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Ingredient Lists: A closer look at the Moroccan Oil Products

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Roxane Lamadeleine (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video! Just one question, where did you get the information regarding the maximum percentage of Behentrimonium and Centrimonium Chloride (2:43 in your video)
@ChloeDeBre No problem. Thank you for watching!!!!
ChloeDeBre (8 years ago)
YES! I'm so glad you did this video. I was wondering why everybody RAVED over the Argon Oil from Sallys because all it is, IS silicone. You can get a silicone serum anywhere. :) Thanks again.
naturallypoony (8 years ago)
I just purchased the Moroccanoil treatment and the conditioner ;( . I wish l saw this video before! Anyways thanks for the breakdown! As usual, it was very informational.
@torinakins thanks!
@teaberry73 Yea buying the actually oil is a better route than buying these products because you will reap the most true benefits.
@teaberry73 Good to know that it was helpful!
@CurlyCrazyfulLeah Your welcome. These are good tips for deciding to buy the products so I am glad I shared this info.
@NycSecretTreasures your welcome!!
torinakins (8 years ago)
very good break down
teaberry73 (8 years ago)
I recently purchased some 100% argan oil and loving it as a sealant and to add shine
teaberry73 (8 years ago)
Great vid! Very informational.
kahlynn lawrence (8 years ago)
Good and informative. It's fun making my own stuff!!!

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