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Most Popular Transgender Youtubers !!

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There are many talented and amazing Transgender Youtubers on the rise. Whether they are male to female transgender or female to male transgender, their stories and talent have moved the world and has inspired a lot of transgender people from around the world. We have picked up some amazing trans people who are popular on YouTube for this list. Hope you all like it. Most popular Transgender Youtubers List for 2017: No 1. Gigi Gorgeous (2.7 million subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/GregoryGORGEOUS No 2. Miles Chronicles (1,030,769 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/AmandasChronicles No 3. Jeydon Wale (926,933 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/jeyyounit11 No 4. Nikita Dragun (706,122 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/NycDRAGUN No 5. Stef Sanjati (542,300 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePrinceSane No 6. PrincessJoules (452,087 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/princessjoules No 7. Elena Genevinne (422,745 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/johnluuu No 8. AngelaVanity (364,437 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/DiamondForever15 No 9. Jazz Jennings (355,323 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/user/jazzmergirl No 10. Justin Blake (299,403 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8Eb8hXsa-meGWbvuOLHpg Honorable Mentions: TheRealAlexBertie (298,977 subscribers) Ty Turner (186,052 subscribers) BeautyWithTrinity (137,489 subscribers) Chloe Arden (137,116 subscribers) Eden The Doll (126,087 subscribers)
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Text Comments (28)
Discerning One (20 days ago)
Kinda weird how all these peeps are not afraid to be honest about their real sex they were born but all the trannys in hollywood like Sandra Bullock for example, lie to the public about being male.
halie thefoxx965 (1 month ago)
#3 looks like the old Kuledud3
Sydni Sporven (1 month ago)
“Justin Blake female to male transgender who shares his transition from male to female”
Kimberly Suarez (2 months ago)
Where’s Jamie :(
Rocket man (4 months ago)
Why's it all "females"
ghostly. blurryface (1 month ago)
its not...
혜정이 누구니? (4 months ago)
damn that jeydon wale tryna be justin bieber eww
Minanyeli (4 months ago)
Honorable mentioned please add Sam Collins, other than that these youtubers I’ll gladly check out❤️
Carmella Pride (4 months ago)
Bruna (5 months ago)
Mandy Candy should be here 😮 She's very popular
Dom Jervis (6 months ago)
No Saiyomi or Brittney Kade...bummer.
Corkedwolf 43771 (6 months ago)
sooo gorgeous
Jesse Frost (7 months ago)
Blaire White?? She’s quite popular on YouTube!! A lot more popular than most these people
Carmella Pride (4 months ago)
Jesse Frost nikita and joules doe and dont forget bambii
J. O. (7 months ago)
Blaire White should be here too
purple kush (7 months ago)
I saw this Transgender Woman “Furry Potato” is her channel, she is a Transgender/1st amendment activist. She is hilarious and definitely giving girls like you a voice and showing that Trans girls can be strong and out there much like you! Just thought I would share her with you and your audience. Maybe you can show her some love! Long time admirer!
bunnysunnymew (8 months ago)
where the fuck is blaier wight
Cassandra Diablo (8 months ago)
Love you all
SAPTO the COOL (9 months ago)
But..where's Jamie?!!
Jojo MOMO (10 months ago)
Ummm where is Bambii? She had a barbie doll made after herself. She also had like 900,000 subscribers on YouTube.
CakesCoutureIconic (10 months ago)
Where is itsbambiplayhouse she has 880k subscribers? Redo the list
princess kerri (9 months ago)
CakesCoutureIconic right thats what I said
Ashley G (1 year ago)
What about Eden the doll
PINK WORLD (1 year ago)
This list is based on most no. of subscribers they have. Eden the doll has around 126,087 subscribers, which is quite less than what the top 10 people have in this list.
Androgynous D.E.B. (1 year ago)
Absolutely amazing!
Brian Salzman (1 year ago)
@angelavanetyy @elenagenevine congrats on making most popular transgender women
Suryakant Ingale (1 year ago)
very nice
Vanessa V (1 year ago)
Nice top 10!

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