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Why the world is worried about Turkey

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How Turkey's president gained so much power. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO -- Erdogan as important to Turkey as Ataturk, and trying to shape it in his own image as significantly as Ataturk did decades ago. -- They’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs: Ataturk was a militant secularist, Erdogan a committed Islamist -- Erdogan’s rise shows arc of Turkish history, from democracy to an ever more theocratic authoritarian state -- This all matters because a more religious version of Vladimir Putin is now at the helm of the biggest, richest and most militarily powerful US ally in the region. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Text Comments (27602)
Ishaq (6 hours ago)
Erdogan is the best.kemalists filthy virus has ruined this nation,oppressed there own ppl for a long time...It's time to teach them a lesson & reestablish the Real Turkey (The Turkey of Ottomans & not kemalists bigots)!!!
yaşa mustafa kemal paşa!
Erdogan is popular not because of his Islamic centered governance but because he feed, educate and house his people. Govt. basic housing is 3 bedroom per family. Any American leader offer that services? You even starved left homeless your Veterans cryIng in the cold rain. After you ordered them to kill for a fee and brainwash them as US patriotic duty to kill people?
sabbeee MC (10 hours ago)
Turks are subhuman muslim barbarians 🍻
Y C (5 hours ago)
are we really ? why
Mohammed Abdelatif (10 hours ago)
How much the CIA paid u What about Iraq Saudi Arabia Syria Palestine Egypt All Arab leaders are dictators If they dont do what Israel or uncle sam says the do a co but this the people know the Erdogan is best leader for this time
Trap Spaces (22 hours ago)
Erdogan is Dictator! I AM FROM TURKEY
Shan Fest (1 day ago)
Yes Atatürk was a dictator for sure ...it was the only way to transform a Sultan's property to a Republic..anyway , at that time the rulers were dictators allover Europe (Hitler,Stalin,Franco,Salazar,Mussolini)
Yavuz Selim (1 day ago)
This is false propaganda. Carefully structured sentences. The video tells like USA has nothing to do with the coup attempt. It was planned and supported by USA using their puppets which were infiltrated vital Turkish government institutes. Turkey is building its own future despite USA. That's why they don't like.
muhammet yılmaz (1 day ago)
We know that this is for create a bad perception against Turkey. İt is not reflect the reality
you r lairs
AZE033 (1 day ago)
This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Erdogan has done a lot for Turkey.
İSTANBUL TV (1 day ago)
the military coup in 2016 wasn't done by secular kemalists soldier,oppositely gülenist islamic terrorist soldiers in army did coup,this video has wrong data and lies... and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the once leader in Turks heart...
halit ugur (2 days ago)
You know that nothing of the points youre talking about are real. 100% western propaganda. There is no difference between 1800 Usa or europe and now. You hated turkey and the muslims then, and now. I dont know if you are just a victim of propaganda and have to say the exact same thing like the news instead of searching for the reality or not. But you should ask the ones who are living there and use your brain
turkey is a another puppet of usa like saudi arabia
Ömer sıxer (2 days ago)
Lier :((
KOSAFE (2 days ago)
erdogan's comars is coming take a shalter or they will decrease ur iq
Y C (5 hours ago)
Ayıp lan orrrospu çoccuğu, aile içinde eleştir ama burda götlük etme
True way (2 days ago)
Stop propaganda against Turkey and Erdogan
Sadik Kul (2 days ago)
Erdoğanın tırnağı olamazsınız ey kafirler Eğil kulak ver ceddine TÜRK'e kafa tutmak kimin haddine avrupadan çin seddine rehber KUR'AN HEDEF TURAN ...
Pratik Thebe (2 days ago)
Western countries doesn't like strong leader... As Putin says they wants vassals not partners...
Summer Rainbow (2 days ago)
Erdogan is a Great leader
Kalash Operator (2 days ago)
Only terrorists like the Erdogay regime
alejoeisabel (2 days ago)
Turkey stopped being a vassal of the US/Nato/Israel.
Robert lee Arnold jr (2 days ago)
Smarter than the avarge bird ask ben franklin uhhu
oguz başıbuyuk (2 days ago)
We lowe Erdoğan 😎💪
I'm from Turkey. And I love Erdogan too. We are trying to bring justice and order to the world. But your Europeans. And since your benefit will be wasted, you will continue to attack us and go crazy. La Galibe İllallah...
Maulana Muhammad Riza (2 days ago)
Love & respect for Turky from Indonesia
Ryan Rodrigues (2 days ago)
Irrespective of ideologies democracy should prevail. The president should voluntarily step down once is actual term is over, more likely which is 5 years ( as I don't know about Turkish president term of office).
YNA A (3 days ago)
Tayyib Erdogan is the leader and the politician that Turkey firmly needs.
Vlado Atanasow (3 days ago)
Смърт за турция
Aynasızlar*bicycle* (3 days ago)
Erdoğan is very clever and serious his not devil , he power of turkey, he is very polite, he we president, REPUBLIC OF TURKEY 🇹🇷
Aynasızlar*bicycle* (3 days ago)
We Are not wearing headscarves one thing not true
Turkish Man (3 days ago)
Atatürk best leader of all time. You check it this book ;) https://www.amazon.com/King-Mountain-Nature-Political-Leadership/dp/0813190681
Green Eye (3 days ago)
Love turkey from Bangladesh
Mehdi RH (4 days ago)
Interesting how you approve of a dictator just because he makes the west happy, interesting aswell how you do not approve of a President who wants to make his country openly religious even if he brought back the glory days upon his country. I used to trust Vox, but not anymore. Your integrity is corrupt.
Gamze Demirtas (4 days ago)
_❤MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK❤_ _I hate erdogan😝😝_
Kapgan Kaan (4 days ago)
fake info bullshit video
Faint Smile (4 days ago)
Bannerlord when?
Kutay SÜMBÜL (3 days ago)
İ think you have some mistakes about military conditions at 2016 because you have never talked about Fetullah Gülen and his community. Erdoğan and Fetullah Gülen were friends between 1994-2013 and they were helping each other for captured all of powers in country, like judiciary,all the ministry and military also. Since 2002 AKP and other radical İslamists group want to captured militaristic power chair or they want to have some body who service for they but in this video you said "laic military of turkey" but this is not true because before the seperation between Akp and Fetullah Gülen groups,the both side were helping each other for to increase their power in military.İn 2009 the public prosecutor had prepared a file about high rankingTurkish Commanders and accussing them for being "terrorist"!!!After that investigation the high ranking Turkish Commanders was imprisoned for life.Few years later ,in 2013 Akp and Fetullah Gülen groups had conflicted and Fetullah Gülen groups prepared a file about Erdoğan for accusation of corruption.İt was a break point for this mutual relation.After that events balances were changed Erdoğan started to hunt the members of Fetullah Gülen groups and he broke his power in everywhere.This military coup was prepared by Fetullah Gülen groups normally not by laic Turkish Commanders because they were in the jail or they were forced to retiring.After this military coup they returned their jobs even some radical Akp members are criticizing the goverment for this action 'cos they are hate and afraid the laic Turkish Commanders. The military coup is an another case it seems like absolutly made from Fetullah Gülen groups but it is not.However in 2016 the Turkish Military power was not laic or was not want to save Atatürk's laic Turkey.There is a struggle about capturing the power of state between Akp and Fetullah Gülen's groups and Fetullah Gülen's groups lost this struggle.
Turkish Couple (4 days ago)
This is not objective documantry İ shall give you truth 1-Erdoğan was into the islamic Side,but now he change and more secular.when muslim brother elected in egypt,he went there and Said;you must be secular ! İt was very big shock for egyptian right side 2-Erdogan have more power than before,because USA occupied ıraq,afghanistan and Little bit in Syria.USA is trying to create PKK state on this arena.Turks need leadership for treatment 3-EÜ specially Merkel and Sarkozy blocked negotiation and chapters.İt has push him to russia and china 4-coup has organized by USA backed force Fetullah Gülen.He is the one of USA agent and directed by Aaron Füller.they still stay in USA and Germany 5-Global media have 2 Face and never tell truth 6-western clup uncomfortable to him because his country growd very well and they are scaring to this argument
Safia Nayeem (4 days ago)
I'm not for the President. I'm not against the President. I'm for the Turkish people. +Vox (and everyone else justifying the coup) please watch this >>>> https://youtu.be/c1oaqh9d_MM
epSos.de (4 days ago)
We need more kind and *more educated people in politics.* All we got are populists who speak to fear, biases, stereotypes and basic desires. Let's get over that. Vote for the most educated or most kind people !
sher ALI (5 days ago)
Love from Pakistan ..... Start Hindu dogs barking below this comment.
DarkLink1980 (5 days ago)
All I know about Turkey is how the government denies the genocide to the Armenian people and calls it a war. Thanks System of a Down!
Erich Von Manstein (5 days ago)
Religions made by humans.
Yüpsek OyunTR (5 days ago)
FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE :/ you are live in turkey and 4-5 year live next true result reach. And end the real reach.
chp li orspu cocugu
ALI CHAF (6 days ago)
How dare he makes women wear whatever they want , and makes it harder to drink alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death,And on top that makes people gather in mosques and express they're opinions
M M (6 days ago)
Here, I'm talking as a Turk, I didnt vote for Erdoğan in any election, and yes, he always gain the elections, but it s not abt the being a dictator, its abt the ppl's love and respect for him. Also, the founder of Turkey, ATATÜRK was not a dictator. We loved him, and we ll love until the end of world. You cannot control the Turks with fair, the Western still cannot learn it. If you want a prove look the night of 15 July, 2016! Thanks.
Jonathan m brito (6 days ago)
He trying his best to help all the turkey people to be strong
aw.65 (6 days ago)
is it just me or does Atatürk seem kinda awesome?
Banana Jo (6 days ago)
You have a lot of "lie"s about facts
Xarz _35 (6 days ago)
.Atatürk not diktatör
Faruk ECİRLİ (6 days ago)
Darbeyi iyi birşey gibi göstermişler. Diyecek hiçbir şey bulamıyorum. Abonelikten de çıktım...
Ben Yamaha (6 days ago)
Urbanizasiýe Türkiýäniň iň uly meselesi)))))))
The world needs Ottoman justice. Very urgent Very urgent
BOZKURT Söver (7 days ago)
Sanane amk
Za'em Zhafran (7 days ago)
Lol vox
Followme One (7 days ago)
Sure...Worst country ever i have seen...i used to stay this summer in Istanbul....omg i run from this hell .....no law...no culture...no rule...looks like they didn’t grow since ottoman empire...fake islam ...erotic shops opposites of mosques?! alcohol shops opposed mosques ?! Whom you wanna cheating Erdogan?!...or that calls tolerance?! ladies wearing hijab smoking in street as nothing to do, excuse remove your hijab then do whatever you want!!! Looks like the country survives chaotically and uncontrollably ....Trash
fathul khabirrprayoga (7 days ago)
well its good alchol is gone dummy is not bad 5:12 BECOSED ALCOHOL MAKES PEPLO DRUNK!
fathul khabirrprayoga (7 days ago)
lol why u propeganda think accept the truth dummy
fathul khabirrprayoga (7 days ago)
um the world is worry abaut us action to israel becosed keep using VETO us dosen,t deserve that power
baha marouf (7 days ago)
Erdogan is the best Turkish president so far . And you ppl are like Ataturk is great, he saperated religion from government by banding headcovers and force wemon to take headcovers off. But Erdogan is getting religious coz he lets women cover their heads freely so they can live there lives and get educated and go to college without anyone bathers them. Like what is ur problem he is not forcing headcovers. Isomorphic
Skyler dawn (7 days ago)
wE are , Mustafa Kemal's Soldiers everywhere, and waiting in our sleep cell when we get the order , we can easily bring back secular Turkey which was established by Ataturk. We are patient , not only in Turkey , around the world once we get the order we will rain on Turkey in order to bring order... This is not an arabic spring ... Matter of time ...
When a country denies a genocide that happened years ago. It’s a bit dangerous
KEREM OZTOSUN (8 days ago)
Biz kendimize geçmişimize varlıklarımıza sahip çıkmadıkça birbirimize saygı duymadıkça türkü kürdü lazı çerkezi birlik olmadıkça bizden bir halt olmaz.
Masoud Nadim (8 days ago)
ISLAMIC world is not worried about Turkyie , WE ARE WITH TURKYIE.! President spoke and the people stood behind him.
Arslan Malik (8 days ago)
Great leader Tayep erdogan
Zaineb Hlioui (8 days ago)
it is so obvious that you are trying to make erdogan as the bad one -_-
Muhd Danieal (8 days ago)
Is this pro-jewish talking or what? Sound like bullshit to me
Farid Wajdi (8 days ago)
Turkey now is better, much more better then before Erdrogan
ömer kaymaz (8 days ago)
dünyanin en büyük orosbu cocu ERDOGAN DİR
basharat sher (8 days ago)
Western wants to rule the world according to their wish and they wants their own rules in every country but when it comes to war they than start farting like in Afghanistan Iraq vitnam at that time they start to blame others for their defeats. I hope my son will be the witness to see 52 pieces of USA.
Malacki 655 (8 days ago)
The US is doing the same to Erdogan what it did to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi,they were both allies of the USA once but once they decided to stand up for themselves and not be puppets they were simply killed.
AHMET GÜLEÇ (8 days ago)
Gezi parkı isn't a good thing. ı know my brother was olso police there he said they just destroyed the park. let's say they are sayin don't destroy our park but what did they do just destroyed the park rub shopping mall mosque Who is right here.Yes we have a lot of problem. But we can try let us. ok
Sandeep K (9 days ago)
Ergodan is just opposite of ataturk. Ergodan will gradually make Turkey a pakisthan like Islamic Fanatic Nation
jud dude (8 days ago)
Take the insanity of Islam out of the world, & the world becomes a 75% better place to live in. Especially in radical Turkey!
jud dude (8 days ago)
"ihab the arab"  young punk terrorist MuhamMADan inbreed!
Ihab Elyalaoui (8 days ago)
Taje america out and the world becomais 300%a better place
Algorax Mago (9 days ago)
Giving the gift of democracy to a culture like this is like giving fire to an ape: it will burn itself and everything around it.
I can't be the only one using both sides of my brain and seeing that Erdogan is clearly the greatest thing to happen to Turkey and a gift to Islam. Thank you for our contributions to my country, Afghanistan.
Oh, we've had internet in Afghanistan for a while. Also, I live in America.
Do they have internet in your country already?
Uğur KOLBAŞI (9 days ago)
salak milletin anlayamadığı hiçbir ama hiçbir ülkenin dini olmaz.. ama gel gör ki allah peygamber diyerek milletin zekasıyla oynayıp ülkeyi bu duruma getirdiler. salak olursan para saymayı bilmeyen adamı bakan ülkeinin ekonomisinide. Amerikalı danışmanlara bırakırlar..
Cristiano XVI (9 days ago)
Oh I won't even scroll through the comments
matmazzel belemir (9 days ago)
I think, Turkey's situation is none of your business. We are happy and we will be a great country and please dont afraid from us and dont try to show Turkey as a bad country or our president is as a bad person. He knows what he should does and you all dont know anything. Just watch to Turkey and see how we will be first in this world.
Kan enas (9 days ago)
Erdogan is the new hitler
Davut GÜRBÜZ (9 days ago)
Atatürk didn't ban scarves. This is so wrong. Even his mother dress up it. I am not happy about current management for some other reasons. But, what I observed here west became more religious along the way. They used to respect hair scarfs as a part of religious thing but now it is mentioned in this video as if it's something should be banned. You know what ! You are becoming more racist and anti-democratic and beyond this you want an unstabilized Türkiye. You wanna control the globe by using your social media joysticks. There are two things the perception and the facts. You can manipulate the perception but you can't change the FACTS!
freedom6485 (9 days ago)
This is adverse publicity video which has been prepared so bumpkin by the mouth of zionist ısrael trolls. This is full of lies from beginning to end for wrong perception about Turkey and specially President Erdogan. Turkish people and the friends of Turkey know very well what happens and zionist ısrael government is going more crazy. Is zionist israel a secular state? Puah !! Don't let me laugh. Best friends of zionist ısrael are saudi arabia and egypt dictatorship. No need to say that mossad is lap to lap with CIA and its clowns. They announce against Iran that researches nuclear bomb but nobody asks and check of zionist israel's nuclear bombs? They occupy brutally and savagely the Palestin . Democratic (!) and secular (!) world is silent except Turks and Turkey's friends? There is no word from secular(!) and democratic (!) countries all about them?.. USA backed zionist israel is a bandit state.that does not recognise the rule. I wonder Jewish people can not be so much chumps ?
Dr hamdaan khan (9 days ago)
being as a worker of economic, and plaining and development projects core committee member, I think erdogad did so well for the Turkey, he down the debts on turkey,making a strong economic country, respect for him ,from KSA and Pakistan.
natural Paris (9 days ago)
You can not understand and explain Turkey only From some of newspapers. Erdoğan is président of Turkey. And Atatürk was first president. There are many differences between them.
LegendPotato Angel (9 days ago)
I dissagree with this video because they are. Talking like their country is perfect first fix your country then you can talk about ours
Razorback1, (10 days ago)
though turkey berely has an economy?whats next Erdogan restored the old turk monarx\chy
tiada nama (10 days ago)
I'm confused why western people judge islam country?
Ana Sholihatun Nissa (10 days ago)
orang barat aja yang ga pengen peradaban islam bangkit-______-
ASHFAQUE KAZMI (10 days ago)
Good turkey well done
Volodia (10 days ago)
the july 2016 coup attempt was not secular, another islamist group did it
Fiek Piek (10 days ago)
Omg the united states of israel looking for a new dictator. Trump and netanyahu are the greatest dictators.
Ignore me (10 days ago)
Who says that turkey is bad is just wrong. You See the wrong side of turkey. Erdogan is doing the right thing. If someone else would be president turkey wouldnt exist.
Hahaha yeah Mustafa Kemal was such a great guy.. Except for the fact that he is responsible for the Pontiac Greeks' genocide (over 400.000 dead), the Armenian genocide, during which it is estimated that over 30% of the total Armenian population perished, and the Assyrian genocide with over 50.000 people dead. But that's not important right? He was so liberal and respected human rights so much right?
Pewdi Pliers (10 days ago)
So you are saying turkey sucks because they made buying alcohol harder you Americans love your alcohol
phirdaws ady (11 days ago)
people of Turkey Do not drag Indonesian people which are muslim majority to support your own politician's agenda this matter is your own leaders geopolitical agenda we have nothing to do with it we will keep resisting Ikhwanul muslimin subversive act into our political matters
Scoop Axbourg (11 days ago)
"Secular" means "Lost" if you don't understand that . then You are LOST and so LOST that you will keep farting from your mouth as you do now...
Sean Patrick (11 days ago)
Aleks Cortiz (11 days ago)
Why not? The USA has and authoritarian dictators ..only different faces..there are no such democracy on the whole planet...america ans israel wanna destroy islam and every muslim country...and they succeeded...why? coz they have their own puppets in Emirates..Saudia...Egypt...and so on...so Erdoghan has made Turkey stronger and the ISRAEL DOESNt like it

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