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Would you marry an Arab or Muslim? (Ukrainians answer)

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YevhenCo Ukraine Show (1 month ago)
We made a video 'Would you marry a Latino?' https://youtu.be/EsuCNty54q4 find out if people answer in a different way
Angelina A (7 days ago)
+zoraiz rehman You are so right. Islam is for everyone and a good Muslim can be any nationality or race.
zoraiz rehman (19 days ago)
Never mind about to marry European girl or western girl just we need wife has to be follow islam humble heart girl who really love with husband cute girl cute nature I want just revert Muslim I never mind I like revert because I want to learn my wife what is islam
Sam Marley (1 month ago)
It is time now to make one ask your mother if she will Mary Hitler.
Rodox Raidh (1 hour ago)
Why are people always using the argument, muslim men can marry 4 wives? men from most countries have parties almost everyday and end up having different actions with women. So yeah, at least Islam prevents men from having sexual relations with anyone you see in a bar or else where to the number 4.
Hell yeah (4 hours ago)
Arabs sucks !
Neil Bryan Anoc (1 day ago)
Hi. I'm interested in ukrainian women and i'm from philippines.
Phoenicia (1 day ago)
I'm Lebanese and I would love to marry a Ukrainian girl
Yasir Akbar (1 day ago)
i m muslim and i want to marry all girls and make tgem muslim 😀
Stuart Britton (2 days ago)
Don't believe these women when they mention 'love' as an excuse for marrying a man. They don't believe in it, nor do they want it. Any nor do they have it to give.
Fucking jihadist Trend everywhere Now ask to Muslim girls in "Muslim Countries" Would you marry to Non-Muslim Guys........ ISLAM IS CANCER NUKES ARE THE ANSWER
Cardio Phile (2 days ago)
Turkish women more beutiful
UMAR Daraz (3 days ago)
Im singal i want girl friend Ukranies WhatsApp 00971566311908
Babak Babak (4 days ago)
"All religions preach love, but love itself has no religion." - Rumi Race, nationality, religion, social class... None of that matters in love. And one should marry only for love.
Cali Cilmi (4 days ago)
Islam is comprehensive perfect system induction regulation code of conduct ie Quran and sayings and deeds of the prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him
Asim Basalama (4 days ago)
Marrying more than one is just to support women who r in distress.same order in other faiths.its their in christanity too.but the thing is the preachers hides the truth.partnes r well aware of their duties and responsibilities.one shouldnt restrict other.if we do bad it exploits family.this life is a test, live happily and be rewarded on the day of judgenent.God bless all humanity.
Sultan Ansari (4 days ago)
Im searching to ucrain girl for marriage
Ahmad Assahouri (5 days ago)
Fuck europeans they talk about democratic principles freedom and all this hocus pocus and one of the girls I quote said “ we only like white people , we only want white kids “ go fuck ur self u stinky european slut bag , u probably cunt off everyday
Ahmad Assahouri (5 days ago)
Holy shit the level of racism ...
Jessi Baet (5 days ago)
An authentic ,valid ,legitimate and genuine survey done on western woman shows that 90.7% of them sleep with 6 different men before hitting 18 in the min least avg & (guess the no. here/comment below) before settling in for their first marriage! Just see the statistics&analysis done ,observance under conduct and graphs still soaring. Now would u wanna marry a titanic whore & chew an unwrapped candy fallen at the roadside?!
Abdullah Amr (6 days ago)
Haha, and they don't deserve a muslim man either. 🙂 who's gonna take them as a wife? 🙂 i won't 🙂
Adrian Piotr (6 days ago)
Arab with Ukranian lady ? and also muslim? DISGUSTING...
Irfanullah Zabi (6 days ago)
I like you 00923057992644 halp me
spadolinni (6 days ago)
i never accept white people with gipsy arabian indian etc.....
خير الدين (7 days ago)
muslim Mans are corrects and fidels they dont go to the night-clubs and have discret relationships
Hanook 777 (7 days ago)
2:03 God bless you Girls
New League (7 days ago)
Ukranian men don't have any issue marrying a Muslim. only ukranian women are narrow mind
George Alexidis (8 days ago)
Love from Greece Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dassar Khail Jadoon (8 days ago)
Show Money No Problem
Goof Ball (8 days ago)
Don't be a whore of this world and be afraid of the standards of this world, be faithful to Christ.
Kevin Wellwrought (8 days ago)
Yes, many Ukranian women have married muslims.
Azz Laird (8 days ago)
I don’t know why so many muslims are butthurt in the comment section, from what I saw there responses were pretty mixed. Do you really expect every single Ukrainian girl to like it..
Hell yeah (8 days ago)
Hahaha These Muslims fuckers can't digest the truth so they are telling European women cheap and characterless , well we all know these guys are hurt deep inside , Cmon bitches its your islam what is hurting you 😂 muslim women are just baby making machines , feeling pity for their life (((
xxaleenazxx (8 days ago)
omg so savage
Khalil Rehman (9 days ago)
Same FAITH (ISLAM) is necessary for marriage.
Vish Bk (9 days ago)
But would a Muslim even marry a non-Muslim?? 😂😂The answer is No! 😂
Nisha CK (9 days ago)
I don’t understand interfaith relationships like how does it even work? 😂everyone should stick with their own kind. I’m a Muslim and would never marry a non-Muslim because it’s a major sin.
Kashif Siddiqui (9 days ago)
I want to go abroad except middle East and Arab countries Please help me
Iwan Kaningrat (9 days ago)
One word my friends, LOVE.
Bongkoro Lawmang (10 days ago)
Islam is shit the quran is shit
New League (10 days ago)
These women don't get married they get paid for a night to sell their ass for money lmao😂😂 ok sorry🙊🙊🖤
New League (10 days ago)
They should ask that would you marry a rich Arab prince😂😂
New League (10 days ago)
Ukranian men haven't any issues marrying a Muslim girl but ukranian women look pretty much worried about marrying a Muslim guy as these women can't live without wearing shorts and bikinis lmao😂😂
not a western spy (10 days ago)
To each of the girls who said no because they are arab or muslim blyat TN
arabe io (11 days ago)
Lol come to dubai and look at the ukranian girls they wash the floor and the toilets and they make sex just for money...we dont care about this poor shit country
Nature Neutral (11 days ago)
get away from moslem mentality
Павлина В (11 days ago)
I'm Russian but I love The Arab Man 😍❤️ '
Shree Raaman (11 days ago)
But Slavic women sure love those Arab petro-dollars. Ha ha! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iap1zj0LbKY
Umesh Kumar (12 days ago)
Yes Iam Umesh from India.... Iam well educated boy..... Responcible ND honest type boy........ Call. Me +919137266094
ARNAB SASMAL (13 days ago)
Temujin Borjigin (13 days ago)
Muslim women are loyalty to their men but white women are not loyalty to their men. Muslim women save their virginity for only 1 man but white women are having sex with so many men and even when they are married to someone they cheat including white men too. That’s why divorce is so common here.....Islam is better if you’ll gonna ask LOVE.
Mehbub Dawood (13 days ago)
Beleive me some muslims are hot in playing games
Khan Hassan Ali (13 days ago)
Biplob Gogoi (13 days ago)
I love u Ukrainian girl ....... I love u.
Maxe Club (14 days ago)
Why don't you ask would you marry Indian and Russian ..eh
YevhenCo Ukraine Show (14 days ago)
I asked about India. check out my videos
Mohamed Elmarzouki (15 days ago)
An arab muslim doesn't need an Ukrainian woman! They smel vodka ! And eat dirty!
ɨ ɴeed γou (15 days ago)
This girl no beautiful
Hell yeah (16 days ago)
Oh no these women Don't know what is love jihad ( feeling pitty for these ladies ((
jerome Liu (17 days ago)
well, Ukrainian beauties are not that much as they say.
erick indra (17 days ago)
they actually gamble throwing coins ... will it go to hell or to heaven ... study the Qur'an and your fear will disappear..
Zee Tube (17 days ago)
I am ready girl contact with me please
Shuheb Ahmed (18 days ago)
But there Ukrainian Muslims here you should ask that question as well
Shuheb Ahmed (18 days ago)
Some are converts some centuries ago even today they are few
Pepper Martin (18 days ago)
The answer to a serious shortage of marriageable men is to abandon the limitation of one-woman-to-one man policy which Christianity gave Western Culture. The Mormons (LDS) of Utah, USA, used this solution to solve their unbalance early in their formation (it has since been officially denounced by the LDS Church after the problem was resolved). Many Fundamentalist Mormons still practice Polygamy as an act of faith. There is not a natural basis for Monogamy among Humans; in fact. most higher species are Polygamous. The alternative to unsatisfactory Monogamy is either Divorce/Remarry or Cheating on the side (not reproducing is not an acceptable option for fertile women determined to replenish the population and carry-on their family genes). Being 'the other woman' does not give dignity to their transient affairs nor allow birthing without being labeled as bastards. The honorable resolution is to open legal marriage to include one additional wife per man. This concession could be based on the income level of the husbands. If there are still women who have not settled into a Monogamous marriage as the '2nd Mrs' then they could petition the courts for permission to create a legalized 'third wife' marriage. The other, truly regrettable alternate solution is to allow a flood of Muslims into their countries to mate and marry the unattached Christian women, thereby converting them and their present/future children to Islam. Since Islam sanctions Polygamy, these Muslim men will gladly marry several, with or without legal sanction. It is much better that the children are Christian and continue their family heritage, culture, language and genes.
f s (19 days ago)
Well is like making a deal with devil!
Yllawish (12 days ago)
F.s What is making a deal with the devil? explain yourself.....
junaid4343 (19 days ago)
I would like to marry with Muslim Ukrainian women
Aymen Djallel (19 days ago)
Hello I am Ayman from Algeria I am about 19 years old I want a marriage I do not want beauty or age but I want the beauty of the heart Thank you Whatsappe : +213541670359 Viber : +213541670359
aqeem zam (19 days ago)
this mentality will change only with money..now so many ukrainian girls convert to islam in my country. fact
мяёCняоиїC918 (20 days ago)
And here I am sitting as a mixture of Slav and Arab blood, facepalming hard at the ignorance displayed by my fellow compatriots. May they be guided to the right path
YevhenCo Ukraine Show (20 days ago)
are you American?
Arif Rahman (20 days ago)
Muslim.girls are.more beautiful than Ukrainian girls...on the.other hand we Don't care liittle part of the world ukrainian what think about us
Mohammed khader (20 days ago)
Ukraine women are nice and beautiful if ther are ready to marry we are mostly well come. And we don't force change for her lifestyle.
Mohamed Uzair (21 days ago)
Most of them they don't like Muslim i don't know why but remember Muslim, religion is faith which everybody practice
manjrajput a (21 days ago)
Go Dubai and see their what's value of Ukrainian Girls Most are Ukrainian Prostitution in Dubai Abu Dhabi Kuwait Qatar and Bahrain
Joshua Simpson (17 days ago)
That's because Muslims love paying for prostitutes. Without money they wouldn't even look at them
kamileen (21 days ago)
I like Russians so much... And especially Ukraine Uzbekistan Tajikistan....I wish I can marry any of those three.. Respect to All of you from Pakistan...
soulseeker (22 days ago)
Russian women are better.
von ilao (22 days ago)
muslims woman is already reserved for Muslim men, , since some of them have many wives,, they import other women from outside Muslim,... it's unfair to unfortunate men 😜😨🤧😩
Ali Raza (22 days ago)
Zafar Satyavan (22 days ago)
Can we PLEASE be HUMAN first..?!!
Seno Seno (23 days ago)
Pertanyaan bodoh
m s (23 days ago)
Islam is shite and everyone knows it.
m s (23 days ago)
Most of those women know Islam means thier rights disappear. They know Islam dosent mix .
they have yet Afghan threat! Haha
Jo Jo (23 days ago)
I’d take an Arab woman (Muslim or non Muslim) over any European. 9 our of 10 times.
Dimamo Darti (23 days ago)
people still dont know that only 20% of Muslims are Arabs 😂😂😂😂😂 and all they know are the Lies Media told them about Arabs and Islam since 2001 who are just trying to survive the invasion of superpowers Like USA , Israel , Europe in middle east to controle the OIL and supporting israel to have a strong rooted step in all that region full of OIL pushed By the Banking systeme and Zionist Lobby trust me if the OIL by mirracle goes tomorow they will no more invade and Help Israel who is there for religious purpose like making the comming of the supposed Mashiah after the building of the temple in Jesuralem and still all the secular Country are supporting a religious fondamentalistic country under the Zionism and the Banking système and even sending theyr own children to die for it and killing million aof arab there . Who realy belive that USA has invaded Irak to Bring freedom and democratie , or to find WMD , or related to 9/11 comone guys .... its all about Big Money games there we are all Blind slaves we cant see . And let me laught at the Excuse of the women condition the first casualty of wars are innocent womens and Childrens who are bean Raped by the invading army , where you can find many exemple like the French Army who got a scandale of Military rapping Kids in central africa , or the UN making a tent full of women to destress theyr soldier or in Irak where even Men have bean raped in detention.
YASH RAJ (23 days ago)
Hi I'm from India. Would you like to marry with an Indian
Nature Neutral (11 days ago)
rani mukerjee,kajol,pretty zinta yes yes yes
raphael44ify (23 days ago)
I think these women are beautiful and free. If they married a Muslim, they'd no longer be able to dress the way they want, and they know that they'd be coerced and bullied. Honest answers.
Jayakumar V G (23 days ago)
اصلا العرب ما ايريدونكم منو متعطل عليكم اشون سؤال مانو مليح
john abrahim (24 days ago)
I don't know why people get offended it's there own idea whom to choose to live with I'm from Afghanistan maybe I would prefer to be with some one that suit me so it's not a big deal to hate those who choose their partner 😎
Nicolas Nicolas (24 days ago)
We are too different with the muslims, they ( the muslims)should get marry between them only.
Zulficar Ali (24 days ago)
Ask Ukraine people if they would marry Russians ok
Scamwatch (25 days ago)
Of course not. Why should they?
Scamwatch (25 days ago)
+YevhenCo Ukraine Show they are Ukranians. They only fall in love with other Ukrainians, mostly eith those who are drunked and tattooed.
YevhenCo Ukraine Show (25 days ago)
what if you fall in love with one?
robie bag (25 days ago)
I remember in some other video they asked the Ukrainian bitches if they like blacks guys or would marry them and like every one of them aggressively said yes ! and even said it's wrong to descriminate against them . They're very racist to Arab , Indian and Jewish guys and that's all there is to it .
Mohamed (25 days ago)
People are opposite to be honest I am not Arabian but I am Muslim and I believe that love is the most important things so it’s not necessary for her to believe what I believe and also it’s not necessary for you to understood what I understand Thanks for this beautiful video
Money Mayweather (25 days ago)
Half said No the other half said it depends on the guy. Idk why Arabs are so butt hurt over this.
Aziz Ali (25 days ago)
for an arab or a muslem marrying more than one wife is something from the past. and there is a misconception about arabs and muslims. educate ur self abit and just search in social media and see the new generations of arabs and musems, u will be amazed.
raphael44ify (23 days ago)
Polygamy might be rare, but it does still happen. And the Koran allows it.
Tachlis shmate (26 days ago)
These girl are so beautiful,no?
abcde fghij (26 days ago)
3:14 but a half Arab half white kid would still look white
Mustermann Maxx (13 days ago)
No, they look like arabs.
Firdavs Yuldashev (26 days ago)
People are so entitled in their religion in 2018, its ridiculous
Study Aesthetically (26 days ago)
Why are all of them saying several wives and 1 husband it's not true😑🤨😶
raphael44ify (23 days ago)
It is true.
Study Aesthetically (26 days ago)
4:26 no they won't it's ok
Study Aesthetically (26 days ago)
We don't treat anyone differently because of what they believe.
Mirza Nazeer Baig (27 days ago)
good or bad are not written on their faces. some persons are bad but not all persons in the world. bad mind - bad people good mind - good people It depends up on how you educate
kingdele01 (27 days ago)
I don't blame slavic women for not wanting to marry Muslim-Arabs, since Islam allows them to beat their wives, in addition to marrying a second, third & fourth wife along with them!
Desert Wolf (11 days ago)
+kingdele01 yes I have read it thousands of times and it never said that you have to beat your wife secondly not all muslims follow the Quran to the letter.
kingdele01 (11 days ago)
+Desert Wolf Oh really? Have you read the Quran before?
Desert Wolf (13 days ago)
no it doesn't allow me to beat my wife ,you watch too much too right wing propaganda also not all arabs are muslims there are Christians among them

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