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Getting dressed in the 18th century

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A lady gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, petticoats, pockets, roll, stockings and garters, gown and stomacher, apron and shoes. Read more about this from our curator Pauline Rushton on our blog: http://blog.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/2016/08/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century/
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Bita Zamani (5 hours ago)
rose quartz (11 hours ago)
I wonder if the royals have someone dress them as well lol
Sweetie P (17 hours ago)
Gosh , and men fumble w unhooking your bra ! Seduction must have taken some diligence 🤣😆😅
Emily Drake (1 day ago)
I bet they showed each other anytime they had a dress with pockets
Noooooo, que cansancio esa cantidad de trapos encima, y para lavar todo eso sin lavadoras!!!!!!!
Saudovsty Vides (1 day ago)
I kinda like that thick material stockings with design at the ankle..they prob don't ever run like always nowadays work stockings ..
Stephanie Harris (2 days ago)
With all that on how could u move or breath. It be offerly hot wereing this .
Kristen Hamilton (2 days ago)
I just imagine at the end.. **Hmmm. Nah I want to wear the green dress today.**
bastardtubeuser (2 days ago)
Brilliant, and if any ladies would like assistance to perform this video in reverse please contact me. Thank you.
skarner lvl100 (2 days ago)
who dresses the servants?
tze12 han15 (2 days ago)
They couldn't bend
Heather Drapeau (2 days ago)
I wish we still dressed like this today....most of the young ladies walk around half naked looking like trash today. We went from class to trash....
757WN (3 days ago)
Man...and I thought it was tough being a woman now.
shivani balram (4 days ago)
nikolas charlie (5 days ago)
me (1800s woman) (late for school): /desperately trying to pull on a bunch of petticoats and stockings before the bell rings/ FUCK !! SHIT !!
Hammie joon (5 days ago)
Bro...... you dropped your pockets
Joanne (5 days ago)
At one point (2:10), the woman being dressed is handed a stick and places it inside the front of her "stays" ( i.e., that orange vest-like garment). What is that? And what purpose does it serve? The narrator never explains.
Kılıç Kılıç (5 days ago)
Yuh 😮 yer yüzünde bundan daha saçma bir giyinme tarzı var mı acaba ?
JaeCee Malone (6 days ago)
Has there been one done on teen fashion in the 19th century?
Crolex (6 days ago)
Y’all niggas know you would thus still tap that
Chaithra K (7 days ago)
Luckily we all can dress on our own and we don't need any assistance 😁😁
Maja Dideriksen (7 days ago)
There must be an awkward silence in the room when they are filming...
hamiltrash Hamgelica (7 days ago)
This fashion got more layers than james charles
Sophia Haddock (8 days ago)
*whispers* there's nothin rich folks love more...
Ira Mae Tagupa (8 days ago)
I came as soon as I heard
Honk_Honk! (8 days ago)
Why is some fabric so decorated as you can't see most of it?
malaka (9 days ago)
كل ده لبسا🥴
Maria F (9 days ago)
Well they managed to have time to wash those clothes & kept clean eventhough the tip of the skirt touched the ground...how?
Federico Italico (9 days ago)
In britain and northern Europe i can understand....but how was possible to wear it every day in summer in places like Sicily, Malta,South Spain or even Nice?
Robert lokonda (9 days ago)
Christina Minton (9 days ago)
18th century women: no rights, dresses with pockets 21st century women: rights, hardly any decent pockets to be found 🤔 This is a backwards development if you ask me...
Sam Watson-Holmes (9 days ago)
At least they have big pockets. I mean, I would kill for those!
maha nor (10 days ago)
ليش كل هالملابس؟ 😂
Maeve Dawn (10 days ago)
Modesty in 18th century: YOU DONT HAVE 5000 LAYERS ON!? HOW SCANDALOUS! Modestly now: You can see me butt, boobs and stomach? Perfect. 😂
Emily Joles (11 days ago)
Okay but the dress has pockets
Peppermint Snowdrift (11 days ago)
I HATE layers! I ESPECIALLY hate something BUNCHY underneath something TIGHT, like underwear under tights, or a loose shirt underneath a tight jacket. I'd have HATED having a top with a blousy bodice underneath a corset. Today, the tank tops that I wear out into public would be considered to be my UNDERWEAR....if a time machine were suddenly invented. LOL! Oooh, gee! She's gonna stuff those big sleeves into that TINY BODICE? I'd have rebelled! Doesn't that STOMACHER cut into your lower abdomen when you sit down?
Дина (12 days ago)
Субтитры на российском, изволь!!
Arnoldus Riwu (12 days ago)
Oh so amazed
Наталия К (12 days ago)
Интересно, будто тогда чулки делали?
Lucia Vendráková (13 days ago)
Michelle (13 days ago)
i used to love imagining myself in this era wearing pretty dresses but no thanks now :)
Why Not (13 days ago)
In the heat of the moment may not have been a phrase back then
Sunny.bias (14 days ago)
Having to go to the toilet must have been a pain in the ass
Gabriella Piña (14 days ago)
It must’ve taken girls an hour to get dressed back then
oPeRa1923 (14 days ago)
Imagine pricking one of your boobs by those pins... oh hell no!
Laura Tude (14 days ago)
How did low-class women who didn't have maids get dressed?
Kokoro’s Best Girl (14 days ago)
This video made me sweat
First: We were without clothes 2nd: we became decent and non-naked and Now the whole world has become naked The world is in danger !!!!!
Laura Hanks (15 days ago)
How come she didn't get a grape break?
Astrid Rivera (15 days ago)
And we complain about wearing bras...
Zmn Alhzn (16 days ago)
اذا طالعه مشوار بدي نص النهار وانا عم البس😁😁😁😁😁
Althea Brittan (16 days ago)
So when you need the toilet?
Alice Wilde (16 days ago)
No knickers makes sense, I bet they practically never had UTIs. When they were menstruating they probably just stayed in bed.
Leide Mel (16 days ago)
Coisa ne mais 10 perca roupa
S J (16 days ago)
This versus nowadays mini- and micro shorts... What is wrong with you people??!
Kristen Smith (16 days ago)
Bʟᴀᴄᴋᴏᴜᴛ (16 days ago)
What if they needed to use the toilet?
Theresa Myers (17 days ago)
Well I am from Washington state USA and I say members of Congress both sides parties need to dress this way maybe they might hurry and get something done
Martina Lopez Vangeli (17 days ago)
Admit it, your here cause of Hamilton and u know it
Kaitlyn Boneff (17 days ago)
She looks like she cant breath lmao
Victoria Sharpe (17 days ago)
This is what interests me about history. Their day to day lives, and how they dressed. Things that people in this day and age take for granted, but back then they put so much work into. They put so much thought into something so simple. It’s appreciative
They didn't explain why she just put a carrot in her bodice
Sullivan Hodges (18 days ago)
I’m digging the pockets
Kiya Jade (18 days ago)
And I think ironing my jeans is effort haha 😂😂
Softcloud the kitty (18 days ago)
I'd be worried I was gonna get stabbed by those pins!
Sofi_ Pineapple (19 days ago)
“It’s a casual party, wear anything” Me:
mesut barış (19 days ago)
Now, the money is enough to buy these dress.
mesut barış (19 days ago)
İt's the evidence what a woman is beautiful & attractive with her life philosophy, dress and hair style...
mesut barış (19 days ago)
I wanna live in 18'th century...
john smith (19 days ago)
No wonder you needed servants!
Zoof Fooz (20 days ago)
That's nice. But what about women's period??? Flowed through the legs and dress??? What do ladies do?
Zoof Fooz (19 days ago)
+Accomplished Diplomacy Oh, cool!!! Try to put some feathers in your hand and you will fly. I guarantee, everybody do this!
Accomplished Diplomacy (19 days ago)
Well, you see, in the 18th century, women didn't menstruate. They simply slit their wrists fortnightly in order to expel any toxic blood. Try it, it works, and you will never have to deal with periods again!
Beverly Archer (20 days ago)
Then anybody else think Anne Hathaway from the side on the person being dressed?
Peyton c (20 days ago)
At least their womens clothes had pockets
desireeissonotcool (20 days ago)
i wonder if they ever woke up and were just not feeling it, deciding to wear just like 1-3 layers instead of 50. kinda like how people will wear sweats and a hoodie now. i bet people with depression had their ass handed to them.
Professor Oh Yeah Yeah (20 days ago)
Jeez that must suck getting ready for sex
Apoletta Luna (21 days ago)
Застрелюсь, если эта дибильная мода не дай господь вернётся! Это не дама, это луковка либо капуста. 😡👎 Ужас!!!!!!!!!
Leafy Hiden (21 days ago)
I saw a video where she (or another person) got dressed as a working woman. There she had one pocket. Here, where she's dressing as a lady (???), she has two pockets!! :o
Elxza (22 days ago)
It takes her 7 minutes to get dressed in all that while it takes me an hour to get into a shirt
erroneousdays (22 days ago)
Huh.. The women must have been cool shop lifters.
Barathi Kannan (22 days ago)
Imagine coming back from a long day and having to go through this.
indiana volby (22 days ago)
Anyone else get claustrophobic watching this?
Min Jiu Dai (22 days ago)
You can really see why they needed maids to help them dress.
Aniyah Simone (22 days ago)
Slave owners
Злой Barmaley (22 days ago)
The fashion for a big ass did not appear yesterday.
Alondra Martinez (23 days ago)
So that’s how the Schuyler sisters dressed! 😮😮😮
History Freak (23 days ago)
I went straight to the comments to look for Hamilton memes
أم سالم (23 days ago)
Elle Reyes (23 days ago)
now we just out jeans and a hoodie on and we done
Imna Elywa (24 days ago)
Thank god we're over that phase
darlingmoon (24 days ago)
I assume this is a higher class woman. Now, I see where the idea of waking early and have your assemble laid out the night before comes from. With so many layers and steps to follow.
Rozi Afrin (24 days ago)
I am so lucky that I wasn't born that time😲😲
Shams (24 days ago)
I thought that, this lady was preparing herself for fighting a war.
Kim Seoyun (25 days ago)
But if a guy wanted to have sex with them they had to take off all that-
Ahmed Benz fan (25 days ago)
I am sure it was easy for them back then I LIKE it , it is decent
val Fletcher (25 days ago)
Half of these comments marvel at pockets. I guess they never saw the earlier periods of dress videos. Pockets have been around at least since the 1100's...the term means simply a small bag tied around the waist. Now they are (sometimes) sewn right into clothing and that is the only difference.
Munna Mmb (26 days ago)
Iron man's armour is simpler than this..
Aakriti Khosla (26 days ago)
Women's clothes in the 18th century had pockets! Where did they disappear to along the way?
KillAll Evil (26 days ago)
She looks like she’s gonna pass out.....
Nicole Bagayas (26 days ago)
Gosh now i know what Elizabeth Midford (Lizzy) from Black Butler feels getting dressed in 18th century...It must be hard to breathe because of the tight corset
paulparoma (27 days ago)
Everybody had a maid in those days. And what about the maid? Did she also have a maid?

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