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First Transgender Model At Lakme Fashion Week | Anjali Lama

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Anjali Lama has become the first transgender model to walk at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. She was born in Nepal. Born Nabin Waiba, as a boy growing up in the rural district of Nuwakot in Nepal, Lama was often severely bullied for having feminine tendencies. This week -- as Anjali Lama -- she became the first transgender model to grace the catwalk at India's premiere fashion event. #transgender #model
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Text Comments (4)
Mike Wareham (11 months ago)
Stunning, what an incredible inspirational for other to aspire to. X
Tony (11 months ago)
She is so very beautiful.
Toonami30 (11 months ago)
I'm glad Anjali didn't give up on her dreams.
SINspiration (11 months ago)
elegance that eludes many GGs... and after watching the Miss Universe Clone Pageant, Ms Anjali is a welcome & strong contender & wonderful inspiration.

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