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Benefits of Fasting or Eating Twice a Day - Sadhguru

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Hindi Mein Dekhein - https://youtu.be/8SFi6gTrBH0 What exactly is cancer, and how can we prevent it? Sadhguru compares cancer cells to criminals – at least a few are present in every society, but when they get organized, it can create a big problem. The solution? Sadhguru says, crime flourishes where there is no order in the system. By A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers. Like Us On Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/iWeedastic Follow Us On Insta @iWeedastic Subscribe For More https://youtube.com/iweedastic
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Text Comments (268)
Al M (1 day ago)
I don't know any reliable sources showing that fasting helps cure cancer. If anybody does know, please post. BUT, - short-term fasting starting several hours before the chemo and ending several hours after chemo helps to better "tolerate" chemotherapy. People feel better during chemo and next day.
Always Happy (3 days ago)
And now in the modern life people are saying to eat every two hours to keep your metabolism going, such bs. People need to look at ayurveda more.
Amy 16 (1 month ago)
The way he simplified the whole thing preserving the most essential matter is just amazing.A doctor cannot do that. ;)
Are Hindi me bolo..jisko English nhi aati vo kaise smjega..baba log bhi paise chapne me lge hai..😅🤣
Shubham Gautam (1 month ago)
Now i get to know why we fast .thank u sadhguruji for explaining many things with logic .
Jana Nirvana (1 month ago)
My sadhguru 😚🧘‍♂️👁🛎🙏
Android Guruji (1 month ago)
Here After Seeken's Fasting Video ?? Than LIKE This Comment !! 😀😊
blessed Muslimah (3 months ago)
Al hamdulillah we fast one month every year in Ramadan
Kunal Saini (1 month ago)
That's dangerous.... Fasting should not long that much
Ciprian ionut (3 months ago)
Very true, master! Fasting is known for thousends of years in the whole world that is the best healer But we threw this knowledge in the bin in WESTERN Society
Reverted To Islam (4 months ago)
Can I eat 2 times a day ...(breakfast, dinner)?
Vignesh Krishnan (9 days ago)
Yes off course, you just need to ensure the meal gap is at least 8 hours
Plus Bonus (5 months ago)
I was going to bag him but ended up wanting to hear more. Do think the beard needs a bit of tidy up though. Just saying.....!
Petrescu Radu (5 months ago)
I eat only one meal a day, I feel perfect
अर्जुन (5 months ago)
Dislikes by greedy Ontologists.
Ashok Kona (5 months ago)
😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂 Why Studying MBBS, Become a Fraudster and get a name as Sadhguru.
THE COSMOS (5 months ago)
Charlotte Fivez (5 months ago)
That makes a lot of sense.
Paki Terrorist (5 months ago)
Wow ... no ones has ever described Cancer in the way Sadguru ... Pranaam Sadguru ... !!
vivek pilot (5 months ago)
This man is a real joker.
a j (5 months ago)
But I have gas trouble whenever I do fasting gas trouble increase, I don't know what to do 😢
a j (5 months ago)
@Chandni M thanks dear for your kind words, I consulted and he advised only take medicine after food nothing like peppermint tea etc but I am taking green tea after my meals. stress also a problem yeah sometimes I have over thinking and stress
Chandni M (5 months ago)
Don’t fast if it’s not working for you. You have to take this advice with a pinch of salt because each individual’s body will be different. What works for one person may not work for you. I think you should see a doctor if you have gas trouble and take some herbal tea like peppermint, spearmint or chamomile. Try to stay relaxed and don’t stress yourself👽
mohd zulhafizi (5 months ago)
islam early fasting one month in one year...why sadghuru dont know about this..islam early do it ....
Kunal Shinde (5 months ago)
In modern day, this is known as intermittent fasting. It was prevalent since our ancestors. Indian science was way ahead a few hundred years back. Now it is in an average state.
KARTIK S (5 months ago)
sadhguru at his best....he is an encyclopedia no doubt....!!
ruchitha reddy (5 months ago)
Omg sadhguru has knowledge in every field
Salman Haider (5 months ago)
half of the people will believe him just because he is speaking English 😙
sandeep MARATHA (4 days ago)
I'm surprised your kind of people would even understand it🤣
chaitanya gokhale (5 months ago)
You can check the benefits of fasting in chemotherapy. What he is saying is true. It doesn't matter whether he is speaking English or not.
raza muhammad (5 months ago)
Can we say that Ramadan(a pillar of islam) can save us from cancer.....?
nkishore g (5 months ago)
It may prevent cancer to a certain extent.... But it varies from person to person
Prashant Pandey (5 months ago)
Thoda jyada ho Gaya
Joshua V. Ebinezzer (5 months ago)
genius of our time!!
Sheikh Arif (5 months ago)
Islam has make it compulsory to fast in month of ramdan
amanpreet1664 (5 months ago)
stop fooling ppl
srinivas prasad (5 months ago)
Guruji thank you so much for telling this
Alfi Singh (5 months ago)
Everything has an emotional root cause which we need to heal 🙂 😇 🔥 💕
vishnu sajeev (5 months ago)
Many of the causes are unknown ... so don't say about the common cause for cancer say about the unknown causes please? even medical science don't have the proper idea 😄 i think he must know.
vishnu sajeev (5 months ago)
Oncologist sadguru haha.
Gitesh Dubal (5 months ago)
Unbelievable..!! How easily Sadhguru explains cancer cells!!!! Being doctor I know what ever he said is absolutely right... Simply superb.. A research of fasting and prevalence of cancer is on cards!!!
a j (1 month ago)
@Cash Money ginger and garlic good for gas trouble ayurvedic
Cash Money (1 month ago)
@a j don't eat spicy food, ginger, garlics and drink a lot of water go to an Ayurvedic doctor and he'll give you some medicines, worked for me
suraj punjabi (4 months ago)
Hello, doctor. I would like to ask you. I would like to try and fast and have meals every 8-12 hourd like how sadhguru advised. but I have GERD and acid reflux problem. Right now it is under control but i worry tht it might show its ugly face if i change my diet. Do u hv any advise on how to go about this smoothly?
a j (5 months ago)
@vikashp no dude frst I too doubted that but I consult a surgeon he said the skin of rectum only breaking due to tight motion
vikashp (5 months ago)
But does fasting and even vegetarian diet guarantee no cancer? Shri Raman Maharishi (hope you heard about him) had cancer though he had a perfect lifestyle, I guess. Correct me if I am wrong.
Prachi Saraswat (5 months ago)
Then how come babies get cancer these days?
Tipu Mysore (5 months ago)
Most of the cancerous cells in India are in Indian parliament..they can be weeded out once in 5 years if people has will
Himanshu Sharma (5 months ago)
किताबे पढ़कर भी यह नॉलेज नहीं मिलती
Pratish nair (5 months ago)
If fasting can cure cancer, the whole medical industry would not be spending decades on research to contain them . Stop fooling people under the cover of vedic yogic knowledge
Pratish nair (5 months ago)
@Susrita Karmakar 1. I am open to different options once you have evidence. And I am not open to options when people with beard and funny dress comes and declares things without having any scientific evidence. 2. Even modern medicine fails to cure it. Lets look at statistics : Half (50%) of people diagnosed with cancer in their disease for ten years or more (2010-11). Cancer survival is higher in women than men. Cancer survival is improving and has doubled in the last 40 years . So stop living in the bubble and look out. Source: https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/health-professional/cancer-statistics/survival#heading-Zero 3. Ayurveda is now popular...So ?? Accumpuncture is also famous today. Weed is also more popular today.. whats the point?? aren't you the same person who said Mcd and Dominos are also getting popular??? Getting popular is not a measure of effectiveness. It is just people liking a thing more than the other and not a measure of effectiveness. I challenge you bring a data showing people getting ayurvedic treatment has a better chance of surviving cancer? Any reference statistics study done by your "research" will work 4. . ""i lost people who where close to me. not in India, some died in the US. so dont teach me about how modern medicine can do wonders"" If any medicine can do wonders , it is none other than modern medicine and not unani, homeopathy or ayurveda. Because if it works, then modern medicine will acquire them, find the chemical making the medicine work and sell it.
Susrita Karmakar (5 months ago)
@Pratish nair you are biased as you are not open to different options. And coming to shivamoga, i was saying people do anything and try every possible medication available to save their loved once. dont twist every thing that is said, when did i say the medicine of shivamoga cures cancer 100%? even modern medicine fails to cure it. even if you have detected cancer at early stages, what is the guarantee that it will not return? how cancer will be treated? if you have Popularity: it seems you still live in the 80's or 90's where people thought only modern medicine was 100% and rest all were rubbish. now a days aurveda is very much popular in western countries and many people prefer them over modern medicine. scientific researches are been done on ayurvedic medicine. and because of lack of research on them in India, neem was patented by US. even though it was revoked later. dont try to twig my sentences to make your counter statement. you giving lecture on different ways of treating cancer makes me laugh. i lost people who where close to me. not in India, some died in the US. so dont teach me about how modern medicine can do wonders. you are not willing to accept facts because of your ego brother. you can keep opposing and bashing sadhguru online, your wish. people who think he might be an alternative will still go to him. listen to him. This is my last reply to you. have a nice day.
Pratish nair (5 months ago)
1. Who is biased ? A person who says that the statements made cannot be agreed since it lacks scientific evidence or the person who says “ may be” one day you will get evidence ?? You are here assuming that whatever jaggi vasudev is saying “might” be true.... and i am sure none of the people commenting here even tried to cross check his validations 2. He is not giving any advice by saying fasting can cure cancer. The science of cancer is not related to the amount of food you eat. It is a common disease in multicellular animals who has a good life expectancy 3. Shivamoga medicine can cure cancer is a myth. There is no single medicine that can cure all cancers . Each cancer requires different treatment. If ayurveda has a cure of cancer it would have been world famous by now and pharmacies would be standing in queue for patenting the medicine in front of ayurvedic doctors and would have got international attention 4. Science is progressing. You will find more and more people recovering from cancer. You now have medicines that can directly work on the affected area with out heavy side effects of hair fall. All studies suggest that cancer becomes incurable only because most people identifies them late. If the cancer is found out in early stages, your chances of survival is much higher today. 5. India is a country where people ignore a doctor when he comes and asks you to get your health check ups done every 6 months but will stand in queue for a baba ji who asks you to breath slowly every day. People like jaggi gives fake expectations to people who think that yogic and mystic life can prevent cancer. People might skip their check ups thinking they are healthy. They might know about their cancer only in later stages and then will spend all their savings for their life and will die thinking that may be i have not fasted enough 6. File case ?? Are you serious? India is a country where government funds projects to find gold in cow urine. All the medicine practices which are banned in developed countries are present here and also funded by government in india. If keep filing cases my entire life will be spent on filing cases against babas like him. The more practical approach is to spread awareness so that people start ignoring these false claims
Susrita Karmakar (5 months ago)
@Pratish nair exactly my point. do research on everything. dont be biased. also i never said i agreed on the research paper published. no one is assuming anything. Atleast not me. may be you are assuming that what ever he says will be without scientific evidence and is total garbage. is there any research done? so there is a lack of scientific research. not evidence. also if the government thinks of investing money on these researches, the govt will be called inclined towards hindus. lets not get into that. any ways my point was he just encourages ppl to be more responsible towards society. lead a healthy life, be kind. whats wrong in that? there is no need to bash him just because you dont agree to his point. i have ppl around me who had cancer and few passed away. even after spending all their savings,land, property,house, when the treatment failed, they were ready to try anything and everything possible to save their son's life. every three month his mother used to stand in queue for the entire day for aurvedic medicine in shivamoga. i went with her when ever i could. but it was the last stage. and till today she says i wish i could have known about this treatment earlier. may be he could have been saved. no one was stopping his modern treatment in mumbai. it is just that MAYBE this will help. because till today there is no 100% cure(I hope you know this)) if you think there is no scientific evidence, then do a research and prove that his statement is wrong and file a case against him for spreading lies.
Pratish nair (5 months ago)
Susrita Karmakar 1. Am I kidding ?? No. Before commenting , a basic research on health effects of carbs without proper work out will help 2. Papers provide you with evidences and not a statements. Why do we accept papers ? Because it is a scientific method of finding truth and is not like a person sitting and giving lectures without any evidences . ( even you are commenting in youtube because a researcher published a paper on how to make chat systems via internet. Not the contribution of yogi ) 3. If natural is very good, why dont you try consuming natural cassava before it is ripe and take that beautiful naturally occurring cyanide in your body ? 4. Yogic life or indian life - i am more concerned about the lack of scientific evidence backing his claim ... whatever he is claiming, you are assuming it as true and you are arguing with me believing whatever quackery this guy has to offer works
Just for Fun (5 months ago)
Guru ji what about diabetes
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
Simple my child, book an apointment with a diabetologist.
[v2u2] WIshnew PSytrance (5 months ago)
BEst SPeech EVer..EXplained WIth BEst EXample.. 🙏💞 🙏
PNV EE (5 months ago)
She has done all types of drugs and other bad things, now she is alone..she had cancer because her bad habits
Prem Raj (5 months ago)
The best medicine is eat less level..Don eat anything too much dose except only water...Water is the only thing you cn drink without any limitation daily..Maintain the level of food you take..If you want to stay without sick its so easy...Cut meat which contain cholesterol and bacteria you cant see..Cut the main enemy sugar and salt..This 2 things is main culprit for future bp n diabetes and cholesterol..Take first drink only water in every morning and Go toilet everyday...Cut cafiene coffee, tea, such stuff...You can take vitamin fluids such orange, apple etc bt you can take this too with proper level..Too much intake will cause too much vitamin in your body that can make you feel sleepy or lazy too.Take fruits such vitamin C included such orange, mango, apple and etc after a meal..Avoid Sugar thats the main culprit because sugar is the responsible to create wrg bacteria n virus in body..They activate those bacteria...This bacteria will sit many yrs in our body silencely and when time cms it became activated.They becm infection n activate cells which causes cancer..This all happens in our body since we born and when we consume uncertain food n too much sugar daily in life..In certain years they becm activated after accumulate..Average human take sugar as the highest level of food in their daily life because of its sweetness..This is the culprit...Say no to sugar that too much even your body need sugar for to burn energy..Keep them neutral..
Prem Raj (5 months ago)
This is so true..Only a yogee cultural knows as I one of the yogee too mastered..The big problem to some ppl when a yogee advice them with full knowledge some ppl don get it as they against to yogee wrd.. Everyone shld know only a yogee advice is always right and accurate cz their conscious and iq level is extraordinary high level due to englightment.They see answer and meaning of all things even on single microorganisme or dot.Some normal being wont know the level we yogee think cz the normal human being brain thinks very basic no matter hw intelligent they were.There is 0 bulb light diference for normal human being and 1000 bulb consciousness light from yogee to the point that maximised.You may nt knw the difference if you not a person who nt got enlightment.You cant be enlightment in one day thats why the process is very tough took many years
Akshay Yadav (5 months ago)
But what about modern nutrition science they said eat meals at every 3 hours. which one should i follow totally confused
my_youtube (5 months ago)
science, medicine, studies...everything is sponsored by the government to control us, to keep us sick so they can get the most money out of us. don't listen to anyone but yourself. eat 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. eat 5 times a day for a couple of weeks. eat once a day for a couple of weeks. eat only at night or only in the morning. eat plant based and then eat death (animals) and trash (junk food). see how your body reacts listen to your body. it will tell you everything you need to know.
Ponmalar Periyasamy (5 months ago)
Saradhi D (5 months ago)
Manisha sit properly before Guru.
Saradhi D (5 months ago)
@Neo Johns ohh I was having no idea Manisha has another Name Neo Johns.Since when you converted in to Christianity Manisha.Or else are you porkistani piglet who goes by this fake name Johns..
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
He is your guru thief, Not her. Agar murga banna hai to tum khud bano
Dev P (5 months ago)
All these self made Gurus..always lie about Cancer..its not wriiten anywhere in Ayurveda that fasting kills cancer..its written when u feel uneasy in stomach not well..that day u must fast..so thw system cures itself..ETERNAL TRUTH THERE IS NO PERMANENT CURE OF CANCER
SREENIVAS SWAMY (5 months ago)
Guruvula mumdu kaalu mida kaalu vesukovadam samaskaram kadu Sis
Kumaresan Boopalan (5 months ago)
Pranams Sadhguru....Love You so muchhhhh...
googly108 (5 months ago)
Fantastic. 🙏
Annkita Bahuguna (5 months ago)
I have started eating twice a day. And I can feel the diffrence. Feeling very light and energetic😀
Annkita Bahuguna (4 months ago)
@Madhu Kashyap very much 😊 and everything is working smooth
Madhu Kashyap (4 months ago)
@Annkita Bahuguna still doing or is it over?
Mridul Barman (5 months ago)
@Annkita Bahuguna All right. A good habit indeed.
Annkita Bahuguna (5 months ago)
@Mridul Barman I dont feel like eating in between. Even if I go outside, I make sure I eat according to my time schedule. Initially u might not like it but later on you vill become habitual.
Mridul Barman (5 months ago)
@Zahra Mohamed Yeah you are right. I get it. But jumping into that kind of diet will only give people ulcers. So eating less will be beneficial I think. May be..
Yogi Nick (5 months ago)
I wait 12 hours from my last meal to my first the next day which is a general aryuvedic rule. Now I am sure he has a lot more to say and we only got a small slice in 3 minutes but regardless of how many meals etc...what you eat has a huge impact as well. I don't personally think it's good to go a whole day without eating if your active. I like to graze on fruits at least but the hotter it is the less I tend to eat overall. I do think periodic fasting is important and even possibly life saving.
Amit Patel (5 months ago)
Sandy Sandy (5 months ago)
Cancer is like the Congress Party. As long as there is adharma and people have self doubt and are easily corrupted, the Congress Party will survive. Once we stop the immorality and corruption, the Congress will die a natural death.
a j (5 months ago)
U says no others corruption parties?
J P (5 months ago)
it would be better if you say political parties
ashu krishna (5 months ago)
@Ranjeev Joseph rice rice rice
Ranjeev Joseph (5 months ago)
Trolls manage to relate anything and everything to some political party.
mho (5 months ago)
👌👌👌👌👌👌 very well explained 👌👌👌👌👌
Murali M (5 months ago)
Complex subject, simple explanation, it is proved recently, that fasting helps in building natural defense against cancer cells. Namaskaram Sadhguru.
Janardhan D (5 months ago)
Is she Mumbai movie heroine? Manisha Koirala??
XA (5 months ago)
muliawan purnomo (5 months ago)
Best medicine is resting n fasting. Not drugs
Ashok Ramesh (5 months ago)
I fast for 16 hours a day and I only eat during balance 8 hours... I am doing this for the last 2 years... I am always healthy...
A. bajaj (6 days ago)
Nice! I too eat only when I'm hungry and drink when thirsty. *aging backwards :)
vishwanath ghadi (1 month ago)
@Kiara it's true
Cash Money (1 month ago)
😣 Eating breakfast makes me sleepy
krishna teja (5 months ago)
That's right bro...good lifestyle
bantu parida (5 months ago)
A person who eat one time in a day is known as Yogi. A person who eats two time in a day is known as Bhogi. A person who eats three time in a day is known as Rogi. It is an ancient Indian saying to remain healthy....
Calories required by a person depend on the work generally done. A farm labourer or some one who does more physical work requires more calories than a worker whose work is more sedentary. Nowadays, industrialization had helped farmers to do away with physical labour as they used to do in previous generation. So eating 3 times a day can be done away. But balance what you eat 2 times with enough protein, fat and carbohydrates. We Indians tend to eat carbohydrates more resulting in diabetes. I find many indians not taking sweets saying they are diabetic but fail to use their reason to judge every carbohydrate is sugar and they should use their judgement to select foods with low glycemic index or how they manage calorie intake.
Alok Singh (5 months ago)
You are the biggest hypocrite
GUPTA B P (5 months ago)
Amazing sadguru !! You are enlightening people in a spectacular way !
real real (5 months ago)
He read many scientific books which he repeats that.He is doing good copy past.
MetallicBlue1000 (5 months ago)
Isha foundation needs to build schools in every city in india. Based on this ancient knowledge.
अर्जुन (5 months ago)
Aranya Saha (5 months ago)
@krishna teja do you even know how many main types of yogas are there in our Hindu philosophy??have you even studied patanjali's yoga sutras?? instead of following this con man sadguru,go and study a bit and enlighten your illiterate brain.😂😂😂😂.people like you,neither know science nor know scriptures,yet have the audacity to give lecture on Hindu philosophy!!that,I think,is the funniest part😂😂😂😂
Aranya Saha (5 months ago)
@krishna teja you guys speak a lot about traditions,yet illiterate enough to know what actually scriptures say.have you read vedanta??what is samkya and memansha??in vedic perspective what is the main difference between astik and nastik??what are the 4 ways of experiencing reality, according to vedic knowledge??do you know??I don't think so!! because people like you are as dumb as sheep who find ease to follow rather than being educated themselves.good luck.keep shouting about scriptures without even knowing them😂😂😂😂
krishna teja (5 months ago)
@Prem Raj yes..bro what you said is exactly right... these people are misleading our traditions and our ayurvedic life style...in the name of science
bedrettin kanlıbıçak (5 months ago)
This is not ancient knowledge sadguru watched ted talks in his free times
MetallicBlue1000 (5 months ago)
Fasting sometimes is good.
rahul senna (5 months ago)
Who is that host ! She's so damn beautiful ! I was here for her alone ! Thanks ! ;)
Kumar Pratik (5 months ago)
Kar har maidan fateh @rahul senna
Shilpa Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Dev P I’m not interested in your reply even if u swear, I don’t care in the least bit!
Shilpa Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Dev P do u know her? What a sexist, judgemental, ignorant person u r!
Dev P (5 months ago)
@Shilpa Bhardwaj what makes you say idiot..Do u know manisha koirala? Ask anybody from film fraternity...sau chuhe khaake billi haj pe chali..
Shilpa Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Dev P idiot!!!!
Sivakami Chandran (5 months ago)
Great great guruji
kiran ranjitkar (5 months ago)
This is logical and awareness......
Akashdeep Dahiya (5 months ago)
Haan mtlb kuch bhi medical science ki asi ki tasi
mho (5 months ago)
@Neo Johns chutiya hai tu
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
@JSR and you are talking like a zombie
JSR (5 months ago)
@Prakash D Jr u talk like idiot so i thought
Prakash D Jr (5 months ago)
@JSR so what makes you think that I don't know this great fact., 😂
JSR (5 months ago)
@Prakash D Jr i can tell u thousands of stories where patient killed by modern medical science
tarle (5 months ago)
Wow great explanation
K K (5 months ago)
That's true. Fasting kills cancer cells.
Al M (1 day ago)
Tell us the sources, please.
ashwini jain (6 months ago)
Follow Jainism....
Free man (5 months ago)
Hinduism promotes veggies And give more freedom than any
K K (5 months ago)
One f my close friend is jain.
Madhra AL (6 months ago)
Let them not survive by keeping yourself in ease !
Madhra AL (6 months ago)
Don't feed them with negativity
Madhra AL (6 months ago)
Surviving upon others ... 😆
Chetan salunke (6 months ago)
What a insight.
Shabdaya Mounam (6 months ago)
I dont understand why he is commenting on all subjects with limited knowledge ....Now this guy has diverted his focus from a single stream to various subjects ...this seems like self marketing for himself or for a particular group. Because a yogi rarely talks much on various issues of a society...Over a certain time these speeches make people sceptical.
Neo Johns (4 months ago)
@krishna kumar Kea mind banya, meditation karke. Great!! ye kea tera culture hai. Tu bhi rape karne ke time me "Jai Sri Ram" bolta hai kea.
nkishore g (5 months ago)
@Shabdaya Mounam I'm saying that because I myself have tried some of his teachings and they have worked... So rather than being a keyboard warrior without accomplishing anything, do your research .... Or at least try those methods and see if you feel any change
krishna kumar (5 months ago)
@Neo Johns apni bakwas band kar sale christian bhenchod gand mara sale tu apni gyan apne gand me ghusa kar rakh samjha.
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
@nkishore g sadio se, radical log, out of the box thinking walo ko crazy bolte aye hai..so kea farak parta hai..except, tum khud dibbe me bandh ho.
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
@Shabdaya Mounam man please please realize, you are surrounded by religious zombies. That imposter is selling anything, with the leabel of "Indian Tradition", and everyone is buying that. People of India, will never learn reasoning. They still believe in miracle(for a reference, That funny fellow show off his spiritual power, by consuming venom in stage), where the great spiritual giant like Swami Vivekanada spoke against these activities to justify spirituality. People of our country don't have the guts to put effort to know/learn somthing by themselvs.
Pratap Varma (6 months ago)
Why even some great saints had cancer ??
riteshnayak80 (5 months ago)
@Joseph Antony Hes explaining the mechanism of cancer, not diagnosing you or prescribing anything to you, why are you highjacking the comment section as an uninvited guest? Go back and continue to involve yourself in the missionary act of bait conversion, you and the stupid bible seems to be best suited for such acts only. Stay away from us.
Joseph Antony (5 months ago)
Now he has become an oncologist.
R V (5 months ago)
Things you are not aware of
riteshnayak80 (5 months ago)
Not all saints were disciplined interms of food habits. It wrong to think that they all were Gods!
ashvini mugle (5 months ago)
It is karma
mahendar kumar (6 months ago)
Tahnk you
Neo Johns (6 months ago)
Irony, rather than studying about cancer cell, people are accepting his fraudness's view.
random spicy facts (5 months ago)
@Geetha Ashwin kumar he is just a shitt which i poop last week. 😂 My foot quantum physicist. He is a radical who is trying force his illogical mind on us. There is enough channel on youtube he should do some medition otherwise his whole knowledge get zero.
Geetha Ashwin kumar (5 months ago)
Neo Johns if you dont want to correct your spelling then why on earth you are commenting. I never heared quatum or physicst.😂😂. really you are an idiot . It is waste of time replying you. you are negative energy here.
ShriONE (5 months ago)
@Amit Singh well said bro
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
@Amit Singh you are right, but if you see the track record of this fellow, you also do not hesitate to call him fraud(regardless of what he is speaking). I am not really interested about cancer cell. But, I definitly disgusted by that guy. Irony of our country is, if a guy put on a robe, people will start following him like zombies. You may know this, when police went to arrest Ram Rahim more than 3 crore people vandalise the streets of Hariyana. According to one of the top matrimoy website in india says 7 out of 10 family believes in Astrology. Whenever I comment in any of the Sadguru's(the Bad guru) video, an army of rediculous commentors appears.I believe, If what I am pointing to, is not an issue, then I should not get that amount of responses.
Neo Johns (5 months ago)
@Geetha Ashwin kumar If there is nothing to counter in my argument then why on earth you are replying ?!🙄 I am a physicst, and currently my works are around Quantum mechincs. What is so funny about quantum mechanics?🙄( except you think that is ridiculous, and I agree).like there are people having Relativity or Computation as specialuzation. Well, religiously motivated rape, murder, honor killings, caste system, dowry system, are those realities, which people like you and your gurus justify and celebrate.
Shankaran Pillai (6 months ago)
Very well explained.
yernikkkumar (6 months ago)
Thankyou guru ji . I maintain 12 hours gap between meals but , I have to start that one day fasting . Which my body feels lite .
see you later (6 months ago)
Crime? System is the problem 🏡 Our Life should be around these Great Qualities..... 1, Show all living creatures; all the love and kindness as much as you can. 2, Only try to be honest with yourself. If you try to be honest with others, you will get into big trouble soon or later. 3, Aim only one target at a time; otherwise you are chasing two rabbits and you will miss both. So, the reason behind it. Have one powerful reason and never ever give up the one you want the most. 4, Don't try to be good person only but be the powerful person. We will grow to be the one or we will die. There is no other choice. 5, Always learn and look for to improve something your life. 6, You are not alone. Love and faith the high power reduces unnecessary stress in life. But never completely rely on it. 7, Success and happiness are the byproducts of our usefulness. So, always increase the possibility of success. 8, Life is not going to be easy. Because of our unnecessary things. Eliminate all the unnecessary things as much as you can by organising yourself well with the environments. 9, Never believe anything without the proper evidences. 10, Always try to give more than you take. Because it is dignity/ character of the divinity within you. 🌎 As long as people continue to see themselves as separate from everything else, they lend themselves to being completely enslaved. Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us. Joy comes from that bliss of connectedness. I believe that unarmed truth and love will have the final word in reality. To love; you should have good heart. I am a good person until I see a person better than my standard of goodness. Being good is the progress towards a worthy cause. Love is God. Whoever lives in love, lives forever. How selfish it is to try to keep something forever? Love is all about nourishing, nurturing, sharing and expanding the love within you for all. The principle to which we adhere to is that we have kindness of love at heart for the whole of mankind.  As long as there is the unnecessary differences within us; we can not live peacefully so we have to eliminate all the unnecessary differences among us so we can love all. People abilities may vary but not there true love. If we love a person/ God for a reason then we love the reason but not the person. No reason is the reason to love the person because true love never fails. So do not compare or measure the true love as first or the last but love all truly. If you love people truly then you can understand people. If you don't love then you don't understand people at all. People are controlled by system why? The Cyclical Consumption is the current economy all over the World. It is making the scarcity problems of the earth finite resources to deteriorate day by day. Current Monetary System is legalised theft. Real money is Gold and Silver. Scarcity gives the money more value. Real money won't lose it's value. When Governments stay away from Gold & Silver then very easy to transfer the wealth / resources to upper class the Rich (Corporatocracy) Elite. When the Governments are printing out more new fiat currency with reserve banks, our old currency is losing its purchasing power everyday. They are printing millions of currency everyday. All governments and laws are existing right now to transfer wealth to upper class the rich elite. The USA Government & other Governments are in many countries, bailed the investment banks & financial institutions in 2008 against the majority of the people. There is no democracy in any countries. Because of the Money System based on profits motive only above all else even humans lives and well-being. So, we do not have freedom to protect our values with the money so on. The violence, bankruptcy & all the negativities are build into the Monetary System of our society. All are owned (including ourselves) by Reserve Bank. Which is private cartel the corporation. So, in legal system, we are legally considered as chattel the properties. They make money in the capital markets with our birth certificates. They do not consider us as Humans. That's the truth. We are at the invisible war with the Elites (Corporatocracies). We have to fight for our Freedom. Resource Based Economy is the Solution. We have to declare the earth resources as the heritage of all the people of this world. So everyone has access to it. Please have your research about zeitgeist movement then you know the truth more.   Truth About Health/Drugs Industry Because Of It Your Life At High Risk The drug industry is a 1/2 trillion dollars a year worldwide conglomerate. Almost 300 billions dollars just in North America. That is really big business. What would happen if everyone were well? There is no money in health. You see, good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn't make a lot of dollars. Because everything they do is toxic. Every drug they use, prescription drugs, all drugs are liver toxic, bar none. If you've had amalgam fillings put in your mouth by dentists. It is highly toxic. There's cancer because most of the chemos are themselves carcinogens. To view the tumor as the cancer and we know the tumor is not the cancer. The cancer industry is 200 billions dollars a year. The more work they get, the more profit there is. You have to dismantle; If the truth ever came out about what we would need to do. 30% of people of females in America are at risk of getting, will get cancer of the breast. The ones that are already dead have been grossly mistreated by the medical profession and by the government that supposedly is supposed to encourage free research and development of all possibilities. Why would medical doctors who studied medicine and practice medicine and are heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies why would they go and look into vitamins? That they never had the answer orthomolecular. And as more and more of our population start taking their health into their own hands, there's going to be even more and more of changes. It can't go on the way it is. The system is failing apart. We must make nutrition the primary prevention strategy for the population. You are what you eat. You are everything that you have ever done to yourself. The choices you make directly affect the outcome of your life. - (Food Matters Documentary in Netflix) 😊 Well, I truly love God. I am not religious but very spiritual person. So, I believe 1) Religion is the beliefs in someone experiences But spirituality is having my own experiences. The mainstream religions people promote religious ideology by giving guidelines and guide but In my spiritual life; I do not want anyone or anything between God and me to restrict my freedom to worship God. 2) We do not need any authorities to do good work. The god work is the good work always. In contrast; organised mainstream religions are claiming that they have the authorities to do God works as leaders so on. 3) God is not capable of doing wrong thing, change the past for us and create anything out of nothing for us. Nothing means not anything. So, even God is limited. The mainstream religious people believe that God is unlimited. 4) God wants us to take responsibilities for our righteousness life but not for all the consequences of our actions because they are continued to exist among us. So, How can god punish us for all our consequences? The mainstream religious people believe we are full of sins because of all our actions. 5) Freewill  is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure.  So, we do not have choices all the time. In contrast teachings of the mainstream religions are promoting people to do god's will always because we all have choices of freewill always. 6) We can not separate everything into groups. So, everything for good and evil and there's no success and failure for everything. If everything is real then real things can not be threatened. Once you come to understand that God/The Holy Spirit is in each of us, You will no longer need a Book to tell you how to live. Then why we need religious scriptures? The Virtue is the expression of the basic goodness in our actions. The Basic goodness is the fundamental worthiness of every individuals. We are worthy to God always in everything. 7) Beliefs in a cruel God makes a cruel man. No matter what; every living creatures has the right to live and What makes their life cheap? Everything depends on everything. Nothing too big or too small in value. We can not love and hate at the same time; Being a vegetarian means love without cruelty happily. The mainstream religious people are killing people and sacrificing animals in the name of God. They promote God's cruel punishments. The Punishment is endless for Sinners/Devil according to religious scriptures. But God is love always. Overcome hate with love. If all religions for peace, unity? No way. Because they are not for peace. 8) Well, The God gave us everything to go from moment to moment in our lives as we do our part  and pray only to thank god then the Love is in progress. The Love is always for everyone. We are always worthy of the God's love. Our greatest fear is; not to be loved by anyone but we are all loved by someone. When we eliminate all our unnecessary differences among us then true peaceful life is possible with the true love. If we can't find the peace within ourselves then we will never find it anywhere else. 9) This is the Fight for independence and freedom of humanity to worship God freely without religious guide and guidelines to restrict us. Unnecessarily, We do not want third party controls over us in anything ; especially in spirituality. 10) Revive Survive Thrive. Sincerely,  The Real Peacemaker against religious oppression. Even If I know hundred percent, I am not going win, I can not live without giving my best; good fight. So to increase the possibility for others.
Nitin Choudhary (5 months ago)
Copy paste is a blessing
Abhi D (5 months ago)
see you later can you send me on email
Erol Karakose (5 months ago)
Thanks for this. I needed to read it.
see you later (6 months ago)
Amish Sharma 😐 I can’t understand
Neo Johns (6 months ago)
@Amish Sharma 🤣🤣🤣
Beautifully said thank you Sadhguru & GOD Bless You🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Nishchal chand rajwar (8 months ago)
Sadhguru has all answers ..from politics , history , medical ..etc haa haaa ... overhyped...but we can listen his views ..,😁
Prem Raj (5 months ago)
Thats power of Enlightment..Only a yogee can see from their angle
Debajyoti Chanda (5 months ago)
The fasting legend is still rampant among the monks and the martial artists who live longer because their body doesn't go through enough oxidation involved during assimilation and digestion. Oxidation is responsible for ageing, so keeping your meal content at Bay one can delay their ageing significantly.
K K (5 months ago)
He is yogi. Not overhyped.myself im doctor.what he said is true.if you are a doctor then all his speeches will make sense to u
Neerja (6 months ago)
@Bill Vinay There are 2 aspects of it, one is the intellectual one based on academic and scientific knowledge and the other a yogic one from vedic knowledge, its up to you which one you choose to believe. Actually the more evolved you get the more He will make sense. I am not denying the part science plays though.
Shreyas (6 months ago)
Just look yourself .. you have opinion about everything even though your dad buys you bread so just stfu !

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