleczyć angielskiego :) Super kanał... Znając Polaków nagrywaj więcej, a zyskasz wśród Nas wielki szacunek... No i oczywiście dolary z czasem :D
Suchy19994m (3 years ago)
Szkoda, że są tutaj prawie sami Polacy.. dobrze, że jest ktoś kto nie robi z nas Państwa odpowiedzialnego na II wojnę światową, tylko mówi jaka jest prawda... że jesteśmy po prostu mocno poszkodowani i pod tym względem jesteśmy dopiero co po odbudowie. Co to jest 70 lat..
n -voc (3 years ago)
The most touching are the last words of Captain Pilot... translated to English: ''Good night, good bye, see you... we're dying...''
n -voc (3 years ago)
It was...
Kult America (3 years ago)
+n -voc Yes, that was included in the original cut of this video - it was so touching..
Zen PL (3 years ago)
Z wikipedi wynika ze to był lot Warszawa-Nowy Jork
H.S.I (2 years ago)
+Zen POLAND dokładnie , bo tak było
Castiell (3 years ago)
Hej czy będzie odcinek o niemieckich obozach koncentracyjnych na polskich ziemiach za czasów okupacji podczas II Wojny światowej ?
Trekker (3 years ago)
Be like Nike.... Just do it....... well done.
Gadżetomania (3 years ago)
nice one, I very suprised that american are so fascinated our culture and in the end i have one question, can you speek polish or maybe you learn it? if you can i hear about it with great pleasure how you learnt it and what it looks like from the other side
Jan Fabian Woźniak (3 years ago)
Hej, gdzie kupiłeś T-shirt?
G.A.W (3 years ago)
Jak zawsze ciekawy materiał. Dzięki Ryan :)
Xerks (3 years ago)
irytuje mnie to jak amerykanie użalają się nad 11 września nasz kraj był okupowany przez łącznie prawie 100 lat i nie były to łatwe czasy potem zaatakowały nas Niemcy a za chwilę związek radziecki Polacy nie potrafią się nad sobą użalać bo są poprostu dumni i to się liczy
Xerks (3 years ago)
+MrKaput sam pisałeś że co 3 Amerykanin jest popierdolony
Aukcjoner (3 years ago)
A ty jesteś skończonym chamem i prostakiem. :) Dziękuję za stracony czas.
Xerks (3 years ago)
+Xerks poprostu amerykanie to jebane cioty i tyle w temacie tam jest w chuj poparcia za LGBT a w Polsce nie więc samo to udowadnia że to są nie tylko ciota życiowe ale i płuciowe
Xerks (3 years ago)
+MrKaput poprostu uczą dzieci i ratują historię od zapomnienia przypominam Ci ile lat my byliśmy okupowani a ile trwał atak na WTC
Aukcjoner (3 years ago)
+Xerks Cóż, zazwyczaj właśnie się użalamy. Chociażby w szkołach cały czas rozdrapujemy stare rany i przypominamy bez przerwy jakie tragedie nas spotkały. Rzadziej mówi się o zwycięstwach, częściej o porażkach. Widzę to w internecie i w życiu realnym.
Klaudia W. (3 years ago)
this is so interesting but also touching. i really love your channel, one of my favourites.
Bobby Paluga (1 year ago)
Klaudia W. The 5055 crash was the saddest of many sad crashes I've studied
nikola Brzuch (3 years ago)
the ending of the video you said in a reply was shocking i was actually speechless. the ending was... soooo... terrific
iNezumi (3 years ago)
Why you seem to mostly go to places of war and disasters. I get that Poland has a lot of this kind of sad history, but It's not like all of Warsaw is just places of past wars and death. I guess it's easier to make an emotional video like that interesting, but come on :P
Dejavu Janus (3 years ago)
+Kult America So You should come to Oswiecim. Its very melodramatic place
Kult America (3 years ago)
+iNezumi I report on whats interesting to me, I've always been a little melodramatic so it might be a lie if I told you to expect anything different from this channel:) - BTW, I will also film in other countries:)
iNezumi (3 years ago)
+iNezumi In spring/summer I expect a video about Wilanów, it's one of my fav places in Warsaw, but it needs to be shown in sprin or summer when it's baroque garden is in it's best :D (though in winter they put lights on the trees and it gets a little winter wonderland vibe which is cool)
Alex Mandostyle (3 years ago)
To kanał idealny! Nie dość, że uczę się angielskiego to też polskiej historii. Dzięki Ryan! ;-)
David 7X7 (1 year ago)
Alex Mandostyle I do, I don't really travel that often because I live in a rural part of Ireland so I just watch these
Olaf Kosowski (2 years ago)
Tylko, że nikt nie przewidział, że może się stać tak, że rolki trymera się roztopią niestety... Gdyby od początku eksploatacja tych maszyn wyglądała tak, jak przedstawiono to w "Podzwonne dla IŁa62M", to te samoloty mogłyby latać do dziś, chociaż według mnie najlepiej byśmy wyszli kupując znacznie bezpieczniejsze Tupolewy... A tak właściwie, to nie rozumiem jaki idiota wymyślił umieszczenie gondoli silników w tylnej części samolotu zamiast pod skrzydłami, bo wątpię, że niosło to jakiekolwiek korzyści
Artur Kozieł (2 years ago)
Zgodzę się w jednym.Fatalna eksplatacja maszyn przez LOT w wyniku kryzysu jaki powoli zaczął następować delikatnie rzecz ujmując w tamtych czasach nie możliwe było kupienie DC-10 ze względów politycznych. Więc jedynie co można było próbować zrobić to ewentualnie po wnioskach komisji badającej sprawę "Kopernika" zastosować wnioski czyli wprowadzić zdublowany układ sterowania itd...poprawić inne niedociągnięcia itp...Niestety nie zastosowano się do tych zaleceń.Jedyne co zrobiono to zmieniono IŁy- 62 na 62M i to tyle.W wyniku czego mamy 7 lat później kolejną katastrofę znacznie większą.Jedyne różnice są takie że "Koperniku" urwał się wał na małej wysokości a w Kościuszce łożysko spowodowało to że wał się ukręcił silnik uległ awarii uszkadzając kolejny i znowu nie ma sterowania.Jedynie trymer im ocalał.Kościuszko leciał na znacznej wysokości więc przez 30-32 min jeszcze w powietrzu się utrzymywał.Pozdrawiam
Olaf Kosowski (2 years ago)
Ale to jest tak, jakby kupić zgrzewkę plastrów, zamiast zaszyć ranę. Same samoloty trzeba było inaczej eksploatować, a najlepiej byśmy wyszli, gdybyśmy kupili DC-10
Artur Kozieł (2 years ago)
Zgadza się jednak skutki były identyczne.Poza tym komisja,która badała przyczyny kopernika i wnioski w raporcie wysunęła czyli zdublowanie układu sterowania itp (co już wówczas wymagały przepisy międzynarodowe ) Gdyby w IŁ-62 zastosowano podwójne sterowanie to do obu tragedii nie doszłoby
Dawid Wawrzyńczyk (3 years ago)
Ale bomba! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eT7KsFbvWI
Maciek1704 (3 years ago)
Tak się zastanawiam... ty rozumiesz polski, czy po prostu masz tłumacza, który Ci to wszystko tłumaczy?
TheTroll500 (3 years ago)
PatRodak (3 years ago)
Why I never heard about this disaster? I am quite young but I know most of the disasters. Good material, gives for thought.
Bartek Teklak (2 years ago)
+PatRodak +Kult America To be precise: last words of 5055 crew was "Good night, goodbye, bye, we are dying" ("Dobranoc, do widzenia, cześć giniemy"... Very sad and creepy...
PatRodak (3 years ago)
+Kult America Creepy ;-;
Kult America (3 years ago)
+PatRodak This was pretty insane. When you hear the black box recording the pilot says "Good by and good night" right before the plane crashes and everyone dies. This was so tragic to imagine, it inspired me to visit the site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_DmSAGqwms (scroll to 1925)
midway 090 (3 years ago)
Sebik48 (3 years ago)
First :D !

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