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"SO you're telling me... you guys started dating from an APP?!" Yep. 2016. It's a thing. Embrace it and let me help you along the way! Tell me what you thought of this, would love to hear from you guys. Don't forget to subscribe and like :) Find me on... FACEBOOK: Negeen Dargahi INSTAGRAM: PersianPwincess TWITTER: @Negeennn BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]
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Text Comments (3994)
Reaper Dz (11 hours ago)
You know that your life is fucked up If you're watching this
Alaa Kalla (23 hours ago)
Celina Wakati (1 day ago)
How I wish to get my match😪
pika 98 (2 days ago)
hello, I'm from Indonesia, does anyone want to be friends with me? He he. 😊
Uk Khan (2 days ago)
Yes pika i want friendship with you
Corbyn Payne (2 days ago)
MUST watch at 1.5x speed 1. Bumble sucks total failure. Women live it because they are only after the top 10% of men and this allows them to "hold the key" Blah STOP using the word creepy. Makes you sound so stupid and stereotyping. We all know you're full of it. Tinder is the best. I've slept w many women from that site. Women in Tinder are super easy. OkCupid? Idk
يوسف شحام (2 days ago)
Gold Digger Reaction Lady Be Honest 🐸
77 77 (2 days ago)
All r boring apps
AD Muto (3 days ago)
Am I unique Brazilian here?
Analyst Samrat (3 days ago)
Hi .... I love u
zino saitama (4 days ago)
My name is Saitama and I live in Algeria. I do not have a family and I want someone to help me As a marriage or friendship, anything makes me not live in Algeria again
Waleed Ghaleb (4 days ago)
I'm using YouTube for dating through comments .. just like it and see 🤣🤣
suraj Choudhary (23 hours ago)
You are legend 😁😁😁😁
Vinay K (5 days ago)
I like your eyes
Pappu Ram (5 days ago)
Love you
bijou bijoux (5 days ago)
Stupid cunt
swampshark (5 days ago)
Hey you vid is bad I've tryed 72 datting apps for 3 years and no girl has ever yes to me
Abdullah Sajjad (6 days ago)
Are you still looking for someone? If yes then i like to say hi lets chat to know about each other
aymen farhat (6 days ago)
nice bb
ahmed ali (8 days ago)
hi I am from north africa I hope find america girl to love marry
ant cri (9 days ago)
What is it with all these hadjis trying to hit on women on youtube?
Nishab Nz (9 days ago)
So cute
Gobinda Mahato (9 days ago)
by nlman (10 days ago)
Thanks for this Madam
Chanel Santini (10 days ago)
Tinder= hookups Pretty much all these apps are for.
Gobinda Mahato (9 days ago)
Tor pudi la chodaw o turi
juan kori (11 days ago)
hinge is not available in japan ... 😒
hope hope (11 days ago)
Im ready for marriage just contact me
Gonna download.
Mubashir Abdullah (12 days ago)
I seriously don't know why I just watched this video.... I need to get a job.
RoY Christian (13 days ago)
God bless Singles😂
lharbasoon 15 (13 days ago)
loyal girls mail me
Abu hanif islam (14 days ago)
This online dating shit doesn't work. This is another thing to get money from good guys.. 🤣😎😎🤣
Su mit (14 days ago)
YOUR ....... CUTE 🥰
Su mit (14 days ago)
OKCUPID is awesome 😍
Sreten He (16 days ago)
which is the best 😀
Hritik Ghate (17 days ago)
Your so beautiful
Todd Manual (17 days ago)
What should an 18 year old use
noloferratus (17 days ago)
OK cupid is an app run by romance scammers who cancel memberships right after they have been paid for. And by the way I would not date this girl and I am older than 30 because she does not seem attractive.
Miss Valeyntine (17 days ago)
I'm so😭
Su mit (1 day ago)
I thought, ur looking for an app!
Miss Valeyntine (2 days ago)
No? Why
Su mit (2 days ago)
R u on OKC?
Su mit (2 days ago)
Miss Valeyntine (2 days ago)
No, nothing🤣
BrabusTunedSTI - (18 days ago)
My goal is to find a woman who doesnt use her period as an excuse to be a bitch to me.
Dan Flynn (18 days ago)
Where I live there is no cellular service - which means no cell phone or cellphone apps
nourdine301 fardjawi (19 days ago)
I'm nourdine from algeria 27 Year I'm single and looking for a relationship I'm serious and honest
T. Bareh (17 days ago)
hlo im from india
DIY Aryo Arlovers (19 days ago)
Hai negeen, you are is beautiful, woww
Fidel Ortiz (20 days ago)
She needs to grow up. 22 year olds always go for older guys.
TechnÖ aśhü (20 days ago)
I love you I wanna sleep with you
Fidz_ (21 days ago)
That eyes is huge. Tf
Donna Mansilla (21 days ago)
I want to meet someone be good person.
Krishna Devasi (21 days ago)
Donna Mansilla Hi
super nerd (22 days ago)
seems like every woman has a photo on some old street in Europe, snow skiing and other stuff like that and it is a turn off ...that tells me that woman is a high maintenance lady looking for a sugar daddy...just saying. (call me crazy)
Corbyn Payne (2 days ago)
Pretty much every woman that ever takes a vacation does it on daddy's or boyfriend or husband's dime.
JustLiberty (22 days ago)
You are Muslim and progressive? Are you still single? I LOVE SUSHI!!
Arman life style (18 days ago)
yas i am muslim
Best 37 (22 days ago)
I'm single
Korag Li (23 days ago)
you have any app in which free messages, free Voice call, free video call. Thank you
Vaibhav Dorve (23 days ago)
Ur eyes r Awesome
teejay Whyte (24 days ago)
i hope to find a decent girl with good manners
Gina Mo (24 days ago)
You have scary eyes . Dont wear eyeliner
Daurim Pucheo (23 days ago)
Hi, love
knightzack padilla (24 days ago)
yeah.. it seems you tried all the application huh.. well i hope i find one. I'll try it definitely
Ooo.sory I understand you are a pretty Korean girl. Sorry. Bye bye
knightzack padilla (21 days ago)
+Sumit peaceful song .awesome jungra sorry I'm a boy not a girl you're mistaken 😣
knightzack padilla (21 days ago)
+Sumit peaceful song .awesome jungra sorry cannot understand English only
knightzack padilla (21 days ago)
+Sumit peaceful song .awesome jungra well you'll find though. Gudluck
You make me good friend
Reddrick Roberts (25 days ago)
Blue color apps look cheesy because they remind you of old computer Style apps when every site was blue or whatever color you set on your window settings !!!
Insane Zain (25 days ago)
Girls say they want a gentleman it failed for years. Then I went gym put on muscle started wearing track suits and acting like a gangster and started getting a lot more attention
Epoy tv (26 days ago)
She's beautiful ohmyGod😍
robert ortilla (26 days ago)
Who can be my gf
Khen lester Delicano (26 days ago)
New subscriber here.. Sub me too thanks
Khen lester Delicano (26 days ago)
Your so cute
tariq khan (27 days ago)
Any indian girls
Zafran Ahmed Kiani (27 days ago)
you are so beautifull
Mr. SD (28 days ago)
I'm come to see her 😍😍😍💕
i love u
Chris Heinrich (29 days ago)
As a man, I find dating apps a complete waste of time. All most women care about on dating apps besides a mans looks is getting male attention, which is why they ghost men in mid conversation when they've said nothing wrong, and then move on to the next one constantly and do the same again. I find all this modern "ghosting culture" women now have just sad and pathetic. They are just wasting men's time as well as their own.
Chris Heinrich (27 days ago)
and to add to that, when I see the modern young women out and about, all I see is their fluttering false eyelashes gazing into a screen. 😂
Dhaval Sindha (1 month ago)
Your Eyes is 😍😍😍
Hitman (29 days ago)
Her eyes are 😱
Jessie Toney (1 month ago)
She hoes in dating websites all day
FilmY Comedy (1 month ago)
I m from india... I want a true relation
paintball sam 1993 (1 month ago)
I tried all of those dating apps all those dating Apps And all of those Apps or fake fucking profiles Is fake accounts fake names fake photos fake everything do not try any of those app they are fuckings garbage
Rich Gamer (1 month ago)
i love u!!!😂
Simon Davies (1 month ago)
You really don't need to emphasise those eyes
Issa Al Salih (1 month ago)
omar kurdistan (1 month ago)
My mind: you have three exams in this week ME: Date
Matt van den Ham (1 month ago)
"this is like a game, like a fun game, like a fun game app thing''
harish sharma (1 month ago)
will you merry me +919318088001
TFtusave (1 month ago)
Hinge sucks...full of fakes
Josberry Blueberry (1 month ago)
So 2milions here are also single😂
John Rowen (1 month ago)
I am actually on bumble and they are very helpful with any questions you may have so definitely give bumble a try
UserName (1 month ago)
Dating apps only work for attractive looking guys, not ugly ones. So no, not everyone should actually give it a try.
let's be friends ,Avi (1 month ago)
If God decided that you will be single No app is going to help you 😂😂😂😂 From India 🤗
let's be friends ,Avi (21 days ago)
+S.V culture yes
let's be friends ,Avi (21 days ago)
+Kiki Savvy 😂😂😂 are you laughing at me
S.V culture (21 days ago)
Hahaaaaaaaaa,oh my God
Kiki Savvy (22 days ago)
Jonadab Vargas (1 month ago)
I'm hopeless, but I'm happy
Muhammad Mujtaba (1 month ago)
Hi every one
Caullin Cheslock (1 month ago)
I did it’s gay they charge money when you’re writing it charges you money
Musiclover KeKe (1 month ago)
What if u just wanna talk to strangers
BenjaminGessel (1 month ago)
When the woman talking about these dating apps is... Yyyyyeah... 🤷‍♂️ You're giving me a headache woman... SERIOUSLY...
Kothavadla Madu (1 month ago)
Call me girels 9866573590
Names Pedro (1 month ago)
i like you so much!!!!!!!!!
jeff mcclure (1 month ago)
RHayabusa (1 month ago)
Girls just sit there as guys come up you you and very often say no. if your a girl using a dating app then YOUR the problem.
Irene Alex (1 month ago)
I've been on those app for a long time but not luck I think. I love White man lol
Nicolee 00 (1 month ago)
Lmao white man are in there all the time 😂
Vaibhav Mishra (1 month ago)
Really it is good video
Ahmed Alawad (1 month ago)
I’m a boy add me alawad2003
icu rmt (1 month ago)
Videos like these are highly educative and deeply insightful.
Yiwen Akeni (1 month ago)
ladies don't tray theses app, :/, I'm single man, contact me :p
Johneyboy SZN (1 month ago)
let me be the 18 yr old to change your life
Abhishek Panwar (1 month ago)
I want a one night 🌃. With you
Raaj Music (1 month ago)
please your mobile number
UP KA LONDA (1 month ago)
You are so damn beautiful
UserName (1 month ago)
She's ugly lol
lee hollebon (1 month ago)
All dating apps are fuking shit waste of time and you have to pay fuk tht
lee hollebon (1 month ago)
Your fit are you single
simple gie Clemente (1 month ago)
I think I will try one of the apps you said. Maybe I can find a serious man now. Thanks sis.. Wish me luck...
Oasis 88 (1 month ago)
Yes 🥺
simple gie Clemente (1 month ago)
Oasis 88 oh really...nice to know I'm not alone... hehehe
Oasis 88 (1 month ago)
simple gie Clemente 😐 me too

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