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Would you marry an Arab or Muslim? (Ukrainians answer)

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YevhenCo Ukraine (1 month ago)
Watch my video 'Should Ukraine accept Muslim refugees? ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0U_pQvZouc
Ray (2 hours ago)
+AsaD Ali In Catholic Philippines, devout Catholics are fighting Muslim terrorists. In communist China, staunch communists are fighting Muslim Urghyr terrorists. In Christian Orthodox Russia, Othodox Christians are fights Muslim terrorists. In Hindu India and Bali, conservative Hindus are fighting Muslim terrorists. In Christian UK, France, Italy, Germany, Christians are fights Muslim terrorists. In Buddhist Thailand, Buddhists are fighting Muslim terrorists. You guys see the common trend don't you? Muslims don't play well with anyone else. Islam, the religion of peace. Lol
AsaD Ali (21 hours ago)
Jesus (Peace be upon him) was not even White like them xD He was closer to Arabs, he was Palestinian. So when they say "I am Christian and I want white boi", they are being racist to Jesus (Peace be upon him).
chyakhurs chyaks (22 hours ago)
NO country should accept muslims at all !
Ray (1 day ago)
+SANDY SINGH Muslims killed 2 of your founding Gurus. They're the religion of peace. Lol
Carlo Hije (2 hours ago)
So many butthurt people in the comment section. Hahaha!
Aden Mohamed Jimale (3 hours ago)
Arabs have oil and wars to think about they don't have time for this smart Ukrainian women.
Naimulislam Roni (4 hours ago)
Notice :1) All arabs are not Muslim. 2)Only 20% Muslims are arab and 80% are non Arab Muslim. This video is full with lot of misunderstanding. 10 wives and 1 husband!!!! Wtf? Are Ukrainians uneducated?? How dumb! Maybe all Ukrainian watch fox news & CNN alot.
TechRewind (6 hours ago)
Many of the Muslim girls are very dangerous india Because if they love some one form 3,4,5 to10 years they won't marry them they marry who are have wealth and leave the boy instantly if they got wealthy guy, so I love the people of abroad and Girls because they never fake love or never leave whom they love
Desmond Miles (7 hours ago)
I am Arab and I would never even date these girls. One, because they are ugly. Two, they only want money. Three, Arab/Middle Eastern girls are beautiful. Don't believe me? A couple years ago an arab girl won miss USA.
ياتل واش راهم يقولوا علينا جماعة كييف وشختار 🤣
kopten clay (13 hours ago)
Did Muslim really go for Ukraine girls? 😂... I seen no beauty in this vid😅
Abrar Hashmi (13 hours ago)
In Arab countries especially UAE many European and Ukrainian girls are seeking men but Arabs don't look at them... Arab girls are more loyal and beautiful 😍
Goran Salih (13 hours ago)
Its not ture only stupd people have more then 1wife im muslim and i hate people who have 2wife
Mr Extremist (14 hours ago)
Lady's and gentlemen............we got it😛😜😝
Shaikh Ahmad (15 hours ago)
All Arabs aren't Muslims and all Muslims aren't Arabs! When will these people get this simple thing!
Abu Hajazi (15 hours ago)
When an Arab marries a Slav, you get Plumbers who are expert in making pipe bombs!
Boil Person (18 hours ago)
I don't like to marry non Muslim women. It impossible. I'm Muslim and I don't like any controversy in my family. I believe in Islam, I follow Islam. I respect all religions.
Boil Person (18 hours ago)
I'm not refugee, so I can't understand his (refugee) problem or his pain.
Abdul Basit (18 hours ago)
The intentions and appraoch is good of all of them. It is all about love. Well, I would die to marry the girl at 0:35 !! She is adorable!! who is she????
dani rana (19 hours ago)
Poor ukraine country the poorest white country ?
SM MM (20 hours ago)
Funny thing is I don't really give a fuck lol. Much more beautiful women in Pakistan
Kisio86 (5 hours ago)
I'm a muslim, its their choice by the way. It doesn't bother me at all. Thou i must say the girl on the right without sunglasses is pretty. 2:59 (learn new things too Tq YevhenCo).
YevhenCo Ukraine (17 hours ago)
yes she is. by the way if type this way 3:01 this time point becomes clickable. You need to use : instead of .
Abdullahi Cade (22 hours ago)
Why will i marry ukranian or any white girl when i can marry my arab queen.
chyakhurs chyaks (22 hours ago)
Muslim men are like : You have to change your religion, cover yourself from head to toe, be my sex slave, be a child making machine, you cannot revolt if i decide to marry another 3 after you. If u consider this into ur account then yes I LOVE YOU !
Zain Sheik (1 day ago)
People do no have a clue as to what Islam is.
Nour Raafat (1 day ago)
Come on guys It's not about arabs If an alien had money they would marry him
Interesting that the men are more open minded than women and have a better understanding. ✌
Sergio Judahson (1 day ago)
Marry to ukraine vs.pinoy phillippines ASAP respond to if willing too I marry you...phillippines Sergio sjudahson Thanks
Sergio Judahson (1 day ago)
Who about pinky Marry to girl form ur Ukraine,marry too Sergio judahson Pinky culture ASAP marry
Ray (1 day ago)
Definitely not. Say NO to Islam, Muhammad, sharia law and MUSLIMS.
Prank King (1 day ago)
Great to know Ukrainians are not naive.
GOD Particle (1 day ago)
Mommad had 72 wife ..if loved one why he married others😂
Rehan Qureshi (1 day ago)
Recalling the Importance Appearances are Deceptive Change is constant Stopping is Defective ...
Fralter (1 day ago)
rofl, as an arab, i would never take a ukranian (eastern european). Though it would be easy, just show them money, and they will do anything for you.
MidNight (1 day ago)
MUSLIMS Don't Care Any other Girls i Swear And you Can See That Really!!! WHO CARES MODE IS ON!
MidNight (1 day ago)
To Who Owns This Channel Don't Make Such A This Things Again You Making Muslims Look Bad Are We Cheap Are We Crazy Are We Useless Are WE Terrorist Look PLease Stop Doing Such A This Things We Are Proud That Allah Gave US Greatest Most Beautiful Girls in The world ANyways Allahu Akbar We Are Happy And Stop Kidding US Other Wise You Will See WTFF!!!!
Yasmeen Shahida (1 day ago)
I am PakistanI Muslim Idamn care non muslim girl accept or reject me Bcoz Muslim girls are much prettiests .faithful.loyal So I proose Muslim girl or woman.SMB.
Yasin Hussain (1 day ago)
1:29 “to be a third wife it’s not me” but you’d rather be a 16th girlfriend wouldn’t you...Prostitutes😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Yasin Hussain (1 day ago)
Only the beautiful women said they wouldn’t have a problem but the ugly abused looking ones said no! 😂
(1 day ago)
Who want married with bitch
HH SS (1 day ago)
These Ladies came To Dubai and selling thier Bodies To arabs and Now look at thier explaination for not marrying arabs,im personally Muslim But Not Arab,if you ask me would I marry someone blond absolutely not they look awfull and they are cold😎😎all brothels are full of Ukrainians girls
Raed Zak (1 day ago)
They obviously don't realise that there are indigenous European Muslim nations, even white Slavic like the Bosnians.
Redd Dott (1 day ago)
Arabs are probly the most sadistic of all groups of peope
Leftsouthstrike paw (1 day ago)
You lucky Ukrainian guys....every random woman in the street is beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍 and more intelligent than western women..
Andy Jackson (1 day ago)
This question is flawed in it's nature but i don't blame neither the interviewer nor the people themselves due to the lack of accurate information; So i'm a muslim and an Egyptian myself, i took my time to study my own religion because i couldn't believe what the "Sheikhs" say on the T.V; And to be on topic here i'd love to lay a few facts, basically if a Muslim man wants to marry a woman from a different believe/nationality, there is no obligation on the woman to follow the same faith if she doesn't believe in it herself, but the catch is the children will be born muslims. For a muslim woman it is completely different, she cannot marry a non muslim man but she is free to marry any muslim man from any nationality and the reasoning behind that are many but to name a few: 1- women are weaker than men in their believe by nature (who's more dominant and more submissive in a proper marital relationship according to nature and psychology ?) 2- they are the children barers, which means they only carry the children during pregnancy but unlike the man they cannot have the decision of their religion. that's enough to make it super brief and informative, feel free to agree or disagree or to not have a care in the world, i honestly don't care but i wanted to share the knowledge for awareness.
Moroccan Girl (1 day ago)
Why they would want to marry them when they could've them in anytime in their bed.
Ravi Shangkar (1 day ago)
try to challenge the same question to a Arab or Muslim, they would say No, bcos Ukranian (or white) women are public domain 😂😂😂
abass lone (1 day ago)
I am Kashmiri , muslim.I respect the beauty of your beat and brain. everything you said is true. Everything was under the curten of human nature, human triats . God bless you, I pray to Allah,that you all ukurianian flowers get best life partners. It's is your right.My brothers and sisters best of luck. Respect and love every creature created by almighty Allah/God.Money is part of life, not life.like it but not love it. Never sow the seeds of misunderstanding , when you are in love. It's biggest enemy of love.
Lovely Boy (1 day ago)
Any country you go to would give the same answer. As a Muslim I wouldn't marry a nonmuslim at all.
Aditya Biker99 (2 days ago)
This shown the millennial generation nowadays learn only by media social & network not book anymore. Looks cool but dumb inside.
Aryan Barzan (2 days ago)
I die for that wheat color skin of Middle Easter Girls..this white color skin is awful...onetime I saw some pubic hair of a Russian girl ..we were walking together my arm was in her arms like a couples, she really wanted me in her, I also wanted the same thing ...she was wearing a skirt and one of those really short shirts that doesn't cover the whole belly ..somehow I saw some of her down hair, pubic hair ..so dark and the skin so white ..I swear I was going to through up...that day I knew the white meat is not for me...true story really ..
Umer Zafar Tarar (2 days ago)
Arabs fucked up all reputation of muslim boys and girls....
wachira david (2 days ago)
1:30 Lol hardcore?
YoutubeFUN (2 days ago)
Give them some dimes and they'll be ready to work with Pornhub. So, don't worry
Negan lucille (2 days ago)
5:01 ohh baby i make 10 childrens for u 😂
THAHA KAYARALAM (2 days ago)
actually, Ukrainian girls can't afford the arab men...they are rich that u can't imagine..and also handsome tooo..so first they will reject uuu..
Aktoy ben Salem (2 days ago)
Am Muslim I love love and Ukrainian s are mostly kind people
dickcheeze (2 days ago)
If Arab women are so much more beautiful than Ukrainian ones, why do they put the Arab ones in a garbage bag?
Green Branch (2 days ago)
The man is kurd . I knew him by the song
almamun wodud (2 days ago)
Unfortunately they were under communists rule for centuries and don’t have knowledge even their own religion as they are saying. After fall of communism, they stared following western media propaganda that mislead them what they are now. They are allowed to change boyfriends every other day and end up sleeping with guys they can’t even remember. Drinking and prostitution is the other option which they are proud of. Lack of knowledge & understanding about Muslims and Arabs mislead them to mixing up. There are millions of Arab Christians and sizable Jews lives in Arab landscape. All these young girls will change their mind once they landed to Middle East. Most preferred destination will be Dubai for the rest of their life. They will learn how to respect and to be respected.
Ujjal Das (2 days ago)
Arab only need " Smoke shisha play fifa everyday "😁😁😁
Talal Huss (2 days ago)
This is not an insult. First, people are expressing their views. However, posing a question of would you marry an Arab is silly. The reason is because Arabs are not one race like Chinese or Russian slavs but have variety of physical appearance. There are white and black and tanned Arabs. Also there are Arabs with blue or brown or green or black eyes... The Arab world includes various geographies of the world(North Africa, Persian gulf, Latin part of middle east, and more) Also Muslims come from all regions in the world including India and Russia and Turkey and Indonesia so I do not understand the point of the question...I think the interviewer meant someone who is very religious(because that is how we are perceived) but not necessarily true.
UndeadZERO (2 days ago)
Arab men why so angry
Cyril TV (3 days ago)
So many butthurt muslims in the comments section. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Some arabs are heros. some are bad. like every nation on this earth.
Dev (3 days ago)
Ask a Muslim arab woman whether she will marry an European Christian and the answer will be hundred percent yes
Omi Om (3 days ago)
I like only Muslims girls Because she wears the covered clothes
Bergr B (3 days ago)
Not all Muslims practice polygamy, in fact most Muslims have only 1 wife. These people are brainwashed by the media.
Surprise bd (3 days ago)
you have no idea in muslim.... would you have fully wanted muslim before you will be knowing Quran....
Nisekoli Uio (3 days ago)
Why do you ask guys about marying muslim women. It's stupid even if they beg us to marry them we wouldn't accept them. Because muslimat aren't allowed to marry a non-muslim guy.
er Alexander (3 days ago)
Well , the arabs are open minded but the media is showing bad things about islam and people believe in it , all the arabs countries (but not saudia) in all of other arab countries women can wear anything if she doesn’t want to wear hijab it’s ok we don’t care and some women wear trousers , and women can do whatever they want even the women who wear hijab they chose to wear hijab but the media will tell you (they forced her ) , women can marry after 18 years old and she have the right to accept or refuse (we don’t force them) she can have a job , education, car , phones, and everything she want .
Jahanzeb Jahangir (3 days ago)
Y Arab lady not married to Christian.
Ömer Faruk (3 days ago)
I am a Turkish guy and as white as the guys on the video, with many hobbies and cultural depth, but I agree with the girls here. Everyone should stick to his or her own culture when it comes to marriage. Arab men should stick to Arab girls, Turkish men to Turkish girls and Ukrainian men to Ukranian girls.
Shahzeb Khan (4 days ago)
5:02 Ten wives and one husband. O my Fucking god, what kind of stupid people they can be to believe these kind of shit.
Tyrone Koumoundouros (4 days ago)
Ukrainian are dumbasses.Tgey think Russian Orthodox Christians are they enemy and, the New world order of communism is their friend. Ukrainians are ready to let Mexicans fuck their daughters and, lower their wages to slavery. Muslim hate white Ukrainians men or women, the fools.
Chris Brown (4 days ago)
Reality is arab women or girls are more beautiful than any type women i mean look this girls ukraine and arab like air and ground they ukraine girls white like dont had blood in self i dont like that arab have sweet skinn liight dark and most beautiful womens in world that is reality
Yasin Williot (4 days ago)
First arabs and muslims are very different.arab is a race in the Middle East and Muslim is a religious group.they also sound like nazi by saying they don’t like mixed bloods and prefer pure
Bamber Banbury (4 days ago)
Never marry a Mohammadan.
mokhtar roji (4 days ago)
From my point of view, everything depends on fate, and it does not matter what is important. True love is the most important thing in our lives.
Please marry me
suman karm (4 days ago)
Plz plz plz tell me d song name (humming music) at the beginning of the video..plz anybody 🙏🙏🙏
jekyll and Hyde Tv (4 days ago)
THESE UKRAINIAN WOMEN WILL MARRY ALMOST ANYONE Druggies drunks etc As long as they can have money at the end of it So if your a portfolio drunk druggie then move on lol So understand my insight into these women. Some say they hate turks then fuck a turk same night Weird women of the world
imadhurata (4 days ago)
I'm sure there are plenty Ukrainian Muslims. Let me google it and find out. Plenty of Arab Christians BTW. Yeah I googled and found a few.
Muhd Sufian (4 days ago)
Arab is a RACE but ARAB also got MUSLIM
ProjectH (4 days ago)
I'm an Arab Muslim. All the love and respect to the Ukrainian people for speaking their minds freely. Greatest regards to those who were fair in the comments. I don't blame some of them for having negative preconceived notions and misconceptions about us. Like you, we are good warm-hearted people who seldom find the chance to be in positive media spotlights. Not that we don't make mistakes or don't have our own black sheep, but again every nation on earth has those things. All in all a great light-hearted insightful video. Thanks, Yevhen. Love to Ukraine from Middle East.
ناصر بلوچ (4 days ago)
All mother fucking jews must be punished for trying to insult our Prophet (read few comments). I am terrorist for all mother fucking stub-born non Muslims. But I am very much loving and caring towards my muslim brothers and sisters and those non-Muslims who respect us and our religion.
they are not jews, they are whities.
jalesveva jayamahe (5 days ago)
i am from indonesia. But, unfortunately, so many ukraine whores in my country. Selling her body for $500 You can do shit and whatever the fuck you want.
jalesveva jayamahe (2 days ago)
How Would The Unwary Know yeah, the undercover prostitute. Western whores always playing hard to get.
That's pretty expensive.
usa gal (5 days ago)
I’m married with a Muslim and am very happy AL. 👌
Preet Sharma Punjabi (4 days ago)
are u pakistani
Bangla News (5 days ago)
i think too much Negativeti running there mind !
Maureen Onumonu (5 days ago)
Muslim men have no respect for any woman. They are aĺlowed to beat u, sleep with another woman, divorce u with 3 spoken words, force u to convert, force u into sex, kill for their prophet
Maureen Onumonu (5 days ago)
Why would anybody in their right sense marry a Muslim/Arab man.
Hawas Khan (5 days ago)
Are you keritistian why you ask stupid question i islam is qreat dont drin k liquir eat pork read quran
Sophie Hart (5 days ago)
Um hello not all Arabs are muslims weirdo, Bosnians and Albanians are muslim and are Eastern European such as yourselves. Get an education first before you speak nonsense
Preet Sharma Punjabi (4 days ago)
i consider morrocans arabs fk u
City TV (5 days ago)
01686877995 This my WhatsApp number .I am Bangladeshi .I love ukraine girl they are very cute.i will marry ukrainen girl
Liban Warsame (5 days ago)
Ignorance is bliss!
Huda Sam (5 days ago)
She is so ugly ! The ugliest arab girl is much more beautiful than her tiny lips and hooked nose and her small eyes ! Also her hair is blonde , her eyebrows are black ! Her skin tanned ! Nothing is natural about her ! And oh ! Look at her body like a man ! There are no bobs or curvy like arab women 0:16
Huda Sam (3 days ago)
Preet Sharma Punjabi I know it’s about personality.. but cuz their girls are talking about the beauty and they’re so shallows , she said arab aren’t attractive!!!! At least when you say this you should be beautiful but the ironic thing is they’re ugly and they are taking about beauty . That’s so funny
Preet Sharma Punjabi (4 days ago)
lol it's about her thoughts, her personality, rather than her bobs or curves, whatever the fuck you mean by curves.
Huda Sam (5 days ago)
The skin color doesn’t match with her hair hhhhhhhhhh
Tarar Support (6 days ago)
If any one is ready I will marry
deepak saini (6 days ago)
They treat woman as slave
Reza Ali (6 days ago)
Wait, Arab Girls are way far beautiful then this ugliest Ukrainian girls 😏 we don't even care what you think!
kurdi bashwr (6 days ago)
MashaAllah you wish to have one we r as Muslims caring love and family married one in both worlds
Green Soul!! (6 days ago)
Well U all can guess by reading these arab donkey's in the comment section and agree why these women are 100%right not to marry these ugly goathumpers savages.
taha Xamudan (6 days ago)
so racist! and we have our own reach culture and open minded pretty girls,no need for others. and also not all Muslims are Arab
The Defenestrator (6 days ago)
Most Ukrainian women are based. The only kebab they want is on a skewer.
I am a muslim man. we don't need Ukrainian girls or non Muslims boz we have the best Muslim sisters. I love my brothers and sisters in Islam💓💓💓💓👈

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