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WARNING: (NOT FOR FAINT- HEARTED) The Grotesque Morgue Photography Of Jeffrey Silverthorne

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Photographing the Dead Jeffrey Silverthorne revisits a haunting series of photographs made at a Rhode Island state morgue in the 1970s By David Levi Strauss | Photographs by Jeffrey Silverthorne The photographs in Jeffrey Silverthorne’s new book Morgue were made in 1972 and 1973, at the state morgue of Rhode Island. The 22 large-format photographs of corpses are intimate but discreet. In Silverthorne’s postscript to the book, he notes that when he made these photographs, he was 25 years old, had been married for four years, his second child had just been born and “the Vietnam War was still flowering death. Change and death were in the air, and the morgue was where I could find physical evidence.” He went to the right place, for the morgue is where those who are murdered or die by accident or suicide are brought to be examined, probed and autopsied (autopsy, from the Greek word meaning “to see for oneself.”) In the morgue, these anonymous dead are exposed, so that they might be identified. In this way, the morgue is a perfect place to test the essence of photography. Photography, as Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes and many others have pointed out, has always had a special relationship to death. What appears in photographs is “what has been, and is no more.” All photographs of people fall into one of two categories: images of people who are dead, or images of people who will be dead. The best photographs are haunted by this inevitability. Silverthorne’s photographs from the morgue allow the dead a good deal of dignity, even in this coldly forensic setting. The dead bodies of babies, so recently inhabited, now empty of life, are lovingly treated, and a “Boy Found in Bushes” appears to sleep peacefully, despite the dried blood covering the lower half of his face. The boundary between life and death is blurred in these photographs, because that’s what photographs do: they present the surface of things in a way that triggers memories of wholeness, movement and life. As Silverthorne says, “The good photograph somehow retains the equivalent of the cadaver’s eye’s vitreous fluid, which stays true to the life well past the time of death, an ocular proof.” Your reaction to this book of photographs will depend upon your beliefs about the sanctity of the body after death. Reactions may range from thinking it is a beautiful work of fellow feeling and compassion, to finding it offensive and brutal. In contemporary American society, death is treated, for the most part, as an inconvenient truth—something to be fought against, shunned and denied. We believe we are entering an age of technological immortality, where death will be seen as an embarrassing anachronism, like photography. In the end, perhaps the mesmerizing proliferation of photographically derived images on social media today will have a larger purpose. “For Death must be somewhere in a society,” wrote Barthes. “If it is no longer (or less intensely) in religion, it must be elsewhere; perhaps in this image which produces Death while trying to preserve life.” Silverthorne’s images of a “Woman Who Died in Her Sleep,” gesturing in death as tenderly and convincingly as in life, to signal Morpheus and Thanatos, and of a baby’s intractable foot, and of two dead lovers in repose, asphyxiated, take the memento mori tradition to a new level of transparency—to try again to preserve and sanctify life by remembering how conditional and fleeting it is. ******************************************************* -Music: The Mysteries That are Unsolved by: TeknoAxe Music Download Link: http://teknoaxe.com/Link_Code_2.php?q=162
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Text Comments (278)
Denise Stam (2 days ago)
you definately deserve more subs it must have cost so much time to pt all of this together
Beverly Stewart (3 days ago)
so sad
DoubleDeckerAnton (3 days ago)
It's sad when someone dies and a joy when someone is born...!!!
Alina Gohar (4 days ago)
Where do you find this stuff? Please do answer
LodiTX (7 days ago)
What's with the woman's photo before the kid who tragically got hit by car? Not a good, clear photo and no caption. Actually the no caption wasn't a big deal since most of the captions were stupid. What was so horrendous about some idiot holding a pic of Elvis over some dead chick? Did they think his charisma was so great it would revive her?
Kaye Barnett (11 days ago)
If you believe that is the body of Elvis Presley, then you are truly blind.
enlightening hobo (3 hours ago)
PHOTO of Elvis next to a body
CutieTootie 1993 (11 days ago)
I smell formaldehyde watching this. Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon???
Valentin Fabien (11 days ago)
Il faut vraiment avoir un tempérament incroyable, pour faire des photographies dans une morgue....
John Carroll (12 days ago)
Barry Slaven (12 days ago)
can I make a constructive critique? your subject matter is highly interesting, but the choice of music is God awful. please, for the love of god, if you HAVE to add music, please please please he something a bit more ambient. it's offputting and extremely irritating.
Mia. BlackVelvet (13 days ago)
Horrible, mais j'ai regardé...
It's me, Joolz (14 days ago)
They're all very sad, but the little ones were heartbreaking to look at.
Samuel Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Ur right,real talk I am afraid to die I guess I'm not sure of what I'm afraid of I dont think it's the part that I wont exist anymore,but rather of what's on the other side yes ur correct about our souls thanks for reading
daisy dippy (16 days ago)
Lol I'm pretty sure that's not Elvis 😃 and about half of these photos looked staged!
allie white (16 days ago)
great video but never eat while watching these 😖😖
esechucote52 (17 days ago)
tomorrow has been promised to nobody !
kokoda (19 days ago)
should put up a warning about showing dead kids FFS! kids and babies are different smh
Money Days (19 days ago)
joshua jamito (19 days ago)
So intriguing .. Waiting for another video like this I'll just subscribe and leave a thumbs up :D
Colleen (19 days ago)
All of the pictures are great, as usual. But I would like to suggest that the 'shadowy figure of a heart attack', who had a raven perched on it doesn't look real. it looks like an art piece. The coroner/police would take a straight on picture - like all the other ones.
Sandi Morris (21 days ago)
Wow amazing work.
Joseph Escribano (22 days ago)
I like your video😘
Joseph Escribano (22 days ago)
rainbows (22 days ago)
Feeling sad for all these humans who tragically died, r.I.p.
Magnus Lindberg (23 days ago)
I was totally fine until the infant and child. I have gotten ultra sensitve to anything that involes children since i became a father.. haha
jennifer stuart (23 days ago)
God bless these souls.....
Miko Escargaza (23 days ago)
0:22 when you wake up in the middle of the night and you need a glass of water and you're thirsty af
sandramorrison99 (25 days ago)
I love your EVERYTHING!!!
Darric P.L (25 days ago)
God give them Peace
Paul Johnston (26 days ago)
angela board (26 days ago)
Amazing pictures. Music ruins it
Tara Stokes (27 days ago)
I loved it clear up to the point where it showed the infant. That is something I cant stand to see.
Big Pie (27 days ago)
Time is WICKED. No one person in the history of mankind has gotten to truly experience life in its fullest. To see life's many faces of life and death throughout a far greater span of life, let's just say 300 to 500 years if that person desited. Then maybe in the future we find the gold ey locks system that holds a massive amount of planets in close proximity. 5 of which have the same structure as Earth. Or someone finally can show us the other side -- what the other side really is. I want to be here for that and more, interested?
Amber Diaz (27 days ago)
The photo of the little boy dead makes me sad for some reason.
I stumbled upon this video from a diy fall flower wreath.this is interesting.im subbing.keep up the interesting videos.i also would like to see what's in store for Halloween
pat parry (27 days ago)
love your clips,love the music too,thanks for sharing,i have not been bored yet
rick devault (28 days ago)
I think the one with the cop is that the cop and the morgue attendant just had a go at the woman and the morgue attendant just wanted proof.
Rusty Nail (28 days ago)
Luther, your work is very good but it is Not long enough.
Sassy Loc (29 days ago)
Who this girl with Elvis picture?
George Catalin Nicuta (29 days ago)
Wow fascinating posts
Nicole Cribb (29 days ago)
I am ALWAYS sooooo excited to see Luth's new videos up!!!!!!! My absolute favorite!!!!! 💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜👑💜
Jodie Little (1 month ago)
I absolutely love your channel. You always find the most interesting content. Keep up the great work!!!!!
Emma Bowman (1 month ago)
One thing that bothers me is that they blocked the guys penis out but not the woman’s tits
hujjesb (1 month ago)
fuck it ...am not dying forget that shit
kjetil andre taule (1 month ago)
hahahaah!! can i use these as backround for my computer??
Cake Walk 315 (1 month ago)
Lol im demented put me on here when i go.
Cindi Kachnic (1 month ago)
The picture of the lady post autopsy looks like a drawing not a photo
Alice Absinthe (1 month ago)
There is most definitely a certain beauty found only in death. After what makes us "US" vacates the shell, what is left is to be revered, if only momentarily. To see how much, or little, each vessel has lived. To take to heart that this, too, is what we must each become. There is an after. An existence in such form only those who've already crossed can know. Wonderful video, although a tad short. The overly large captioning was also quite distracting, as was the over usage of the descriptive "chilling". Overall, very well done.
Patsy Fridal (1 month ago)
What did some of these people die from?
mya star (1 month ago)
Why did this come up for social repose? Lol
Tee (1 month ago)
There is a life after this one, we die in flesh But our soul lives on an on so just because we see the flesh die doesn't mean there's no God... I don't why someone would even come to say that.. Our body dieing here on the earth is just the beginning of your souls journey..
White Cupcake (1 month ago)
I still feel the same now as I did years back, that you have the most interesting and amazing videos throughout YouTube. I’ll never understand the number of subscribers you have. You honestly should have millions of subscribers! The hard work and dedication you put into your work is easily seen and appreciated! Thank you!! 🤗☺️
White Cupcake (1 month ago)
I still feel the same now as I did years back, that you have the most interesting and amazing videos throughout YouTube. I’ll never understand the number of subscribers you have. You honestly should have millions of subscribers! The hard work and dedication you put into your work is easily seen and appreciated! Thank you!! 🤗☺️
Debra Willis (1 month ago)
So sad .I can't even begin to know how to respond.
More, more, more Not-for-faint-hearted-Stuff. 😊 Greetz from Berlin, Germany
hippyable (1 month ago)
You've overdone yourself this time. Awesome videos. Disturbing yes but it's the true are reality.
Ruth ruffenhägh (1 month ago)
I 😍 your videos!!
No problem No problem (1 month ago)
Those thumbs down are in trouble with ME ! ! - just kiddin lol 😂 ! ! - They Don’t call me Dr. Demento for nothing ! ? ! ?
No problem No problem (1 month ago)
Click like 👍 ! - Subscribe,and comment 💕and share Luth Luther’s work ! !
Nad Nad (1 month ago)
toujours aussi bien tes reportages. continus ainsi.on adore .bye.
Nad Nad (1 month ago)
Basava Patil (1 month ago)
I'll never see human beings same again
night on the tiles (1 month ago)
I'm in no way critical of yourself as we are all naturally curious about death.. But it saddens me a little to think these people were loved ones of others only to end up in a you tube video.. Can you imagine seeing your dead infant for example on a you tube video.. I would hope for whatever reason all relations of all these souls are aware and gave permission to use these photos in such a way... Just saying
Maria Morais (1 month ago)
night on the tiles Well said.
Sssy Cat (1 month ago)
I love this
love it.. more grusome pls..
Saphire Soul (1 month ago)
And why Elvis? Explain pleaseeee. P.s. the look on the face of the beating victim is....terrifying and heartbreaking. Almost like you can see the pain he felt right as he died.
Saphire Soul (1 month ago)
2:43 there's 2 faces in the reflection 😳
Emily Williams (1 month ago)
Once again i am FASCINATED with ur rare videos. Thanxxx Luther
hassna PapyB (1 month ago)
So sad
nunya bidness (1 month ago)
I think that cop at 1:23 was creeping on that naked dead woman!
nunya bidness (1 month ago)
+Cake Walk 315 we're just looking at photos though, he's actually checking her out, lol
Cake Walk 315 (1 month ago)
I had the same thought but than again we are doing the same thing lol
nunya bidness (1 month ago)
+Saphire Soul thank you, he's my goofy, baby boy
Saphire Soul (1 month ago)
nunya bidness oh yyes that I do lol. The whole vid is creepy actually. Love the pup by the way 💞
nunya bidness (1 month ago)
+Saphire Soul but you know it looked creepy, 😳
DamnTakes (1 month ago)
You're sick, Luth Luther. I love it.
Ali Kumeil (1 month ago)
Very bad to show stuff like this every individual has its dignity alive or death
Saphire Soul (1 month ago)
Ali Kumeil then go away?
J is Scoobysmom (1 month ago)
Very interesting! I know that our bodies are just a shell for our minds, spirits, a vehicle to express ourselves, etc., and once you are dead you no longer need that shell, but there is still a need for that "shell" to be put to rest with respect. The only picture here that made me think "ew" was the one of the woman post-autopsy with her arm posed bent above her. It was SO unnatural that the photographer had to have posed her that way, and it seemed disrespectful, exploitive. The others were just well angled & clear photos of reality except for the one shadowed one, like a foray into the artistic? No offense to YOU at all, it was a great video & I wish you had more uploads, I'm always excited to see a notification because your videos have such great content and are unlike anybody else's. Happy Weekend everybody, I'll shut up now 😉
Maria Morais (1 month ago)
J is Scoobysmom Well said
yo mama (1 month ago)
Sometime just the thought of leaving my body behind for someone else to 'clean up' - keeps me from checking out early.
Pothead Mike (1 month ago)
The first dude looked like he had peach fuzz all over his face.
Dreeka Minner (1 month ago)
number 1 the man was dead upside down 🤔
Laura Metheny (1 month ago)
Thankyou Luth. Very poignant photos of the "human condition"...or after I guess. Tasteful and not exploitive like alot of vids tend to be. I love the choice of music btw. Very eerie and interesting! Have a good weekend.💞🙏
Pothead Mike (1 month ago)
Especially sad, seeing the children. R. I. P.
POV NW (1 month ago)
Is that rigor mortis, or are you just DYING to see me! 😹
ENVY (1 month ago)
Loved your video(s)! Thank you for uploading..... This is what i needed lol😂
Tara Canady (1 month ago)
I love these kinds of videos 🤗
Jessica Ortiz (1 month ago)
Lol very disturbing. 👍
Happy Heidi (1 month ago)
Maybe the person wanted to be with Elvis but is he deceased or alive as claimed ???
Lorry Thornhill (1 month ago)
I surely like watching this stuff it really amazing.
Marcie P (1 month ago)
This is awesome
Helen Cheadle (1 month ago)
Luth...usually enjoy your work, but puzzling on this one..why the Elvis picture, also the picture with just legs with gold slippers, and I think the picture of “woman died in her sleep”...that person was posing..no corpse would be left with one arm up near face like that after a PM......
Justine A (1 month ago)
Somethings wrong with me. I'm eating breakfast watching this video. Not once did my stomach turn.
Suleman H. (20 days ago)
Nah, it's not just you dude. I was literally having a packet of oreos as I sat down to watch this. Didn't even notice when I finished them XD
Darric P.L (25 days ago)
You are welcome here lol
*Provoscus* † (26 days ago)
Justine A Who cares, we're all desensitized to this sort of thing by now.
Nanett Pool (26 days ago)
Nothing's wrong with you. You just have a keen sense of reality.
pat parry (27 days ago)
omg im eating a bagel and my older daughter walks in and says ,well now i know where i get it from lmao
Tyler chula (1 month ago)
It's so fascinating plus reminds me if I commit suicide what others have to deal with and makes me feel like a douche xD
Tyler chula (1 month ago)
+Claire Kelly no worries I may be battling mental illness but I'm lucky enough to have someone help me when I really need it and I get help every way possible
Claire Kelly (1 month ago)
Don't commit suicide. There's no coming back it's so painful for loved ones who can help you frew anything just be brave and ask for help or go to sleep things seem better in the morning x
Solange Figueroa (1 month ago)
Amazing haunting photos.
PoisonDWARFnz (1 month ago)
You always come up with the best.
Pinupgirl (1 month ago)
Very interesting. It's weird how mankind is so obsessed and mystified with death. Probably because of the lack of knowledge of what exactly happens at the time of death. You don't know until you go through it. Rip the people in this video.
Gail Stephen (1 month ago)
Not all that grotesque
yvon1986 (1 month ago)
I love the music
Jayne Bell (1 month ago)
Loved it!
Daphne Cowper (1 month ago)
I love vids like this… fascinating and entertaining ☺️
*NZ Maori* (1 month ago)
Warning (NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED) that is exactly why I subscribed
Pinupgirl (1 month ago)
Haha! Me too dude!
Jacqueline Layne (1 month ago)
+*NZ Maori* thanks death is only the beginning👻
*NZ Maori* (1 month ago)
+Jacqueline Layne that is absolutely right and couldn't agree more
Jacqueline Layne (1 month ago)
More of this needs to be shown it's.not what you see in the movies, this is real. Death
TheGodParticle (1 month ago)
The woman at 1:09 that died in her sleep complained of having a headache before going to bed, she died of a brain hemorrhage. I believe that I read she was from long island.
lesley smith (1 month ago)
Thank you for the added detail. She really looked like she was going to wake up and get up. You don't know when your time is up.
cbc82 (1 month ago)
Without having even yet watched the video, I can say readily say this: Reading the description alone, this is a powerful statement on the eventual, terminal nature of all living things, particularly human things in this instance. Yeah, it's freaking me out, too, but that's just part of the deal we get with our own existence. Just going to have a couple more drinks now... Thank you and a good evening to you all!
Nette Perales (1 month ago)
Always interesting. Faithful follower......
Brenda Groff (1 month ago)
I like your music.

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