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Getting dressed in the 18th century

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A lady gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, petticoats, pockets, roll, stockings and garters, gown and stomacher, apron and shoes. Read more about this from our curator Pauline Rushton on our blog: http://blog.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/2016/08/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century/
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Caitlyn Weerd (10 hours ago)
So women in the 18th century could have pockets in their dresses.... but in the 21st we cannot?!
Rose_potato Potato (15 hours ago)
Thats too much to wear
lol (1 day ago)
yeh i would be sweating like shane Dawson if i wore that lmao
Bored Banana (1 day ago)
They must be sweating like hell.
Is haruto naruto? (1 day ago)
This triggered my claustrophobia, I feel suffocated just by watching the video Edit: and oh my god how heavy is that shit? Constantly carrying around like an extra 10kg on your body😟😟
Ana Luísa (1 day ago)
Como essas mulheres faziam para amamentar, se fossem mães? Fiquei pensando nisso durante o vídeo, quanta roupa kkkkk e para ir ao banheiro? Kkkk Ainda bem que a moça tinha gente para ajudar a se vestir.
Mac x (2 days ago)
Wish I could dress like this 😭
Mr. Emerald The Green (2 days ago)
Man! By the time one is dressed and ready for the day, it’s time to turn around and go back to bed!
Anvilapse N (2 days ago)
Fuck that accent, holy shit.
Cieth Libres (3 days ago)
Boys can't easily fuck them 😂😂😂😂
Samantha Robesky (4 days ago)
Any ideas where to get this kind of clothing I need it for senior English
Mizuki6655 (4 days ago)
Lucy Locket should had her maid double knot her fucking pockets.
AuraThePotato :P (6 days ago)
Nice! I really loved this video.
Asexual Pigeon (6 days ago)
The girl looks so fucking done with that dress...
kralle7611 (6 days ago)
Ladies, please wear more such stockings.
Praise_the_yaoi (7 days ago)
Jayda Glover (5 days ago)
Praise_the_yaoi lol #hamilsquad
Raphael Valle (7 days ago)
Jayda Glover (5 days ago)
Raphael Valle unlike you
Maia The Artsy Gamer (7 days ago)
The clothing during that time was so beautiful
Maia The Artsy Gamer (7 days ago)
So many layers!!!!
Пока оденешься, уже пора раздеваться и почивать шагать...
CeeCeeGlam101 (8 days ago)
So what if she was having sex , how would they take all this off . It’s beautiful I must say!!
Shana Medley (8 days ago)
Awe Nah, that's a lot of tieing, tucking, and pinning.
Охренеть это всё ходить. Палка ей для чего?
Next video: Getting undressed in the 18th century ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Atasha Camama (9 days ago)
Elizabeth Hamilton😮
Jayda Glover (5 days ago)
Atasha Camama lol
Charith Hewawasam (9 days ago)
Rate of rape cases were very law those days..
Fire Fox (9 days ago)
First we were animals Then we were naked and wore leaves or animal fur Then we wore so many clothes And now we wear clothes that show our skin
Moth Meds (9 days ago)
I would be banned from the 1800s because I'd do all this work to dress in the morning maybe ONE time, and I would start skipping like half of the steps. Not to mention I would insist on wearing underwear and have thick af cloth pads when I'm on my period
Srokasodo (9 days ago)
The battle of the petticoats must of been what these women called trying to get dressed in the morning
Beatriz Ferreira (10 days ago)
Thank God I was born in the end of xx century
brenda bowman (10 days ago)
forget about eating and bath room break.the layers alone would be toooooo much.
Elizabeth Tucker (10 days ago)
You always get up at 6 in the morning so you can get ready for work Today, you wake up at 8. Then you try to get dressed... SCREW THAT! I will just where my “dress” I was wherein before! Hehehehe. Heh. I need to work on my humor. 😐😶😤😭🥺
Теперь понятно,отчего им повсевременно хотелось полежать,они падали в обморок при хлопке,и повсевременно обмахивались веером. Летом весьма горячо в таком количестве тряпья..а в целом,прекрасно естественно
Колпак Женя (11 days ago)
Мне же необходимо к экзаменам приготовляться!
Mikołaj Jaroszewicz (11 days ago)
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charli lynch (11 days ago)
Clothes back then were so much prettier, I mean these elaborate gowns are absolutely beautiful and better than the crop tops and jeans we have now in my opinion
LEMONADE (11 days ago)
Souvenir (11 days ago)
Look like Eliza Schuyler
Hot 😍
Women looked very female in the old times.Someone men wanted to love.
DuckFace111 (12 days ago)
She has more layers than my emotional trauma
Anceril MorningStar (12 days ago)
I wish I was in those videos as royalty
Awkward Yeet13 (12 days ago)
Good to know even rich people had pockets
Ryan Schaller (12 days ago)
Why am I watching this ?? Why do i want to know how to make stockings now
Debi Mitchell (12 days ago)
Imagine having to do all that in the morning if you overslept! 😱
Narges Narges (12 days ago)
لو اجلس بالبيت احسن لي من البس هاذا كله
Juliana Moressi (13 days ago)
Dresses that actually have pockets. Super Rare now
Juliana Moressi (13 days ago)
At the end of the video " Um, I need to go to the bathroom"
Juliana Moressi (13 days ago)
Homemade gown in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maja Dideriksen (13 days ago)
0:26 “no niggers were worn” Lmao....what
t m (13 days ago)
So basically folks was walking around commando until the early 19th century. LOL
AlexandeKnight (14 days ago)
I wonder how often women stuck themselves on a pin?
How did they go to sit?
Keisha Ortega (14 days ago)
she looks a lot like Belle or Eliza Schuyler.
Rowen Greer (14 days ago)
I scrolled so far down this just liking Hamilton comments, help
Reese EL (14 days ago)
Imagine wearing like 8 layers of clothing
Michelle Clare (14 days ago)
She kinda reminds me of Eliza Hamilton tbh...
Michelle Lillard (15 days ago)
I couldn't live like that
comment (15 days ago)
oh my, all those pins and ties!!
Copper Kitten (15 days ago)
That’s too much work
Clara Bear (16 days ago)
Monika Meg (16 days ago)
How beautifullllllll. Its amazing i wish i have that clothes
Complex Carb (16 days ago)
Even with all that layers I’d still feel naked without knickers
Rorschach Introvert (16 days ago)
Yo but why did they need to tie their socks up
Mellyn (16 days ago)
I bet Lin Manual Miranda watched this when designing the clothes for his actors
aufa joe (17 days ago)
So this is what the upper class wore back then hmm
Baisers11 (17 days ago)
😂😂 the comments
Moonlight (17 days ago)
how the hell did they breathe?
Karleigh Prater (17 days ago)
That’s a lot of layers
Ninida (18 days ago)
imagine if like the lowermost petticoat or something similar came undone my god the work
Megan Fox (18 days ago)
Imagine going to the bathroom Or If you got an itch
Meow Meow (18 days ago)
that looks too hot I'd sweat a lot
Meow Meow (18 days ago)
imagine this doing by yourself
David Smith (18 days ago)
Good Lord what would happen if it got hot?
Lisa L (18 days ago)
The maids dress is much more flattering
Lisa L (18 days ago)
She looks frumpy
Lisa L (18 days ago)
I'm not sure how I got here from a zumba tutorial 😂
Lisa Smith (18 days ago)
What was the long orange thing placed down the front of the stays in the front? It looked like a carrot.
Olivia Woloshyn (18 days ago)
This is completely ridiculous. How did girls even function back then?
najla faouzi (18 days ago)
I got tired just from looking at her, Poor girl
Joelle Ramond (19 days ago)
Eliza has entered the chat.
Somekidnlx3 (19 days ago)
I'm sweating just watching this
Jules Life (19 days ago)
You have you period 3 hours later o my god I got my period
Shella (19 days ago)
''Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you my morning routine!''
Megan's World (20 days ago)
Imagine taking a poop in this.
Flamebird (20 days ago)
2:10 what is this?
when you came here because you liked hamilton
jc90210 (20 days ago)
When you like to have sex Taking off your dress: 30 minutes Actual sex: 5 minutes
Arti Sugesti (20 days ago)
Dulu pretelan ya kalo make 😅
PocketFullOfAngels (20 days ago)
Imagine having all those layers being a woman in Australia. 🥵
Capella N (20 days ago)
Me: Oh I’ll just wear this tank top and shorts! 18th century girls: I’ll just wear 200 layers of clothes!
Dorkalshis (20 days ago)
The fuck was that wooden spike she put down her shirt at 02:13?
Grace Elizabeth (20 days ago)
Imagine an Australian summer in that
tara k (20 days ago)
dang so glad i wasnt alive back then
Darkest Karma (20 days ago)
Man: hey lady get undressed 18th century lady: ok 18th century lady: *takes off thousands of layers of clothing*
Сита Кумико (20 days ago)
Ужас!!! Это очень сложное и вредоносно для здоровья, хотя я смотрю корсет ей завязали чисто символически
Gianna’s Stuff (20 days ago)
Any Hamilton fans here?
Ashley Johnson (21 days ago)
are there rhinestones on the buckles of those shoes?
WolfyGirl 47 (21 days ago)
*Imagine wearing this clothing for a year*
Sophie M (21 days ago)
I so wish I could buy that outfit... imagine going clothes shopping with that on though 😂 "Are you done yet?" "No sorry, I still got 5 layers to take off before I can try them on"

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