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Getting dressed in the 18th century

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A lady gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, petticoats, pockets, roll, stockings and garters, gown and stomacher, apron and shoes. Read more about this from our curator Pauline Rushton on our blog: http://blog.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/2016/08/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century/
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Being Human (7 hours ago)
What if she want to go washrum for piii😜
omg thats so difficult n time taking😧
Forever_Young Galaxy (8 hours ago)
If it takes this much time to put all these layers on, how much does it take to take them off and change into something new?! It's like just as you are done putting on an outfit for the morning it'll already be noon...
Roblox Genius (17 hours ago)
Thanks God we became free from that prison made of fabric
malay bender (23 hours ago)
This made me feel claustrophobic 😰😰
Оказалось что убранство по частям, а не платьице. Всё по кускам. Иголки могут впиться в тело это нехорошо.
Varthiny K (1 day ago)
Oh my God! How many layers?
Sarah Tipton (1 day ago)
It doesn't matter how many layers I have on, if I'm not wearing knickers, I'm naked!
Equestrian Erin (1 day ago)
Was this how the 100 layers challenge started?
Equestrian Erin (1 day ago)
*1800’s couple comes stumbling into bedroom kissing* He: “Shall we?” Her: “Yeah!... yeah, just a moment..” *GETS UNDRESSED FOR 30 MINUTES*
Madeline Bailey (1 day ago)
What happens when you need to go to the toilet...?
165Dash (1 day ago)
One detail worth mentioning. I seriously doubt that 18 century ladies shaved their legs.
Thank God, I'm not born in 18 centuries...too many clothes.. 😨😨
Meg&MaxSisters (2 days ago)
Wow the dress is sooo beautiful!
Aeruh Bakugo (2 days ago)
Back when clothes have larger POCKETS!
Leila Edwards (2 days ago)
By the time you're finished getting dressed, it's time for bed, again! Lol
Karol Vaz (2 days ago)
I can’t wear a basic T-shirt and jeans after seeing it... I’m feeling naked watching this lady with this gown.
Alieewn Aaaad (3 days ago)
surely men were lucky when they get dressed...
Almas Shaikh (3 days ago)
Nidhi Kumari (3 days ago)
Me: are you coming to the party 18 century girl(luce) : sure Me: okay that party is on 6pm come by time Luce:sure why not *TIME 6 PM* Me: where is luce, I will wait *luce getting dressed * *time 7 pm* Me: where is she *8 pm party over* *luce getting dressed * *door nock 10 pm* *me opened door* Luce: I am ready for the party *me kick luce* Me:never come to my party
Reema Jain (3 days ago)
(While having sex) Guy: *removing layers and layers and layers and layers and layers..* FUCK THIS SHIT. I'M DONE!
K K (3 days ago)
Make a "Getting dressed in the 21st century"
hypocriticalmiss (3 days ago)
Wait--why did she put the big stick between her boobs?
Mobaraka Bahrami (3 days ago)
How she can move! Double weight
J.P. Jordan (3 days ago)
2:12 what's that stick?
Brandie meade (3 days ago)
Still breathing? Okay, another layer should do it
Equestrian Sophie xx (3 days ago)
OMG all I do when I get dressed is throw a shirt and trousers on
Hajju Begum (3 days ago)
How covered were they back then? A thought
priyanka gautam (4 days ago)
my god so much tym fr wearing d dress😱
Penelope (4 days ago)
Seems like a lot of time and effort to put on all those layers etc but it takes me about an hour or so to put on layers of make up before going out - foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, highlight, lipstick. If these women watched a video about “getting ready in the 2018” they’d probably think were strange! Am I right ladies? 😂
Mehak Mewar (4 days ago)
I would die if I will be asked to wear this for 1 hour
SUAVE_ D-LUX (4 days ago)
If I see a girl dressed like this-iam automatically marrying her without hesitation
Alyssa Long (4 days ago)
I’m working on a novel that takes place in the 18th century so this helps me a lot with research.
Diana Gimmey (4 days ago)
Those poor women I would be dead
Sunny Penguin_Plus (4 days ago)
And I thought wearing a bra under my shirt on a hot day was bad
Bella Lòpez (4 days ago)
Oooooh! Mylanta. I would be one grumpy bitch if I wore that many layers of clothing! Lmao. 😁
Maria Gray (5 days ago)
It mustve taken a long time too pee
karen tampos (5 days ago)
That's too many knots for me. Nah! I'm good with just ONE fucking piece of a clothe.
Ariel Shikoba (5 days ago)
Rape proof 😄😄😂😂
Rebecca Thornson (6 days ago)
zzzddduwu uwu (6 days ago)
Too much needles hell nah
Let's Fly (6 days ago)
If magical girls wore this the transformation would take the whole episode
Rescreventudo (6 days ago)
Imagina na hora de ir no banheiro haha
Galaxy Gamer (6 days ago)
Me: Hmm school free dress day! What should I wear? Mum: The topic is history. But go as something basic! Me: Okay mum! *shows up in this* Friends: Cool dress looks basic! Me: Yeah, it is basic almost 10 layers! Friends: THE HELL THAT ISN’T BASIC!!
Grim Kupid (6 days ago)
Him: "Madam, what a lovely dress" Her: "Thanks, it has pockets!"
Elisa Mountain (6 days ago)
What was that stick thing she put down the stay?
S.C (7 days ago)
Ça devait peser une tonne. C'était bien compliqué elle devait mettre 2h pour s'habiller.
lydia mugure (7 days ago)
i used to think they were idiots needing help to dress not anymore yikes i got lost after wooden stick between tiddies sheesh
Thestarskynight (7 days ago)
I am trying to make a whole outfit from the 18 century this helps me quite a bit
Luna Sun (7 days ago)
This is me during winter. Too many layerings
Sha Alf (7 days ago)
How do they breathe
Ziggily Smith (7 days ago)
Soooooo.... When do they get to the accually dress and i have never heard that nursery rhyme
Byron (7 days ago)
wHat aBoUt if I hAvE tO gO a pEE ?
Sasha-Janey Aitken (7 days ago)
Women: They wore no knickers Me: So that's why they have so much layers
Delight Frost (8 days ago)
Can you please upload about wedding dress in 18th century
Betty Ibtihal (8 days ago)
This is so complicated
Rinkashi Fudorin (8 days ago)
What the...
joanne blanco (9 days ago)
I would have held my pee a lot back then
Ellis & King (9 days ago)
A Victorian Love Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6QB9LV2stQ&t=50s
Aurielle (9 days ago)
This reminded me of Sofia the first
Sokhon Seam (10 days ago)
Now , let’s see the video of the laundry/washing part. Lol..
Dove (10 days ago)
Who helped the servants get dressed??
david david (10 days ago)
what happens if she needs to use the bathroom urgently?
Victoria Jolie (10 days ago)
Imgine trying to have a quickie smh...
Svea Cohron (10 days ago)
What the hell did she expect to do sit? Like how do you even move your arms
Mon F (10 days ago)
Hip pad or KimK bum
Lily Rachel (11 days ago)
and if you had the urge to pee ? what then .....???
Elenya Moi (11 days ago)
et si ca plaisait pas a monsieur on recommencait tou
Remix SINGH (11 days ago)
Teacher: Why are you so late Me:
anurag khanikar (11 days ago)
The dress seems like a load
Nadira FIyaz (12 days ago)
voci ferus (12 days ago)
That they needed help to get dressed (and undressed) is not surprising... Add to this the powdering, the excessive make-up and an abundance of perfume (of various qualities), and the lady was ready to pick up her beau... (or, more appropriately, to be picked up by her beau).
GopherCake (12 days ago)
wondering how she could be robbed of what's in her pockets...
Francie Odendahl (12 days ago)
I think you get used to whatever you have to do at the time. And you are fortunate if you had a handmaiden to dress you. Most people have to yell at their husbands lol to help...or figure it out themselves. Zippers in the back are always a tuff one, but I like them. They only had buttons back then no zippers. Corsets help to remind us to have better posture I think. Now we I mean I just get kind of slouchy and lazy about thiss
Manju Benny (13 days ago)
How could she breath... .😳😳
Kavya Kusuma (13 days ago)
what is ur dressing style
maria elhassan (13 days ago)
What ??? No under pants ??? Talk about easy access 😂
Verena Chanaa (13 days ago)
That was only dressed from high society ladys... also of course the fact they had a lot of maids. Because by yourself never you would be able to dress, and thats only for a casual day!!!! And of course most of the other women never were dressed like this!!!!
Amaryllis Torres (13 days ago)
N. 87 (14 days ago)
نص حياتهم وهم يلبسون ويفصخون
Yeush G (14 days ago)
It look sooo pretty thooo
Gaudium Felidae (14 days ago)
1:32 elbow cut
灰色の魔女 (14 days ago)
きれい⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝
our chanel (14 days ago)
Anyway the pocket system is too weird 😣
Naomi Bushert (14 days ago)
That looks like it takes an hour!!
Q loka (14 days ago)
؟ امممم
Khan Gulnaaz (14 days ago)
Y don't u stitch all layers together.
Charli Diamond (15 days ago)
Damn I want a group of maids to daily dress me in elaborate clothing, now that’s the life.
Meagan Hodgson (15 days ago)
Well now I don't feel so horrible about having to wear a tank top under a shirt because for whatever reason it's see through. At least I don't have to wear 5 or more layers
Music Sensation (15 days ago)
Now women dress like sluts
Laurance (15 days ago)
I wonder how women coped with their periods, hence they didn't have any nickers.
Muskaan Chitkara (15 days ago)
Wht is the use of wearing so much? 🤔😶
Sarah Elizabeth (16 days ago)
they wear extra layers in the winter? isn't this enough? LOOOOL
Nicola Yin (16 days ago)
I think I need 2hours to wear this costume.😂
aur 10 kapde pehen lete Yeh toh km hogaya😂
riverirl (16 days ago)
And here I am, wearing pants, a shirt and a sweater; I feel so lucky.
Ms Tiny (16 days ago)
Yikes... You wouldn't want to in a hurry!
❤ Love Comics ❤ (17 days ago)
So hot in this dress . So hard to do something 😁😁
Mariana Baltar (17 days ago)
E viva a revolução feminista! Ninguém merece isso!!!!!!
Esteban Playa (17 days ago)
Those poor women, what a pain in the ass to have to dress like that.

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