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September 11th, The Polish Perspective - [Kult America]

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I remember the first anniversary of September 11th, one year after the horrific terrorist attack took place in New York city. I was in Nowy Targ Poland at the time, visiting with a friend. She switched to show me a tribute that Polish fire fighters were giving to American fire fighters. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, a group of Polish fire fighters were singing the American national anthem. I was so touched by their gesture and impressed by how powerfully people could unite in the eyes of tragedy. Since that time much has changed, America’s reputation has changed, and it made me wonder if this unity still remained, I wondered what Polish people would tell me about that horrific day, do they still care? or has this already become an abstract American disaster? ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash
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Minecraftlover 5575 (1 month ago)
I live in the USA, I was born here, I have never left (although i would love to) and I can sax that I think Poland is one of the oldest US allies (along with France and Spain). Some Generals from Poland-Lithuania helped us during our fight for independence. Im sure Poland-Lithuania would be a very close ally if the Third Partition never happened. US newspapers documented the 1831 Warsaw uprising and supported it. We joined World War 1 and fought for an independant Poland. We helped them in the 1920s and world war 2. They helped us gain our independence, and we helped them regain theirs. I am proud to have Polish ancestry. I can say with great confidence that I will support Poland for as long as Poland lasts.-🇺🇸🇵🇱 Poland Is Not Yet Lost
Mark Schattefor (1 month ago)
Leszy (1 month ago)
My dentist lived 3 streets from WTC at 9/11,after this he went back to Poland
Marek Steinke (1 month ago)
Typowa amerykańska robota aby zrobić dym tak im pasuje
1 kit (1 month ago)
Ewidentnie brak drzew a najbardziej brzózek nie uchronił budynków.
Mon$$ter (1 month ago)
Zamachu nigdy nie będzie terrorystycznego w Polsce !! Bo my sobie na to nie pozwalamy!
Ophelia (2 months ago)
so clean there
Ophelia (2 months ago)
it looks so nice and normal there still, which is very nice, I mean they have that going for them-which is nice
Ophelia (2 months ago)
its been a very very very very long time since I have watched normal and sane open minded journalism like this which makes me both happy and very sad
Haasenpad (2 months ago)
the whole thing was a scam, so if it will happen in poland it will also be a scam... there is a deep state in every country... if that deep state does not follow the rules of the international elites it will get punished (they call them rogue countries) ... notice PLEASE that many people say this will unite a divided people!? this is what the elites use to first divide us, then unite us, under their rule! ... they play with us like we are little children! do get some knowledge people!
Mikołaj Bądzielewski (4 months ago)
02:40 brawo za szczerość
Wojciech Brzychcyk (5 months ago)
Wpiszcie w google to zdanie i dajcie na grafike. "which country is biggest threat to world peace"
Archi Dembol (5 months ago)
You have asked Polish viewers that Mean for Us i See Only one Katyń Monument in New Jersey This same day as attack On the front Backstabbed Soldier in the far Smoke from the WTC Really Powerfull Meaning For both Our Nations http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t86FThQzdO0/Uknvfc5VOvI/AAAAAAAAgdQ/1Ed0Ft8Q_6Y/s1600/185669_1864034367308_5076516_n%5B1%5D.jpg
Ali ens (6 months ago)
I was a baby when it happened, my dad was holding me and we were watching the report live
Average Joe78 (6 months ago)
To bad I don't understand polish , it'd be nice to know what the majority that spoke said
Maciej (5 months ago)
You can enable subtitles.
ch36799 (6 months ago)
Jak można tego nie pamietać???
Iwanvs 95 (8 months ago)
Poles knows that 9/11 was done by the US government (Jews) in order to attack Iraq, we pray for all the victims, but will never be fooled/drawn into another conflict again.
Marghi W. (8 months ago)
Co za okropna kobieta, jak mozna nie zalowac smierci tylu ludzi?
Sebat Hadah (9 months ago)
Subtitles? Or should I learn polish if want to watch your videos....
LucidDream (8 months ago)
The subtitles work on this video if you click the 'closed caption' button.
Stinker Von Neben an (10 months ago)
It's my birthday Yes exactly 09/11/2001.. it will be always connected to me.
Hyper SxCloud9 (11 months ago)
3:35 coś nowego...
QWACHU (1 year ago)
Pamiętam, ten dzień. Uczyłem się wtedy jeszcze w technikum. nauczycielka zgarnęła nas wcześniej z przerwy i włączyła w TV telewizor. To było zaraz po pierwszym uderzeniu (relacja na żywo), każdy zastanawiał się czy to wypadek, czy zamach.. Potem uderzył drugi samolot i nie było już wątpliwości, ale przyszedł również szok. Szok podwójny, bo nie dość że atak na żywo, to jeszcze wielkie oczy, jak można było porwać aż dwa samoloty (niedługo potem okazało się, że trzy), skoro lotniska są tak dobrze ochraniane, tyle na nich kontroli, etc. I potem chyba jak wszędzie na świecie: Polska długo żyła tą historią.
Mikolaj Grotowski (1 year ago)
Pamiętam służyłem wtedy w wojsku, byłem wtedy po nocnej służbie i spałem. Znajomy zadzwonił i mówi "włączaj telewizor, zaatakowano Amerykę." Pierwsza myśl - trzeba się szykować, bo teraz na pewno nas wyślą do akcji - nie wiadomo gdzie i kiedy, ale wyślą, bo po to przecież ćwiczymy...
StationToStation (1 year ago)
2:42... im struggling to see how the people who died in that attack personally had anything to do with Americas foreign policy but ok... what a nice woman.
C Snop (1 year ago)
I wish I could speak Polish😂😕
You're fired! (1 year ago)
That old man on the bench must be the real life Mr Burns.
joe duggan (1 year ago)
I love the Polish people, I love how proud they are of their culture, their people, and their heritage, they are a proud people, there is a Polish American community hall here in Roseville, California and every September there is a bbq with lots of Polish food and Beer mostly Zywiec beer (very good I love it!) and I get to have great Polish food and Polish beer with my Polish American friends, come visit my country people of Poland you are ALWAYS welcome here :) god bless you all!
Daaave (2 months ago)
I would love to visit America atleast once in my lifetime mostly because i love the way everything is so much different there just like from the movies i've seen. Greetings from Poland.
Maciej (5 months ago)
There are a lot of better polish beers. Zywiec is like Bud Light of America. You should try some of the smaller brands. Hit me up if you want to know some more. :)
Ceresjanin blow (1 year ago)
Ta starsza pani co nie współcuła chyba miała totalnie wyparny mózg przez komunistów i się nie opamiętała.
Thomas Czarnowski (1 year ago)
Just look who had an access to the building, who had leases, who had the security company, and who made big money, and who blocked the whole investigation like in JFK case. Look who provoked and used in America's wars against Irak and all other and then you will know what country was behind this tragedy.
Szymon 2k (1 year ago)
Fuck usa kurwa!
Rothschild killed JFK (1 year ago)
My perspective, The Zionist regime did 9/11 to inavade the middle east to create a breeding ground for ISIS just like they did USS liberty to try blame Egypt
sq5ebm (1 year ago)
Same day, about 9am i made a bank transfer to NYC,to a shop ... i bought some electronics there. I was about to go to work, had a 16-24 shift and heard some guys on ham radio (on 145MHz) talking that a small plane crashed in NYC, into a building. Switched on the tv... and damn! It ain't no small airplane. My 1st thought... oooofuuuuuckkkk... there is going to be some war over this shit... we are @ war (we i mean NATO) ... and how the fuck it could have happened in the States? Then the Pentagon... ooo fuck war it is. Called my cousin, he said he is recording it all on 2TVs and 2VCRs. Then i thought that my delivery from NYC will be either late or gone. It was 2 weeks late. Anyway... while i was going to work i got a call from my cousin "the second tower collapsed. Got to work and for next few hours i was translating english news to my colleagues. In weeks.months to come i was monitoring USAF traffic on HF and was sure that war is inevitable.
Greg (1 year ago)
Bardzo niewiele pamiętam z 11 września. Miałem 8 lat i raczej nie rozumiałem wtedy, co się naprawdę stało. Pamiętam, że spędzałem popołudnie u mojej babci i wieczorem dowiedzieliśmy się o zamachu, oglądając Panoramę (główny codzienny serwis informacyjny w TVP2).
mag pej (1 year ago)
byłam w szoku chciałam iść na wojnę z terrorystami
Hallelu YAH (1 year ago)
aaah 9eleven ,it's soo Babylonian Talmudic// Medinian, Meccan Koranic to kill all not your type and twist truth while at it about others.
FFS people it was GEORGE BUSH - to byl BUSH!!!
Paweł Kowalik (1 year ago)
To nie był żaden zamach, ale robota CIA żeby mieć pretekst do inwazji na Bliski Wschód. Chodziło o przejęcie kontroli nad ich ropą. Samoloty nie wlatują ot tak do budynku jak w masło. To co pokazali w TV to absurd nie mający nic wspólnego z prawami fizyki. Wieże zostały wysadzone.
Maciej (5 months ago)
Po Twoim komentarzu stwierdzam, że jednak powinieneś się w szkole uczyć fizyki.
TiW (1 year ago)
nie było żadnych samolotów
Yuuto Kiba (1 year ago)
Nowy Targ...moje miasto
baartus (1 year ago)
2:35 czy ona nie wygląda jak robot??
Jan Kaminski (1 year ago)
USA Terrorysci.
99corgon99. (1 year ago)
9/11 was an inside job.Official tale is bullshit from A to Z
99corgon99. (1 year ago)
9/11 was an inside job, no doubt
Steven Guild (1 year ago)
Holocaust was fake...moon landing was faked...and both Elvis and Princess Diana are alive and in hiding. :-)
Miroshu (1 year ago)
11th September while I can't remember It happened on my first birthday so i know everything about it.
zeisselgaertner (1 year ago)
Nobody was questioning the official narrative ? Is there no internet beyond Odra River ? Or did you avoid statements like this ?
Benjamin Maxwell (1 year ago)
That old guy that he interviewed did not look alive at all.
danix2145 (1 year ago)
hehe Nowy Targ my city bro
Pewne jest 1-ktoś musiał dopomóc wieżowcom fiknąć.Przypominam że kiedyś w 1 z nich wystrzelono solidną bombkę i jakoś się wieżowiec nie zawalił.
Maciej (5 months ago)
Kolejny, który myśli, że coś wie, a nic nie wie tak naprawdę. Jak byś trochę się zainteresował jak wyglądała struktura budynku, jak wieże zostały zbudowane oraz jak stawia się wieżowce to wiedziałbyś, że przy fundamencie one są najmocniejsze, a budynek złożył się od wyższych pięter, gdzie miałeś strefę uderzenia.
Rosie O'Donald (1 year ago)
I don't understand Polish, could we have subtitles please?
For Land (1 year ago)
there are subtitles
Gary Stadler (1 year ago)
I'm from New York 9/11 touch me
FILIP M (1 year ago)
to jest nieprawda.tam były podłożone ładunki wybuchowe
Maciej (5 months ago)
Ładnie dajecie się ludzie manipulować.
ZuzkaZaborcova (1 year ago)
Thank God I am Czech :D so I can understand Polish :D
You're fired! (1 year ago)
Ale ona napisała, że rozumie po Polsku bo jest Czeszką bystrzaku
Marceli Marceli (1 year ago)
Ktoś pisze że nie rozumie po Polsku Walić logikę odpiszę po Polsku
julia xvx (1 year ago)
MyloVengenz ale wiesz, że angielskie napisy są też? :D
First Ladt (1 year ago)
Dont be a sheep. It was an inside job, based on Northwood project.
Marek Sumguy (1 year ago)
You'd have to be a clueless moron to not know by now that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!!!.
Don Flinston (1 year ago)
my reaction was unique ... i was stone and my grandma said that something is burning i america .... seriously i had a good fun until second plane hit the tower .. i even made my self a bowl of pop corn .... then i realised ...
Don Flinston (1 year ago)
I don't know. I stole my first joint from her when I was very little :D
Tycini1 (1 year ago)
Since when you get stoned with your grandma?
lolman533 (1 year ago)
Bush did 9/11
MALAGENIA (1 year ago)
11/09/2001 my 20th birthday. My birth date joins american and polish history - 11/09/1981. I looked from your point of view and there's so many stories and people.
Jess Shay (1 year ago)
It's sad how almost everyone in Poland knows about USA and this tragedy but most Americans don't care for Poland at all, some not even knowing where it is..
Kylo Ren (3 months ago)
Wojciech Brzychcyk you are so wrong American care about the whole world they give money more than any country in the world in fact it gives more money to poor people than all the countries combined on Earth every year you idiot
Archbishop Slayer (4 months ago)
It's a lot more than that I'm afraid. In America today, it is socially unacceptable (to most of the Democratic party) to associate with nationalists or something like that. A lot of left leaning news agencies are painting Polish Nationalists as Fascists and Nazis. It's not just the EU that has done so. (I know it's bullshit and so do a vast amount of other Americans) I can't speak for other conservatives but I support the Polish people and would gladly learn more about the history, language, and all round culture of Poland. If I'm not mistaken Poland actually had one of the most feared cavalries at one point, Winged Hussars I think? And I would actually love to learn more about the monument you were talking about in your previous comment. I know this comment was all over the place and I hope you can forgive
Wojciech Brzychcyk (5 months ago)
Americans don't know because they are the most egocentric people who care about no one but themselfs. America is in constant war with someone, they care about noone but for petro dolar. BTW We were put behind iron curtain thanks to Stalin, Roosveld and Churchil. Great allies. Poland have no friends. End of story.
zepter00 (5 months ago)
Conservative Nice ilussion.. sarcasm.... Poland and all former eastern block countries joined NATO. Poland sent 5000 troops to Iraq when germany and France sent zero. Poland sent also 5000 troops to A-stan. Polish people were between very first white people on American soil . Some sorces saying that Poles saved Smith from hands of indians. most popular surname in Poland and very popular surname in USA Kowalski, Kowalsky, Kowalczyk is from Polish word kowal... Eng blacksmmith Polish people were black smiths in Smith colony. Poles fought for independence and Freedom of USA even we fought for fredom and independence of Poland in the same time. Check Kościuszko and Puławski. Check who designed and build West Point. Poles fought For free, not for money like franch guy La Fayet . We fought in every war next to american soldiers since war for independence to tha Iraq and Afghanistan even you sold us to the soviet comunists in Yalta . More than 10 % of white Americans have Polish blood in their veins. Poles designed and build many bridges, railways, telegraph and telephone lines in USA Piasecki from Poland made helicopters for you. Polish guy MIeczysław Bekker made lunar roving vehicle lunar jeep. Polish inteligence did bring your CIA agents which were recognized from Iraq back to the safety in first gulf war. Poland send thier troops to Iraq in 2003 and A-stan to support you and 120 didn,t come back allive, hundreds wounded and handickaped. You should sayThank you Poland and sorry...forgive me my comments. I always tought that USA is great country but what we got back from you? Betreyal, Polish jokes and need to have visas if we want to see grand canyon , big Apple or our family in USA. That costs big money and interview is a humiliation similar like in guantanamo. Poland is one of the last countrys where american soldiers are welcome with beer and hands shaking, with simile and not with AKM and RPG-7 shots or angry shouts and rock throving. Remamber that. Still we are between very few countries which still need a visas. Many people are thinking that you have some historical knowledge but i have bigger one in my two thombs than you in your brain. Copernicus, Heweliusz, Curie skłodowska - the only one scientist who got two Nobel prize from two different science. Poles... inventors of car wipers, paper clips, rotary tank periscope, mine detector, walkie talkie, technology of production big structures made from graphen. Poles broke Enigma code and made copy of Enigma for brits and france. Pole with surnam Piasecki designed the best american transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook. Polish guy, born and educated in Poland, Mieczysław Bekker designed LRV - lunar roving vehicle, lunar jeep for Apollo missions. You are poorly educated and you don’t know Polish american conections for shit.
Conservative (5 months ago)
RyanPlays lol it’s a joke, my family even immigrated from Poland
Deadzio (1 year ago)
And in 2016 is more questions than answers...including insuring towers against terrorist attack...days be4 attack
Yıldıray Taşıyan (1 year ago)
madafak o wat
Mariusz Gliwiński (1 year ago)
We were playing outside then we heard from my friends mum that something horrible happened, that there might be a war. I was very shocked so i ran to my home as fast as i could, watched the news and couldn't believe that so horrible things can happen in this "safe" and "civilized" times.
Michał Gucwa (1 year ago)
I don't think so it could be in Poland, because we are pacefull country. Not like USA. They want to be anywhere, because off that they gain new enemies Of corse I'm saying this with kindest regards. P.S I hope I didn't make in this commentary some spelling mistakes.
Hallelu YAH (1 year ago)
Michał Gucwa Muhommad PEDOhammad AKBARbarian and Koran of BAALah want all world domination, they say plainly death to non Muhommedans
Tycini1 (1 year ago)
U did
Flash Thunder (2 years ago)
I have always wondered that. Did Americans really believe that the US security agencies, NSA, CIA, FBI and others knew nothing about it? How is it possible that G.Bush won the second time after that?
F Szymański (2 years ago)
pierwsza reakcja? - o kurwa
SadSlav (1 year ago)
ale prawda XDDDDDDD
F Szymański (1 year ago)
Intermarium Union (1 year ago)
F Szymański Typowa Polska reakcja xD
Kaká (2 years ago)
Największe kłamstwo XXI wieku.
Piotrek Ka (1 year ago)
jasne, zawalenie TWC 7 jest podejrzane, wycofanie strażaków z okolicy i wiele innych czynników. Ale nie można chyba kwestionować uderzenia samolotu w budynek. 1. są filmy przypadkowych osób, 2. są nagrania rozmów ludzi, którzy lecieli w porwanych samolotach 3. są nagrania z kabin porwanych samolotów.
Radoczen (2 years ago)
Lol nadal nie mam..
Radoczen (2 years ago)
Napisz jeszcze raz bo mi sie YT zbugował...
VOLTREX (2 years ago)
9/11 Inside job.
Search committee (1 month ago)
VOLTREX you are an idiot
Steven Guild (1 year ago)
Moon landing faked.  Both Elvis and Princess Diana are still alive.
Earth+ (2 years ago)
How we suppose to understand this without subtitles????
Tycini1 (1 year ago)
How I'm supposed to understand what YOU say since I'm Polish? And how do I even write this?? Mejic
zepter00 (1 year ago)
That's why english subtitles are there also... chose english one
zepter00 (1 year ago)
Learn some English. It doesn't hurt you. 😉
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Earth+ use Cc for subtitles
Kuzkay (2 years ago)
I was born 1 day before that event
Stop Teoriom Spiskowym (10 months ago)
Kuzkay well i hope you know what happend not from conspiracy theories also from logic story
Kacper Burczyński (2 years ago)
Wow cool video! (my english is not too bad?)
Mario S (2 years ago)
debil, dzieci pytał i myśli, że coś pamietają
M Graf (2 years ago)
+Mario S Grzeczniej się nie da?
Eustachy auditore (2 years ago)
dowiedzialem sie o tym w filmie w 2008 okolo
Michau (2 years ago)
Bylem wtedy dzieciakiem przyszedlem ze szkoly, rzucalem papierowymi samolocikami w domu, mama weszla do stolowego wlaczyla wiadomosci, za chwile przylecial brat. Nie bylem swiadom jako 8 latek do konca co to znaczy. A jesli chodzi o wtc, taka ciekawostka, ówczesny prezydent bush w momencie zamachu byl w szkole, dzieciaki recytowaly slowa które brzmialy: kite hit plane steel must. ustawić słowa w kolejności, powstaje zdanie: Samolot musi uderzyć stal. Prawdopodobieństwo przypadkowości tych słów jest niewiarygodnie niskie. Jestem głęboko przekonany że za zamachem nie stała al'kaida tylko czlonkowie rzadu amerykanskiego. jest na to mnostwo dowodow,.
ch36799 (6 months ago)
Michau jaiałem tez 8 lat i wiedzialem co to znaczy. Bylem wiele mafrzejszy od ciebie!
Tycini1 (1 year ago)
Ja rzucałem samolocikami w dwie wieże ułożone z klocków. Też byłem mały.
Radoczen (2 years ago)
Ja też tak trochę...
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
my channels supports you
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
+Kult America beside you are one of us one of Polish people  by now we help and care for our own
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
+Kult America your welcome
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Artur Dąbkowski Thanks Artur!
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
of course you have my subscription
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
ja mam 20 lat gdy to się stało miałem 5 ale nadal pamiętam co się stało jak ogladalem wiadomości z wydarzen i wspolczuje tym którzy to przezyli i stracili rodziny pamiętajcie ze takie odcinanie się i brak wspolczucia doprowadza do katastrofy i wielu Polaków mnie poprze nasz narod przeszedł tyle ze od Polakow powinno się oczekiwać więcej wiec powtarzam jeszcze raz nie bądźcie palantami co kolwiek się stało nie powinniscie odwracac wzroku
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
bycie Polakiem to nie tylko gadanie i pochodzenie to cos więcej to wychowanie, postawa i świadomość czasami przez wypowiedzi moich rodakow jest mi wstyd z powodu tego ze tacy ludzie zyja
Artur Dąbkowski (2 years ago)
każdy który mówi że nie obchodzi go co się stało jest idiota nasza historia jest wypełniona podobnymi wydarzeniami Polacy powiini bardziej wspólczuc duch jeszcze naszego narodu dawnego pali się nadal ale trudno nie zauwazyc ze niektórzy przynoszą nam swoja postawa wstyd wiec zamknąć się                       acidhsi
omalinaa (2 years ago)
pozdrawiam z Nowego Targu ! :) świetny kanał :)
omalinaa (2 years ago)
+Kult America wow! You see how the world is small! :)
Kult America (2 years ago)
+omalinaa My great grandmother was from Nowy Targ !
Aleksandra Hałoń (2 years ago)
super kanal masz suba :)))))
Abcde Zxyz (2 years ago)
Ja odczułem po prostu ludzkie współczucie w tym czasie. Nic więcej. Raczej szkoda mi było ludzi co zginęli, a czułem złość gdyż ewidentnie było to spowodowane działaniami władz amerykańskich. Czy pośrednio przyczynili się do tego? Po latach analiz wielu ludzi, wielu filmów i faktów, powiedziałbym że było to zamierzone działanie władz amerykańskich. Prawdopodobnie sposób na wywołanie ogromnego szoku na rynkach finansowych i ukrycie pewnych niewygodnych faktów w finansach. Przecież tam mieściła się giełda światowa. Jakby nie było, USA drukują dolary bo przeliczają się one na surowce potrzebne całemu światu. Mogą to robić właściwie bez ograniczeń, ale cały świat często musi zapłacić za to realnie wypracowanymi pieniędzmi. Dla mnie było to zresetowanie niewypłacalności USA, a władze posuną się do wszystkiego by zachować status mocarstwa światowego.
Abcde Zxyz (2 years ago)
+Abcde Zxyz (Abcd) Dla uzupełnienia, ropę i gaz można kupować jedynie w przeliczeniu na dolary! Musisz kupić dolary by dostać surowiec. Czy nie jest to wykorzystywanie całego świata i dojenia go dla własnych ambicji?
Victor CoverMusic (2 years ago)
Спец-службы США сами подорвали эти небоскребы. Очень правдоподобный постановка. Даже я поначалу поверил. Жалко невинных людей, которые там погибли.
H.S.I (2 years ago)
"Ja nie jestem entuzjastką polityki amerykańskiej, po prostu nie współczułam" Ta Pani ma racje, bo to wszystko co się dzieje to wina USA i Izraela. Przez ich polityke dzieje się tyle tego gówna, np. aktualna sytuacja z Uchodzcami. Rejon bliskiego wschodzu został zdestabilizowany przez Ameryke i jej wojne. Jestem skłonny uwierzyć w teorie spiskową w kktórej to stany przeprowadziły zamach na siebie by później wpasć do Afganistanu oraz Iraku. Jak sie okazało nie było dowodów o tzw. "Broni masowego rażenia w rękach terrorystów". Media uciszyły tą sprawe. Kryzys w 2008 roku też musial być jakoś załagodzony . Więc wojna w Libii to był sposób na załagodzenie Amerykańskiej gospodarki.
Urszula Sławek (8 months ago)
Macie rację.
SzalonyMielony (2 years ago)
+acidhsi Tu masz rację, dla USA i Żydów hajs jest bardziej konieczny niż życie tysięcy niewinnych osób.
Denduch21 (2 years ago)
Masz u mnie suba. kanał bardzo dobry, a o zamachu powiem tylko tyle: Never Forget
Kult America (2 years ago)
Thank you for the sub and the support brother - it means the world to me!
Ewa Jackowska (2 years ago)
I'm still having goosebumps when I think or hear about the catastrophe. In just one moment, the whole world felt fear and insecurity. In just one moment the feeling of safety of your own home disappeared. In my opinion the terrorists took Americans any sense of security in the country. It showed that even a such powerful country as The USA with its army, economical power and so on can be defeated, can feel helplessness and harm. I can't even imagine how Americans and especially New Yorkers could feel because nothing was safe anymore, nothing was powerful enough, nothing was enough. Can't put myself in a situation when my life could be used for any international threat with no escape.
Maciej (5 months ago)
First Ladt Nice reach
First Ladt (1 year ago)
Ewa Jackowska The whole world?? Do you realise that murica isn't the whole world?!? No one from europe was giving a fuck about the incident , let alone the rest of the world.
Ewa Jackowska (2 years ago)
+Kult America Polish People are more on the ignorant side,as you probably noticed
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Ewa Jackowska I wish more people were empathetic - generally.
Ewa Jackowska (2 years ago)
+Kult America Actually no, I haven't been there but I feel strong empathy.
Cilian Lolo (2 years ago)
elegancko świąteczny Subik ;P
Kamioo (2 years ago)
Really great Channel :D łapaj suba ^^
suic1de (2 years ago)
I remember that day really well, I was in first class of middle school. Heard the info, but didn't fully realized what happened or how big scale of this event was until I came back to home. When you see all those people jumping off the building for certain death and you try put yourself in their shoes, damn. No time to say goodbye to your friends/family and in same time you just accept that you gonna die right here... that's really hard.
born2lol (2 years ago)
I don't think that people that lived then will ever forget it. I know I get increadibly angry everytime I think about it. Lol at that kid saying he doesn't know. Of course he doesn't know, he was still shitting in his diapers then.
korinogaro1988 (2 years ago)
Well your gov worked really hard for this, and from that day they work even harded.
patrykK1028 (3 years ago)
Rusycystka? Nigdy nie słyszałem takiego wyrazu, lol
Anhellius (2 years ago)
+patrykK1028 Poczytaj więcej książek w języku polskim.
Zodiaczek (3 years ago)
Super kanał, super pomysł! Czekam na więcej! A 11 września pamiętam tak jakby było to wczoraj, takich rzeczy się nie zapomina. :( + sub
theczerwony123 (3 years ago)
Leci Sub :)
Zoch 7 (3 years ago)
Na pewno by to nas nie zjednoczyło. Politycy zaczęliby szukać winnych, obwiniać się nawzajem. Byłaby jedna wielka masakra. Natomiast nigdy do zamachu u nas nie dojdzie, bo Polska jest mało znaczącym krajem, więc taki zamach nie byłby dla ludzi tak poważny i szokujący jak w samej cudownej Ameryce, w właśnie o to chodzi, żeby jak najwięcej ludzi zginęło cierpiało i to widziało, a w Polska nie daje takich możliwości, bo cały świat patrzy na Amerykę
Maciej (5 months ago)
Nigdy nie mów nigdy niestety.
ZróbToSam (3 years ago)
Good job, man!!! It was very moving for me!!! Really, Thank You :)
Marcin2007PL (3 years ago)
Really nice words of poland, i give you subscribe
Kazdaniarz (3 years ago)
Gratki dla pani w 2:41
Michał Składanowski (3 years ago)
magda mada (3 years ago)
pamiętam że wróciłam ze szkoły siadłam przed tv i do wieczora oglądałam relacje z tego zdarzenia. Wierzyć się nie chciało co się tam działo
Sakuya (3 years ago)
Historia Polski w dużym skrócie: jednoczymy się, gdy jest jakaś tragedia. Smutne, ale prawdziwe ;-; History of Poland in a nutshell - we're united when we have a big problem. Sad but true. - Sorry for my English. Still learning.
nikola Brzuch (3 years ago)
sub from me. I've got a question do you live in Poland or are just coming to visit it?
nikola Brzuch (3 years ago)
Ohhh cool! I'm Polish but I live in England :( :'(
nikola Brzuch (3 years ago)
Ohhh cool! I'm Polish but I live in England :( :'(
nikola Brzuch (3 years ago)
Ohhh cool! I'm Polish but I live in England :( :'(
Kult America (3 years ago)
+nikola Brzuch And thanks for the sub!!!
Kult America (3 years ago)
+nikola Brzuch I live in Warsaw:)
kto od ponki ?

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