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"SO you're telling me... you guys started dating from an APP?!" Yep. 2016. It's a thing. Embrace it and let me help you along the way! Tell me what you thought of this, would love to hear from you guys. Don't forget to subscribe and like :) Find me on... FACEBOOK: Negeen Dargahi INSTAGRAM: PersianPwincess TWITTER: @Negeennn BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]
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Text Comments (3894)
Teja K (7 hours ago)
I'm open this video just only for you. I like ur videos
Batten747 (12 hours ago)
no offense but its a lot harder for a guy to meet someone via dating app girls just got to be there and look pretty in most cases the guys come to them nobody messages me on any of the ones i tried tinder doesnt work for me
Champstar87 (15 hours ago)
If you are 21-25 why are you not going to the clubs?
Nabaday Halder (22 hours ago)
I would like to be friend with ..
Abdo Aboutaj (1 day ago)
Well i wanna have a date with u
David Tillwach (2 days ago)
And this girl just out for money she powder and paint type of girl .her comments mean squat .
David Tillwach (2 days ago)
Tinder sucks it's a hookup app . They are selecttive too if they think your weak your none . I've meet zero girls . The ones I get are all scammers over in Africa . They want too get you hooked . So you send 💰💰 💰 money too them.. Or there in the army Or a finding stuff and out I've heard the bullshit too . They want 💰
Jack M (2 days ago)
9:07 lol no mate your a tranny.
MERAJ Lemboiya (2 days ago)
NastyKnife (3 days ago)
I am 15 why am I here?
oussama Bounabi (3 days ago)
Sean Omight (3 days ago)
Bumble the app you can swipe hundreds of times without a single response! lol.
Anirban Shikari (3 days ago)
You're so beautiful 👌👌😘😘
shahzaib khan (3 days ago)
Guys I have tried on dating apps, but my single mates, I am still single...
shahzaib khan (1 day ago)
+MuyLy Official Channel yeah I have whattsapp and facebook
+shahzaib khan Do you have another social media
shahzaib khan (2 days ago)
+MuyLy Official Channel???
+shahzaib khan idk too
shahzaib khan (2 days ago)
+MuyLy Official Channel really but when
Night Parade (4 days ago)
i don't feel shy everytime i see negeen.. looks like i wanted to marry her soon..
Doug Sam (4 days ago)
bumble is crap, a lot of over weight females and tinders is a hit and miss. But its has a good 76% of females who go to the bars and say they're in a relationship. But you find them on tinder saying hopeless in Romance.
Runy Khan (4 days ago)
Ur eyes are terrible
Lukas Marak (4 days ago)
I have been using such kind of apps like Choice Of Love, I send them mssge but, they don't reply even single word.
Sharad gautam (5 days ago)
Still I am single
Domo Fresco (5 days ago)
Fml for watching this
Agnes Calista (6 days ago)
Hi i'm Single..
Aisha laraib (7 days ago)
Please contact me I'm alone
Lincoln Tacoma (7 days ago)
You have very Gorgeous bright shining angel eyes...
Ntr ism (7 days ago)
Ana Santiago (7 days ago)
Hotlilmamawagud.... and someone has it?!😂😂😂
Karan Singh (8 days ago)
Love.u babs
Kirbyex7 (8 days ago)
It doesn’t matter as long as you are a guy dating apps are hell.
conchita roxas (9 days ago)
I'm find good guys for love even not handsome but good for me can chat me? I'm from Cagayan de oro city
Mitesh Gala (7 days ago)
Yes we can chat
Deen B (9 days ago)
R u Persian
Jay Donde (9 days ago)
You looks so good
Mohamed Driouch (9 days ago)
Welcome single girl I'm here I'm single too, who wants chat me
Sahaab Khan (10 days ago)
Negeen Dargahi ! I like u as LP
Joshua Abadano (10 days ago)
But do you have to pay for them?
Parmjot Singh (11 days ago)
I dunno why I am here. hahaha Straight men population here is 1/100 haha like this comment if you are straight guy.
mystry (12 days ago)
Is it necessary to date?
Chipster339 (13 days ago)
Title: best dating apps for shy guys. Talks about the women perspective
Chuks Ekechukwu (11 days ago)
philip palazola (13 days ago)
Many people claim to want to meet a good honest guy but they really just want to meet hot guys.
philip palazola (5 days ago)
+Clarence Gramula no
Clarence Gramula (5 days ago)
Are you a girl
Rebecca May (13 days ago)
I LOVE Sushi too! 😂😍
Ovidiu Moc. (14 days ago)
Fu**ed up Tinder, it is useless.
Angappan Yogeshwar (14 days ago)
Tooo toooo tooooooo much makeup
Arthur Leach (14 days ago)
Dating sites are FAKE!! The people created the sites so you can subscribe and spend your money to talk to women and men. You send a message and a like, several days later no one replies. Weeks past you get desperate and realized you got swindled! DATING SITES ARE A FRAUD A SCAM!!
Bhabha Mthembu (14 days ago)
your facebook name plz
CyanaideJuiceBox ! (14 days ago)
How the heck did I end up here??? Oh yeah, cause my lifes AMAZING and I LOOOOOOVVEEEE being depressively single 😎
Clarence Gramula (5 days ago)
What's your gender
Eiman Safari (14 days ago)
Im 25 and I've never had a date with a girl
Asmae Faris (10 days ago)
If you are Muslim that's normal you shouldn't date is haram u should get married
Chipster339 (13 days ago)
Eiman Safari i feel you. Bumble does look interesting, I got a few messages from girls. But they just want to be entertained and being socially awkward that’s not happening
Nourah naks Siboe (15 days ago)
Some people are just here only to read comments 🤣🤣like me lol
Milan Schröbler (5 days ago)
Wtf this guy 😳
Mohamed Driouch (9 days ago)
Hello may I chat you on WhatsApp
Slik123 (14 days ago)
Jorden Vids (16 days ago)
i prefer to date foreigner women and be get married... pilipino here
g g (16 days ago)
if you don't have a great body or nice car or money. goodluck with these sites.
Asmae Faris (10 days ago)
If you have nice heart that s enough for me
yazid lk (16 days ago)
Raju Balraju (17 days ago)
Ur looking soo butiful I like u I love u
AteKuya Paza (17 days ago)
Lucky not (17 days ago)
Nashville Tennessee ?
Mohamad Farhat (17 days ago)
Whatsapp +213 0668694585
Javed Khan (18 days ago)
NiCs Video
SALAH jr (18 days ago)
hello i want to create an agency u can help me send me instagram or whatsapp
Nouelyn Soriano (18 days ago)
Hello SINGLE's. Lets be friends. :)
Eiman Safari (14 days ago)
Hi I want to be friend with you Where are you from
Need Girlfriends a lot whatsapp me +917498251127
Jamie Hernandez (18 days ago)
I realize every dating site girl wants money can't never find to meet up in person and see if it's the right one oh well
Mario Something (18 days ago)
There is no better way to tell a woman you're unfit for dating other than by being found on a dating website OR app of any kind just so she can end up having to ask herself in her head "Why does he need a dating app? What's wrong with him?" ...Want a good dating tip? LEAVE THE HOUSE!
Robin King (18 days ago)
baby will u single or married. u looking 16 years old😁❤
Christian is my name (18 days ago)
I need a single lady that will love me notice me if your interested
Old Spice (19 days ago)
I need someone to feel my express not apps.i m 33 and separated.lonely and unemployeed.Its not necessary that you contact with me and you fall in love with me.First u've to understand me,btw i m not interested in intercourse,i belive in post marriage activities,so before u knock me just think what you did in past. Have a good day.
Red Sleyz (19 days ago)
There is a reason make up is just for some and not all my dude.Put the mask off we all know you are Mr Bean
An no (20 days ago)
Welcome solo people 🤣
ali zahedi (20 days ago)
Philly Cheesesteak (20 days ago)
wow thanks for doing this video because I never want to date anyone like you
abdou (21 days ago)
i hope that i can found my futur wife on internet i dont care about religion or appearance i want just the women who can understanding me
Goblin Slayer (22 days ago)
Got any depression related apps
Akhunzada King khan (22 days ago)
I love you
антон мокин (22 days ago)
Tо knоw morе Dеtiаls abоut websitе сrеаtіоn gооglе іt "сlаsуwеbsіtеbuіldеrs"
Nycole Santos (22 days ago)
I've tried. :/
Nick Tokar (23 days ago)
Who else is too ugly to get any matches?
lexmale1980 (23 days ago)
No luck with Bumble
Giova Alt (20 days ago)
Owww I was thinking in downloading bumble :c
قناة ملاك (23 days ago)
Akash Das (24 days ago)
I love you
Joe Escoto (24 days ago)
I'll probably clear my browsing history just to simply act as if my life is going so well without being in a relationship. 😂
muhammad ayub (24 days ago)
thanks madam you r so cute ummmmma
Arnab ranjan (24 days ago)
Langri hindi nhi aati tje
Nabin Aryal (24 days ago)
U r the easy app.
you're sooooo cute!!!!
Jensen Jacob (26 days ago)
You know what you should do? . . . Read more
Shashank Soni (23 days ago)
How many are tap the "Read more"
Shamim khan (27 days ago)
Jose eduardo (27 days ago)
Who eles is lonely and single and loyal asf😭 I need a girl who’s loyal that lives in nyc area drop them snaps 😁
NAS App Games (27 days ago)
Nemesis Wolf (27 days ago)
Okcupid= crap, bumble=crap, the other ones I have not tried because they are probably crap! Dating apps are all fake trash that doesn't help guys out.
Rocky George (27 days ago)
I love your mind blowing EYES. 💕😍🌹
mikeMcoa (27 days ago)
These types of apps are for above average guys who are winners of life that’s why I don’t mess with these apps at this stage of my life.
TimciTV TimciTV (1 month ago)
Hello I'm new here hehe,I'm just looking for a serious relationship..love u all guys
Let me live king (1 month ago)
Let go for a date
Hilal Ahmad (1 month ago)
I have a question, will u give me answer
Hilal Ahmad (1 month ago)
I want kiss you on ur lips, eyes, face, nose, neck, booms.
M3NI 021 (1 month ago)
can't believe you're actually Persian, you look like Americans
kebir mahmoud (1 month ago)
Smile o_o Light (1 month ago)
I am from Algeria. I am 21 years old. I am looking for a good girl, no matter where she live 💌💞
Imafidon Efe (15 days ago)
Can't I jt get a serious and decent relationship?
Imafidon Efe (15 days ago)
Can't I jt get a serious and decent relationship?
Imafidon Efe (15 days ago)
Smile _Light Hello did I hear you say no matter where she lives..Cos am African...Check me on fb..Dynah Efe
Jaleel Dean (1 month ago)
Single af lol if any girl wants to hit me up just reply.... Pls lol
Pyronical Drums (1 month ago)
Umm you can see there is someone doing gay in there and I'm a kid so I don't need this
Sabri Basm (1 month ago)
This is my watsapp:213770343447+
Sabri Basm (1 month ago)
I want to know a girl friend
Dhruval Patel (1 month ago)
Please give me link for apps

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