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Taste Testing Polish Food 🇵🇱 [Kult America]

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Did you ever wonder about the magic of Polish food? Are Pierogi’s, stuffed cabbage (gołąbki), Pickled herring (śledzie w occie), Steak Tartare (Befsztyk Tatarski) or gut soup (flack) peasant's food or a culinary wonder? I set to find out by exploring many Warsaw restaurants. The only question remaining, what should I try next? Please let me know in the comment section below and subscribe to Kult America! ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash Mediakraft Polska: http://www.mediakraft.pl/
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Brian Rodgers (2 days ago)
The cold soup you were eating is actually Lithuanian. It is called šaltibarščiai.
العُـنقود (11 days ago)
Yea he misses that cheese burger
Marzena Kowalczyk (28 days ago)
Próbuj smaków a nie przeżywasz co jesz. W czym tyłek świni i jest lepszy od jej flaków?
Marzena Kowalczyk (28 days ago)
Piwo, rosół, schabowy, bigos, zupa jarzynowa, a gołąbki prawdziwe są z mięsem mielonym a nie z kiełbasą
The Phone Guy Gamer (1 month ago)
Try żurek /spróbuj żurek
Patryk Kutrzepa (1 month ago)
That is not true Gołąbki . Gołąbki look differently than these which you ate, and Taste different
Damian wU (1 month ago)
Try polish craft beer Placki ziemniaczane po węgiersku Ziemniaki pieczone (tzw kociołek) Krokiety z pieczarkami i Barszcz Krupnik Bigos Leczo
The Ernest 119 (1 month ago)
what about alcohol?
Darren Deane (1 month ago)
The problem with this is that every idiot will move to Poland and bring Liberalism...After the war everybody wanted to be deported to Germany. Now Germans are moving back to Poland to be Polish. LOL
miecz23 (2 months ago)
Żurek, go for it!
Dawid Ciegewara (2 months ago)
You should try woodka 1l, after you go too america and it hot dog
Dawid Ciegewara (2 months ago)
Ja pierd***** jakie gołąbki
nala simba (2 months ago)
One PIEROG. Two or more PIEROGI. As bad as saying clotheses or chipses, shoeses and sockses. What are pierogies? No such word! PIEROGI are also excellent made with chopped mushrooms and onions, or, minced meat. Best served with a side of Barszcz, (Beetroot Soup). Or fried with finely chopped onions or bacon. (I like my Ruskie pierogi just boiled and with German Curry Ketchup. Gut soup? What? The bloke was clearly eating TRIPE. Disgusting thought and looks horrible, but, my word it is very delicious when made at home. I had it in a restaurant in Poland once and you could smell shit. (Fact, not insult or joke. It stank!)
Laura Ejim (3 months ago)
I’m kinda upset cause you don’t know how the food of an Polish Grandma taste I swear Grandmas are making always the best food 😂🤷‍♀️🇵🇱
Jacek (3 months ago)
Pierogi ruskie are not from Russia. its even wrongly translated it. It Ruthenian pierogis.
Paweł Giec (3 months ago)
I suggest that you try : placki ziemniaczane, kućmok, kluski śląskie z rolada i modra kapustą oraz pyzy. Smacznego
James Orman (3 months ago)
Try these: Kotleti Schabowy Pierogi z Mięsem Sałatka Ziemniaczana Żurek Zupa NALEŚNIKI Z SEREM Pączki
iRedstone100 (3 months ago)
rosół, schabowy, kotlet z piersi kurczaka (fried chicken), grochówka, zapiekanka, placki ziemniaczane, pierogi z serem (sweet cheese pierogi) and a lot of more :)
Marta Kudyba (4 months ago)
Brave enough? Hope your lovely American food us safe. I went, tasted and got ill several times. 🤣
R Smaczny (4 months ago)
Thank you for showing people that us Poles are humans too. So often we're berated for being idiots and misunderstood by history, painted as savages.
Maja S (4 months ago)
I love to cook traditional Polish food because I was raised in Oregon with vegetarians and when I came back all I wanted is schabowe, potatoes with dill and mizeria or buraczki mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3 I love Poland <3
Malleus Maleficarum (4 months ago)
That's typical closed-mind American thinking, making up your mind about the dish before ever even trying it. I mean if you go into trying the dish thinking it's disgusting, it don't stand a chance, you've already made up your mind and you're not gonna like it no matter how good it is. I find that type of mentality annoying as hell. I can't tell you how many times I tried to offer my friends some Polish food when I was growing up and they would tell me that they don't like it without even seeing it. Then after we got a little older, they would actually try it and rant and rave at how good it is, it was so frustrating.
Malleus Maleficarum (4 months ago)
Did you say that they had crawfish stew on the menu there? Can you tell me the Polish name for it, cause I'm 100% Polish, I was born there but moved to the US when I was young and I've never heard of Polish people ever eating crawfish let alone there being an actual dish with crawfish in it. I'm really curious about what it is called, I want to ask my mom and other members of my family that grew up in Poland if they ever heard of it. I love crawfish and I'm really curious to see what this stew looks and tastes like. Never in a million years would I have guessed that there is a Polish stew made with crawfish, I fimd that to be super interesting. The Amin thing I would like to know is if it is a more or less traditional dish that has been around for a while, or if it's relatively modern and hasn't been in our kitchen for very long
M C (4 months ago)
Pierogi are already PLURAL!!! No need for the "s" no such thing as pierogies!!!!!!
Konrad Gajewski (4 months ago)
Service = cerv..... no I'm not going to say that.
GIA A (4 months ago)
I love Polish food 😚
Evona A Grochowski (4 months ago)
You need to try, Cold Fruit soup, made with Cherries, apples, peaches, red pairs, and plums. Omg, That s just out of this world,..!
gregory (5 months ago)
Ordering barszcz and chłodnik in one order was a bit odd :) You should definately try: Zrazy wołowe,(beef roulade with bacon, mustard, onion and pickled cucumber), Schabowe, Placek po Węgiersku, Kwaśnica, Barszcz z uszkami, Leczo, Szarlotka z lodami(Apple pie with ice cream).
rafal jankowski (5 months ago)
no a pierogi z pluckami?
George Ford (5 months ago)
Ruskie perogies (dumplings) have nothing to do with Russia. Russian perogies are with potatoes and white cheese. Originally from the eastern territories of old Poland.
Jolanta Jermolowicz (5 months ago)
To nawet nie wyglądało na gołąbki .. .. 😂 a przecież to jedne z moich ulubionych potraw .. 😊 uciekaj do innej kuchni ☺
Charon's boat (5 months ago)
Pyzy z sosem wolowym , pyzy nadziewane miesem, knedle ze sliwakami, leniwe pierogi, kopytka, szare kluski barszcz z uszkami, kaczka z jablkami. By the way, it is not a gutt soup. but tripes. I have no idea how good a cook is your buddy, but he did to you disservice serving 17th-century food.
Agata Strzelec (6 months ago)
Kluski i rolada
TheOdadijan (6 months ago)
Karolina 5 (6 months ago)
Obecnie tatar nie jest jakość często jedzony. Jestem Polką, mieszkam w Polsce od urodzenia i nigdy nie jadłam tatara.
Turkish Türk (6 months ago)
We love HUSSARS from Turkey
Thomas Eastmond (7 months ago)
I'm so excited to go on tour in Poland, the food look great and the people are so admirable and hardworking!
Skiba GNO (7 months ago)
Respect from Poland yo!
TheLewitującePlackiLPS (7 months ago)
I live in Poland and i'm Polander, but I hate our food... Everything involves with meat, whereas I'm vegetarian - that's torrible!!
Austerlitz 6an9ban6 (7 months ago)
Dawaj do Gorzowa Socash
Joe Bellingham (7 months ago)
Golambki are Cabbage Rolls, you must live under a rock
nartin9 (7 months ago)
Gołąbki are something everyone definitely have to try.
KneeGrow (8 months ago)
Eating at one of those plain "bars" isn't that great (from experience). I don't trust those kind of places.
Bea Ta (8 months ago)
Przyjedź do Lublina na cebularza (placka z cebulą) ;)
Aleyna olk (9 months ago)
we've got some compos. we call it "kompostu", my mom does it often. I didn't think he would have gone through a culture that was so far away from our culture.
Tatum Marilyn (9 months ago)
kuba policki (9 months ago)
no i bigoss oczywiście
KAPITAN IKS (10 months ago)
nie jadłeś najlepszego polecam barszcz z uszkami (moja mama zrobi je specjalnie dla ciebie )
TVPigżaROL (10 months ago)
Muzyka z fs17
Poruchik Rzhevskiy (10 months ago)
Disambiguation. Even though the ground meat variety with spices rolled in cabbage leaves is called “golubki” or “golubtzi” in Russian, rye dish has never had anything to do with pigeons as the name may suggest.Although “pirogi” in Poland (“vareniki” in Ukrainian and Russian) are for whatever called Russian Pirogi, traditional Russian vareniki do not mix potato and cottage cheese. It’s either one or the other. The ones with potato, the puréed potato’s are mixed with butter and caramelized onions. Both go with a hearty serving of sour cream. The “luminescent color” is achieved by mixing beats and sour cream. The traditional name is “svekolnik” (in Russian and Ukrainian).“Kompot” is by no means “cool aid”. To make kompot, you get fresh fruit, lightly mash it in a bowl and add a little sugar. Sugar draws the juice out of fruit. Then add water, approximately 50/50 and bring to boil. There’s no strict recipe. Any fruit goes based on taste. Some families add aromatic herbs to the brew as it cools. Goes in any way - hot or warm on cool autumn nights or ice cold (and with much less sugar) when it’s hot outside.
Poruchik Rzhevskiy (10 months ago)
Haha, that “interesting texture” isn’t a stomach. It’s “trebuha” (Poles, what’s the Polish word for it?), in English it’s called “tripe” - the theproifjly cleaned intestine. And by the way, tripe is not exclusively Slavic. Greeks, middle easterners Scotts and Irish have had a long tradition of cooking tripe. For all intents and purposes, a well processed tripe is tasteless - packed with proteins and a texture of a calamari. It’s what you do with it that makes it. As Italian calamari are traditionally deep fried and / or sautéed in tomato, basil and garlic sauce, tripe can equally be processed in many ways. Slavs and Brits put it in soup and we love it that way. Middle East dwellers chop it finely, fry in sheep kurduk oil and use in the whole variety of dishes. Greeks, being in the middle and one of the oldest cultures actually originated the consumption of tripe. Inbtheir tradition it combines the Slavik style soups, Italian style sauté, Middle Eastern style augmentation to whatever meat goes into, including pies. Just an FYI.
Elizuś Emi (10 months ago)
Do magdonalda przyjedź Nie wiem jak się piszę
martynag 2004 (11 months ago)
Spróbuj placka po węgiersku
ColleCter Euronymous (11 months ago)
flaczki <3
siódmy siedem (11 months ago)
Śmieszne jest to że czasami jak gadam to chece mi się powiedzieć następne słowo po Angielsku
Kaya Ciulkiewicz (11 months ago)
3:50 - 4:05 yeah, in Poland we boil fresh fruit to make a warm kompot and in America you go out and buy a packet of powder and dump it into water making it taste like a blueberry with a neon blue colour. Difference in culture like you said. Okay by the way im not trying to hate just saying whats on my mind so if you got this in anyway offensively then sorry. Ive always actually wanted to go to America to see all of the huge bulidings and busy roads. Also ho to Disney land in Florida. Good video i love Poland too. I used to live there with all the rest of my family before we moved abroad to my dad.Why am i telling you my life story?😂 anyway night! I neex to go sleep i have school tommorow wish me luck😂❤🌹
Amper (1 year ago)
Red (1 year ago)
these "gołąbki" did not look like in home. they looked like they were bought in a store and reheated (wczoraj jadłem gołąbki :P)
Michał Kurzyński (1 year ago)
Powinieneś spróbować placki ziemniaczane (plendze),ale nie byle gdzie, bo mi zdarzyło się jeść plendze w barze mlecznym i były fatalne.
Oskar Troszczyński (1 year ago)
I don't like chłodnik... xD
Zofia Przeklasa (1 year ago)
I am polish but I live in Merthyr Tydfil and I would like to go back and I had only one christmas in Poland
Fuj, co Ty jesz - flaki, surowe mięso? Jak chcesz klasyki to: gołąbki (w Warszawie są inne niż na podkarpaciu, polecam te "podkarpackie"), ogórkówa, ziemniaczanka, krupnik, łazanki (to nazwa makaronu ale potocznie mówi się tak też na danie z tego makaronu), fasolka po bretońsku, wątróbka (polecam drobiową), kopytka, pyzy, mizeria etc
julciaaQ ;3 (1 year ago)
Nie jadłeś brokułowych lodów xD
Alice Fumei (1 year ago)
Te gołabki nawet z wygladu ich nie przypominaja prawdziwe gołąbki są zrobione z mięsa mielonego z ryżem, pieprzem, startej cebuli i innymi zielnymi przyprawami a potem zawija sie w kapuste i gotuje a potem dodaje sie sos z przecieru pomidorowego ze smietana!
Karol dołba (1 year ago)
I know that Polish food is bad 😭😧 (I translated it by google translate)
Świmorek (1 year ago)
I have to try flaki...
Pancake (1 year ago)
Who ever is polish say "poland" POLAND
Aneta Szymańska (1 year ago)
Myśle, że Polacy raczej nie chodzą do pijalni jeść śledzia przed imprezą a raczej na dobre shoty 💪🏼
misio852 (1 year ago)
Türkler burdami
wwm _ (1 year ago)
Pierogi ruskie powstały za czasów carskich dlatego nazywają się ruskie. Ps polecam
Weronika Pazgan (1 year ago)
A gdzie schabowy ,mielony, rosół pierogi z kapustą i grzybami ,pierogi z mięsem fasolka po bretońsku, bigos i placki ziemniaczane(placki ziemniaczane to typowe polskie danie!!!!!!!) .Więc nie możesz powiedzieć że nasza kuchnia jest obrzydliwa ,ale smaczna !!!!?!!!!!! A na starówce(starym mieście) w restauracji Magdy Gessler nie byłeś no wiesz ty co?!!!
wandal (1 year ago)
Cool! I,m in US but still cook food in Polish way: flaki, barszcz ukrainski :-) , you did not mention the black soup (czernina), which has a long history in our culture.
OmegaYeet (1 year ago)
Kompot is a Slavic drink mainly in Poland Russia and Ukraine
Soaring Hawk (1 year ago)
hey kapusta.....vat you do??
IDown (1 year ago)
You need to try a soup call "Żurek"
PEPPER (1 year ago)
You told a lot of poland stuff and i like it im polish
Extrawagancja1 (1 year ago)
Każde danie domowej roboty jest specjalnością pani domu,zwykle nigdy się nie powtarza,a najlepsze przepisy krążą jako tajemnica w rodzinie...;)
Ken Keneth (1 year ago)
Dobre bitki i kluski śląskie z kiszona kapusta,odpłyniesz.
Lovelorn (1 year ago)
Gdzie kapusta na tym gołombku
pat goff (1 year ago)
We had her granddaughter communication at a Korean restaurant a few years after the wall came down.
pat goff (1 year ago)
Reminds me of Germany. I went to Krakow an my girlfriend lives in a small town there but is moving to the US when she gets older
meltingpotseries (1 year ago)
I am not sure if someone wrote this before but you gotta try PYZY or KARTACZE (it's a variation of the same dish, in North Poland). It's amazing and my favorite polish dish!
oficer011 (1 year ago)
Military pea soup po Polsku grochówka wojskowa this you have to try. The sky in the mouth
ekabombo (1 year ago)
To a lot of people raw beef its not tasty at first time, but when u try it second or third time its getting quite ok. At fourth, fifth it's starting to be addictive ;)
git556 (1 year ago)
niewiem jak wy ale ja go lubię ma taką słodką i miłą twarz takiego dziecka przez to fajnie i miło się go ogląda. jakby co no homo
Katy Katy (1 year ago)
Ryan koniecznie musisz spróbować żurku, zupy ogórkowej, żeberek w miodzie, bigosu I KONIECZNIE faworków <3 Ryan definitely do not try the soup, the soup, the honey pots, the bigos and the dudes <3 Jestem słaba z angielskiego i nie wiem czy dobrze przetłumaczyłam :/
Death Death (1 year ago)
The Ebola Master (1 year ago)
"Chłodnik" is a word similiar to "chłodny", wnich means "cold" in England. The sense is too stronk
Prinz Wilbert (1 year ago)
I have been to the third (Wodka & Beer) place at night and it was packed and definitely worth checking out. Having tatar or pickled herring is not foreign for a German - but I guess, for an American perhaps.
Mikolaj ? (1 year ago)
Just wondering because you never talk about it do you like the true polish classic legend Krokiet pronounced kro-kee-et go and give it a shot pls
lewmap (1 year ago)
No, kompot is not polish equivalent to Kool-Aid.
Sylwia Piasecka (1 year ago)
I dont really know if You can say that what you have eaten is "typical and traitional polish food". Pierogi maybe. Honestly, I hate the "stomach soup", chłodnik, raw meat and fish from the bar. Me and a lot of my friends does not eat that stuff. It is indeed disgusting. Maybe those things are produced and eaten only in Poland, but i wouldn't say that those exact things are a "must eat" to know a little bit of our culture. But cool you tried that. Peace and love from Poland :D
Krzysztof Wandzioch (1 year ago)
to wodzionka ze obershliesen
Krzysztof Wandzioch (1 year ago)
ja pierdziele zrobiołs mi smaka na tatar
Chris Holley (1 year ago)
Wow you have such a limited palate and are quite squeamish. I guess there goes your spot on The Food Network.
Produkcja Tom (1 year ago)
najlepsze jest na 6:30 z prawej wieprzowina
Mila Mila (1 year ago)
Polish food is fantastic but only homemade....you must try to go to some polish house for a meal😊
Jacob Porter (1 year ago)
Man, you take me back to my great grandparents being alive. These are all favorites of mine
Rob T (1 year ago)
I suspect that Poland is one of those forgotten European Gem's. I would love to visit Krakow some day with the family.
SENSE OF LIBERTY (1 year ago)
A modra kapusta żes żorł hopie? BIGOS, GOŁĄBKI, ROSÓŁ, KROKIETY (BAD ASS), SCHABOWY, FASOLKA PO BRETOŃSKU, GROCHÓWKA, ŻUREK, FLACZKI, GRZYBOWA, POMIDOROWA, ŁAZANKI - all this stuff must be cooked by a good old woman and first of all in the countryside family house. If you buy this in polish restaurants or other places, do not expect you will eat a "polish food". Thumbs up if somebody agrees with that.

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