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Warsaw's Abandoned Past [Kult America]

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When I wonder around Warsaw and Poland in general, I am amazed at how many abandoned buildings I find.  I’m not much of an urban explorer but I’m curious about the small details left behind by the previous inhabitants.  Some have told me that these buildings are abandoned as a result of the communist system, others have told me that the some buildings once belonged to jewish landlords whom were either murdered by the Germans during the second world war or fled Poland for their safety.  We visited Prudential building, Kamienica Wolfa Krongolda, Kamienica Majera Wolanowskiego, .Piwnice i browary Haberbusch i Schiele, Kamienica Abrama Włodawera, Kamienica Lejba Osmosa,  ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash
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Text Comments (79)
Adam St.Martin (4 months ago)
October 16, 2018- Does not matter if you are Jews,Christians, Muslims/Islams, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions as well.. WHY HATE???? Learn to love anothers.. Love NOT Hate... we all bleed red... Does Not matter what color you are... All lives Matters... Love... I got something to say about All Poland People... Here it is... LOVE POLAND😍 Respect from Muslim/Islam country.. I love ya Poland... also I love the world...
Karin Stevens (4 months ago)
Thx u for sharing
John Tait (5 months ago)
Very informative video. Thank you.
michael craig (5 months ago)
Im sure the people of Warsaw had many more ploblems and worries than seeing into the future of a building. Maybe are we gonna surrvive this day. When are we gonna eat again. Can i talk to the guy next door without being shot!
jetdude787 (5 months ago)
Great video, thanx for sharing. Look forward to see more of this.
george pierce (5 months ago)
Great work, I've subscribed. Would love to visit!
ColleCter Euronymous (10 months ago)
T Love Warszawa
Gabriel Miller (11 months ago)
In the courtyard with the metal structure as reinforcement was used in one of the scenes of the 2002 Roman Polanski the pianist
indy_go_blue60 (6 months ago)
Fuck that pedophile.
Kriss Kross (1 year ago)
4:14 this kind of balcony gives me the creeps
Sawbonz (1 year ago)
Yeah most of them will be demolished soon
Andrzej P (1 year ago)
those are empty because of stupid laws and current party in power . They don't want investors to renovate it because they hate people with money and vision. Right now they will nationalize those buildings that were taken by private investors and renovated.
GeniusLoci1970 (1 year ago)
wstyd dla warszawy i innych miast, ze nie dba o nasze polskie dziedzictwo architektury. wstyd!
Laaaaads (1 year ago)
It isn't as bad as London which lost all of its culture. The owners of that building where probably put in prison by the communists. like most of building communists didn't want them to be around so that Polish people felt more Russian.
t665q9 (2 years ago)
Ta kamienica w 3:59 jest własnością dużego dewelopera Skanska, niedawno została wpisana na listę zabytków. Planowana jest jej restauracja, a na jej tyłach powstanie kolejny wieżowiec http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1490695&page=33 A teren browarów w 1:48 będzie zabudowany w całości, właśnie zaczęła się zabudowa całego tego kwartału http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=252874&page=43
Zapdog (2 years ago)
"So much artillery hits" and a two ton mortar shell, thanks to the Karl Gerat, which is why that picture exists
u should travel all over Europe I like your videos
Vojtěch Rod (2 years ago)
I do not understand one thing in Poland. The appearance and condition of buildings. There are often inhibited buildings but It hasn't basic maintenance for decades...Many Polish cities would be really nice, but even in Cracow, when you go two blocks from the main square and many houses are in terrible condition. Poles do not take it bad, but compared to Czech repubic, Poland is not so much "poorer" so I don't think so that It's about the money. I don't understand it...
Imperial79 (4 months ago)
+Vojtěch Rod I think it might be since the Cold War, socialism slowed the economy down, and things wasn't taken care of much since Poland took a lot of the attacks in the war. I'm on a forum about rebuilding old buildings and new buildings and it looks like Warsaw is slowly getting rid of all these old run down buildings. I've never been to Poland (American) but it would be nice to visit someday. It would be nice to see them rebuild the Saxon Palace and Bruhl Palace someday soon.
TimmyME (4 months ago)
It will change as time goes by. In the 80s all building in Poland looked like ruins.
Vojtěch Rod (2 years ago)
Well I am not so sure that I understod your post right because I used translator for it.... :D Well, I understand cases that you describe but how I wrote before I am talking about common condition of many buildings in Poland. On the other hand... when we talking about property of people who died in WW2 there have to be some process how solve it, because milions died during the war but I can not see ten thousands buildings like these across the Europe and Asia...Property which nobody cares, it does not pay taxes, etc. expires after a certain time to the state in CZ. so I suppose that Poland has the equivalent law.... frankly you can unfortunately just demolished many buildings from the video...
Vojtěch Rod (2 years ago)
Tak jak jsem psal na začátku nemám na mysli to nejužší historické centrum, podrobně to popisuji v prvním příspěvku... samozřejmě nemůžu hodnotit celou zemi, ale všechny místa co jsem viděl mě v tom utvrzují. (Krakov a okolí, pohraničí MS kraj) nejvíc mě to překvapilo v souvislosti s tím, že ta oblast "Krakovska" patří obecně spíš mezi ty bohatší části země.... No tak ekvivalentně komunisti ukradli majetky i lidem tady a více méně se o ně nikdo pořádně nestaral 41 let. A přímé restituce tvořily jenom poměrně malou část celkového majetku. Jinak legislativně sice máme ošetřeno, že majitel se musí o svůj majetek starat a město/stát má na majitele nějaké páky jak toho dosáhnout, ale v reálném prostředí to moc nefunguje.... navíc silně pochybuju, že by něco podobného v Polsku nebylo...
GrandKielbasa3 (2 years ago)
so i can live in one of those abandoned buildings for free right
Kamil Miziński (2 years ago)
You might want to read about building at Okrąg street, in Powiśle: http://www.powisle.waw.pl/historia-powisla/powstancze-twierdze-okrag-2/ http://batalionparasol.pl/okrag-2/ It's been my home for over 20 years, and I found out about it's history just recently. Just the fact that it has been bombed with Goliath makes it pretty interesting.
Ivan Velimirovic (2 years ago)
This video is amazing, I studied in W for 5 moths, i was there when you published this video and i loved close to all the places you showed here, i took some amazing photos there, still proud of them :)
browarman (2 years ago)
Twarda 28 is not abandoned. During russian occupation leftish treators were trying to hide every sign of pre war warsaw wich was rich and comfortable town. Now Warsaw is governed by Hanna Gronkiewicz Walz( corrupted greedy leftish politician). She is waiting untill the building will fall by itself and then she will sell ground to one of her friends who will sell it to some investors who will make another skyscraper.
Sawbonz (1 year ago)
browarman Wait, didn't the right wing building conversationist put in the monument registration so that it's impossible to build anything new?
Paulina K (2 years ago)
Great vlog man!
Mariusz Gliwiński (2 years ago)
Reason why people don't want to do something with this buildings is that there were lots of situations where company or private person renovated and then magically someone (usually from Israel) started to claim ownership of this building. That's one of the reasons some people generalize that to not liking Jews, because they had really good situation before the war, while now they're blaiming polish people for concentration camps and stealing their property.
whatwhat3432523 (3 months ago)
Rightly so aswell. The poles in general had a weak performance in WW2, heck even the jewish ghetto fought back much harder then the poles did.
Chloe wilson (3 months ago)
Mariusz Gliwinski Shekels are always their main concern isn't it? After the Treaty of Versailles, which bankrupted Germany. Most Germans were starving, homeless, no wood for their fires, 250k suicide rate. Jews were phoning their friends in America "come on over you can get homes and factories for pennies on the $." They came in droves!
doug klein (4 months ago)
Kj Nazari fuck you assholee you murdering bastard.. go to hell.
doug klein (4 months ago)
Mariusz Gliwiński You were murdreing bastards and now have stolen all the Jewish property that was unclaimed after the war.
Bob (2 years ago)
Fascinating film. Excellent.
Lom Tac (2 years ago)
please do more like this!
JAMES BOMB (2 years ago)
you should show some old pictures how look Warsaw befoure war
Eryk Szwarc (2 years ago)
What music is in background?
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Eryk Szwarc Dagadana - check them out on YT!
Arkadiusz Konwerski (2 years ago)
I really like Your videos. You are a very cool person.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Kunigdąbsław Mgdolwicz thanks, but I'm just a curious nomad with a camera:)
Bartek Samborski (2 years ago)
Brunon Faściszewski (2 years ago)
I invite you to wrocław
Sir Mighty (2 years ago)
thx for interesting episode
Robert Gruszka (2 years ago)
Thx for showing our brutal history :) IF you want, you can show world Oświęcim. Is most brutal place, and getto in Poland.
Jus T (2 years ago)
Bardzo interesujący filmik. Nie widziałam nigdy Warszawy przedstawionej w ten sposób. Fajnie, że są ludzie, którzy pamiętają o przeszłości. Historia lubi się powtarzać ..
Klaudia W. (2 years ago)
i love all these small details. :) i need to come to Warsaw asap and see all places you are talking about, srls
Kuba Pie (2 years ago)
Great video again. Keep doing this! GREAT work. I`m so happy that guy from US is interested in Poland.
Andrzej Barczak (2 years ago)
Ale on przyjechał do Polski 15 lat temu :)
Kuba Pie (2 years ago)
Great video again. Keep doing this! GREAT work. I`m so happy that guy from US is interested in Poland.
Khakonov (2 years ago)
Wow, i didnt know Warsaw had so many soviet buildings, kinda looks like Kharkiv
3nutria (2 years ago)
Warsaw was heavily bombed during the war and as as a result of that 85% of buildings were destroyed. Pretty much everything there was built after the war.
eXist (2 years ago)
+Khakonov UA You should know that Warsaw is very beautiful city, but it's still in 1/4 under construction. I leave there so I know.
kami (2 years ago)
+Khakonov UA They are pre-war, not soviet.
Kamillos (2 years ago)
4:30 Moja mama kiedyś mieszkała w tej kamienicy przy ulicy Waliców. Wyprowadziła się stamtąd w latach 70 i już wtedy budynek był ruiną, mimo to wiele osób mieszkało tam później jeszcze przez wiele lat.
Emna Migrze (2 years ago)
Super :-) Stał dosłownie pod moim domem, a go nawet nie widziałam XD
Vescilla (2 years ago)
For some these abandoned buildings may be obscure and disgusting, but for me they are beautiful, magical. It's an amazing experience to explore them while listening to some dark ambient :) Awesome video!
Deflandre (2 years ago)
I have provocative topic for next episode. Let's visit Brussels, Molenbeek district and show us how look and live people in this area.
Sławomir Krajewski (2 years ago)
Bardzo interesujący film. Dziękuję + 1
Kocham Koty (2 years ago)
Uwielbiam Twoje ciekawe produkcje!
Walikoniks (2 years ago)
Zrób coś o przedwojennej warszawie
Walikoniks (2 years ago)
Link do Facebooka nie działa :-(
Walikoniks (2 years ago)
Prudential. Piękny budynek.PS Doczekamy się kiedyś w końcu budynku wszego od tego sowieckiego g#wna na środku warszawy?
Polaq (2 years ago)
Fajnie ukazane kontrasty Warszawy, jest jeszcze trzeci element przypominający o minionej epoce- komunistyczne bloki z wielkiej płyty. Te miasto ma różne odcienie- podoba mi się odbudowana starówka, podoba mi się częsć ul. Jana Pawła, Grzybowskiej, Emili Plater, okolice ronda ONZ, przedwojenne budowle też mają dusze, ale ogromne blokowiska z podwóreczkami, piaskownicą i trzepakiem są tragiczne, przytłaczające i szkoda, że kiedykolwiek powstały. Gdyby nie komunizm Warszawa byłaby ładniejsza i mogłaby chociaż próbować konkurencji z Krakowem czy Wrockiem ;/. Jak zawsze super filmik, stały widz pozdrawia ;)
Nakita (2 years ago)
Dlaczego nie ma całego tłumaczenia?
Nakita (2 years ago)
+Hazlixzen lol po to jest tlumaczenie zeby byly cale.w taki sposob tez ucze sie angielskiego ;))
Borne Sulinowo (2 years ago)
+Hazlixzen Ja to oglądam głównie dla języka, choć obserwowanie jak odbiera PL obcokrajowiec też jest ciekawe.
lacroix (2 years ago)
ucz się angielskiego, będziesz rozumiec ;)
PatRodak (2 years ago)
That music... :x
NoWo (2 years ago)
Mieszkało się przez 10 lat w takiej kamienicy, a co do odcinka jak zwykle bardzo dobry !
Głowa Do góry (2 years ago)
Wspaniałe! Oglądanie Twoich filmików to czysta przyjemność:))))
Wojtek Bieliński (2 years ago)
StevieFigz (2 years ago)
nice video man! i explore abandoned places too , and urbex! check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCEOsERYO1c maybe we could collab one day in the future

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