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Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming (Sleep, Shamanic Drumming)

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If you would like to donate to Joe T - Hypnotic Labs then go here: http://hypnoticlabs.com/donate/ Discover how to get a Personalized Meditation by Joe T and an astonishing free bonus: http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/the-custom-made-meditation/ In this guided hypnosis meditation, you'll be learning a couple different lucid dreaming techniques including the "M.I.L.D" technique which was developed by Stephen Laberge at Stanford University. This meditation includes "Shamanic Drumming" to help bring you more into a trance state. To listen to another meditation I did on lucid dreaming go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzIb4frerkk
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Text Comments (17)
Renee no (5 months ago)
That lucid dreaming is where i went out. And did i dream lucid OMG
Renee no (5 months ago)
What every body else said×10
Tamara Jansen (5 months ago)
Do you use 528? Love 2hear your answer 😴
Adriana Varon (5 months ago)
You are a gift... A life Changer . I hope to repay you one day .
Mariam Tchigladze (6 months ago)
I am pretty sure I'm doing everything correctly, but still cannot see the vivid pictures of my past life. What can I do?
Hannah Taylor (6 months ago)
Amazing Joe as usual, thank you so much for another fabulous video, I meditate every day and only through your videos I feel connected and comfortable Xx peace and love 💚💙
Wonderful stuff Joe. Doing great work out here on the YouTubes!
Anisty Sawyer (7 months ago)
Can u make a meditation for recharging ur inner psychic
Taraxia (7 months ago)
Thank you Joe ❤
Joe T - Hypnotic Labs (7 months ago)
You're very welcome.
Anira Seraug (7 months ago)
You are literally the only one who can make me so comfortable and relaxed that I can fall asleep during these. I have aweful anxiety and insomnia. You help me so much! Thank you so much! Your work has such a positive influence on my life. This meditation may be my second favorite!
Tiffany Zukow (7 months ago)
Love ya Joe! Thank you for all you do. Namaste !
Amber Cloyd (7 months ago)
Yaaay. Can't wait to try it. Love all ur lucid dreaming videos
time elapse (7 months ago)
amazing Joe.....Joe pls remember to make an exercise for poker players...thank u ..
time elapse (7 months ago)
thank u Joe ....
Joe T - Hypnotic Labs (7 months ago)
Will do. : )

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